The moment you consider various work from home jobs, one of the first pre-conditions is undoubtedly the kind of resources or talent that you must possess. For some jobs, you need space, for some, basic computer knowledge is enough, and for many, you need an advanced understanding of various computer programs.

Microsoft Excel Work from Home JobsThe knowledge of Microsoft Excel, in this context, provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of many work from home opportunities. These excel jobs that can be done from home by freelancers, allow flexible timing options as well as they help you achieve a better balance between your professional commitments and personal responsibilities.

A quick study will reveal that Excel, is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used business related software. Its applications are extremely wide ranging and cater to various types of business applications. The scope of Excel jobs that can be done from home is quite expansive and plays a crucial role in executing business prowess. In modern terms, Excel, often forms the basis of various calculations, balance sheet computation and other data specific estimates. This, therefore, ensures that the Microsoft Excel work from home jobs offer equally wide-ranging opportunities. You can get paid to make Excel spreadsheets to even undertake an analysis for various business insights and analysis.

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What Are the Microsoft Excel Work from Home Jobs?

Microsoft Excel work from home jobs are some special jobs usually offered by different companies and individuals, that you can do from home if you know how to work with Microsoft Excel software professionally. These are the jobs that are known as the IT or information technology jobs. To make money through these kinds of IT jobs, you have to be expert in something, which is the Microsoft Excel software in this case. There are some other kind of jobs that can be done from home while they don’t need you to be expert in anything. They are called Data Technology jobs.

These Microsoft Excel home jobs not only provide you a source of respectable form of livelihood but also at the same time, give you the option to work on your own terms at the most convenient hour for you. The ease of getting these Excel jobs online makes it a rather convenient option to explore. To make the task even easier for you, we decided to create a list of some most common Excel work from home jobs that can help you choose a career that can give you both job satisfaction as well as a sound source of living.

1) Data Entry

One of the most common applications of Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly data entry jobs. These are best suited as freelance work from jobs as it can be done remotely and the associated process is not very complicated either. There are various types of data entry jobs you can do using Excel. These include:

– Basic Data Entry:

This includes simple entry of images or messages or any information that has to be typed into the computer in chart format. Postings for this type of job is quite easily available on different sites online, and all an individual would need is a fast typing speed along with knowledge of basic Microsoft Excel.

– Data Reformatting:

This essentially includes reformatting data that has been already entered. This again involves basic Excel knowledge. One of the most common Excel work from home jobs, this too is dependent on the individual’s speed and comfort with the execution of simple operations.

– Conversion of Image to Text:

This again involves basic kind of data entry using Excel. In this, one has to simply type in all the data that is there in an image into basic charts or graphs or mere rows and columns of numbers.

Pros & Cons:

The skills required to get a data entry job are almost nothing apart from basic computer literacy and knowledge of Microsoft Excel. An individual who is keen to work from home has to simply create a login on any of the job posting websites and keep applying. However, the downside to this kind of a job is it often gets extremely monotonous. When you continue doing this type of job for a while, it might seem boring and repetitive. The starting salary is not too great either. Individuals surely get a channel for earning easy money, but the money relative to the effort could seem to be on the lower side.

2) Creating Charts

Anther great work from home opportunity that you can cash in using Microsoft Excel is building charts. Effectively you get paid to make Excel spreadsheets and charts that companies require. Businesses process the information and data that they collect in various ways to maximize their business potential.

For this reason, they hire personnel who can sort and work out this data in a way that would make for quality visuals as well. Additionally, this kind of visual representation conveys the information that these numbers project in an extremely succinct manner. That’s exactly why they are extremely necessary for any business report and figure as prominently as excel online jobs.

Pros & Cons:

If you are looking at options that help you get freelancing work from home jobs using your Microsoft Excel skills, this is one of the best alternatives. Given the reasonable demand for these charts, graphs in business reports, individuals working on them get a decent chance of making a neat amount every month. The added advantage of working from home at your convenience is a big positive.

However, in terms of regularity of job opportunities, a lot depends on your individual connections. Though your mastery over Excel might be undeniable, just about how many business reports can companies require over a month? In other words, it becomes unsustainable as a single source of income. The need to add an alternative source of income becomes extremely necessary.

3) Investment Analyst

Another Microsoft Excel work from job, investment analyst, stirs up images of great professional success and significantly stable career. You might not have thought about, this is one of those careers that are also deeply dependent on a proper understanding of Microsoft Excel. Whether you are working from home or you are an investment analyst with a 9-5 job, Excel helps you in every avenue of your professional career.

From helping to understand the basics of mergers and acquisitions to work out the details of Initial Public Offers and follow-on offers, the Excel sheet is often your best friend. Additionally, it’s various features allowing you to work remotely and providing remote access facilitates working from home quite easily. Excel enables quite simple execution of valuation and cash flow metrics and helps you create solid analytical masterpieces.

Pros & Cons:

The advantage of this Microsoft Excel home job is that the pay is quite good and given the growing awareness about business and investment potential, the relative number of participants is quite high. However, despite the high payment structure, the work can be rather grueling. It could even take its toll on the individual if you are not particularly used to tight deadlines, it can be a major challenge.

While the best time join is soon after you graduate, the manner in which your career to progress, pretty much decides the kind of firm that you join. While you would be leveraging quite heavily on your Excel knowledge, the structure of the job is such that you have to develop the associated elements of your profession equally strongly.

