Free Quality Articles for Paid LuckScout Club Members

Bill Gates says,

“Content Is King.”

He has said this 24 years ago, in 1996. But it is still the same. Content marketing is still the most important way of attracting customers and generating sales. However, LuckScout Club’s members are luckier because it is a lot easier for them to make money with the content that is already published on LuckScout.

Reading our articles is the easiest way for LuckScout Club’s members to earn points. This is how those who cannot do more than browsing and reading our web pages can make money on our website. This door is open to them because we wanted everybody to become able to make money on our website, not just those who have special abilities and skills. However, LuckScout offers a lot more than this. For those who are more enthusiastic and capable, there are so many other ways to earn points and make money.

There are so many stronger ways to earn more points automatically. Publishing content on LuckScout is a great way to earn more points during the month to get in the Top Earners Group, and get rewarded at end of the month. Like browsing our web page and reading our articles, this is not a complicated way as well and most of you can do it if you want:

Leaving comments at the bottom of our articles’ pages, and publishing questions, stories, and articles on LuckScout are some of the other strong methods for LuckScout Club’s members to earn points.

Therefore, content is king for LuckScout Club’s members too. Even when they sell physical and digital products on LuckScout, we will support their products with strong and quality sales letters. Their sales letters receive organic traffic from search engines and LuckScout’s users. As a result, their sales letters generate sales and make money for them, while receiving traffic equals earning more points that can turn into money at the end of the month. This helps them to earn enough points during the month to become able to to get in the Top Earners Group to get rewarded at end of the month. This is an easy and automated method to earn points that turn into money (learn more here and here).

So content is king for the LuckScout Club’s members, maybe even more than anybody else on the Internet. It has never been easier to make money through content marketing. You don’t even have to handle the hassles of having and managing a website. We keep the website up and running, and you make money through the website’s content. Besides, there is no limit. You will make more money the more content will be published under your name on our website.

Now the Question Is, How Can LuckScout Members Publish Quality Content on LuckScout?

Many of LuckScout Club’s members cannot create strong content (quality articles) on their own, although they can still make money on our website by browsing our web pages and reading our articles (as I explained above). But we like to help them make more money, easier and for a longer time. Therefore, we establish sources of residual income on our website to generate points for LuckScout Club’s members automatically, while they can also earn points through their activities like reading our articles.

Our main concern is that we enable our members to make a fortune on this site. Although active and enthusiastic members can publish strong content on our website to earn points, we help our all LuckScout Club’s members to have more strong content too, because Our Members’ Success Is Our Success 🙂

This Is Where the Great News Comes:

There are hundreds of quality articles already published on LuckScout. Many of them receive loads of organic traffic from Google and other search engines. We have strong writers who publish quality articles on our site. We’ve decided to use this potential to support our paid LuckScout Club members to enable them to (1) start making money sooner, (2) increase their income over time, and (3) keep making money for a longer time and hopefully forever.

Therefore, our paid LuckScout Club members will receive quality articles published under their names on our website, for free. These articles have already been published on our website and many of them are already ranked on Google and are receiving organic traffic, and so they will start earning points for our members, once they are published under their names.

Members who are more active may get even more than one article. It is possible that we reward our members with fresh articles that haven’t been published on our website. However, already published articles are more valuable because they are receiving targeted-traffic from search engines.

Please note that this bonus will be offered until the end of the current month. Therefore, please sign up and become a paid member before you miss this opportunity.

We don’t guarantee earning points and money, but as I explained above, our articles are strong and quality and they will start earning points for our members, once they become published under their names.

These articles will remain under our members’ names on our website, as long as they are a paid LuckScout Club’s member. If they cancel their payment, we may remove the articles from their accounts to give them to our other paid members. You don’t use it, you lose it 😀

We will start from today and will publish articles under the names of those who have already become paid members of The LuckScout Club this month.

This Is a Big Bonus for our loyal paid members because as you can see on our website (here), we charge $10 per 100 words to create content (e.g. sales letters or eBooks) for our clients. Therefore, a 2000-3000 words article costs $200-300. And, when an article is already published on our site, ranked on Google’s first page, and is receiving organic targeted-traffic, it is priceless because free/organic targeted-traffic equals money. But we are giving our articles away for free just to support our members. We want them to make money on our website. This is our first and most important goal and concern.

If you are new here and you don’t know how you can make money with The LuckScout Club system, please make sure to read the articles below: