Nowadays, Forex trading apps are the primary necessity for forex traders.

Given the frequent use of smartphones and tablets, forex trading is primarily on the go.

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Forex markets are accessible 24×7.

With a forex trading app, you can access these markets any time you want.

Moreover, a good forex trading app does not just allow better trade; it is a comprehensive package.

Almost every broker today offers their own forex trading apps.

Most of these showcase features like detailed chart analysis and help you make money fast.

The most important feature is compatibility.

Most forex trading app designers are now careful about this factor.

This means you can use the same device across a cross-section of mobile devices.

It has undeniably changed the course of forex trading dynamics.

At the same time, it has also helped in the overall growth and popularity of forex trading.

More and more people are now aware of the trading practices.

With the help of these forex trading apps, they can easily look at increasing profits.

These are convenient and extremely easy to use applications.

Most times their interfaces are also very simple to grasp.

Here is a quick lowdown on some of the best and easily available forex trading apps.

Best Forex Trading Apps

Here is the list of the best and more helpful Forex trading apps:

  1. FXCM Trading Station Mobile
  2. IQ Option Forex
  3. Metatrader 4
  4. TradeInterceptor Forex Trading
  5. FX Currency
  6. XE Currency
  7. NetDania Forex & Stocks
  8. Bloomberg
  9. BabyPips

1. FXCM Trading Station Mobile

This is one of the most popular and extensively used forex trading apps.

FXCM Forex Trading Apps

They don’t just enhance your trading experience but make it more accessible.

This app can be downloaded easily across a plethora of platforms like Google Play store and iTunes.

But the best part is that this app is absolutely free.

You do not have to spend a penny to get this application.

The wide variety of products that you can trading using this app is another advantage.

Traders can access a total of 56 currency pairs using their live forex exchange.

They can also trade a whole range of other products using this app.

This includes precious commodities like gold, silver, palladium.

They can also trade in copper and oil using this forex trading app.

Apart from active trading opportunities, you get access to a wide variety of trends.

For every trading variants, you access separate charts and trend lines.

Users can even access candlestick bars for a detailed analysis.

You can use the same app to undertake trades and manage them as well.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you can use FXCM to undertake trades.

The interactive element enhances the user experience and eases trade execution.

The in-depth research makes trading a lot easier for the users.

The biggest advantage is the convenient user interface.

They can easily access a range of research and get an edge over others.

Moreover, they can also conveniently use this app to access more information and news.

We all know that information is power in the modern world.

Effective use of information makes your trade more effective too.

They can then leverage the information for long-standing gains.

2. IQ Option Forex

IQ OptionThis is one of the most popular and effective forex trading apps.

It provides the perfect combination of trading intelligence and a plethora of offerings.

The Option mobile application further enhances the efficiency.

The clear interface makes interaction and use lot more convenient.

Users can easily download this app and get on with forex trading.

There is a wide option of all the popular currency pairs.

The trading app completely mirrors the vibrancy of the trading room.

In other words, it reflects the challenges as well the benefits of live trading on your mobile.

However, the negative balance protection is one of the best features.

This helps traders protect the downside in a meaningful way.

This forex trading app also enables lower and smaller spreads.

This also empowers users to autoclose positions meaningfully.

Along with that, there is a wide range of user multipliers.

Needless to mention that all of these features work towards providing a better trading experience.

This app is available across a range of operating systems.

It does not matter if you have an Android device or an Apple iOS.

This is one of those apps that can function efficiently in both.

From downloading the app to executing the trade, it is all about user convenience.

The designers of this app made sure that user’s interest is not compromised in any way.

It offers a meaningful range of alternatives to the forex traders.

Moreover, this forex trading app is extremely adaptive.

For those who are interested, it also enables cryptocurrency trades.

So you can use the same app for access multiple assets.

This surely makes for a meaningful and comprehensive trading experience.

It also goes on to add depth to the overall forex trade.

Users often revel in its overall versatility and efficiency.

3. Metatrader 4

Metatrader 4This is one of the most versatile forex trading apps.

If user experience is one of the most important features of a trading app, this is one of the best.

It has a very convenient and effective user interface.

Whatever level of trade you may be in, you will find this useful.

This is particularly beneficial for beginners as it has over 30 indicators.

These indicators provide a wide range of trading parameters.

They help in enhancing the overall efficiency of trade and improve the rate of success.

You can easily download this app on any device like smartphones, tablets or computers.

In addition to the useful trading features, it also offers advance research alternatives.

Users have a plethora of advanced charting facilities.

These do not just help them undertake complex trade but also execute them proficiently.

Users can also analyze the technical aspects of the forex trades.

This forex trading app helps them stay on top of the overall technical trends in the market.

In fact, depending on your convenience, you can preset the charts too.

This will help you in better interpretation of the charts too.

This is because you can remove the unnecessary stuff and concentrate on the key facts.

Most importantly this app helps you personalize your trade efficiently.

The icing on the cake is decidedly the easy availability of expert advice.

The expert advisors on this trading platform give a competitive edge to your trade.

Users can easily interact with these advisors through the forex trading app.

Needless to mention, it makes their trade-focused and very pointed.

In fact, the algorithmic trade resulted in its immense popularity.

Another interesting feature is that users across the world can access it.

It is available in a wide range of global languages.

4. TradeInterceptor Forex Trading

TradeInterceptorThis fore trading app has been designed to help users optimize their trade.

Whether you look at maximizing your profit or your overall trading opportunities.

An absolute value opportunity, it trains users in a multi-broker ecosystem.

They use advanced training options for providing the best alternatives to users.

The key objective is to provide private investors a professional edge.

This trading tool undeniably gives you a competitive edge.

This forex trading app is available for free.

This makes it accessible to a wide range of traders.

