EPIC Trading Pyramid Scheme: Is EpicTrading.com Legitimate?

Most people think that pyramid schemes are all illegal. That’s why when a program like EPIC Trading comes, many of them ask whether EPIC Trading is a pyramid scheme?

Not all pyramid or MLM schemes are illegal. MLM, Multi-Level Marketing or pyramid scheme is a strong marketing system. There are numerous companies that have been following this strong digital marketing strategy for decades. I have several examples: Transamerica, Primerica, Amway, Arbonne, Younique, Kyani, Rodan and Fields, Young Living Essential Oils, Jeunesse, DoTerra, Le-vel Thrive, Avon, GiraCoin, Herbelife, etc.

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These companies have been working for decades without being prosecuted by FTC, while they are all pyramid schemes. They use this strong marketing strategy to sell their products, and there is nothing wrong with it. Therefore, not all pyramid or MLM schemes are illegal. This is the first thing I must emphasize in this article.

Now, let’s answer this question that whether EPIC Trading is a pyramid scheme. Please read this article to the end because I am going to share some information that no one else will share with you.

Is EPIC Trading a Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, it is. However, as I explained above, you should not run away from a company or program as soon as you learn that it is a pyramid scheme. In this article, I will explain why EPIC Trading is a great opportunity while it is pyramid or MLM scheme. And, I will explain why I joined this program, although I have been working online since 2002 and I am aware of the risks that joining a wrong program can have.

Most people think that all pyramid or MLM schemes are illegal and risky, and so they should be avoided. This is not true at all. As you saw above, there are so many famous pyramid scheme companies that have been working for decades. Many of them have good BBB records and reviews.

When you have a good and demanding product, either digital or physical, you can build a pyramid scheme to sell your product. I mean you can have your own pyramid scheme when you have a good and demanding product. What I am trying to say is that pyramid or MLM schemes are nothing but some marketing methods and techniques. They are not illegal by nature.

Indeed, joining a legal and legitimate pyramid scheme is a great opportunity for those who want to establish a great source of passive income. Having a strong source of passive income is the best opportunity to enjoy your life. Why?

The reason is that when you build your team and reach some special levels in these kinds of programs, not only the money will keep coming, but also it will increase over time, without you having to work harder. It grows by itself when it reaches to a certain level.

I am sure you don’t want to work until you die. If so, then you must establish a business that makes money even while you sleep, and even when you stop working or slow down your work.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” ― Warren Buffett

You cannot achieve this through a 9-5 job, or with a business that generates a fixed income and is always at the risk of getting kicked out of the game by strong companies and new competitors. Maybe you have a business, but if you look precisely, you will see that you are the salve of your business. Your business stops making money if you slow down or get sick and stay home for a short while. It means you are not going to get anywhere with the jobs or businesses like these if you don’t make a change and if you don’t establish a strong source of income that not only keeps making money, but also increases your income, even when you stop or slow down.

Only a business that has the capacity of generating passive income enables you to enjoy your life and not to work until you die. A healthy and legal pyramid scheme business has this capacity and ability. I explained why: When you build your team and reach it to a special level, it grows by itself and increases your income over time, even if you stop working.

EPIC Trading pyramid scheme has such an ability and capacity. How?

  1. It is legal and legitimate and it complies USA and FTC rules.
  2. It has a strong yet simple and easy to understand compensation plan that rewards you lots of money.
  3. It offers a strong product that is demanding and people pay for it.
  4. It has a professional and strong management team with over one hundred years of experience in establishing and promoting different kinds of businesses.
  5.  We support our referrals through an exceptional an outstanding way that no other sponsor offers (learn more here).

What Makes a Pyramid Scheme Illegal?

It is having no product that makes a pyramid scheme illegal. When there is no product, and members make money only through membership fees that their downline pay, the pyramid scheme becomes illegal.

Therefore, there is a big question here that has to be answered in detail:

Is EPIC Trading Pyramid Scheme Legal or Illegal?

EPIC Trading pyramid scheme is legal because they have a good and strong product. Indeed, EPIC Trading has a Forex trading online university. Many Forex traders sign up for EPIC Trading scholar package, just to have access to EPIC Trading’s Forex trading educational materials and also their Forex signals. Yes, EPIC Trading also offers Forex signals. It means those who want to trade currencies against each other to make profit, they can use EPIC Trading’s buy/sell signals.

