From Zero to $929.73 Billion… How Is This Possible?

Jeff Bezos and Amazon Office in 1994

The picture above shows Jeff Bezos in Amazon’s office in 1994, when he was programming and promoting the site almost single-handedly. Did he know that he was working on a business that would reach a net worth of $929.73 billion on March 14, 2023?

Definitely not. Indeed, no entrepreneur knows whether they will get anywhere or not, when they start working on a start-up. They just choose a goal, stick to it and work on it nonstop. This is something that 99.99% of people are not motivated, excited and enthusiastic enough to do. That’s why people like Jeff Bezos and companies like Amazon are very rare. Hundreds or maybe thousands of companies and start-ups like that start working all over the world every day. But, 80% of them never reach the second year. Most of the rest will never reach the third year. Why?

Maybe many of them fail because of choosing a wrong way and strategy and following a wrong idea. However, most of them fail because of lack of enough dedication and enthusiasm. Many of them have a strong start. But, they don’t continue strong.

We choose a good idea and analyze it to make sure that it is really a good idea that is worth spending time and energy on. Then, we set some goals for the same idea and we start working on them. We work harder than yesterday, every day. We resolve the problems one by one and keep working and moving ahead. Along the way, small or even big achievements should not make us think that we are done and it is time to slow down a little bit because we don’t have to work hard anymore. No! Success is not a destination. It is a journey. And, we should always remember this from Bill Gates that success (small achieved goals) is a lousy teacher because it makes smart people think they can’t lose. Any time that a goal is achieved, other sets of goals must be set in following the same track and promoting the same idea. And negative people and energy vampires must always be ignored and kicked out of the process.

We achieve our goals… not suddenly… but definitely… slowly and surely…

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By Vahid Chaychi

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