Epic Trading Testimonials: Are Members Happy with Epic?

Epic Trading is new. They have started working last September (2020). Epic Trading was created to make us millionaires. It is several years that our goal was to create a community of millionaires. However, we haven’t been able to achieve it so far because we didn’t have a strong system that could do it. Now we can do it with Epic Trading because it is the strongest system I have ever seen since 2002 that I have started working on the Internet. Therefore, I can be the first whose testimonial should be published here on this page that I am creating for the Epic Trading testimonials:

I have been working online since 2002. I have worked with so many systems and programs so far and have created my own affiliate systems, products and services as well. I have never seen a program with such a strong compensation plan as Epic Trading. Not even just one single program with similar compensation plan. While Epic Trading is legitimate and legal, it has the best compensation plan that is focused on making their members financially free. All other companies are after their own profit first. When it comes to making more money, they consider everything but members and affiliates who promoted them and took them off the ground. But Epic Trading is literally focused on making their affiliates millionaires.

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At the same time, the things that we do for our members and Epic Trading referrals has made this even easier for our members to make money and reach their income to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just please read this short article to learn what we do for our Epic members: Become a Millionaire: Join a Great System and Start Making Money 100% on Autopilot

In about one month, I could upgrade to Founder 600 and start making $600 per month. Then, in less than 2 months, I upgraded to Founder 1,000 and started making $1,000 per month. So far, three of my referrals have upgraded to Founder 600 and are making $600 per month which is so exciting for them and also for me. I am so happy that I have been able to help my referrals to make money. This is just the beginning and I hope my Epic team members make more and more money over time. Their success is my success.

This was only about their compensation plan. However, Epic Trading’s main product and service is focused on Forex trading. They provide Forex training and signals. As a trader, I could locate the trade setups on my own. However, since I am using the Epic Trading signals, I am growing my account much faster. Their signals have a great success rate and risk to reward ratio.

Epic Trading Testimonials by My Epic Trading Team:

Mui Noi PheyMui Noi Phey❤️

I have been a follower of LuckScout Club since 2015. I joined LuckScout Club as a paid member on 30 October 2020. On 20 November 2020, I received an email from the LuckScout Team to join a Zoom meeting which explained the business of Epic Trading and its compensation plan. I decided to join Epic Trading on 23 November 2020 to use their forex education and signals, and more importantly, through LuckScout, to build my team to make money through their compensation plan.

As promised in their “Become a Millionaire” campaign, LuckScout has helped each of its members to recruit their 3 personal referrals in order to grow the Epic Trading team and will continue to do so. LuckScout recruited my 3 personal referrals from 31 December 2020 to 4 January 2021, and I upgraded to an IBO account the next day. I am honored to become the first LuckScout member to reach the Founder 600 rank to make $600 a month, just in less than 2 months after joining Epic Trading. I received my first weekly payment of $150 on 18 January 2021. I am the luckiest member in the team. I am very grateful to Vahid and LuckScout for giving the members this incredible opportunity and helping them to make their dreams a reality. Thank you so much!

Edward DuffyEdward Duffy❤️

Last November, the LuckScout Team told us about a new system that had been launched and had evaluated the compensation plan and advised us that it was the best plan that they had seen. A presentation was made to members of LuckScout and I was very impressed with the organization and what they had to offer.

Epic were promoting that they would train members to trade foreign exchange which is the highest value market in the world and this market trades 24 hours a day 5 days a week and if a trader can enter the right trade a substantial amount of money can be made. I have been trying to trade foreign exchange for a number of years and this opportunity interested me greatly as a good level of instruction was something that I have been looking for.

I very quickly joined the system and paid the fee happily and then sat back and waited for the LuckScout Team to promote the system and build the team. It didn’t take very long for the numbers to start increasing and then mid way through December I had 3 people in my team to have the initial fee to be waived. I could then see the benefits of the system.

Last weekend, I woke to find an email from the LuckScout Team advising me that I had advanced to the next level in Epic which is Founder 600 which pays me $US600 per month. This will start to take away some of the financial hurt that I experience at present. The next level that I am looking forward to achieving Founder 1,000 which will pay me $US1,000.

If you are looking for a system that has the potential to solve your financial problems then this system is for you. If you join through LuckScout then your team will be built for you and really the only thing you need to do is to post articles on the LuckScout website or post on your favorite social media to attract new members to the team. If you are interested in changing your financial future then join us HERE.

Are you a member of Epic Trading as well? Please leave a comment and let us publish your testimonials on this page. Thank you 🙂

Hazel and Stanley CampbellHazel and Stanley Campbell❤️

We started reading the archives on LuckScout a few months back. Great articles! Vahid offered a way to make extra money with little to no effort on our part. This was Epic Trading. We knew up front that this was the greatest opportunity ever.

Through many years of trying different programs, we never got anywhere. We then joined Epic under Vahid right at the beginning of the program, and Vahid quickly got our 3 downline positions filled. We signed up for a $14.99 IBO account and now we are at Founder 600 and making $600 per month in less than 2 months. There’s no greater opportunity on the internet and we appreciate Vahid and team.

You need to join this team and start changing your future! If you would like to join a winning team, then join us HERE.

Steinar Kloverod

Steinar Kloverod❤️

My name is Steinar Kloverod. I have been a member of the LuckScout team and Club for a long time. I am also a member of Epic Trading. Vahid and the rest of the club administration are doing a great job for us. Regarding my membership in Epic Trading I joined it because of their compensation. Their main business idea is to train people in Forex Trading through their Epic University and providing Forex trading signals. Vahid explains all about it in his YouTube videos and articles. Very fast, Vahid referred my three personal referrals that is needed to get their monthly fee waived. LuckScout will build up a team for you so you can reach the next level, but you can also try to help yourself building up your team and spread information on social media and write posts and articles about Epic Trading on the LuckScout site. Although I joined about three months ago, I upgraded to Founder 600 rank to make $600 per month. I received my first weekly payment on March 15th, 2021. Click Here to sign up for an Epic Trading membership now, if you also like to build a strong source of passive income.

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