“Growth” Is the 4th Law of Karma

Most people think that Karma is all about doing good/bad things to others. No, it is not. It is all about YOU. It is about the things you do to/for yourself. The secret is, what you do to/for yourself also impacts others. Therefore, Karma is not about doing something bad to someone, or to a living-thing or environment, and then expecting something bad to return to you later. But, when you do bad things to others, you have already done bad things to yourself. The bad things you do against others are the results of the bad things you have already done to yourself, probably a long time ago…

It is the same about doing good things for others. When you do good things to others, it means you have already done lots of good things for yourself, and doing good things for others is the result of the good things you have done for yourself.

So, forget about others, and focus on yourself. Then, you will see that others get lots of good things from you too, and they will love you more every day.

That’s the heart of Karma. “Growth” is the fourth law of Karma, that is also about you, not others. But, it will benefit everyone, first you, and then others.

“The Law of Growth” says, you should get better every day, and if you do so, your life becomes better every day. To do this, first you must realize that you can become better than your yesterday, every day, and here is where you need the third law of Karma too, that we talked about yesterday: Humility! The Third Law of Karma

These are all very easy to do. You just become a little bit better than your yesterday. That’s all. It will make your life better and better every day, and it will make you a better person for everyone, every day.

Life has to be like an uptrend. You must be a little higher than your yesterday. If you fail to do so, you will fall down. If you are the same every day, then you are going down but you haven’t noticed it yet. Why?

There is another law that is called entropy: disorder, randomness, and uncertainty increase every moment…

Any organized system goes to disorder, randomness, and uncertainty and becomes destroyed over time, unless you keep it organized by spending extra energy on it.

When you are the same every day, it means you are not spending any extra energy on your life to keep it good and in shape. As a result, it will collapse eventually.

Everything is like that. For example in business, if you are not having new customers and you are not making more profit every month, you are called a struggling business, even if the profit you make is still reasonably high. It will go down and the business will collapse if you don’t make it better and better every day and every month.

So, let’s keep growing every moment and become better and better in everything every day.

Learn about the first three laws of Karma too:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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