So, you want to learn how to get more followers on Instagram.


Well, if you answered yes to this question, then this article is for you.

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Because in this article, I’m going to share with you the tactics that can actually help you get more followers on Instagram.

So stick with me here.

We all want to build our Instagram audience and get more followers.

But let me be honest with you, it takes some experimenting and some hit and misses.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world.

But in this article, you’re going to learn how to grow your audience and get more followers on Instagram.

You’ll agree with me that Instagram is not just a fun app for kids.

It has now become a very effective content marketing and networking channel that allows individuals and businesses to grow their brand.

In fact, approximately 80% of Instagram users follow a business today.

This is because people come to Instagram to follow businesses and content that is interesting to them.

Through Instagram, businesses can showcase their products, delight customers, and even recruit future employees.

It may surprise you to know that Instagram has over 700 million monthly users.

This makes Instagram about two times bigger than Twitter.

Also, Instagram users are 58 times more likely to comment, like, or share Instagram posts than Facebook users.

Furthermore, Instagram users are more like to engage Instagram posts than Twitter users.

In fact, Instagram users spend an average of 3.2 minutes on an engagement.

This is more than the time users spend on any other social platform.

All the above statistics show that users are shifting from Facebook and Twitter and actually spending more time on Instagram.

This absolutely makes Instagram the best social and mobile platform for individuals and brands to reach their target audience.

So you should work actively to get more Instagram followers and a passionate fan base that wants to connect and learn more.

You just need to know where to invest your time and effort.

Anyone can do it.

So, let’s jump right into the tactics that can help you get more followers on Instagram.

Get More Followers On Instagram

How To Get More Followers On Instagram:

Here is what you have to do if you like to get more followers on Instagram:

  1. Understand the Algorithm
  2. Establish an Instagram Marketing Plan
  3. Create and Optimize Your Profile
  4. Post High-Quality Pictures
  5. Stay on Topic
  6. Geotag Your Images
  7. Engage and Socialize
  8. Be Active on Your Account and Keep a Constant Schedule
  9. Create Engaging Captions
  10. Use the Right Hashtags
  11. Get Featured on a Feature Account
  12. Don’t Try to Cheat the System

1) Understand the Algorithm

Right now, the algorithm of Instagram has changed from reverse-chronological order to curated content.

What does this mean?

Well, this basically means that Instagram now chooses what kind of content to show you first as soon as you log in to Instagram.

You’d no longer see the most recent post first.

You see those posts at the top of your Instagram feed when you’re scrolling?, Instagram decides what to put there.

A lot of people don’t like the new algorithm on Instagram today.

But Instagram created this algorithm to help users have a better experience on the platform.

This algorithm helps Instagram to learn the kind of content you like and the kind of content you like to see.

The algorithm then gives you more of that content so that your experience is more relevant.

Factors That Influence Instagram Algorithm:

A) Engagement

This is how popular a post is.

Basically, when you publish a post, Instagram will show the post to an only small percentage of your total audience.

This allows Instagram evaluate how your audience reacts to your post.

If your audience reacts positively to your post, then the algorithm will show the post to many Instagram users.

The Instagram algorithm engagement factors include:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Video views
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Story views
  • Live video views


If your post has a high engagement, it’s likely going to rank higher on users’ home feed.

This will help more people to see your post and also discover your page.

B) Relevancy

This is the genre of content you are interested in or interact with often.

These genres may include food, fashion, travel, etc.

Instagram said on their blog that the new algorithm will show users content that they are interested in first.

This implies that content that you’re interested in will likely rank higher on your feed.

C) Timeliness

This has to do with how recent your posts are.

Instagram wants to show recent and relevant posts to its users.

A post from last week may not be as interesting as a post from an hour ago.

So recent posts will likely rank higher in your feed.

D) Profile Searches

As you may have guessed, this has to do with the accounts you check out often.

When you search for certain profiles regularly, it signals Instagram that you are interested in the posts that are in those accounts.

Instagram might then rank those posts on your feed so that you can easily see them without searching.

So Instagram uses this signal to decide what kind of post to rank on your feed.

