Google Webmasters or Google Search Console was created for webmasters or website owners to list their websites there, to see how many clicks, through what keywords, their websites receive from Google. It is the best way to track the Google’s organic traffic that comes from Google’s organic search results.

Google Search Console does a lot of other things for webmasters. For example, it tells you how many valid URLs your website has; what errors your website’s pages return; whether your website and its web pages are mobile friendly or not; and so many other things that enable you to improve your website every day to perform better.

However, here in this article, I won’t describe how Google Search Console works. I’d like to tell you how one of our websites has preformed since 2012 according to Google Search Console. I have already published a video on this and have showed you the complete report of our website performance. Please watch the video and please like it 🙂

As you can see in the video, our website has received 557,000 organic (free) clicks from Google, for the last 16 months. They are free because they come from Google’s organic search result pages. On Google Search Console, Google only reports organic clicks. Also, Google Search Console only covers the last 16 months. However, the website that I am talking about has been online since 2012, while it has receives a lot more clicks in some months or years, compared to what it has received in the past 16 months that I am showing in our video and here in this article.

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Your web pages’ rankings go higher and lower from time to time. They are not constant. Therefore, your site and its web pages may receive higher or lower number of clicks from Google. However, as Google Search Console only shows the last 16 months, I am going to use this information for the past years too, although I am sure there were years that our website has received a lot more than this. But even if I ignore that extra traffic that our website has received in some years in the past, and I just assume that it has received the same amount of clicks in average, the value of the organic clicks our website has received from Google in this 8 years will be at least $7,000,000:

557,000 / 16 = 34,812 clicks per month, in average

34,812 x 96 = 3,341,952 clicks in 8 years

So, I assume that our website has received 3,341,952 clicks from Google, in average, during the past 8 years, while I repeat again that it has received a lot more, in reality.

Now, how much would we have to pay, if we wanted to receive this traffic through Google pay per click advertising system???

The answer of this question reflects the monetary value of this 3,341,952 organic clicks that our website has received from Google for free.

You have to pay different prices for different keywords, when you advertise on Google Ads which is the Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising service. Some of the keywords are so expensive because they are too competitive. The website that I am talking about here in this article, is focused on competitive topics, and so the clicks it receives are so expensive, if we wanted to receive them through Google Ads.

The average value that I’d like to consider for each of the 3,341,952 clicks that this website has received from Google in the past 8 years, is $2, but I wouldn’t be wrong if I considered it $3 or even $4 because some of the keywords of this website are really competitive and expensive.

Therefore, the average value of the clicks that this site has received in this 8 years is something around $6,683,904 to $10,025,856.

It is amazing, isn’t it?

There is another fact that you must consider: Organic clicks are a lot more quality, compared to paid clicks. They convert into leads and customers with a much higher rate, compared to paid clicks.

This means that the real quality and value of the clicks that our website has received is a lot more than the paid clicks it could receive, if we had used Google Pay-Per-Click advertising.

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