Health savings account investing can often be the best way to get tax advantage with health cover.

It allows you to use the same instrument to cover your medical expenses as well as generate savings.

But proper HSA investing is all about choosing the right schemes.

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But the fact is that not each one of these can help you generate appropriate returns.

Not every health savings is created to service your requirements.

The market is full of various investment options.

Some will suit you while others may appeal better.

Most importantly, you have to look at how to address your individual requirements best.

Moreover, the right type of HAS investing will also enhance your retirement savings to a large extent.

It will help you create the right balance between positive and negative return ratio.

Health Savings AccountThe best investing schemes are the ones that offer you the maximum advantage with minimum expenses.

It includes almost everything from fees, access to creating meaningful returns.

The tenure and reliability are also key considerations.

It goes on to impact the overall return prospect in a significant manner.

The good news is you have several new HAS investing offerings with the appropriate balance.

These Health savings account investing options will not just enhance your medical savings but net returns too.

But often the whole task of short listing the requisite ones can be an ordeal.

We decided to make the task a lot simpler for Health savings account investing.

We have shortlisted some of the most popular HSA schemes.

They are not just the cheapest options but also ones with most consistent returns.

This makes them rather steady winners over a given point of time.

But before that, you must understand how to rate the available HSA investment options.

What to Look for in Health Savings Account Investing

Deciding on an appropriate Health savings account is somewhat tricky.

Increasingly, you find a higher number of schemes that are geared towards better investment returns.

So choosing for these is now similar to deciding on your IRA or 401(k).

It is essentially looking for a long-term investment with reasonable return ratio.

You have to create a strategy to harness maximum advantage.

Be it monthly medical expenses or the investment returns, your scheme has to address both.

Many times, investors are stuck between choosing an individual plan or opting for the popular office option.

The good news here is you are not duty bound to choose what your employer offers.

If required, you can also choose a scheme that is not part of your employer’s offer.

Basically, you have to choose a scheme that best addresses your needs.

Even when you opt for a separate HSA scheme, your employer may continue to deposit pre-tax money into your HSA.

You can also choose to opt out of the employer-employee collaboration and look for a tax write-off at the end of the year.

That is also a unique way to enhance savings and cut down taxes.

You must focus on Health savings account investing with better return prospects.

So, in many ways, it is similar to choosing an IRA scheme.

Also, the price of the investment option that you choose holds a lot of importance.

HSAs, on an average, have a different kind of fee structure.

Look for the ones that help you optimize your returns the most.

Also, analyze the historic performance of the scheme that you are investing in.

Though historic performance is not the most accurate indicator of future, it gives you an idea.

Moreover, it highlights the degree of consistency.

– Health Equity

This is one of the best known and most popular options for health savings account investing.

From the quality of investment to the ease of access, there are many positives about this plan.

It has one of the most favorable interest rates in the current scenario.

This is an important consideration for keeping your investment objective on track.

The kind of savings that you generate is closely linked to the rate of interest that you get.

This is the principal rule for all investment opportunity.

Always go for options that promise the best interest rate.

That means it gives a better value to your savings and helps you optimize the relative value.

This also enhances the overall scope of return if you are investing in this option.

The investment options include a wide array of 23 mutual funds and it is a FDIC insured opportunity.

There are over 3.4 million users, and that surely speaks a lot about its consistency.

When so many people are investing in the same policy, it is surely doing a few things right.

The fee structure is also conditioned towards maximizing user interest.

  • The monthly fees is about $3.95
  • The closing fee is approximately $25
  • The investment fee is $0.33 per $1000 invested.
  • For self-directed investments there is no service fee
  • For web-based assisted investments, the service fee is roughly 0.08%

But for all of these, investors are not under any obligation to maintain any specific account balance.

The minimum account balance required is an absolute zero.

The ease of access is another key advantage of this HSA investing scheme.

It has a debit card and checking account facility.

Most importantly users also have online banking facilities.

That means they can access these health savings account from just about anywhere and anytime.

– Further Health Savings Account

This is one of the most versatile health savings accounts for users.

This has a constructive mix of spending and investment needs.

It offers flexible and well-rounded health financing and savings options to its users.

Most importantly whether you are looking for a savings based HSA investing scheme of spending-oriented, this helps.

It is one of the unique solutions that fit all requirements.

This particular investing opportunity offers triple savings option.

Moreover, the premiums are much lower than any other existing opportunities.

This makes these a viable savings option that maximizes the returns.

The benefits package is also significantly enhanced in this case.

This means that it is able to attract relatively more users to avail the benefits.

Even for employers, it works out to be an attractive means to retain employees.

After all, everyone is looking for options to realize maximum output.

In terms of the payment involved, it works out to be a cheaper option for employers too.

When more employees start HSA investing, this also increases their overall savings and tax liability.

The disbursement and average administrative services are also much better.

User convenience is the keyword in most of their function.

That is what ensures that their processes are way more simplified.

This means both in terms of accessibility and usage, they have an upper hand.

This is the crucial factor helping their overall performance record.

Most importantly, they have a range of savings options.

You can choose to opt for accounts with higher maintenance fees; these will also guarantee better interest rates.

Also, you can easily transfer an existing savings account to an investment one.

The charges for this transition are very minimal.

But it makes sure that users can optimize the value of an investment.

