Identifying the fastest growing stocks is the perpetual challenge in the markets.

They are often the biggest market winners, or they have the strongest earnings record.

But are you thinking these are illusive names?

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It never really materializes.

Well, I will say, it is, after all, not that difficult either.

Think about it, what are the fastest growing stocks?

Typically they have strong fundamentals and are headed by firm leaders.

These companies, on an average, also have a strong business concept.

The stock moves essentially on the basis of the growth that it projects.

They are the fastest growing because the market tries to cash in on their fundamentals.

But for this, it is never sufficient to track individual stories on their own.

You will have to understand the market as a whole and take a call on trends.

Moreover, it is also important to identify the catalysts and tweak your trade accordingly.

You have to make sure that the stock’s trends and charts are in sync with the overall markets.

More importantly, you have to be sure about the credibility of the stock you are backing.

Try and also understand the potential impact of key economic policies.

These are also important indicators in the market.

Often stocks respond to these catalysts at many different levels.

So based on all these factors, you have to identify easy and pocket-friendly opportunities.

The reason I mention that these have to be pocket-friendly because that is what will help.

It will increase the profit percentage in a significant manner.

Moreover, this will ensure that you are able to take advantage of the growth in the stock.

We decided to make the task simpler.

Here is a list of some of the compelling growth stories.

Fastest Growing Stocks

Here is the list of the fastest growing stocks that you can buy and hold:

  1. Apple
  2. The Brink’s Company
  3. Amazon
  4. Nvidia
  5. Broadridge
  6. National Beverage
  7. Disney

1. Apple

Apple Stock priceWarren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is one of the largest shareholders with over 165 million shares.

If you ask me, it is sufficient for you to go and bet on this technology major.

But even without that, the company is one of the fastest growing stocks on Wall Street now.

There are many triggers for the phenomenal run that we are seeing in the stock for now.

However the greatest aspect is the way, the company is calibrating its revenue inflow.

It is no longer just a mobile device provider for premium customers.

It is also targeting the mid-segment phone owners now.

The company quite unlike earlier trends is now continuing with its lower priced models too.

The idea is to gain a meaty pie of the relatively larger customer base.

If you see Buffett’s recent letter justifying his buy, he makes some interesting points too.

He said that his decision was strengthened by four key factors.

  • Return on Assets
  • Management quality
  • Strategy to handle competition
  • Sensible pricing

Well, you can quite understand the investment rationale, when you see iPhone’s performance lately.

The Gartner studies indicated that almost 20% of the smartphones sold in Q4 2017 was iPhone.

That surely highlights the superior competitive strength.

It has a significantly encouraging return on assets at 14%.

However, the earnings fundamentals also highlight the positive picture going forward.

The company has a price to earnings ratio of 17.78.

When you compare this with the current price, it stands rather favorably for the stock.

Moreover, the current price is hovering around the 52-week high of $182.39.

But it is still finding support at that range.

Moreover, this is still well below the average price target of $192 and above.

Most analysts are OVERWEIGHT Apple.

This is, therefore, one of the fastest growing stocks.

As you can see on the Apple stock price, Apple has broken above all the resistance levels.

It is going up like crazy.

As we’ve already explained here, you can wait for the price to retest the $130 level first.

Then you can enter.

However, Apple may keep on going up like crazy.

As a result, you may miss the chance to enter with the current price.

So waiting can be risky and it can make you miss a good entry price.

2. The Brink’s Company

The Brink’s Company Stock PriceThis $3 billion plus market cap company is an absolute representation of growth and diversity.

The company is constantly in the process of reinventing scope of growth.

It has expanded its service significantly beyond armored trucks and cash.

What’s really interesting is the ambit of expansion that they have embraced.

From security systems to cash management to even payment processing, it is quite extensive.

Smart safes, providing security personnel in airports and companies are the other areas of growth.

The ever-increasing demand in any of these areas in isolation and as a group is a key catalyst for growth.

Needless to mention that this extensive expansion has reflected very well in its revenue and earnings.

The 2017 revenue is at $3.35 billion.

The 5-year revenue trend indicates that the company has maintained its growth despite economic challenges.

Analysts estimate this upward swing to continue.

2018 earnings estimates are pegged at $3.82.

