Epic Trading Reviews: Is Epic Trading a Scam?

I am the right person to review Epic Trading because I was one of their members and I reached the Founder 1,000 rank and started making $1,000 per month. I have already published several Epic Trading reviews on this site about the different aspects of Epic Trading, from their Forex trading signals to their compensation plan.

Most probably, you haven’t joined Epic Trading yet and you are still doing your due diligence. That’s why you were googling for Epic Trading reviews and now you are here, reading this review.

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Let me tell you that if you are dreaming to make thousands of dollars by joining Epic Trading, you can only achieve this if you are able to recruit members and grow your team. You won’t make any money if you cannot do this. And, referring and recruiting is the hardest thing to do, when it comes to promoting an online business or affiliate system. That’s why when I joined Epic Trading, I didn’t ask my followers to sign up for an account under my name because I knew that most of them wouldn’t do it, and those who would, would leave the program after a while of paying the monthly fee because they couldn’t refer anybody to start making money. Instead, I invited my followers to sign up through me and then wait for me to build their teams, so that (1) they become eligible to sign up for an IBO account, and (2) they start making money because their teams are growing.

But, I couldn’t keep doing this and I lost my referrals because Epic Treading increased their monthly membership from $99 to $134.99. Then, they stopped accepting debit and credit cards, and only wanted to receive bitcoin, and this also cause most of our other members also quit.

So, it is impossible for 99.99% of people to make money with Epic Trading ‘s referral compensation plan.

Epic Trading Reviews

Many of the reviews you see on the Internet are usually by those who have never been a member or never tried the product/service they review. They just do it for the purpose of attracting some traffic, whereas this can mislead people because you cannot review something that you have never tried. So, I am the right person to review Epic Trading, and this article will be one of the best Epic Trading reviews because not only I promoted my Epic Trading team to make money through their compensation plan, but also I used their Forex signals.

If you have any experiences with Epic Trading, you can leave comments at the bottom of this page and share your Epic Trading reviews here on this page. You can have separate reviews on their Forex signals, compensation plan, payment system, support team, management team, etc.

1. Review of Epic Trading’s Forex Signals

I have published a separate article and have reviewed the Epic Trading’s Forex signals: EPIC Trading Forex Signals Review: How Do They Work?

Forex trading and signals is the Epic Trading’s most important product. Indeed, there are thousands of Forex traders who join Epic Scholar for $134.99 per month, just to learn their Forex trading strategies and styles, and to receive their Forex signals. “Forex” is the main Epic Trading’s products/service, and Epic Scholar is their Forex university and signal service.

As I mentioned above, I am using their Forex signals and I must say that they have a good success rate and risk to reward or R/R ratio. Indeed, having proper R/R ratio in trading is a lot more important than success rate. You can have a 90% success rate, but still be a losing trader at the end of the month because your losses are too big and your gains are too small. For example, you make 5 pips in your winning positions but you lose 300 pips in your losing positions in average. Therefore, you gain 450 pips and lose 3000 pips, out of 100 positions you take every month. But if you make 100 pips in your winning positions and lose 20 pips in the winning ones in average, you will be profitable at the end of the month, even when you have a 50% success rate because you lose 1000 and make 5,000 pips, out of 100 positions that you take.

Some of the Epic Trading signals hit the stop loss. I had to explain this because some novice traders expect all signals to hit the target, and so they complain when some of the positions hit the stop loss. They are novice traders after all, and they still don’t know what “trading” is all about. My recommendation to these traders is that they paper trade the Epic Trading’s signals, at least for a month to learn how they work.

Also, they must know how to choose their position size and take a proper and reasonable risk in each of their positions.

The other important thing they must note is that they should always trade with the money that they can afford to lose. This is the very first trading rule that everybody who wants to start trading learns. But I wonder why some so-called traders still don’t know this. “Trading” is not for everybody. To be a good trader, you must be knowledgeable and have a proper mindset, otherwise you hurt yourself and others, even if you use Epic Trading signals.

2. Review of the Epic Trading’s Compensation Plan

I have already published some detailed articles about the Epic Trading’s compensation plan as well:

I have been working online since 2002. I have been scammed so many times. Therefore, I hardly sign up for a new program. Three things made me join Epic Trading:

First, Epic Trading was introduced to me by one of my most trusted friends, Vinson Montgomery, who has been working as a criminal investigator in the United States for over 30 years.

Second, the president of Epic Trading International, Spencer Iverson, called me in person and assured me that their company was 100% legitimate and complied the FTC rules.

