An event organizer is generally involved in ensuring that events are successfully conducted at the end of the day.

The event organizer ensures that people for whom the event was created are satisfied with the results.

To become a good event organizer and make money, one should make clients happy.

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The clients should also get value for their money to ensure they involve you next time.

Keeping all these on mind, let us get into more details on how to become a successful event organizer and start earning money.

Just like every other business, event organizing also require creativity, dedication, smart decisions and most importantly, a thorough research.

Without splendid knowledge on the subject of becoming an event organizer one should not hurry into the venture.

Being one of the most competitive businesses globally, this business leave you with no room for errors.

Hence, even a small mistake could land you in a complicated situation, thereby jeopardizing your business.

Responsibilities of an Event Organizer

Being an event organizer involves more than just planning an event by fully utilizing the resources offered.

It involves spending time on tasks like doing research to find the right venues for events.

Event OrganizerNegotiating with suppliers of say sound systems and tents is also part of the deal.

A good event organizer cannot underestimate the importance of preparing for appointments with potential clients.

The preparation is demanding because it is more than just making presentations to clients.

It involves answering questions that clients are expected to ask to ensure you appeal to them.

Re-scheduling and scheduling of appointments is also part of the package, considering your tight schedule as an event organizer.

A good event organizer needs to make follow up calls because some potential clients need a bit of pushing.

Excellent book keeping will also enable you track client expenses and manage your income making you a good event planner

Having a network of friends who have been in the industry longer than you have is an added advantage.

A network of industry professionals will make you a good event organizer because they will connect you with vendors and potential clients.

To make profits an event organizer will require more than just the manual errands one runs every day.

It is from a user friendly website or blog that a successful event organizer can showcase their work for the world to see.

Creating and distributing newsletters or RFPs is also a way to get one’s brand out there for purposes of earning money.

How Can You Stand out as an Event Organizer from the Rest?

Clients like transparency and accountability in cases where money is involved.

To become a successful event organizer and make money, you need to account for the hours you work during the planning process

Before you can charge, account for your value and show your clients that you are worth the amount you quote.

Do not undercharge, simply because you feel embarrassed about your rates.

It is difficult to make profits as an even organizer if you keep thinking that you lack the experience or skills.

Such kind of mentality will land you into losses, when you should be tapping in on your high worth and making profits out of it.

Thinking that you are operating in a slow economy and clients will only consider the cheaper alternative is bad for business.

The recommendation is that when you are determining the amount you should charge, consider the time you spend.

Keep in mind that you are saving your clients lots of time and money when you plan their events.

Therefore, it is only logical that they compensate you for your time because event planning is consumes time that could be spent on other deals.

A successful event organizer understands that they are in the service industry, and are hence selling time.

Since it is difficult to produce more hours in a week, one can only make more money by charging for the time spent.

You can become a good event organizer if you charge for the time you spend planning events.

The idea is to get the one’s pricing strategy right, to make money in event planning.

Unique Ways of Making Profits as an Event Organizer

The good news about event planning, and making money out of it is that anybody can do it.

It is not a specialized industry like engineering and medicine where only certain people can prosper.

It only requires creativity and the will to start small before venturing into big business deals.

I will discuss a number of event planning models that will trigger your creativity in the business field.

1. Conducting Seminars

Considering that people are .always willing to learn new skills, it is clever to organize training seminars.

It is during that time that you impart the knowledge you have in regards to the industry and get paid for it.

The advantage is that you can do it during your free time, which means you can earn even when you are not working.

If you are not good at training, it should not worry you because you can still hire a good trainer.

You need to identify a need in the market, plan for the training event, and hire a trainer if you are not one.

2. Sports Tournaments

All over the world there is a good number of sport fanatics, who would be willing to participate in competitions.

Apart from the avid players, there is another lot of people which love to watch sports tournaments.

As an event organizer, you could plan say a soccer event and get participants who are willing to play against each other.

In same breath, it is simple to get a big number that is willing to pay to watch the tournament.

Therefore, what you have here is a crowd that has paid to watch the game and teams that have paid registration fee.

Money collected from both parties is a way of earning profits.

3. Are shows part of the event organizer deal?

Shows may not be categorized as unique methods of earning event planners profits.

This is because event planning is mainly associated with show events, hence losing the touch of uniqueness.

However, what we fail to understand is that there are certain kinds of shows that have been less exploited.

Let’s have a sneak peak at a couple of such events which are rarely though about by planners.

4. Pet Shows

With many households owning pets, it would be interesting to bring pet owners together in one place.

The planning industry has created minimal opportunities for pet lovers and owners to interact as a group.

If you would like to become a successful event organizer, try the concept and you can make money out of it.

A pet show could also involve the showcase of abilities and talent by pets, in a type of contest.

