They say special and exceptional qualities are the primary factors which leads to success and failure. Perhaps it is, for this reason, many times we see people emulating qualities of celebrities. Whether it is an aspiring footballer kicking just the way his hero kicks or a child emulating her mother or a trainee staff trying to master professional expertise following the footsteps of the supervisor.

The core idea in all of these examples quite interestingly those trying to excel almost always try to follow the qualities of those who attained relative excellence in that field. It is human nature that we want to be successful, rich and powerful and for this reason, the qualities of successful entrepreneurs almost always interest us, and we want to follow them for better success rate. Here are 10 qualities of successful entrepreneurs that can surely add a fresh perspective to your life.

1. Drastically Reduce Day To Day Choices

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Steve Jobs
Mark Zuckerberg

Crazy as it may sound but the fact is daily chores like deciding what to have for breakfast or even what to wear to office is a time-consuming exercise that most entrepreneurs try to avoid. If you have wondered why the maverick Steve Jobs always wore that black turtleneck and blue jeans to work or why Mark Zuckerberg prefers the hoodie every single day, there is more to it than a mere need to look different. They have effectively reduced a load of day to day low impact decision making to ensure they have sufficient time to channelize their energy towards greater and bigger issues.

2. Prove Your Abilities to Yourself

Edmund Hillary
Tenzing Norgay

Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, are extremely self-motivated. There are those who are driven by the motivation to prove a point to others and then there are entrepreneurs who are driven by the deep urge to prove to themselves. Have you ever wondered why the famous photograph of the first two to scale Mount Everest Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay only features the Sherpa Norgay? Well for Hillary, it was to his own self more than the world that he wanted to prove his capabilities. It is this raging fire that keeps a successful entrepreneur going.

3. Never Say No To Something

Elon Musk

One cardinal rule for most start-ups has been to stay put despite obvious challenges and discouragement from many quarters. They never pay attention to naysayers and keep moving forward in their pre-decided path. One of the most celebrated success stories known for never accepting ‘no’ for an answer is Elon Musk. He decides on a particular path and moves ahead with dogged perseverance. Studies show that nearly 90% start-ups fail because the founders lack the confidence to go ahead in the face of discouragement.

4. Penchant for Perfection

Marissa Mayer

Entrepreneurs most times never rest for anything less than perfection. Look at how Marissa Mayer of Yahoo is going about her role. She is not just committed but also ensures that her effort is at least one bit more than all others who are working with her. It is needless to say that this kind of tenacity can be both inspiring as well as frightening but that is how successful entrepreneurs operate, and perhaps it is this kind of dedication that helps them excel.

5. Great Team Player

That, however, does not mean that an entrepreneur is insensitive. More often than not they are the types who are wonderful team players and can lead any group of people in any situation. Just like in the movie Invictus, the protagonist Morgan Freeman uses Matt Damon, the captain of the Rugby team to unite a nation, a successful entrepreneur knows that their happiness is in the happiness of the individual team player and that is what they concentrate on creating.

6. Customer Comes First

Jack Dorsey
Evan Williams
Biz Stone

Never underestimate the power of the target customer. Perhaps nothing better exemplifies this fact than the success story of the social networking platform Twitter. The founders, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, created this powerful platform driven by the customer need for a quick and effective communication channel that did not exceed 140 characters and look what they did, nearly stirred a storm in a cup.

7. Never Be Scared To Own Up Mistakes

Robin Chase

The fear of failure can be a great teacher and often a turning point in an entrepreneur’s life. Many successful entrepreneurs today often had to scrap their first project because they realized they were on the wrong track and quickly shifted gear instead of wasting time and energy on it. Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar and Buzzcar, realized quite early on that another of her brainchild GoLoco was not conceptualized on the right track and did not hesitate to change for better.

8. Be Visible

Richard Branson

Successful entrepreneurship is also about making the brand visible and create a high recall value. Think about it would Virgin Atlantic be as big a brand that it is today had Richard Branson been the shy type and never really made an effort to connect with his customers the way he does. Well, there are many ways to sell your product, and since no one apart from the founder can understand the basics of the brand best, personal campaigning often creates a great impact on the overall business prospect.

9. Never Forget the Core Values

For most startups, they become successful because of the fact that they are doing something differently and creating a lasting difference in the customer’s mind. Therefore even after you become successful, it often helps to keep the core ethos of a company intact to continue with the novelty element.

10. Trying New Things

A successful entrepreneur is someone who is always excited about trying out new things and that is how they hit upon brilliant ideas and keep going. Imagine if Steve Jobs was just happy with Apple Macintosh, the world would never have seen an ipod or ipad, or Pixar animation would never have happened. Keep the child-like curiosity kindled forever.


In a nutshell, a successful entrepreneur is not just someone who has a great idea but also the tenacity and diligence to take it forward and the vision to make it work.

Good luck 🙂