Following a Proven Business Plan Is the Success Key

What most people know about business and making money through a business, is absolutely insufficient, obsolete and wrong. In spite of this, they run a business and not only expect to make a living but also want to make a fortune and become rich through it. That is why most businesses are doomed. They are opened and managed by people who know nothing about business.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Only half of all new establishments survive five years or more, and only one-third survive 10 years or more.

Forbes: 8 Out of 10 Business Fail Because of Having No Proven Business Plan.

The above stats is about the small businesses that are the businesses that have less than 500 employees. It means, even if you have 450 employees, your business is still known as a small business, and there is a less than 20% chance to succeed and survive.

Many business startups fail.

There are some other businesses that have a much lower success rate.

For example, you always hear that over 95% of the currency and stock traders lose. However, being in touch with so many stock and currency traders have proven that there are far less number of consistently profitable traders who make a profit every month, and, only some of those who are consistently profitable, are full-time traders because they think they can’t trust the trading as a full-time job.

One of our most recent articles and the data we collected from the users, revealed that the number of consistently profitable traders is far less than what most people think. Only 1.47% have confirmed that they consistently make money through FX trading, every month, and 2275 out of 2309 traders have confirmed that they are not consistently profitable.

There is no doubt that most of them not only aren’t consistently profitable, but they lose money, and many of them have already wiped out their accounts at least a few times.

Additionally, only 1.17% have confirmed that they are full-time traders who make a living through trading. It means, the probability of making a living through trading, is less than 1.5% in general. Please note that many of those who haven’t become consistently profitable yet, have been learning and practicing for several years.

Poor trading business success rate

Trading is not a preferred full time job.

I am not going to talk about the reasons for most traders failures in this article because I have already talked about it a lot. Trading is completely different from the other businesses and is strongly dependent on the traders’ mindset and several outside factors at the same time.

It means while a trader’s mind has to be completely fine-tuned and balanced for trading, it is the markets that can give the trader a chance to make some money, and money doesn’t come based on the trader’s hard-working and effort. Whereas in the other businesses, there is a higher chance of making more profit and having more success, the more you work and spend time and energy. Therefore, the reasons for the traders’ failure and success are different from all the other businesses.

In this article, I am talking about the reasons of the other businesses failure, and then I will talk about the most success businesses and the reasons for their success. Then I will tell you how to make money through the successful businesses and guarantee your success through following the “Proven Business Plan” they have.

The route you follow to make a living, and also the goals you have, are your own choice. However, it is wiser to follow the routes that have a higher success probability and a lower risk than the others. We like this website to be focused on all the best businesses that not only you can make a living, but also you can make a fortune with. That is why our website was changed from FxKeys to LuckScout to cover more business related topics, not just trading.

Sticking to something that hardly works for majority, is insane, according to Einstein:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

According to Einstein, those who have been focused on trading for so many years are doing without getting any results, are insane because they are doing the same thing over and over again expecting to make a living and even become rich.

One of them who is a close friend of mine, learned this the hard way. He has been trading for over 25 years, making some profits through stock and currency trading sometimes. But he has been a loser overall. Finally he lost 80-90% of his retirement savings in Germany’s stock market. I had warned him that trading wasn’t for him and he couldn’t be a trader, but he never listened. Finally, he lost a lot of money and his wife and family as well, because he stupidly repeated the same thing over and over again and expected different results (his wife divorced after that big loss, because it was her retirement savings too.)


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Why Do Some Businesses Are So Successful Compared to the Others?

Because they have a well-developed and proven system and a proven business plan, which has been optimized and upgraded for years and known to work very well.

What Are Those Successful Businesses?

According to IFA or International Franchise Association, 90% of franchisees renew their agreements at the end of their contracts (I am not going to encourage you to become a franchisee. I am just analyzing a successful business model and then will tell you what I mean.)

Franchisees are people who buy into a franchise business and leverage someone else’s proven business model.