It is effective for new users as well as veterans.

The compatibility with a variety of mobile devices surely makes it a popular option as well.

You can access as many as 4-5 live streaming charts at the same time.

Whether you easily zoom in or out of windows and then undertake your trade.

Moreover, this app streams seamlessly on various operating systems.

This is what makes it a very versatile and competitive option.

Moreover, the user interface is extremely intuitive.

That, no doubt, improves its efficiency to a large extent.

You can even undertake trades directly from the charts.

That helps you stay ahead in your trade and take advantage of every opportunity.

5. FX Currency

FX CurrencyIn the list of suitable forex trading apps for mobile devices, this undeniably a crucial one.

FX Currency is an extremely credible and top ranking alternative.

It gives you access to over 160 countries globally.

The real-time charts and historic data are also added to this forex trading app now.

News and research reports are also easily available for users.

What really wins a lot of positive reviews is undeniably the ease of use.

Even for first timers in the forex market, they can use this trading app quite efficiently.

Even the so-called professionals find this trading app very convenient.

They can easily access complex historical charts and create meaningful trading strategies.

The constant newsflow is another big positive for this forex trading app.

6. XE Currency

This is another leading and a top ranking forex trading app.

Normally we rate forex trading apps on the basis of their efficiency and quality of the offering.

On both these counts, this particular trading app scores very high.

XE CurrencyIt is also one of the world’s top ranking currency conversion apps.

It brings you live quotes and charts from over 2000 financial market elements.

So if you are interested in forex markets, it is impossible not to know about this app.

It runs quite smoothly across a wide gamut of operating software.

Moreover, this trading app can be downloaded for free from either Google Play store or other app stores.

So it is convenient to download, easy to use and most importantly, efficient.

Users can stay on top of the most important forex market news.

Most importantly, the live rates help you take advantage of even the smallest price difference.

Historical charts help you draw up in-depth analysis of your forex trade.

This undeniably helps you to create maximum value.

Moreover, this forex trading app helps you access almost 40 currency pairs globally.

The accuracy of the currency quotes is a positive.

However, the fact that they have not won any ward thus far is a red flag.

Perhaps it goes on to highlight that there is nothing exceptional.

That said, this is a very well-known forex trading app.

The user-friendly interface and superior technology add to its charm.

All in all, it is a comprehensive package that enables active trade.

The overall expenses incurred is also very reasonable and makes traders go for it.

It is also one of the world’s largest non-banking money transmitted.

However, this firm is not regulated and operates as a free entity.

7. NetDania Forex & Stocks

NetDaniaThis is another absolutely free and value-based forex trading app.

One of the top-rated global forex trading apps, it provides real-time data of various indices.

In fact, this has one of the best charts across a range of mobile devices.

The live economic calendar and news opportunities further enhance the trade.

You can even build your own trading strategy and share with other users too.

The real-time tick by tick live streaming helps give an edge to your trading.

It easily enhances the overall quality of trading and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

It provides a phenomenal market overview and trading speed.

The best part is almost anyone can use this.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, whether you are trained in computers or not, all of these factors do not matter.

It provides a definitive quality of trading that users put a lot of value on.

You can access this forex trading app in close to 16 languages.

It completely localizes output and also helps you tweak the watch lists.

Economic events are significant triggers for forex trade.

This app helps you access the most relevant economic news at the earliest.

The online news access further enhances the experience.

You can trade charts directly or even set market orders.

You can even set alerts on trend line and charts.

The app then conveniently synchronizes the preferences and gives you relevant information.

It also provides forex market forecasts from over 50 institutions.

Needless to mention that the newsflow and the expert advice keeps you step ahead.

It helps you identify opportunities and profit from them meaningfully.

The extensive reach and in-depth news source of this app is another advantage.

8. Bloomberg

Whether you are using an Android device or one that uses iOS, Bloomberg is all about convenience.

BloombergThis top rated forex trading app mirrors Bloomberg’s long expertise in financial markets.

Be it the proficiency in executing the trade or identifying opportunities, Bloomberg satisfies everyone.

This is one of the few forex trading apps that provide comprehensive market research.

The in-depth trade analysis and the historical charts give a professional edge to your forex trade.

Moreover, this app helps you to customize your personal portfolio.

The advantage is you can easily filter out unnecessary information.

You only respond to the most relevant information and add value to your trade.

The most important factor is the versatility of this forex trading app.

It also helps you stay updated on all types of financial news.

Needless to mention that often these news elements help you identify market triggers.

It also provides a direct link to Bloomberg Video and audio news service.

That means your trade becomes both focused and pointed.

Bloomberg also has a global presence.

Wherever in the world you may be sitting and accessing the market, it provides quality trade.

This app is also continuously upgraded to stay in sync with all latest innovation.

9. BabyPips

BabyPipsThis is not strictly a forex trading app.

On the contrary, this app helps you broaden your forex market perspective.

This app can be very useful in understanding the various nuance of forex market trading.

As you all know, forex market trading is very dynamic.

As a result, the challenges in this market are a far more complicated.

BabyPips helps you understand the various elements of trading.

It makes you aware of the range of strategies and how it can help you.

Executing the trade, in reality, can be a challenge too.

So, in short, BabyPip helps you to address these challenges in a comprehensive manner.

So, does it mean that you can be a forex market expert after using this app?

That may not be possible, but it gives you a decided edge in trading.


There are a wide variety of forex trading apps in the market.

Given their wide demand and increasing use of mobile devices, most are free.

But the selection of the right forex trading app is crucial.

Often that goes a long way in determining your ultimate success.

Convenience, efficiency and transparency are crucial features of any great forex trading app.

So when you are choosing one remember to pay attention to the features.

After all, that is what differentiates a great option from a mediocre forex trading app.