The first and most important thing I am going to tell you at the beginning of this article is that it doesn’t matter what techniques and resources and methods your are following in your business and life. They don’t help you do anything and take even one step, when you have no proper mindset and you are not serious and enthusiastic enough about what you are going to achieve in your life.

However, when you have the proper mindset and enough enthusiasm to change your life, you will change your life finally, no matter if you don’t have the knowledge, money, experience, resources and techniques that it needs, because you will find all of them along the way. When you are serious and enthusiastic and you take actions, you will find the way finally. You will make a lot of mistakes, but you will find the right way eventually.

Move Toward Your GoalSo, having the right mindset is the most important thing you have to have. It is the first thing you should build. The good news is that it doesn’t cost you any money to have the proper mindset. But the bad news is if you don’t do it as soon as possible, it is gonna cost you a lot. Believe it or not, but being where you currently are and taking no steps toward having a better life, is costing you a lot and you will have to pay for it in future and in different occasions.

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Having no or an average effort doesn’t work. It doesn’t take you anywhere. You have to take big and strong steps, or at least a few small steps toward your goal every day. You have to do this consistently until you reach your goal.

How does having different mindsets make a different life for you?

As an example, let’s compare two different mindsets about money and work:

  1. Employee mindset
  2. Entrepreneurs and wealthy mindset

The mindset of an employee is very different from a business owner, and this is what makes an employee remain an employee for the rest of his life. He will become regretful one day that why he never tried to do something different that probably could change his life and could help him have a better life. But it can be too late…

What we have as our mindset, is strongly related to the way we have raised and grown up. This is how most people raised:

Most people go to school. They have to get really good grades and should never make any mistakes because they will get penalized if they make a mistake in a test or assignment and that is too bad. So they shouldn’t make any mistakes, and they should get good grades and then go to university.

Going to university is the utmost dream that most high school students have. It is their parents utmost dream too. They love their kids to be really good in the school and then become qualified to go to a good university. What next?

They have to get a job in a big and safe corporation and start getting paid. That is the end of the story for most people.

What is wrong with it?

Its most important problem is that people spend a few decades of their lives to learn how terrible it is to make a mistake, and making a mistake is the last thing they may want to do. They also learn that the only way of making a living is through working for others. Someone or a company who is extremely rich, has to be at the top and the others have to work for them to get paid and make a living.

This is how most people’s mindset is strictly formed.

They train people to become an employee who has no option to make a living but working for the rich. They make people not to think about becoming an entrepreneur and having their own business because the mindset of those who work as teachers and instructors in the schools and universities is set like that. They teach their students what they have been taught.

But we have come to this world to try and make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. In most cases our mistakes are the only teachers we have because there are a lot of things that we have to learn through trial and error and there is nobody who teaches us what to do. So it is not a crime to make a mistake. Your mistakes are your best teachers.

Also, working for the others isn’t the only way of making a living. We can run our own business and have some other people working for us. There is nothing wrong with it. Indeed that is almost the only way that one can choose to have a higher than average life.

FearHowever, there is something in most people’s minds that doesn’t allow them to try something new and to think about having their own business: FEAR

Fear of making mistakes, fear of being faced with unknown problems, fear of taking risks and challenges, fear of being blamed and criticized by others, fear of failure, fear of leaving the comfort zone and being faced with new and unexpected things, fear of…


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

We humans aren’t like what most people think and behave. We are explorers and risk takers. Only those who have been brave enough to take risks, have been able to change the humans’ life throughout the history. Those who are used to be at the safe side always, and those who are afraid of taking risks, come to this world, live and die without having any impact. Many of them don’t even know how to live a better life, or at least better than their parents.

These are all because of the wrong educational systems. They ruin the powers that we naturally have, and substitute them with fear and conservatism.

Get a JobThey also teach people that if they want to make more money, they either have to work longer hours, or get a better job with a higher payment. To do that, sometimes they have to get back to college or university, get another degree to become able to get a better job. It means the only way to get paid more is to trade more time and life away, as if time and life are the only things they can spend to get paid. That is what I call trading life for money.

I am not against education.  I am against the wrong beliefs people get when they go to school, college or university.

