You have heard of how to make money from freelance writing jobs.

You have the requisite writing skills as a freelancer.

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Nevertheless, how do you find such jobs?

That is the million-dollar question I will attempt to answer in this article.

Searching in the right places will reveal that plenty of freelance writing jobs are available for you.

The truth is freelance writing jobs outstrip the supply of writers!

How to Find Freelance Writing JobsI know this statement is shocking and I have caught your attention.

Plenty of sites offer freelance writing jobs on the internet.

You will know where to locate such jobs in this post.

But at the same time, take caution and be on the lookout for scam sites.

They may promise pay rates that are way above the industry norms.

But such sites are a waste of time and money.

What Is Freelance Writing?

Let us start with the basics and get some facts right by asking what qualifies as freelance writing?

Let me answer by giving a brief introduction on freelance writing.

You will be ready after this as I show you how to find the freelance writing jobs.

Freelance writing involves writing articles for different clients without long-term commitments.

It is on an as-needed basis and the freelancer is under no long-term contract.

There are two main broad types of writing as a freelancer.

– Academic Writing

The first is as a freelance academic writer.

This involves writing assignments for students in schools, colleges, and universities.

You work as a freelancer under contract with a company that hires after passing a test.

Your job is assisting the student to write their homework as a freelancer.

In other instances, it may involve writing papers for master and doctoral students.

Academic writing requires a certain level of education.

If you are an expert in a certain subject, you should specialize in that area.

However, academic writing gigs are few.

In this post, I will focus on non-academic writing.

– Non-Academic Writing

This covers a wide range of freelance writing jobs.

One of the areas of specialty includes writing articles and blogs for companies.

Most of the clients are the small and medium businesses that need content that will give them online presence.

Ghostwriting is another great prospect for a freelance writer.

It involves writing content for someone else for a fee.

You take the money but not the credit for the work, remain anonymous and thus the name “ghostwriter.”

Other openings as a freelancer include writing for news feeds.

Freelance writers provide most, if not all, of the content for online trade magazines.

Working as editors and copywriters is available for freelance writers who want taxing work.

Editors work as freelancers in editing the huge content submitted by writers.

Copywriting basically involves re-writing content.

You work to make it attractive to the client and increase their website traffic.

It increases sales, is catchy, and gets noticed.

SEO is another area where one may specialize as a freelance writer.

The freelancer writes charming content that gets the website better ranking.

It also gets more visibility on different search engines.

Writing Skills and Interest as a Freelance Writer

Before you embark on the journey of finding freelance writing jobs, take a pause.

Ask yourself, “What captures my interest as a freelance writer?”

Link your strength as a freelance writer to your interest.

Secondly, analyze the writing skills that you have.

It is useful to align your skills and interest with the potential freelancing job.

This makes your searching much easier.

Polish up your skills by taking an online writing refresher course.

Instead, you may wish to study for a copywriting or editing course.

The most important aspect of freelance writing is creativity and the ability to follow instructions while submitting work on time.

If you feel your interest is writing novellas, then ghostwriting may be for you.

Such a project is long-term in nature.

For others, freelance writing jobs that are of a shorter term may appeal to you.

Follow this to find freelance writing gigs that fit your interest and abilities.

Quality Places Where You Can Find Freelance Writing Jobs

I advise anyone looking for quality writing jobs to be realistic.

Be open to suggestions and start from there.

Setting expectations that are beyond your ability are no wise as you start.

Learn as you move along and increase your range of writing skills.

Accept jobs that pay less as you start and grow your portfolio of writing skills.

The following are ways to find freelance writing jobs.

1. Cold Pitching

Cold pitching may sound scary the first time but it offers one of the best ways to find work.

It is useful in getting a steady source of income and offers better pay as you deal with the client.

In addition, the client may direct you to other referrals.

This depends on the quality of work you give to the client.

Cold pitching involves contacting prospects as a freelance writer.

Clients include companies, bloggers, and small businesses.

Market your ability to help them grow their business through your writing skills.

This may look hard for a beginner but gets easier with time.

Start by locating a business through their website or social media platform.

Identify what they lack currently in terms of content.

It could be a blog or content that does not appeal to their clients.

Draft a cold pitch and send it to them and suggest how they can improve their content.

State the reason for hiring you as a freelance writer.

How will they benefit from working with you?

Include in your pitch: Who you are (include a small bio).

How you located them (through their website or social media) and what new content you offer.

2. Respond to Job Board Ads

Job boards offer great freelance writing jobs for you as a writer.

Some of the jobs boards include Indeed, Monster, Upwork, and Guru.

The first two are general job boards.

They post freelance writing jobs such as summer writing jobs.

Freelance jobs for those working from home are also available.

The qualifications are not strict and you can qualify for most freelance writing jobs.

The lack of a college degree should not worry you.

Job boards such as Upwork and Guru qualify as “Niche Job Boards.”

Typical requirements may include possessing a college degree.

Other categories of job boards include free and paid job boards.

It is advisable to start with the free job boards as a first-time freelance writer.

Search the internet for free job boards such as Problogger, Writer Weekly, and Contena.

As a freelance writer, you may quote a certain rate for your work.

In other instances, the job adverts specifies the rates.

Build your confidence by applying for as many freelance writing jobs as you can.

The more you apply, the higher the chances of landing a freelance writing job.

3. Inquire from Friends, Family, and Colleagues

This may sound easy and of no value to a freelance article writer.

But as the saying goes, charity begins at home.