According to Franchise Business Review:

  • 90% of franchisees enjoy operating their business
  • 88% of franchisees enjoy being part of an organization
  • 85% of franchisees feel positive about their affiliation with their franchisor
  • 80% of franchisees feel their franchisor operates with a high level of honesty
  • 78% of franchisees would recommend their franchise brand to others
  • 73% of franchisees would “do it all over again” if they had the option

This raises important questions: Why do franchises have such a high success rate? Why do franchisees respect this business model and their franchisors? Why are they keen to keep working their franchise?

And… why is it the other way round with other business owners and businesses?

In comparison, according to US Bureau of Labour Statistics, about half of all new establishments only survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 years or more. The hard reality is that half of new establishments can’t survive past five years and they go bankrupt and close.

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses, fail within the first 18 months.

This means 80% of them are bankrupt in less than 18 months. Many others will go bankrupt after 18 months.

According to the below chart, 79.6% of the businesses that started in 1994 continued to the next year. And only 19.5% of them last until 2015. It is the same with the all the years after. All years have the same pattern. The reason is that all of those who start a business make the same mistakes. I mean people are not getting better in running a business. They are still making the same mistakes.

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Small Business Survival

So Why Are Franchises So Different?

Because franchise businesses have something independent businesses do not. Franchises operate using a “Proven Business Plan.”

Franchise businesses have a well-developed and strong system and a proven business plan, which has been optimized and upgraded for years and known to work very well.

Traders also follow some special plans or trading strategies (systems) to trade. Then why does trading have such a low success rate among people?

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to talk about the reasons of traders failure in this post. However, I can give a short answer to this question here:

The reason is that

(1) Most traders trade with real money while they haven’t mastered their trading system.

(2) Haven’t developed a proper mental and psychological status for themselves yet.

(3) Traders have to wait for the markets to give them a chance to make some money, and they can’t make money based on their own efforts.

(4) Sometimes the markets’ special conditions and movements ruin the results of several months or even years of traders’ efforts. The January 15th, 2015 tsunami and then the June 24th, 2016 (BREXIT) are some good examples.

(5) Brokers have a key role in traders success and failure (read this).

(6) Political and economic conditions have a high impact on traders’ business; for example elections, wars, sanctions, even rumors like having a global currency and… can affect the markets.

(7) Governments and the regulations they apply can easily determine whether the traders can make money or not. For example the FIFA or first in first out rule (you must close the oldest open trade when there are several open trades), or the rule that US traders can only open a live account with US brokers, and the new rules and regulations that come every day… they all make it harder to make money through trading.

Therefore, there are too many factors involved in traders success that most of them are not under the traders’ control.


As I said, franchise businesses have a well-developed system and a proven business plan. When someone decides to join a franchise company like McDonald’s and becomes a franchisee, he has to take and graduate from special training courses that teach him how to run and manage a McDonald’s outlet, before ever being permitted to run his outlet.

The McDonald’s company supports him to operate the outlet. They provide everything, all the equipment, and tools, along with close and direct support and guidance. They even help him choose the best location to establish the new outlet.

When the outlet is launched, the company will keep on supporting and helping the franchisee, so as to enable him to manage and promote his franchise business in the best possible way and with the highest possible profit.

Therefore, the franchisee can’t go wrong. He is not dependent on just his own experience and knowledge, which is not enough in 99% of cases. He has a mentor who is dedicated to showing him the way and supporting him along the way.

However, when someone decides to run a business on his own, he has to do everything by himself. There is no doubt that in most cases he won’t be able to get the business off the ground and he will close after a short while. That is why 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses end up failing within the first 18 months. These businesses are dependent on the knowledge and experience of an owner, and they are not supervised by a big and financially robust company, such as a franchise company like McDonald’s or Starbucks.

Although I explained that the franchise business model has a high success rate, I am not going to encourage you to become a franchisee.

Do you know why?

Because there is something about becoming a franchisee that I haven’t told you yet.

Click on the above image.