And third, the Epic Trading compensation plan made me sign up for an Epic Trading account, after Vison and Spencer gave me enough confidence about the system. Why?

The Epic Trading compensation plan is a good compensation plan, but it is not easy to make money with it, although:

  1. It is just a one page compensation plan that even a 6-year old can easily understand.
  2. Affiliates and their profit are the most important part of it.
  3. Even with the highest rank (Epic) that you will reach when you have 75,000 members in your team, you will get the full commission, only if three of the members are your direct and personal referrals. This makes a huge difference. It encourages the sponsors and uplines to grow their referrals’ teams without having to be worried about missing any commissions. It also encourages people to join because they know that they will be benefited, even when their upline and downline grow their teams. You will have a different commission when you recruit members personally and through your personal referral link, or one of your downlines recruits a member. But it is the same in Epic Trading compensation plan, which means you lose nothing if you recruit members for your downline, through their referral links.

Therefore, the Epic Trading compensation plan is good. But the problem is, you cannot make money with it because your referrals must pay $134.99 per month which is what most of them won’t do after a short while.

2. Review of the Epic Trading’s Back Office, Payment System and Support Team

They are always on time in doing the payments. They do everything automatically, and so there is no delay at all. You will start getting paid when you reach the Founder 600 level. They make the payments every Monday. When you reach the Founder 600 level, you will receive $150 every week. It will be added to your account, and you will be able to withdraw it if you want.

Currently, they use PayQuicker to transfer the funds to the members bank accounts, but it is possible that they add more options later. PayQuicker is fast and easy to use.

Epic Trading’s back office is professional and user-friendly. I have never seen any technical problems so far. Everything is in order and works in the best possible way. Their website is fast and is always online and accessible.

Their support team answers within 24-48 hours and sometimes within a few hours. They are so helpful and resolve my members’ problems almost instantly.

Therefore, Epic Trading was good, until they made the two changes I explained above that caused most of our members to quit. Additionally, for 99% of people, it is almost impossible to make money with their compensation plan, while it is not easy to make money with their signals too because you have to be Forex traders to make money with their signals.

Is Epic Trading a Scam or They Are Legitimate?

Everything is scam from some people’s point of view. You must know that some reviews are done by Internet trolls. When they see that a company is doing good, they say it is scam. They are sick and this is how they think and behave. Someone can review a company, product or service who has already tried them, not someone who sees everything from outside.

I expect to see some negative Epic Trading reviews over time. It can have two main reasons. First, many of them are done by the Internet trolls who cannot think positive, even about the best things. Second, some people join Epic Trading, but as they are not able to recruit members to grow their teams, they will give up and leave after a while, and then they will have some negative impressions about Epic Trading, whereas when you join a referral program, you must be able to refer and recruit, otherwise you won’t make any money.

I don’t expect to see too many positive Epic Trading reviews for two important reasons. First, thousands of people joined to use the Epic Trading’s Forex signals. But as many of them know nothing about trading, they will get upset once a signal hits the stop loss and they lose money.

Second, some internet and network marketers join Epic Trading to build their teams and make money through the Epic Trading’s referral compensation plan.  But they won’t be able to do it because it is impossible to sustain active referrals who pay $134.99 per month.

Of course, there are so many who do both at the same time. I mean, they want to make money both through the Epic Trading’s Forex signals and also their referral compensation plan, which is even better.

Additionally, there will be some negative Epic Trading reviews by those who think that Epic Trading is a scam just because it has an MLM system. These people don’t know that not all MLM programs are scams. There are legal/legitimate and also illegal forms of MLM or Pyramid schemes. I have described this in detail in one of my other articles: EPIC Trading Pyramid Scheme: Is EpicTrading.com Legitimate?

So, is Epic Trading scam or not?

Epic Trading is not scam. However, most probably you won’t be able to make money with them, whether you are a Forex trader or a digital marketer. The most important reason is that it is so hard to recruit members who pay $134.99 per month. Many of them won’t do it for more than a couple of months, even to use Epic Trading signals. So, don’t waste your time with them, as I have also stopped promoting them. Instead, you can join a program that even an 80 years old grandma can make money with it, without having to trade, sell, promote, refer and recruit. Click here to learn about this program.

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  1. I joined Epic on 9/2020 during the prelaunch. I tried to hang on but very very hard to recruit. Also, my upline didn’t change. I heard a lot of rumors that people had fake accounts and we didn’t get the leg count that we were supposed to. Also, the comp plan went up which made it even harder to recruit people.

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