Begin by letting those close to you know that you are a freelance writer.

In this way, they may refer a client to you or perhaps require your services in the near future.

You may find other writers in your location and take the time to engage and learn from them.

They may be useful in linking you to freelance writing jobs.

Such writers may give you some of their extra work.

If possible, create a business card and distribute to friends and family.

State clearly that you offer freelance writing services.

4. Create a Website

Creating a website may sound hard if you have just started as a freelancer.

It is, however, one of the best ways to attract high-paying clients.

Owning a website attracts high-value clients as they build trust in you through the website.

It builds confidence and guarantees high-paying freelance writing gigs.

The website signals your professional approach to writing as a freelancer.

This may not be viable for a freelancer who has just started out.

You may not have the money to hire a web designer as you start out.

Instead of a website, use your personal blog to market yourself.

Your ultimate aim is to own a professional website which will help to advertise your freelance writing services.

It helps to earn you credit as a freelance writer.

Most freelance writers churn out 500-word posts for $10.

From the onset, strive to earn good wages and try to settle for the above meager payments.

Offer high-quality freelance article writing services.

5. Maximize Your Social Media Presence

Social media platforms offer a great avenue to advertise yourself.

Simply, advertise that you are available for hire which is easy and absolutely free.

Make it a part of your social media profile and let potential prospects get to know that you offer freelance writing.

Other writers and friends will soon know that you are a freelancer.

Enlarge the circle of people who know about your writing services so as to stand the higher chances of getting hired.

You will start getting messages of prospects that need your freelance writing services.

Presto! The money will soon start coming in.

Maximize your social media platform to earn you money as a freelancer.

The more accounts you have, the better for you.

6. Try Warm Pitching

I have already talked about cold pitching and you are now wondering what this warm pitching stuff is?

Warm pitching is an indirect way of looking for freelance writing jobs.

It involves creating a relationship with your potential client or prospect.

It is slower but may establish very strong and long-lasting clients.

Engage the prospect over a long period before making a formal introduction.

Meanwhile, follow their Tweets (ReTweet their posts) and Like them on Facebook.

Put yourself on their radar and they will get to know you with time.

When you feel that you have nurtured the relation long enough, introduce yourself formally.

Ask for a freelance writing gig and you will be amazed at how many jobs you will get.

It is worth the time taken to “romance” the prospect.

7. Join a Freelance Writing Group on Facebook

Facebook offers freelance writers the opportunity to find freelance jobs.

This depends on which Facebook groups you choose to join.

The group helps to give you online presence as a freelance writer.

It also posts jobs which may be available.

Collectively as a group, it attracts potential prospects that identify with the group.

The group is identified with specific writing skills.

Such groups include, “Blogger2Business” amongst others.

Being a part of a group helps a beginner to gain standing as a freelance writer.

8. Locate a Content Agency

I will advise you to go for the smaller content agencies.

Content agencies hire freelance writers to write great content for their clients.

It may be in advertising, PR or social media.

Look for an agency that offers training as part of its package.

From experience, the smaller content agencies are the best for a beginner.

The pay and support is great when compared to the bigger agencies.

A good place to start your search is in the WordPress space.

9. Ask Your Current Clients’ for a Referral

Having worked with your clients for a while, ask for a referral.

It may not be a good idea if you have only been with a client for less than a month as it may work against you.

You should ask a client with whom you have a working relationship of more than a month.

The language that you use is very important as it will work in two ways.

It will get you new clients and will also decide the future relationship with the current client.

Be polite, courteous, and thank the current client.

Communicate with them through social media or email and give the client time to respond.

Avoid flooding them with many messages asking for the referral

A good client will link you with additional prospects.

This will ensure that you have more freelance writing jobs.

Repeat the same pattern with the referred clients.

This gives you a steady flow of writing jobs.

10. Write for Free! Write as a Guest Writer!

This sounds like a waste of time as a freelance and should not be taken seriously.

Writing for free or as a guest gets you noticed and lets your readers know who you are.

They sample your work for free and along the way, a prospect will notice your work

The prospect will then hire you as a freelance writer based on your publications.

Your published articles act as your sample work.

This will assist in advertising you as a freelance writer.

By now, maybe you are at a loss on how to start.

Start by doing an internet search with the tag, “Write for us.”

Refine your search by adding the area you are good in.

I encourage every freelance writer to write at least one free article per month.

Introduce your work to new readers and new prospects every month.

11. Make Use of Craigslist

This is the last of the top ways to find freelance writing jobs.

Craigslist may turn out to be your best friend as a freelancer or a waste of time.

For some, it offers freelance writing jobs which are of low quality.

I aver that searching in the right places will get you work on Craigslist.

Checking the sites of the big cities will reveal better freelance writing jobs.

The pay is better compared to the sites of the smaller cities.

Clients needing writing services in big cities pay better rates.

Try checking out the sites of the big cities such as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Once you have matched the freelance writing jobs with your skills, start pitching.

You will find that Craigslist will offer some quality clients with good pay.

Let Us Recap What We Know so Far

To recap, let me say that your success as a freelance writer depends on you.

Be proactive as you look for the best freelance writing jobs.

Trust in your skills and be keen as you look for the best freelance writing jobs.

The secret to success as a freelance writer is to keep on applying for jobs.

You stand better chances of landing a freelance job if you pitch more.

Try to match the freelance writing jobs that you want with the skills you have.

Get started and start earning as a freelance writer and good luck.