According to, you have to be able to afford an initial investment of between $1,003,000 and $2,228,000 to run a McDonald’s outlet. And on top of that, a $500,000 liquid cash and a $45,000 initial franchise fee are required.

Additionally, there is an ongoing royalty fee of 4% and an ad royalty fee of 4%+.

It is almost the same scenario with the other franchises. Many of them, like Hampton by Hilton are a lot more expensive:

  • $4,213,600 – $14,896,500 initial investment
  • $75,000 initial franchise fee
  • Ongoing royalty fee of 6%
  • Ad royalty fee of 4%

Therefore, you already have to be a millionaire to run a McDonald’s outlet or a Hilton hotel.

There are many other franchises that are cheaper, but none of them are free. You have to have a lot of money to become their franchisee.

In spite of having such a high success rate, the financial requirements that running a franchise business entails are out of reach for many, and thus, most people stay away from this type of business. You have to have a lot of money already, in order to make money with a franchise business.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer…

But keep in mind, though, most of those who are rich now, were once poor. Their proper mindset and positive mental attitude helped them take action and find the best way and the right methods of becoming wealthy. Many of them made mistakes and fell down numerous times, but they got right back up again and kept on going, until they made their dreams come true.

Fortunately, you don’t have to follow in their footsteps and try to navigate the challenges and work through all the hard and complicated stages they passed. Thanks to modern technology, you can make a fortune sitting at your personal computer and working by means of the Internet.


Instead of spending so much money on running a franchise business, and then working long hours to maintain and promote it, you can follow “Proven Business Plan” that work via the Internet.

Compared to franchise businesses like McDonald’s, online proven systems and business plans are inexpensive and almost free to join, so it is much easier to start making money.

Above all, you receive training and support with most of these, even better than what franchise companies offer to their franchisees.

And more exciting still: there is a much higher potential of making money with online proven business plans. Most provide a team of experienced coaches ready to support and guide you step by step, from the first day that you join, until you start making money.

Now, like the online systems, I mentioned that we have a proven online system. It exists and we have been working with it for a while. There are, in fact, many who have already made and are still making a lot of money using this system.

Our system is well-developed and it’s a proven system similar to the systems that franchise companies utilize, but with important differences…

(1) It is almost free to join and you can start making money with it, as compared to franchise businesses that require a lot of money at start-up and more money to keep the ball rolling.

(2) This program can generate a lot more money, compared to most of the franchise businesses.

(3) It is much easier to work at this program, promote and maintain it; whereas having a franchise business is sometimes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop work because you always have to supervise, even when you are home, to ensure staff does their jobs and in order to say on top of other problems that may arise.

(4) This program has a team that offers much stronger and better support, which makes it much easier to train and learn what is needed to start the work.

(5) No need for non-stop supervision. Once it is a launched, this is a system that works on its own and makes money even when you are asleep. Your income is safe and secure and you receive it without hassles and problems.

(6) You benefit and gain time, location and financial freedom, whereas a franchise business ties your hands with a lot of work and management tasks.

(7) This system generates residual income for you. That means the money keeps on coming in even when you stop working; whereas with other businesses, including some of the best franchise businesses, your income vanishes almost as soon as you stop working.

In general, our system sees a much higher success rate compared to the best and most successful proven business plans/systems (franchises), with a lot more advantages and a much higher income potential, and with none of the disadvantages and hassles that are part-and-parcel of franchise businesses.

Please note that this doesn’t mean that our system is a 100% set-and-forget system that doesn’t require your time and effort. You do need to take certain steps and spend some time every day, but this system is much easier than a franchise business would be.

Our system is designed in such a way that it generates residual income for you. The money keeps coming even if you stop working.

Compared to currency or stock trading or other franchise-type businesses, wherein your income stops if you stop working, this business continues making money even if you stop working after a while. And it doesn’t involve some of the risks and hazards that may arise with trading and other types of businesses.