When there is a product that many people buy it or sign up for it, just for the purpose of using the product, the pyramid scheme will be legal. However, when there is no product at all, or there is a product but it is not strong and good enough, and so people sign up just to refer and recruit to earn commissions, the pyramid scheme gets closer the illegal form.

Therefore, EPIC Trading pyramid scheme is not illegal because there are so many who sign up just to use their Forex trading educational materials and signals, and they don’t care about EPIC Trading’s referral compensation program.

There are so many others who join EPIC Trading because they want to do both. I mean, they not only want to use the EPIC Trading’s educational content and signals, but also they want to refer others to EPIC Trading to earn commissions.

And of course there are so many who don’t care about Forex trading and they are not Forex traders, and they join EPIC Trading just to build their teams to earn commissions and passive income.

As I mentioned above, I have been working online since 2002. I am so hesitant in joining affiliate systems because many of them are scams and they cheat their affiliates. However, when (1) EPIC Trading was introduced  to me by my friend, Vinson Montgomery, who has been working as a criminal investigator in the United States for 30 years; (2) I saw EPIC Trading’s compensation plan and its outstanding potential in making passive income; and (3) the CEO of EPIC Trading, Mr. Spencer Iverson talked to me in person and assured me that their system is the best and safest, I signed up right away.

EPIC Trading Pyramid Scheme Forex Market Analysis and Signals

I am also a trader and I know the value of strong market analysis and Forex trading signals. I have followed EPIC Trading and I admit that their signals have a relatively good and reasonable success rate, which is a treasure for those who want to make money through trading Forex, but yet they haven’t mastered the trading techniques. EPIC Trading turns losing Forex traders into consistently profitable one.

Only those who have been losing for years can understand what I mean. They say over 95% of Forex traders always lose. But my experience shows that this number should be something around 99%. I have seen so many traders who have been losing for years? Becoming a consistently profitable Forex trader is not that easy. Therefore, EPIC Trading is a great opportunity for those who want to make money through Forex trading, but haven’t mastered the trading techniques, and so they haven’t become consistently profitable Forex traders yet.

When they join EPIC Trading, they can (1) learn how to analyze Forex market to locate trade setups according to the trading strategy that EPIC Trading follows, and (2) trade the EPIC Trading signals to make money while they are educating themselves. This opportunity is priceless because without EPIC Trading, Forex traders would have to learn and wait until they become consistently profitable on their own. They can lose a lot of money and waste loads of time until they achieve this goal, if they achieve it at all. It may never happen for most novice traders who don’t have a real mentor who is a real trader.

There are so many other websites, companies, brokers, Forex MLM programs that are similar to EPIC Trading. I have been monitoring some of them for years. You can only lose money with them. But EPIC Trading is different. It is a revolution in Forex trading. They provide signals on a daily basis, which is a big dream for most traders.

Therefore, many Forex traders only sign up for Epic Scholar Membership which is the EPIC Trading’s main product, just to use their Forex trading related materials on EPIC Forex Education Platform:

  • Epic University
  • Epic Trade Alerts
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Market Forecasts
  • Member Support

That’s why I say EPIC Trading pyramid scheme is the legal and legitimate form of a pyramid scheme. Their pyramid scheme is related to their referral compensation plan. It has nothing to do with their solid and revolutionary product which is called Epic Scholar. Offering such a product makes a pyramid scheme legal.

How EPIC Trading Pyramid Scheme Works

Note: Please make sure to read this article to the end, in case your problem is that you cannot refer and recruit, and so you think that EPIC Trading is not for you. We have a good and free solution for this problem too.

Something that makes EPIC Trading different from all other pyramid schemes is their compensation plan.

1. If you are a Forex trader, you don’t care about earning commissions through EPIC Trading compensation plan, and you just want to use their Forex related material and signals, then you can sign up for Epic Scholar for $134.99/month to have access to EPIC Forex Education Platform.