For the next financial year, earnings may well exceed the $4 mark.

The current price target for the stock is $98.67.

This means that there is a significant room for growth.

Needless to mention that most brokerages are OVERWEIGHT on the stock.

The current dip in the prices is seen as a crucial buying opportunity by experts.

They feel that the stock is poised for the next growth cycle based on the strong fundamentals.

The stock is currently trading below the 52-week high at $88 levels.

This is giving investors hope for a sharp rebound in prices.

That is one of the key reasons for analysts to raise the price to earnings estimate to 16.37.

The stock averages a volume of over 574,000 shares.

This shows wide-spread and sustained demand in the stock.

All in all, this makes it one of the fastest growing stocks.

As you can see on the The Brink’s Company stock price, it has broken above a too strong resistance level at $73.

It is now retesting this level.

Therefore, it can be a good chance to enter now.

3. Amazon

Amazon Stock priceThis is one of the most talked about stocks in terms of the value it generates.

From being an online bookstore to an e-retail juggernaut, Amazon is one of the fastest growing stocks.

The reason why the company continues to emanate value is constant effort to reinvent itself.

It is constantly adapting to the changing demands of the time and creating better services.

Its latest introduction is streaming video and also related web services.

The company has made a major foray into groceries in a big way.

Moreover, these initiatives are not limited to a specific region.

The expansion in their product profile is on a global basis.

Though the initial foray into Whole Food led to some concerns, it was a good gamble.

The prospect of better and consistent income has made investors buy the shares.

A lot of people are now buying the stock to participate in the growth that this represents.

Even in terms of technical trends, it is poised very favorably for investors.

It has broken above the key psychological level of $1500 and continued the upward movement.

Moreover, this spike up was backed by a strong volume.

This indicated a mass participation and broad consensus on the street.

The current market cap of the company is $773.79 billion.

Expert estimates indicate that it is poised to become a $1 trillion company within a decade.

The current upward spike that started around November 2017 is continuing and is up 37%.

Given the response that it has generated in terms of its diversification, it is likely to continue going up.

Amazon also represents sustained value in terms of its earnings and dividend value.

Therefore, you can easily conclude that is among the fastest growing stocks.

It surely represents continued value priced at the current rate.

No other stock has been going up like Amazon.

I wouldn’t enter now, because the market looks overbought.

4. Nvidia

Nvidia Stock PriceThe stock is currently trading close to its 52-week high level of $253.

With the volume of 15 million and market cap above $148 billion, it is amongst the fastest growing stocks.

The company is one of the leading lights is the automatic car technology space.

In fact, this Silicon Valley-based stock continues to be one of the top gainers in tech space.

Commercialization of the latest technology advancement is a major push for the company.

It is set out to be one of the most important beneficiaries of the $326 billion 5G initiative.

5G is essentially about faster communication and greater speed in the data flow.

They are poised for the next level of growth as they supply components to hardware manufacturers.

The company has spiked over 500% in a little more than a year.

The 3-year annualized EPS growth is pegged close to 75%.

Just the last three quarters have recorded over 80% earnings growth.

Needless to mention that this has excited analysts sufficiently.

As a result, most analysts are OVERWEIGHT on the stock.

Though the target price for most is little lower than current levels at $247.50.

But investors are seeing a lot of support at current levels too.

That is perhaps also because of the positive earnings picture.

The 2018 earnings estimate is $6.24.

The earnings are set to increase further, above $7 per share by the next financial year.

This will be a significant improvement on the 2018 levels close to $6 per share.

The significant rise in revenues can be a key factor for this.

2018 earnings are seen at $9.71 billion.

This is a significant spike when you analyze the 5-year trend in revenue inflow.

That means the street is sufficiently convinced about increased growth prospects.

It is, therefore, one of the fastest growing stocks.

5. Broadridge

Broadridge Stock PriceThis is undeniably another interesting poster boy on Wall Street.

With a sustained dividend yield above 1% and EPS hovering above $3, it mirrors continuous value.

This provides communication solutions in the financial market.

So essentially, the core function of the company is processing all investor-related information.

Therefore, any type of investor-related transaction brings value to them.

This company also facilitates proxy voting for a whole gamut of equity investors.

They even extend their services to mutual fund investors.

