If you thought the concept of free money was just mere imagination, think again.

Around us, there are millions of deals offering us cash back, savings, discounts and what not.

In fact, studies indicate almost every business house gives away some money for free at some point of time.

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Predominantly the money is given away for free in the form of certain promotional initiatives to increase awareness about the product or boost the overall sales.

Just to drive home the point, here is a quick look at how you could save as much as $1950 using these promotional offers.

Maybe you say it is not worth spending time to get these free offers and cash.

But you don’t have to spend any extra time on them.

These are the things sometimes you pay thousands of dollars every year while you could save a lot on them.

The only thing that prevents you from getting these free moneys is that you don’t know about these offers.

The related companies will even appreciate you if you get the free money from them.

So, don’t say no to something that is offered to you for free while it will have no problem for you.

Why Should You Get Free Money?

Why Should You Get Free Money?I know you are wondering why I am helping you save money or even get free money.

It is because every day I see so many who have good ideas and want to start something new, but unfortunately they don’t have the startup money.

Saving some money or getting some free money helps them a lot.

Additionally, I see so many others who work hard to make a living, but still their income is not enough to cover all their expenses.

I help them create some new sources of income and even start a new business.

But while the new ideas and approaches haven’t made any money, they can save some money and get some free money to lower their financial pressures.

There are so many ways you can get free money or save a lot of money:

  1. Amazon gift card
  2. Free money on car usage
  3. Stash app
  4. Cutting down on your utilities bill
  5. Creating an account on netspend
  6. Cut down lunch expenses
  7. Survey sites like swagbucks
  8. Bonus from banks
  9. Cashback credit cards
  10. Gobaby
  11. Selling your unused clothes

1) Free Money from Amazon

Free Money from Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card is worth $10.

I am sure you have heard of many cash back sites that have potential to offer free money.

My points is one such site.

The benefit is that once you sign up on this site, you can get connected with many major shopping brands like Amazon, WalMart and Target.

All you have to do is buy anything worth $10 from any of these brands and instantly get a reward of 1750 points from the site.

Now the icing on the cake is you can easily redeem these points to buy $10 Amazon gift card.

Well, you would agree then this money is absolutely for free.

2) Free Money on Car Usage

Get Free Money on Car Usage

If you are wondering how using your bike or avoiding your car can help you earn free money, let the numbers do the talking for you.

If you cut down on the car usage or totally eliminate it, you could save anywhere around $200-300 every month.

Even if you do not want to ride a bike and opt for a car pool instead, you would still spend only one-third of the money you need to maintain a car on a monthly basis.

So, on an average, let’s say this helps you earn $200 a month or $5-6 a day every month.

There is another good way of getting free money on your car or even get a free car:

There are some companies that pay you to wrap up your car with their ads.

Some of the other companies even give you a free car which is wrapped up with their ads.

They just give you the car to drive on your city’s streets and let people see the ads.

Of course, you have to apply and be qualified to get a free car or get paid to drive a wrapped up car.

One of the most important conditions you have to have is having a good driving record and also driving a certain number of kilometers every day.

Just imagine… you save $200-300 per month or $2,400-3,600 per year or even more.

3) Download Stash

Stash Is a Money Saving App

It is essentially a money saving app that helps you with your investment strategies and the best bets to save money or rather earn free money.

Just by downloading this app on your smart phone, you make a cool $5, and that’s not just a mere promise.

You will see this amount being added to your account in just a few days after you have downloaded the app.

This app works equally effectively on both Android and iOS phones.

4) Cut Down On Your Utilities Bill

Save Money on Your Utilities Bill

Have you ever wondered the kind of money you are wasting or misusing by not moderating or adjusting your power/water usages appropriately?

The study shows that turning off the electric light when not in use, repairing taps and avoiding leakages, rationalizing washing machine/dishwasher usages and installing shorter faucets can cut down your bills by as much as $30-50 a month and over $600 every year.

Even the heating systems that you use can be set to more moderate temperature settings, and your bills could come down by nearly 5% with this small tweaking.

5) Creating an Account on netSpend

Get Free Money with NetSpend

These are promotional strategies used by companies to further their products but why would you complain?

It helps you earn some money absolutely free and without making any effort.

All you need to do is log on to this site and request for a prepaid card from netSpend.

It is a perfectly credible claim, and till date, over 200 known users have cashed in on this opportunity and pocketed the cool $20 that comes absolutely free.

The added advantage the Netspend Visa card will be at your doorstep in less than 10 days without any hassle.

You can then easily load your card with the bare minimum required to claim the free $20.

6) Cut down Lunch Expenses

Cut down Lunch Expenses

You thought carrying your lunch was cumbersome and it was easier to buy instead.

But did you realize the amount of money that you had to spend and how much you would save if you carried yours?

Just by carrying home prepared lunch, your weekly savings could be close to $50.

Now you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to compute the kind of savings that this would entail on a monthly or yearly basis.

So why part with this free money when you have the option to buy.

7) Survey Sites Like Swagbucks

Well, we all know responding and filling up surveys could help you earn some free money but did you know that simply by signing up on some of these sites like Swagbucks, you could earn as much as $5.

Now add the additional $25-30 you could make every week by filling up some simple surveys every day.

What’s interesting is these surveys are so basic; you can even fill them while watching television of something that engrossing.

The idea is to remember to log in and do the needful.

8) Bonus from Banks

Have you heard about banks doling out free money?

Well, that is true.

There are many banks that could add as much as $250-300 to your account for simply agreeing to bank with them and opening and account in their bank.

Multiple bank accounts are never a problem and why would you mind it if you are earning an additional $200 plus from such an act.

9) Cash Back Credit Cards

Get Free Money with Cash Back Credit Cards

What you get from the cash back credit cards is the real meaning of free money.

Personally, I haven’t tried many of the above methods.

For example, I have never driven a wrapped up card.

Or I don’t use the Stash money saving app.

But I am a big fan of cash back credit cards and I have been using them for so many years.

There is a big competition among the credit cards companies.

Therefore, they do their best to offer the best benefits to attract more customers.

Many of them have no monthly fee and as high as 8% cash back.

It means (1) you use the credit card for free; and (2) 8% of the money you spend with the card, will be back to you.

It can be paid to you as a free cash, or be added to your credit card balance.

Having just one cash back credit card and doing all of your payments through it, can save you thousands of dollars every month.

Let’s say you spend $3,000 per month on groceries, gas, car, cloths and everything you buy.

You get $240 back every months which is $2,880 per year which is really free money.

I am used to collect my points and then redeem them once every year.

I spend my points to buy Esso gift cards.

Therefore, my gas and car wash is free at least for 10 months of each year. Can you imagine?

10) Gobaby

This app is a unique union of convenience and business sense.

This enables parents with kids to rent space consuming and heavy baby gears like prams, strollers, etc. from local parents.

The local parents only have to get the logistics organized to earn a pre-decided rent amount for leasing out something which they might not even have any use any longer.

It is conducted pretty much the way we rent out apartments on a trip.

11) Sell Your Unused Clothes

You keep changing your wardrobe and introducing new clothes but have you wondered what happens to the old ones.

Most times, they just keep lying in some corner of the closet.

One simple solution could be sell them on a second-hand site and make some free money out of it.

If you can negotiate well, you can earn more than $1000 a year from this initiative.

Free Money… Free Life

The point is free money is pretty much floating all around you in this consumer driven economy.

The trick is to identify the opportunity and cash in on it appropriately.