2. If you are a Forex trader who also cares about earning commissions through EPIC Trading compensation plan, first you should sign up for Epic Scholar for $134.99/month as well. Then, you need to refer three people to sign up for Epic Scholar. Once you recruit your three personal referrals, your $134.99 Epic Scholar monthly fee will be waived, while you still have access to EPIC Forex Education Platform. Then, you should sign up for an IBO or Independent Business Owner account for $14.99 per month to become eligible to earn commissions based on the EPIC Trading pyramid scheme’s compensation plan.

3. If you are not a Forex trader and you just want to establish a strong source of passive income through the EPIC Trading’s compensation plan, then you should also (1) sign up for Epic Scholar account for $134.99/m, (2) recruit three personal referrals to have your $134.99/m waived, and (3) sign up for an IBO account.

4. When you become eligible to sign up for an IBO account, you can recruit more members to grow your team. If you are saying that you cannot refer and recruit, and so this program is not for you, then please read the rest of this article. We have a good and free solution for this problem too.

Watch this video:

How Much Money Will You Make With EPIC Trading Pyramid Scheme?

When you have 12 team members while 3 of them are your direct personal referrals, while the balance requirement is 5/5/2, then you will make $600 per month. Your income goes higher when you have more members in your team. It can reach up to $1,000,000 per month or even more, according to the EPIC Trading’s compensation plan (below).

As I explained above, when your team grows and reaches a special level, it becomes self-promoting and it grows itself because many of your team members will recruit others to grow their teams, and so your team will also grow. It means you will keep making money and your income can even go higher, even if you stop recruiting. Maybe you are saying that you cannot recruit even one member. This is the problem of 99% of those who join. But we have a good and free solution for this too. Please keep reading 🙂

Epic Trading Compensation Plan

A Big Problem: I Cannot Refer Anybody!

If you want to make money based on the referral compensation plans of pyramid or MLM programs, you must recruit people and grow your team. It is the same with EPIC Trading pyramid scheme too. If you like to earn commissions based on the EPIC Trading’s referral compensation program, you must built your team. As I explained above, you start with making $600 per month when you have 12 members in your team, and your payment increases when you grow your team. For example, you will make $20,000 per month when you have 1,000 members in your team.

Now the question is, how can you recruit and grow your team?

Most people are not able to do this. Referring and recruiting needs digital marketing experience and knowledge that most people don’t have, while they still want to take the opportunity of making money with a legitimate and strong program like EPIC Trading pyramid scheme. So what is the solution?

The solution is in our “Become a Millionaire” campaign. In this campaign, we build our referrals’ teams, so that they can start making money. First, we recruit their 3 personal referrals to make the $134.99/m fee be waived and to enable them to sign up for an IBO account. Then, we do this for each of their team members. We repeat this cycle over and over, so that each of our referrals can start making money and increase their income gradually. It means our team members will start making money just by joining the EPIC Trading pyramid scheme through us. Of course, we do not guarantee any income for our referrals, but we promote our “Become a Millionaire” campaign strongly, and so anybody who joins our EPIC Trading team will have this opportunity.


EPIC Trading pyramid scheme is the legal and legitimate form of a pyramid or MLM program, and is a great opportunity to establish a strong source of passive income. You can join EPIC Trading if you are dreaming of achieving financial freedom and living a happy and wealthy life. Even if you cannot refer and recruit, you can join through us, so that we will build your team, and you will also have a chance to have a share from 50% of our EPIC Trading monthly income. Follow our “Become a Millionaire” campaign to join as soon as possible.

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  1. A solid article, Vahid. It delivers the message right into the head and the heart of the audiences. Thank you for promoting this business in such a powerful manner. 🙂

  2. A very good article Vahid that explains all about Epic Trading. I shall show this article to the sceptical people I meet when I talk about this topic.

  3. It’s a good business to join . What happens when I pay 100 dollars for the months and the following months I don’t refer 3 persons will my account still be valid?

    • You don’t have to recruit 3 personal referrals and your account will remain active. However, if you recruit 3 personal referrals, your $134.99 monthly fee will be waived. The good thing is that we recruit 3 personal referrals for our members, based on our “Become a Millionaire” program. Please read this carefully:

      You need to join as soon as possible to have a better position in our team to make more money.

  4. sir if I sign up with 3 referrals by paying 134.99$ and my referrals could not able to
    recruit 3 members then they have to pay 134.99$ per month forever to be in Epic trading system.

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