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Find a Good and True ECN/STP Forex Broker

Finding a good broker is one of the most important concerns that all Forex traders have. Unfortunately, there are no too many brokers out there that accompany and support the consistently profitable traders. That is why there is always a big question in novice Forex traders minds:

Let’s say we mastered our trading system and became a consistently profitable demo trader. What if we cannot find a good broker to open a live account with?

That is an important and serious question. Broker is not important for over 95% of the traders, because they are not profitable yet. They lose, no matter if the broker is market maker or ECN/STP. They lose even in demo trading. But, for profitable traders, broker is vital.

If you are not a profitable demo trader yet, then there is no point to look for a good broker to open a live account. You should not trade with real money as long as you have not learned and mastered a trading system, and you have not become able to repeat your success for 6 consecutive months at least. If you are still in this stage, then please focus on demo trading and mastering your trading system for now. This article can help you a lot: Become A Profitable Forex Trader In 5 Easy Steps

If you have become a consistently profitable demo trader and it is time to continue your practice with a live account (which has to be opened with the money that you can afford to lose), then you need to know a good and true ECN/STP broker.

I have published several articles about the market maker and ECN/STP brokers and the way they work and handle the traders orders. Before you sign up for a live account, I suggest you to read all those articles here, specially the last one: How to Distinguish Between Market Maker and True ECN/STP Brokers

LuckScout users ask me to introduce and recommend a true ECN/STP broker, but I have always refused to do that for some important reasons. However, those who have researched about this matter based on the guidelines I have given them in my articles, can share their experiences and findings with each other, and help each other to sign up for a live account with a good, reliable and true ECN/STP broker. At the same time, they can all keep on monitoring that broker’s activities and report any problem to each other, because the broker’s good past performance is not a guarantee of future.

Therefore, I decided to create a specific thread on LuckScout Forums last week to invite LuckScout users to introduce the true ECN/STP brokers they know. Hereby, I invite you to refer to that thread and introduce the true ECN/STP brokers that you know, or find one in case you are looking for it: True ECN/STP Forex Brokers

One of the active and supportive LuckScout members, Youness, has done a researched and published the result on the above thread. It can save you a lot of time. Click Here to refer to Youness post. Thank you Youness.

Good luck 🙂

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"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford

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31 thoughts on “Find a Good and True ECN/STP Forex Broker
  1. LuckScout LuckScout says:

    In the above article, I forgot to mention about Youness and the research he has done regarding the true ECN/STP brokers: Read This

  2. Paul Br Paul Br says:

    Thanks, Chris.
    I’ve read all the articles cited above and for now, as a beginner, I will worry about this in the future, despite already be analyzing various brokers.

  3. lets hope for the best.

  4. Pete Krahn Pete Krahn says:

    this is going to be good for us.
    Thank you so much Chris!

  5. Dogan Sahin Dogan Sahin says:

    I’ve very bad experience with Ava trader. They employ stop loss hunter 100% I’m sure about of this case. I went long with Nasdaq. while Nasdaq going down I add money. Then my four long position closed with stop loss. Price after hitting my position with exact level turned up.I lost £400.00. First I didn’t suspect. I thought it is my fault. I have some different account at different broker. Every Saturday I check my weekly positions. I noticed that price hasn’t gone at that low. I checked also at Fxstreet.com internet bank rates; Oanda ;Fxpro, Icmcapital; Easy forex none of them has got this low. I talked with my account manager. Useless. I wanted to share this bad experience with hope to help whom trust to Ava.

    • Kahsay Kahsay says:

      hi dogan
      Ava trade is a market maker and they have dealing desk.If you look what chris saying about these kind of brokers is… your profit is their loos so what can you expect from them? bless you.

  6. Fasih Ahmad Fasih Ahmad says:

    hi chriss,
    i have found a broker fxfinpro.com … the broker looks so much caring to its clients that it sounds too good to be true..
    they are ecn and i when i talked to them on phone , they clearly said that our success is dependent on our client success.. apart from that they are regulated by fca , cysec and a couple other agencies..
    what will u say regarding that and if u were me , will u join them..
    thanks a lot ..