I am sure you agree that this is not a good way to live. It is a way of living, but it is not a good way. There are some other ways that you can try.

Aren’t those big companies that people work for them, established by humans also? Aren’t they some people like you? Why can they have such big companies, but you can’t? Why do the others have to work for them?

I am not saying that everybody has to establish a big company. That is impossible. But it is possible to work less and make more money to enjoy your life more. That is everybody’s right. Instead of working hard, you can work smart. You don’t have to be genius to do that.

We have to learn to free our minds of the limiting beliefs we may have...

Now, just make a quick self-analysis to see whether you have an employee or an entrepreneurs and wealthy mindset.

Do you like to work for the rich, trade your time for money and have an average or below the average life, just because it looks easier and less challenging?

Or, you like to have your own business, make more money and be financially free, and have a lot more free time to enjoy your life?

Most people prefer to be in the first group, because it is less challenging. A very low percentage of people, less than 3%, prefer to be in the second group.

The first group is afraid of taking risks. It goes back to the way they are grown up as it was explained above. The second group prefers to take some risks, makes some mistakes and have some challenges, but then have a better and much joyful life.

Be Afraid Not to TryIndeed, the first group who are afraid of taking risks and having challenges, are the ones who are taking the biggest risks and their lives are more challenging because they have to be faced with financial problems and lacks the whole life. Whatever they want to do, be it buying a house or apartments, a good or at least a better car, going to vacations and…, they are faced with a constant problem: they cannot afford it.

They cannot afford to spend more time with their family, because they have to work long hours. They cannot afford to buy a house or apartment, or move to a better and bigger place. They cannot afford to buy a better car. They cannot afford to…

Now you tell me please… who has a more challenging life? Those who are afraid of challenges and risks or those who take risks and actions and change their lives?

Those who are at the left side of the Robert Kiyosaki’s quadrant, are the members of the first group who own only 10% of the wealth. But those who are at the right side, are the members of the second group who own 90% of the wealth although they are minority and consist of less than 10% of people.

Moving from the left side (employee mindset) to the right side can be done only by changing your mindset. Your mindset determines what side you have to be on:

Robert Kiyosaki's Quadrant

Instead of trading hours for money, you can create or leverage the systems that make money for you. If so, you will receive profits, instead of earning wages. According to Jon Rohn,

“Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living. Profits make you a fortune.”

It is time to be honest with yourself and see to what group you belong. If your mindset is like the first group, then you can change it and think like the second group. If your mindset is like the second group, but you are not rich yet, then don’t worry. Your mindset will take you where you deserve to be, no matter you are poor or rich now:

1) Poor and middle class people believe the life is happened to them and they are victimized, whereas the rich believe it is them who create their lives. They accept full responsibility and don’t blame the others or the conditions.

The money you have in your bank account now, is the result of your creation. It is not because you have not been lucky enough to win the lottery. None of the rich have been lucky enough to win the lottery to get rich. Those who were lucky enough to win the lottery, got bad luck later and lost all the money they won. But, the rich get richer, because of their own actions, not because of their luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get.

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do today.”

2) Poor and middle class are always careful not to lose any money. They always think about loss. But the rich always think about winning more money. They always risk some money to win more money. While they are careful not to risk too much, they are brave enough to take some reasonable risks from time to time to make more money.

The rich dream to get rich and work toward it. The poor only dream and do nothing.

3) Poor and middle class want to be rich and they always dream about it. But the rich are always committed to be rich. It means poor and middle are just happy with dreaming, but the rich not only dream to be rich and to get richer, but also they take actions toward it.

Average people always love to be rich. They even talk about it more than others. But they never take any actions. They wait for something unusual that happens and makes them rich. They don’t follow the story of those who started from scratch and got rich. They always follow the story of those who inherited a lot of money or won the lottery and became millionaire overnight.

These are not going to happen in anybodies life. But anybody can get rich if he wants to and and if he takes proper action toward it. It takes time and energy, but it is worth trying and working hard.

Planning to make the big dreams come true versus planning for the small dreams...