E) Direct shares

These are the posts you’re sharing.

When you share a post on Instagram, it signals the algorithm that you’re interested in the posts on that account.

The Instagram algorithm would then use this signal to rank those posts on your feed.

F) Relationships

This has to do with the accounts you regularly interact with.

Instagram has said that you’ll be able to see content from your best friend no matter how many accounts you follow.

This means that you’ll be able to see posts from the accounts that you regularly interact with.

So Instagram wants you to see important posts from your friends and family.

Now that you know how the Instagram algorithm works, I’m going to show you how to use it to advantage.

This will help you build your audience and get more followers.

So keep on reading this article.

2) Establish an Instagram Marketing Plan

If you use any marketing platform without a plan, you’re ultimately going to waste resources, lose money and make no or a very low profit.

The same thing applies to Instagram.

You need a clear Instagram marketing plan if you want to succeed on Instagram.

It will also help you grow your audience and target the right followers that are in your niche.

Whether it’s blogging, photography, travel or anything.

Investigate About the Other Instagram Marketers

When you analyze what your competitors are doing on Instagram, you will be able to know:

  • The kind of content that works for other businesses in your industry.
  • How to engage with your audience the right way.
  • The best time of the day to post content.
  • How often your audience will expect you to post content.
  • The right hashtags that work in your niche.

Have a Unique and Consistent Focal Point

An attractive focal point will distinguish your channel from other channels.

So you need to post content in a niche that you have knowledge in.

This will make your audience see you as an authority in that niche.

Set Realistic Goals

Your Instagram strategy is only as effective as the goals you designed it to achieve.

Have a picture of what you want to achieve.

It’s the best practice to align your Instagram goals with your overall business or marketing strategy.

This will help you target the right followers that will also compliment your business goals.

3) Create and Optimize Your Profile

Create a compelling profile and make it look good.

Your profile should tell your potential followers who you are and what your account is all about.

Here’s how to go about it:

Firstly, choose a username that users can easily recognize and search for.

You could use your business name as your username.

And if another user has already used your username, it’s the best practice to keep your business name as the first part of your username.

This will make it easy for people to discover your account when they search for your business.

Next, choose a profile picture that’s unique to your business.

You can either use a company logo or a stock photo.

Then, write a bio that contains actionable, delightful and detailed information about you or your brand.

Your bio is the first thing that people see when they come to your profile.

So you need to let people know who you are and what you post on Instagram.

Make it fun, memorable, and snappy.

Your bio should also give users a reason to follow you.

In fact, research has shown that it takes about two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form a first impression of your account.

So make sure that the first impression is a good one.

If you have a website, add the link to your bio.

It will make it easy for people to go your website directly from Instagram if they want to.

This will increase your brand awareness and also give people more insight into your business.

4) Post High-Quality Pictures

And I know that this is probably not a very popular tip because it sounds so obvious.


But Instagram is such a visual platform that if your photos aren’t beautiful, you’re probably never going to succeed.

When you post high-quality photos, it will attract more people to your profile.

On the other hand, a blurry image will make your account look unprofessional and unappealing.

And nobody is going to follow you if your Instagram account looks unappealing.

You really don’t need a DSLR camera( even though this will help) to succeed on Instagram.

You just need a smartphone that has a good camera and a little bit of knowledge about editing.

5) Stay on Topic

This is where choosing your focal point comes into play.

I know this can be difficult for a lot of people because as humans, we are very multifaceted.

We have many different varying interests.

But on Instagram, you really need to narrow down to at most 2 interests that you’ll be covering your account.

And if you have one that’s incompatible with those two, just create a different account for it.

Honestly, I know it may feel very limiting but it’s definitely worth it.

Because if you suddenly start posting photos of hoverboards when you’ve been sharing photos of your food and cutlery, people are going to be really confused.

And they might unfollow you.

So, it’s not just worth doing.

6) Geotag Your Images

Geotagging your images on Instagram is a very effective way to generate traffic to your profile.

Studies have shown that Instagram posts that have locations included achieves 79% more achievement.