Robert Kiyosaki:

“The thing that scares me right now is that we have never had so many people in the history of the world betting their retirements on the stock market… and they have bet real money… 

and… trust me… the market will crash… always has and always will.”

While a sudden and big price movement can leave a negative balance in your trading account, which is your liability to pay to the broker (you will be prosecuted by the broker if you don’t), our proven system makes money, no matter if the stock or currency markets go up or down, not based on who is going to be the United States President, not dependent on whether England will stay with the European Union or not, not affected by whether the US dollar remains the world’s first currency or leaves the scene, and not on whether the economy is good or bad.

Before you suggest this so-called “Proven System” may be an MLM or some type of questionable scheme or illegal scam, let us assure you that it has nothing to do with MLM and multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes. It is completely legitimate and a legal business.

When the first franchise model was introduced, people ridiculed it and said that it was a scam, but now, most people dream of having a franchise business like Starbucks or McDonald’s.

The same could be said of our online business. Some people might figure our program sounds too good to be true. But we live in a world where new and exciting things emerge every day and the Internet has enabled us to forge new paths and create wonderful things.

Thanks to the Internet, people are positioned to make a lot of money, without having to leave their comfortable homes. People can get rich nowadays, through different channels and as compared to 20 or even 10 years ago.

The system is designed in such a way that it promotes your business and makes money for you even while you sleep.

A large and capable support team follows up with the business and does everything that has to be done behind the scenes.

Making money, becoming rich, and finally becoming financially free couldn’t be easier. You can make millions of dollars by following our “Proven Business Plan.”

By now, you may be wondering what this business is exactly.

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While I could explain it in more depth here, I prefer that you learn more about this business with the help of your personal coach. This way, any questions you have are answered by talking with a real person one-on-one. This ensures that you aren’t confused, have all the right information, and thus you will gain a much clearer picture. And all with no risk to you. Once you sign up, your personal coach will contact you and will show you the way and will teach you what to do.

Here I just gave you a good overview. I’ve explained how our proven system differs from riskier and/or more expensive ventures, why it’s more advantageous to you from a cost standpoint, plus I’ve detailed some of the many benefits that can be yours. And, as I’ve mentioned, you don’t have to flounder on your own, hoping to get things right, because your coach will guide you and help you take the right steps, so you don’t waste your time and money and you master the system very easily. Truly, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In addition to the training you will receive from your personal coach, and the support you receive from the support teams, you will receive many other FREE services from us when you join our program.

Our free services help you boost your online business and make a lot more money, both in the short and long-term. These services will help you generate more residual income, which is so sought after and so valuable.

Our proven business plan is for those who are SERIOUS about becoming rich.

It is for those who want to take their lives to a higher level. Our powerful system is designed for those who desire to stand head and shoulders above the 99% who will stay right where they’ve always been, struggling to just get by and watching their dreams disappear almost as fast as their paychecks.

If you want to have a different life, you have to think and behave differently. You have to be brave enough to take action.

Many of those who have risen higher than average people, not only dreamed bigger, they took on many challenges to get where they are now. You are lucky, because you won’t be faced with so many challenges. You just need to decide to act. Our team will help you to reach your destination within the shortest possible time and we’ve made the process as easy as possible.

As long as you aren’t brave enough to take some type of action, you will remain where you are right now.

There is no shortcut to success and there is no magic trick for a great life. Most probably you are not going to win a lottery to become rich or at least have a better life than what you have now.

What you have to do is take action. Luck comes to those who are brave enough to take the initial steps and who are willing to take risks.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

You are luckier and better-positioned than those who, 30, 20 or even 10 years ago, were where you are right now. You have many things they didn’t. They had to take risks and overcome challenges and it was much harder for them. Thanks to the Internet and our proven system, it has become much easier for you to become rich and financially free.

So, take action now and make it possible. Do what it takes to change your life and your financial future.

Opportunities are like the clouds in the sky. They don’t last forever; they come and they go. You have to make the most of opportunities, when they are available, while they last, and while you still have time.