4) Poor and middle class think small. They think about the limitations and they don’t dare to think about the big goals because they believe they don’t deserve to be big and rich. But the rich have big dreams. The sky is the limit for them. They don’t care about the limitations and they believe they deserve to reach and have everything.

While getting a job in a company is the biggest dream of an average person, becoming the richest man in the world is the rich people’s dream. I know that many of them won’t become the richest man finally, but they will become multi-millionaires or billionaires at least, which is much better than being poor.

The rich focus on opportunities. The poor focus on obstacles.

5) Poor and middle class focus on obstacles:

  • Everything is getting more expensive every day.
  • It is getting harder to get a good job.
  • It is getting harder to enter the college.
  • It seems impossible for me to increase my income.
  • I will never be able to renew my house.
  • I cannot afford to send my children to the university.
  • I don’t have the time and money to start a business.

The rich and financially free people always focus on opportunities. They look at the problems as opportunities. They never say I cannot afford something. They say, “how can I afford it?”

They say it doesn’t matter the expenses are going up. I will increase my company income at whatever it takes, not only to overcome the inflation, but also to have more profit, offer more products and services and have more customers.

6) Poor and middle class resent rich and successful people. They criticize the rich all the time and call them greedy, scam and things like that. They like to be as rich as them, but as they never do anything toward it, they just satisfy themselves by resenting the rich.

The rich always follow the other rich people’s success story and try to copy their success.

Successful people deal with positive and successful people. Losers deal with losers.

7) Poor and middle class associate with negative and unsuccessful people.

Most probably, there are some people around you who will criticize you and will suck your energy all the time, specially when they find out that you are going to think differently and take some big steps in your life that those people have never wanted to take. Just ignore and don’t listen to them. If you make some mistakes and fail at the beginning, they will all laugh at you, but you shouldn’t listen to them at all. You have to get up again and start from scratch with trying some others ways that will probably result to success.

This is how it works. Avoid negative people. You don’t have to share your dreams and goals with them to make them attack you. Keep your dreams for yourself. Take actions and keep working.

Whether you like it or not, but if you like to shift to the rich and financially free mindset, the first you have to do is avoiding the poor and middle class people who suck your energy and make you think like them. You can help the poor when you become rich, but you don’t have to follow their mindset that makes and keeps you poor as well. You are the average of the people you spend most of your time with. If you are always dealing with poor and middle class people, most probably you are like them and you have financial problems as well.

8) Poor and middle class resent selling and promoting. They can’t sell and promote and they hate those who sell and promote.

Conversely, the rich and financially free people like to sell and promote themselves. They enjoy it.

9) Just a small problem bends the poor and middle class people. But the rich always look at the problems as opportunities to learn something new and find some new ways of having a better life.

10) Poor and middle class don’t like to get rewarded and compensated because they think they don’t deserve, but rewards are always welcome by the rich.

11) Poor and middle class trade time for money. They earn wages. Therefore, when they want to make more money, they have no options but giving more time away, because time is the only thing they have to give to get paid. They work hard to earn money.

The rich work for profit. They don’t have to work more to make more profit, because the system they have already built and implemented, increases the productivity and makes more profit all the time. They have their money work hard for them.

Are you learning something new every day, or you think you have already learned anything you had to know?

12) Poor and middle class think they have already learned whatever they needed to learn, whereas the rich are constantly learning, researching and implementing new things.

13) Poor and middle class mainly spend their money to buy the thing that make no money for them. They waste the money they make. But, the rich spend their money to buy assets that make more and more money for them as the time goes by.

14) Poor and middle class are always stuck behind their fear. They do nothing because they are always afraid of something. But the rich are brave enough to take actions in spite of their fear. It means they also have fear, but they act against it.

Now, it is time to take some actions and join the rich. You don’t want to be an average person forever, do you? If no, you have to take actions right now, not even tomorrow.

Don’t wait for the ideal situation. The ideal situation that most people are waiting for, will never come, because there is always something missing. Those who take actions while there are a lot of problems and while the situation isn’t ideal, are those who will become successful and leave the poor and middle class group forever.

“If you want what the top 1% of the wealthiest people have, then you’ve got to be willing to do what the other 99% of people won’t do.”