Other users will be able to find your profile and even discover your older content when they search by location.

7) Engage and Socialize

Since Instagram is a social media platform, you need to engage a little bit with other users in your niche.

Be social.

This is as important gaining followers.

If you see another photo in an account that you really like, take a second and comment your thoughts.

Instagram highlights certain comments on a photo underneath that photo.

This is another feature of the Instagram algorithm.

So if you comment on a post that’s having hundreds of thousands of likes and your comment appears underneath that photo, that’s free promotion right away.

When your username and comments pop up on a popular post, it’ll lead to more engagement with your account and more followers.

So next time you see a post that is amazing, post a comment.

8) Be Active on Your Account and Keep a Constant Schedule

It’s the best practice to post once or twice a day.

Three times should be the cutoff.

However, if you post more than once a day( which most people do), make sure you space out those posts.

Don’t post content right after each other.

If you post too often, you may annoy your followers and appear as a spammer.

Trust me, this is not good for Instagram presence because you can lose some of your followers

You should also post content at similar times every day.

This will let your followers know what to expect and when to expect your photos so that they can go to your account.

Your followers want to see content from you so meet their expectations by posting on a consistent basis.

9) Create Engaging Captions

Make sure you write a caption that will encourage your followers to engage with your post.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in your captions.

Even if you’re a new Instagram user and you’re worried about not getting any response, just do it.

You can even make your caption more engaging by including a call to action.

For example, you might say, “ share this video with a friend if you find it helpful”

Or you can say “double-tap if you find this helpful”.

Don’t be afraid to make your captions longer or shorter than usual.

There are no stats really about how caption length impacts your engagement levels.

Just don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit.

10) Use the Right Hashtags

Don’t just post a photo on Instagram and call it a day.

Hashtags are probably the best secrets on Instagram right now.

Instagram has a specific page for each individual hashtag with a story for that hashtag.

This means that hashtags will expose your content to a large number of your target audience.

Thereby giving you a chance to increase engagement, get more likes and followers.

How to Add Hashtags to Your Post:

1.Go to “post my photos” on Instagram

2. upload a photo or video

3 .put in your caption and type # followed by text in the caption field.

Here are some examples:

  • #foodie
  • #foodporn
  • #food

As you start typing a hashtag, you’ll see the hashtag suggestions with the number of posts that other users have uploaded using that hashtag.

That’s how competitive that hashtag is.

It’s the best practice to use hashtags that are less competitive so that your posts can get into the top post section of Instagram.

This is where a little bit of research comes in.

But trust me, the time you’ll spend doing this is going to be really worth it.

Because hashtags are one is the best ways right now to grow on Instagram.

Even though you can use up to 30 tags in a single post, it’s the best practice to let your post determine the number of tags to use.

4. After you’ve chosen your hashtags, tap OK and then select SHARE.

11) Get Featured on a Feature Account

A feature or a compilation account is exactly what it sounds like.

It combines a bunch of different Instagram users photos that fit into a particular niche or category.

It features them on a page.

Now, do not go and just beg for a feature.

That is one sure fire way not to get featured on a feature page.

But you can go to their Bio or recent posts to see what the rules are before you submit your content to be considered.

There are thousands of different feature pages that have over 100,000 followers on that page.

If you get featured on that page, you get instant access to thousands of potential Instagram followers.

12) Don’t Try to Cheat the System

If you buy followers, likes, or if you play the whole “follow-to-unfollow” game, it will bite you in the butt.

Now let’s go back to the Instagram algorithm for a second.

Let’s say you bought 25,000 followers then you go on and post your best photo but you get only 125 likes.

What do you think that says to the Instagram’s algorithm?

That obviously tells the Instagram algorithm that your photo sucks.

This is because the photo has very little engagement, no comments, and no shares.

The algorithm is not going to push that content anywhere else on Instagram.


100 active followers that are interested in your content is are ten times better than a thousand inactive followers that are nothing more than just numbers.

You want the active followers, not the inactive followers.

Instagram is really cracking down shady activities right now.

So if you get caught in that web, Instagram might delete or deactivate your account.