Take action right now. Tomorrow may be too late.

“Don’t wait around for things to be just right,
don’t wait for things to be perfect,
don’t wait for the ideal situation,
because it will never be ideal…

Take this opportunity today…

It might not be here next year,

it might not be here next week,

it might not be here tomorrow.

This is the only moment that you have… ACT NOW.”

This opportunity is being offered to our followers now. Click Here to learn more about it and/or to sign up and start making money.

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LuckScout Team

"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford


  1. My focus for now, it is currency trading, I’m confident it is a great business that can change my life and help me realize my dream of financial indipendence. However, for a diversification reason, it is always good to know more than way to earn money, so I will surely check this system out one day. For now, it’s totally confused. I can’t think of a business that can make you rich, even when you stop working on it. The only online systems I have been heard, which make this kind of promises, they’re all scams. But for the trust I have in you, I don’t think is a scam, even if it sound like that.

    Can you give some better hints? I thought it could be about selling business, such a dropshipping. Am I close?

    1. When the system is built, it works on autopilot and it needs a daily supervision. There are so many automatic things involved to manage the business and make everything in order. There is also a big team who takes care of everything. I think you need to read the above article one more time. You haven’t read it properly. The time that you had to sit at your desk and trade your time away for money is over.

      Warren Buffet owns 100% ownership of 43 major companies (see this). Do you think he refers to each company every day to manage everything??? Is that possible?

      In near future, automation will kill so many jobs because we won’t need people to go to work and do those jobs anymore. They will be done automatically:

      Our business will be like that as well. It will be fully automated. You have to update yourself and learn what is going on around you to believe this.

      The world is changed, but some people don’t know this yet.

      As I have explained in the above article, I don’t want to say anything about the program for now. Once it is launched, everything will be explained and the coaches will guide the members. A detailed explanation is not possible here, and a short explanation makes people more confused.

      Now, I have some questions for you. You look so optimistic about trading which is good. You have been following us here and I think you had the highest number of comments so far. I am curious to know that…

      – How long have you been learning and practicing how to trade?
      – Have you become a “consistently profitable” demo trader?
      – If yes, have you started live trading and are you a “consistently profitable” live trader as well?
      – If the answer is no, then is there any trader around you who is consistently profitable and is making a living through trading?
      – Do you know any consistently profitable live trader in person?

    2. Hi
      There is this question I kept wondering about. If the stop loss didnt get trigger and massive debt is incurred in someone’s account, the trader has liability to pay this debt to the broker. So the trader will take the responsibility for stop loss order that did not trigger?

  2. First class article! It makes complete sense. I’m looking forward to the launch of the new program. Thank you for your time and hard work.

  3. Hi,

    Hope you are doing great.

    Before you read my comment below kindly keep in mind that you are the only person on internet to whom I never met and still trust like anything.

    I really appreciate your efforts towards our betterment. But since the time you started this millionaires club, I started doubting everything (Please keep in mind that me and probably so many others here already burnt their hands with internet scam schemes). I am on that stage of my career where forx trading is not working for me because of my own mistakes and I really need a line of action, which I can follow and grow.

    I have an immense respect for you because whatever I have learnt in its because of you. Whenever a thought comes in my mind that may be and his people are scam, I cant believe myself because the I know is someone who gave us everything in industries.

    Anyhow, firstly we heard that we have to subscribe to luckscout millionaire club on monthly subscription basis and now as you are talking about this franchise thing I dont know how much more is there to pay.

    As I requested earlier, Kindly elaborate in much more detail that how things gonna work? Because Now we people have to subscribe for luckscout millionaire club and I dont know how much more we gonna have to pay for this franchise proven system. And literally it comes in mind that it might be something like MLM, online survey or promoting some stuff on internet. And do you really think that by following this we will become millionaires?

    Finally, we are going to subscribe for your system and we don’t know here in the world you guys are based, I mean where is your headquarter and are is the guarantee that after all this subscriptions the website will not be down for several months without any prior intimation as happened before.