The best pet or group of pets can then be rewarded, say by offering them a free treat to the veterinary.

Participants would be willing to pay the stipulated fee, from where you can cater for costs incurred and keep the profits.

5. Craft Shows

If you are an upcoming event organizer, and lack enough money to plan a big event, look no further.

Craft shows can be held anywhere from a school gymnasium, to a rented public hall which makes it the cheaper option.

You only need to bring invite vendors to showcase their items, hence gain new clients.

It is therefore a win-win situation, because you get to make money, and the vendors get clients from the event.

If you manage to draw a big crowd on your first show, you can be assured of more people in subsequent shows.

6. How to Choose Your Niche

A good event organizer will venture into the niche they are able to handle, and can reap optimal profits.

However, this is not to restrict you from venturing into as many niches as possible.

Some event organizers are making money out of a wide range of event types, hence are generalists.

It is lucrative to venture into a specialty, as much as generalizing is considerably good.

The challenge comes in identifying the niche to focus on, especially if you are just starting out.

Capitalizing on your experiences, knowledge, interests and passions is key in finding a niche.

You need to ask yourself the kind of clients you prefer working with, and the best set up for you.

Are you a formal individual who is more comfortable around corporates?

If that is the case, you need to think of planning meetings for businesses, organizing company retreats and tradeshows.

If social clients are your type, consider managing baby showers, weddings, engagement and birthday parties.

The size of events you are comfortable with is also entirely up to you.

You can choose to specialize in big events, say those that hold more that 50 people, or in small ones.

How to Get Your Brand out There as an Event Organizer?

Regardless of how good you are in your field, you cannot assume that everybody knows it.

You need to make your presence known in the market, and create a name for yourself.

A good event planner will work towards remaining relevant in the industry, to keep making profits.

The key thing is to market your business in all means possible, and with consistency.

Keep in mind that marketing is not a onetime affair. It should be more of a lifestyle for you.

Choose a couple of methods that you deem effective and enjoyable and work on them daily.

If you are still wondering what marketing options are there in the market, have a look at the following:

Create business cards and have them distributed far and wide. They should have your contact.

It is easier to contact a person when you have their business card, and more conveniently if it explains their service.

Having a business card is not enough. Ensure that it explains in brief, your best services and offers you can allow.

People like content they can read fast and understand easily, as opposed to booklets with lots of information.

Having friends refer clients to you is also a plus for your business.

When you offer high quality services at affordable prices, and with consistency, it lands you many referrals.

When a client is happy with a service, they will refer others to you. Therefore your product is a marketing tool.

Participation on forums is also a sure way of selling your brand.

Contributing in online forums and telling people how your service can provide solutions is ideal in marketing.

People are constantly looking for a solution to their problems, and if you can provide that, you are better off.

The Power of Social Media in Event Planning

The number of hours people spend online daily are more, compared to those spent offline.

Out of the total time spent online, most of it is on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

You cannot underestimate the power of social media in the prosperity of your event planning business.

If you are looking to become a successful event organizer, you need to create a strong presence on social media.

You may consider having a Facebook page or a Twitter handle from where your followers can access your services.

However, Instagram and Pinterest are better sites because they are visual in nature.

This means that visual appearance is more appealing, hence more people would be interested in your service.

However, you should acknowledge that social media is a marketing tool and not a selling platform.

It should not be a place where you go to book clients, but rather a site where you showcase your expertise.

It is advisable that sales be generated after potential clients are satisfied with what they see online.

How you cultivate your social media should publicize your business and bring in more profits.

The rate at which people return to your website and make purchases determines how much money you make.

A good event organizer will generate and share original content, that’s visual in nature.

The content could be from shots captured in previous events or inographics created in the past.

In the case of Pinterest, the images uploaded should be pinnable.

Do You Require SEO Too?

Your main concern is to become a good event planner, while at the same time making profit.

SEO is significant in helping you achieve your motive, because through online search, clients can find you.

This means that if you cannot appear online, then you are losing out on potential clients and resultant profits.

However, it is not enough to solely rely on the optimization of your online presence.

You need to incorporate excellent customer service to ensure clients make a purchase decision.

A client finding you on online search is one thing, but making a decision to purchase the service is another.

If you fail to work on the customer service experience clients get once they find you, you risk losing them altogether.

When a client reaches out to your customer service team, they need to receive the best treatment possible.

How a client is treated the first time determines whether or not they will stick with you.

The Stumbling Block You Need to Be Ready For

Competition is a major obstacle any person looking to be a successful event organizer should look out for.

There are companies that have been in business before you, hence are commanding the industry.

These will definitely have an upper hand and be a threat especially for new entrants.

To counter the competition, you need to be unique in finding a niche that sets you apart.

However, if done right, event planning is a sure way of making substantial profits.