  7. Marek Herde Marek Herde says:

    Thank You! We keep searching for a right broker while we are learning to be consistently profitable 🙂

  8. Pre Dawn Pre Dawn says:

    Excellent once again Chris, I fully understand that for commercial and ethical reasons you don’t want to be seen to recommend anyone, but there is no reason why the members can’t exchange their views and experiences.
    Provided such views are monitored and moderated by someone like you, who wouldn’t let any of us make a serious mistake.

  9. Elijah Osin Elijah Osin says:

    When you walk with light, it guides and prevents you from stumbling, thank you Chris for shedding light on our path always

  10. Great Idea Chris, Thank you!


    I have very bad experience with most of these brokers .. Unfortunately I have a live account with all of them .
    And will share with you what I know ..
    – iFOREX
    – fxsol

  12. Ed Berg Ed Berg says:

    Thank you very much for this idea!

  13. Thank you Chris. You just hit the hammer rightly. I agree with you totally that we should not worry about the broker but to master the trading system which ought to make us consistent profit. You plainly laid out the secret in one of your articles that it is worthless to have big account which might cause your broker to envy your account.
    To withdraw your profit and keep your account to certain limit is the key. If we put to practice what we learnt from you then more light of laughter will shine our ways.
    Chris I hope your followers are not suffering from information overload.May be its time for assessing your students performance. Truly you are wonderful,generous and the best.
    Remain blessed.

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:

      Thank you Justice.

      My daily posts that usually have so many links to the important articles I have already written, help the LuckScout users to keep on following the site and read the important articles over and over. I have to motivate them every day, otherwise they give up. Also, new users join us every day. So, not all users are at the same level. But they learn where to start when they receive the daily posts.

  14. Kahsay Kahsay says:

    Hi chris
    thank you for this article sharing us ,in my opinion this is the most and very important article because any trader with out a true and honest ECN/SPT broker he will waste all his time and money for nothing.

  15. Valdas Ly Valdas Ly says:

    Hello ,
    I didn’t start to trade yet, still learning, I read all Chris articles:)
    I am interested in brokers four month already. Looking
    information about them in internet ,read traders comments.
    So far no one broker is perfect:)Maybe , because traders is not perfect too:)
    Strange, but such an opinion would be formed, the more generous is Russian brokers. But am not do trust them, because of sanctions.
    With better comments in my list so far is broker from Australia IC Markets, but and they had problem with tsunami.
    Good luck for looking for best broker!

  16. Jeff Park Jeff Park says:

    Hi Chris – one or two people have commented on the Sunday little candle. I think this only occurs if the broker does not have an EST 5pm close. Only with this close are there 5 full day long candles. which is why this is an additional criterion needed for broker selection.

    Since ATC offer 0.05 lots surely this means they are not ECN/STP?


  17. says:

    I start trading with Insta Broker last year and now I joined with this broker since one year and no any time I get any complain with this broker So my experience with this broker is very well But this broker has some rules like as you not close your trade within 5 minutes .

  18. Thanks you Mr Chris

  19. Ivo R Ivo R says:

    Hello Chris,

    I’m still on demo trading and this month looks like I wont be profitable yet. Still I like reading the articles but like you said my mind keeps wanting to come back to the basics of the system in hope I become profitable.

    Like you said, spending time on the computer, reading and practicing maybe the day will come were I can contribute more and with more wisdom.

  20. Daniel Booth Daniel Booth says:

    I’m excited about this opportunity!

  21. Scshang Scshang says:

    Anyone has experience or comments on ForexTime? Based on my research it seems like a pretty good broker and it offers standard (MM) and ECN accounts.


    The ECN accounts still offer 0.1 and even 0.01 lots and high leverage. I wonder why.

    • C N C N says:

      Hello Chris and everyone,

      Same question here.
      How can those brokers offer high leverage and 0.01 lot?
      Also how they manage real ECN account with MT4?
      I’m searching for real ECN account with MT4 but is it possible??
      .If anyone know please advise me.

      Thank you.

      • LuckScout LuckScout says:

        > How can those brokers offer high leverage and 0.01 lot?

        They are market makers.

        > Also how they manage real ECN account with MT4?

        MT4 is a platform. It has nothing to do with the ECN or market maker system.

  22. Aron Nasic Aron Nasic says:

    Take a look broker hotforex i mean is one of the best. what do you mean cris and you people?

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