    Hope you will consider my point of view as positive criticism because I personally have so much inclination towards your system and I know I don’t have that much money but if I would be convinced I gonna join you guys, even if I have to borrow money from someone.


    1. Hi Arslan,

      Thank you for your kindness.

      > Anyhow, firstly we heard that we have to subscribe to luckscout millionaire club on monthly subscription basis and now as you are talking about this franchise thing I dont know how much more is there to pay……………..

      It seems you haven’t read the above article properly. I didn’t say we wanted to launch a franchise business. I talked about franchise as the example of a successful business model.

      My humble request from you and all the other followers is that, please read my articles carefully before leaving a comment. That saves me a lot of time and also prevents you from any confusions.

      > … And literally it comes in mind that it might be something like MLM, online survey or promoting some stuff on internet. And do you really think that by following this we will become millionaires?…

      It cannot be MLM because MLM is illegal. If we wanted to make money through promoting these kinds of schemes, then we could easily recommend a market maker broker that pretends to be a good ECN/STP broker, and we would have already made millions of dollars so far:

      Am I right?

      Also please note that you can’t make any money doing nothing. I mean there is no legal and legitimate program that you can sign up for and then sit back and make money. You have to work and spend time and of course money. You have to give to get. That is the rule.

      Our millionaires club have a 60-day money back guarantee which can be done by clickbank and without even asking us to do that for you. The other program will be managed even in a better way. If you are skeptical, you can wait for the program to be launched and see how it will work for the others. There are so many who have already became millionaire through this program. They all will be introduced to you and you will know them.

      My last point is, getting to a higher level of life takes effort. People have to be brave enough to take risks otherwise they will forever remain where they are. Only those who are brave enough to take actions (who are less than 1%) will enjoy a great life. The others just sit, dream and wait for the luck and fortune to come to them by chance. It is not going to happen, as it has never happened to anybody else before.

      Only less than 1% of people will succeed and will have a great life. The rest have to suffer the whole life, not because they are not lucky enough, but because they don’t take any actions and they want to gain everything they want for free. There is nothing free in this world. The reason we are charging a fee for the club membership is that we want to filter out these people and let that 1% minority get in. That saves us a lot of time and energy. It is even possible that we increase the club monthly fee to filter out even more noise.

      This is how it works.

      Good luck 🙂

    2. Seems reading comprehension should be the first requirement for admission to the club and to any new program to be launched. That is, if people had actually spent the time reading before they post.

      It is amazing how people who obviously haven’t been paying much attention to what have repeatedly been posted here (for months now), but who felt the need and actually took the time to write a lengthy post that shows nothing but their own misunderstandings, which could be avoided if only they had done some minimal reading first. What a waste of time for everyone.

  4. dear thank you for opening new big doors for us; may God opens full success for you too and you family; because you deserve it.

  5. Hello,
    I have two questions:
    1. I do not understand English well I am obliged to work with google translation. Could I start this system immediately as I improve my English or do I have to be the top in English?
    2. For this system will it be necessary to have a website or a blog?

    1. Hi Fahadi,

      Good questions.

      1) English is important because your coach teaches you in English. So you have to improve your English otherwise you will have a hard time learning the system.

      2) No.

  6. Hi,

    I have notice that the number of readers is increasing day by day which is really great. You are deserve that, and I’m sure they will be more than satisfied.

    I have also notice that you are back your name in avatar instead Luck Scout, which is also great.

    Thanks and good luck 🙂

  7. thank you
    I will do all my best. I have another small question: if I understand moderately English to the point of reading and understanding what is said on the Luckscout site; Can that be enough?

  8. I don’t speak English as it is forced to speak another language is not native. But I read and write English freely.In addition we have a large difference in time. So,is it possible to carry out coaching via e-mail?

    With best regards, Arkady

    1. Hi Arkady,

      A small part of the work will be done through email but most part has to be done via chatting through Skype. Also there are seminars and webinars that you can attend if you want, but you don’t have to.