The company is also involved in overseeing and facilitating stock transfers.

They also keep a record of every such transaction.

Their range of offerings also includes productivity tools and training options.

Portfolio management and data collection are their other source of aggregation.

Clearing securities and enabling transfers in multiple currencies are the other avenues of growth.

The current uptrend in the stock is continuing since November 2016.

It is currently above the psychologically important $108 per share level.

This is because the 52-week high of the stock is at $108.98.

So it is trading very close to its resistance zones.

This is significantly above the average target price of $99 levels.

Most analysts have recommended a HOLD on the stock.

This means it is expected to continue delivering value to the investors.

But the reason we consider this one of the fastest growing stocks is primarily due to the fundamental triggers.

The company is consistently getting support near all-time highs.

Moreover, the recent acquisitions by the company indicate a sustained room for growth.

The earnings estimate for the current financial year is above $4.

That means the company is on track to better its current year performance.

With a market cap well over $12 billion, the diversification adds more power.

No doubt, it is one of the fastest growing stocks.

6. National Beverage

National BeverageIf you analyze over the long-term, this is one of the fastest growing stocks.

Though there isn’t too much competition in the overall beverage space, National Beverage is noteworthy.

This is undeniably one of the key stocks to watch to watch in the US beverage space.

Their sparkling water brand, La Croix has undeniably taken the market by a storm.

This is one of the key triggers that sparked the double-digit growth in revenues.

The company’s revenue has recorded a steady rise over the past two years.

The management has been able to unlock long-term value in the stocks.

There is a steady growth in margins, and the company has managed to capitalize on its popularity.

From 2015 to 2017, operating margins clocked close to 10% growth from 11.5% to 20.18%.

Continuous focus on health and zero calorie drinks are helping them expand significantly.

What’s particularly heartening is that this performance is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

Public health and the sustained focus is unlikely to slow down.

That means that people will be continuously opting for healthy options.

Even a relatively slower double-digit growth will make the current PE ratio of 31 almost a steal.

Though the National Beverage is competing with some of the biggest names, it is in a safe spot.

Wellness and natural healthcare products may continue to see the demand upmove.

La Croix in that context will provide just the right catalyst.

The stock is currently showing a huge room for growth.

It is significantly below the average target price of $106.

The 52-week high for the stock is at $129 levels.

This indicates significant room for growth and further upmove.

2018 earnings estimate is at $3.17, and this is expected to rise steadily to $3.98.

That surely makes it a must ‘buy.’

7. Disney

The Walt Disney Company Stock PriceThe entertainment space too has some long-term growth stocks.

Though it is one of the oldest here, it is also one of the fastest growing stocks.

It has expanded significantly from its modest beginnings in film studios.

It is one of the giants in the entertainment space.

Its theme parks, TV-based cable businesses have all been very important revenue elements for the stock.

The company has constantly synced its growth with times.

It has made significant headway in digital space.

Some investors were worried about its transition from the television business.

However, the company has been able to make its diversification effort quite successful.

The increase revenue share reflects how well the diversification strategy worked.

With a market cap of $157.48 billion, it is trading well below the 52-week high of $116 level.

What is particularly heartening is that this is significantly below most average target price estimates.

Most analysts expect the stock to trade around $121 per share levels.

The earnings per share are likely to increase to $6.96 in 2018.

The median price to earnings is seen a notch higher to at 15.07.

All of this indicates significant room for price to move even higher.

Most analysts are OVERWEIGHT on the stock.

This, no doubt, reflects the improved fundamentals coupled with reasonable future growth.

Needless to mention that this is one of the fastest growing stocks.

The Walt Disney Company stock price is inside a symmetrical triangle now.

In this case, investors and traders have to wait until the price clearly breaks of the triangle.


If you see the list of the fastest growing stocks here, they have one factor in common.

Most of these counters reflect a strong fundamental growth.

Moreover, they are able to successfully add to their revenues with the help of diversification.

Yes, diversification is another key trend.

Diversification helps companies to improve revenue, increase product offerings.

It also gives them the better power to handle competition and undertake meaningful gains.

That is what helps these companies continue their growth amidst economic challenges too.

It also helps them get an edge over the competition.

Most importantly, diversification makes these companies, the best fastest growing stocks.