4) Accountant

Just like an Investment Analyst, this is one of the other much in demand Excel jobs that can be done from home. The salary outlook is around $45,000 annually, but for those opting to work from home as a freelancer; it is slightly on the lower side. An accountant is often one of the most important persons in helping the business steer away from trouble and remaining steadfast on the profitability track. It would not be wrong to say that this is essentially one of those careers that enables you to get paid to make excel spreadsheets.

Whether you are computing tax implication or the profitability angle, every part of an accountant’s job profile is extremely important. This is exactly why they are always in demand and can claim a rather handsome salary. An accountant wears many caps in one go. You could be computing entry level data on Excel or could be involved with complex auditing initiatives, but an accountant’s world is all about Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets. Calculating various types of business basics as well as the implication is the bottom line of their career graph, and for that, they are rather deeply dependent on fundamental software, Microsoft Excel.

Pros & Cons:

Given the huge demand for accountants, the salary structure and terms of payment is never a huge issue. Even if you are a freelance accountant working on a project basis, the overall pay package is satisfactory. But one aspect that you might not have factored in this work from home is the number of hours associated. Accuracy is most important. The core idea and the working finesse is essentially your baby, and you cannot blame the software for your inefficiencies.

5) Business Analyst

The core purpose of this Microsoft Excel driven work from home is helping put unorganized data in the right perspective and helping them become tools for important business related decision making. The business intelligence analysts are those professionals who help business owners and managers make certain informed decisions with respect to their overall work structure. It helps put forth the company’s position in the right perspective and also highlight the core efficiencies connected with the company’s progress. The fact that they are the ones responsible for turning key data into actual action transforms the Microsoft Excel into powerful for future success.

Given the wide usage and specific purpose involve Microsoft Excel has, in fact, introduced many features that are essentially directed towards an enhanced performance of a Business Intelligence analyst. Given the sensitive nature of their work, the level of accuracy is very important, and the latest Excel features help identify trends and the big developments in a more accurate and distinctive fashion. The Excel actually plays a crucial role in minimizing the manual labor related to this job. With every new project taken up, the level of efficiency and the ease of operation is enabling far better performance.

Pros & Cons:

The profession of a Business Intelligence Analyst is dynamic, challenging and extremely satisfying. But you must have a knack for it. While number crunching can be great fun, it is also dependent on your personal preference. Therefore, it can’t be fun for anybody who might be comfortable with Microsoft Excel. That apart, the schedule of a Business Analyst can be extremely grueling. For many, that could be a major negative factor. Also even if you are working from home, you might have to step out every now and then for business meets.

6) Management Consultant

Management and Microsoft Excel have been the best buddies since businesses became dependent on data. Whether your job as a business manager deals with tackling budget or handling resources or planning or for that matter, any aspect of the business operation, Excel forms the backbone of operation and business success. Whether you want to estimate the bottom line or keep a tab on the inventory, the Excel spreadsheet is that crucial tool that forms the lifeline of any operation and its eventual success.

For most managers, whether they are working from home or otherwise, every aspect of the business progress gets charted on Microsoft Excel. This is important as that is the only way to link the various business branches and bring about a holistic picture of the entire operation in right perspective. If you look at the various freelance Microsoft Excel driven work from home jobs, this one provides the most dynamic opportunities with an adequate salary structure. Managers, though, are dependent on Excel for their data computation; they also need to be extremely alert in being able to utilize this data in right perspective.

Pros & Cons:

The manager’s job is extremely prestigious. Given the current advancement, it is also possible for them to perform efficiently despite working remotely provided they are well versed with computer software like Microsoft Excel. However, the timing is always an issue even while you are working from home. You need to be on call and always be alert in terms of anticipating potential business threats. It could be anything from a sudden inventory crisis to ultimate marketing faux pas. If you have selected this one from the list of Microsoft Excel work from home jobs, be prepared to face the challenges too.

Are These Excel Home Jobs Really Good?

If you look at the list of Microsoft Excel work from home jobs, most of them are extremely exciting and challenging and are rather dynamic in nature. But there are some Excel jobs which could be a tad bit boring like data entry. However, when you are looking at potential work from home opportunities, the core focus is more on the quality of work and the kind of timing it involves. But one crucial aspect that you must always take into account while deciding on freelance work from home jobs, is the relative pay.

Remember, time is often considered money in professional parlance, and Excel jobs can be rather rewarding in that fashion. Whether you have an elementary understanding of Excel or you are a Microsoft Excel pro, the current scenario throws up opportunities galore. The most exciting aspect of online Excel home jobs is that they are equally well paying and professionally satisfying for an individual. Remember you just don’t get paid to make Excel spreadsheets. The Microsoft Excel jobs from home are a gateway to a relaxed tomorrow with a comfortable salary outlook.

The most important question that I want to ask you now is that if you are such a good Microsoft Excel pro that can be hired by companies and individuals for the jobs I listed above, then why don’t you work for yourself to be your own boss?

Working on the above project based jobs can make some extra money every now and then but is not a kind of job that you can rely on in long term. Instead of working for some small amount of money, think about running your own business through the Data Technology systems. This makes a lot more money for you and make you even a millionaire. Besides, unlike the freelance Excel work from home jobs I explained above, it can generate Residual Income which is so important and vital. Click Here to learn more.