    1. Thanks.

      One more question: If I sign up for the luckscout club, will I get access to the training program, and all the signal that you provide?

      So, the members area will provide access to all the business models that you develop?


    2. We do have trading training and market analysis programs on the club’s members area but we don’t provide trading signals. Even the market analysis is for the educational purposes only.

      Yes, you will have access to everything.

  9. Hi, I’ve been following you since Keys days. I’m very interested in the LuckScout Millionaires Club and I tried to subscribe to the program but my order was not approved by Clickbank despite using numerous credit cards. I really don’t why this happens 🙁

    Do you have a Paypal account where I can make payment directly? Or do you have another mode of payment? I do not want to be left out of the program just because of the issues with Clickbank.

    Appreciate kind advice please.


    1. Hi Dan,

      Sorry to hear about the problem.

      Unfortunately ClickBank is the only way to make the payments. Please contact and ask for their help. In most cases the prevent the transaction to protect you as the card owner because their system returns security warnings.

  10. Hi, I’ve tried many cards, including new ones as well as my wife’s to no avail. I contacted Clickbank and they replied there’s nothing they could do. May I know would LuckScout be thinking of establishing some other modes of payment? I’m sure I won’t be the only one with this issue. Also I certainly would not like to miss out this opportunity of joining LSMC just because of this issue.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Really sorry to hear that.

      There are so many who have the same problem as you. But we don’t let you miss anything because of this issue. We will find a solution definitely.

      Is PayPal a good option for you?

    1. Hi Dan,

      We don’t have a PayPal account yet. We will let you know when the account is ready.

      However, ClickBank also supports PayPal. I mean you can pay through PayPal with ClickBank. Have you ever tried it?

  11. Hi LS, yes I’ve tried using Paypal but was also not approved by Clickbank….:(
    Strange isn’t it. Thought Paypal is one of the most secure payment online.
    Appreciate if you could inform us when your Paypal account is ready.
    Many thanks.

  12. hi

    This is my first comment in this wonderful community. Congratulations on providing such a wonderful advice to general public apart from trading community. I am trying since last two years but still at breakeven when at best. Got wonderful insight how these brokers make fool of us. Please keep sharing your good work. I am also intrested in data technology . please let me know when this program going to start or already started.

    1. Hi Shiraz,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are about to introduce the first DT program and will do it within the next 30 days or so. You are always welcome to join us.

  13. Will there be room for advancement In the new program? Is it possible to be on the team one day helping other like you and the team help us now? I like that idea a lot. What you and the team are doing is a great and valuable thing for the average people of the world. Thank you for that!

    1. Charles,

      > Will there be room for advancement In the new program?

      Yes. The sky is the limit for the new DT programs. They are unlimitedly scalable.

      > Is it possible to be on the team one day helping other like you and the team help us now?

      Of course. You can join the personal coaches team and help the new members if you want. But you don’t have to.

      Thank you too.

  14. hi
    i am from United Republic of Tanzania. can i do MOBE? How can i do that? can i be your agent in Tanzania?
    you always do a good job. We thank you.

  15. Hi all, i am sure and 100% assure you all that you can not be a successful trader if you follow of those who use softwares, Indicators, Robots and so on or follow of some trainers who do not have a site for giving analysis for different time frames specially daily time frame.
    I have been giving analysis hourly, daily, and weekly for more than 4 years and never want to sell my strategy such as scam sites who say funny stories about their success and systems.
    If you want to check them ask them just give 2 weeks analysis during the trading hours for trading as Scalping and Hourly Trading on line ( that i do every week for my subscribers)

  16. What the vast majority think about business and bringing in cash through a business, is totally deficient, out of date and wrong. Regardless of this, they maintain a business and hope to bring home the bacon as well as need to make a fortune and become rich through it. That is the reason most organizations are damned. They are opened and oversaw by individuals who think nothing about business.

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