– Optum Bank

This is another popular health savings account investing destination.

With a total user base of close to 3 million users, they also represent quality investment at a reasonable rate.

The rate of interest is decidedly one of the most important deciding factors.

It gives you up to 0.40%rate based on a balanced tier system.

The investment options are spread out over 31 options.

The threshold for investment is about $2000.

It ensures that the medical expenses do not drastically jeopardize your savings.

This is a type of Health savings account that helps you maintain the crucial balance between spending and profitability.

Yet again, this is a zero minimum balance savings account.

This ensures that you do not have to be under any obligation to maintain the minimum balance.

User convenience continues to be a buzzword in our choice of opportunities.

This too has basic facilities like checking account, debit cards and online banking facilities.

This, no doubt, improves account accessibility too.

It creates meaningful opportunity to access and deal with the savings in a convenient way.

That means users do not have to stretch their limits or means for accessing this health savings account.

That is a big positive for many who opt for this facility.

The fee structure is extremely favorable.

The monthly fee is waived off if you have a balance exceeding $3000.

For other investors with lower minimum balance, the monthly fee is around $2.75.

The investment fee is about 0.03% on a monthly basis.

But the maximum amount of investment fee does not exceed $10.

The reason why these numbers are crucial is that it shows how much of your savings are eroded.

When the monthly fee or the investment fee is higher, it reduces the total yearly savings.

– HSA Bank

You may choose this health savings account investment option for the relatively higher interest rate.

Investors in select cases can get as much as 0.50% on a balanced tier basis.

With no basic investment threshold and no minimum balance account, this offers a brilliant option.

It helps investors maximize savings without any additional burden.

This is what makes it one of the best available value buys in the market.

The total user base of this scheme exceeds 2 million and this is a FDIC insured option.

The investment options in this scheme are the biggest game changer.

Apart from mutual fund options, there are many other alternatives too.

It also allows investment in stocks and bonds via TD Ameritrade.

It also enables a self-directed mutual fund program.

That means this offers better option to realize the value of an investment.

The fact that they can invest across a cross-section of investment destination maximizes the profit potential.

In many ways, that also adds to the overall appeal of this investment opportunity.

The investment threshold for this is close to $5000.

This one too has all the basic convenience facilities like online banking, debit card option and checking facilities.

The fee structure is dependent on the extent of your savings here.

They have $2.50/month and $3/month investment plans.

It varies with the extent of money you have in your account.

If the checking balance is over $5000 a month, these fees will not be levied.

The investment fees have a tiered structure in terms of how much payment is required.

For equity, it is $6.95/trade and the self-directed MF program fee is $24 for a year.

The closing fee for this type of health savings account is $25.

But user reviews for this HSA investment has been very unfavorable.

– UMB Healthcare Services

This is another health savings account investment with 0.50% interest rate.

With features like 0 minimum balance, checking account facilities and debit card, it charts high on the popularity list.

The online banking facility adds to investor convenience as well as creates a potential for enhanced savings.

It also improves the overall accessibility of the HSA investment destination.

When you are choosing from a range of options, all these minor factors play a crucial role.

It goes on to determine, why you may choose one option over another.

The accessibility also enhances the ease of saving greater amount.

However, the investment option, in this case, is limited to mutual funds only.

But here the investors are spoilt for choices with investments ranging across 33 mutual funds.

This is also an FDIC insured account with the investment threshold around $1000.

This has a user base exceeding 1.25 million people.

That is an important consideration when you are trying to determine the consistency of a product.

You must understand that when people are consistently choosing the same instrument they are getting a distinctive amount of value from it.

After all, anybody who opts for an investment based health savings account is looking for definitive value.

The monthly fee is around $2.50, but it is waived off if you maintain a checking balance exceeding $3000.

The investment fee is relatively higher compared to some of its peers at $3 a month.

The account closing fee is much lower though at $15.

So overall, this is a mixed bag with some positives and some negatives.

The average rate of return is at par with most of the health savings account in this category.

This is what makes sure that there is a steady inflow of interested customers for this.

Opting for Multiple Health Savings Account Investing Alternatives

However what if none of the health savings account investments you look at don’t service your requirements completely?

There is something good in one and something in another.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could combine the benefits of one with another?

Or, what if you managed to offset the problems of one with another?

This is exactly where you may want to invest in multiple health savings account in one go.

You can even divide your total contribution between an investing account and a spending account.

This will help you maximize the overall returns.

Let’s say that your annual health expenses for the entire family are close to $2000.

But as a family, you have decided to contribute around $6000.

So you can put the $2000 in a spending health savings account and invest the rest.

But you have to make sure that the total investment does not exceed the annual limit.

You can save on the transaction fees considerably through this.

Also, it keeps the money you need on an urgent basis handy.

That means you can take advantage of higher savings rate and at the same time cut down transaction cost.

This goes on to amplify your savings potential and cut down incremental cost.

The bottom line, therefore, is better value for money.


Therefore, we can conclude that deciding on the right investment opportunity can enhance savings.

Often people ignore the potential of the health savings account investment.

The idea is to look at them just like a regular retirement account.

That will make sure to keep a steadfast focus on HSA investment.

After all, it is never just about meeting your health-related expenses.

It is also an important vehicle to save taxes and enhance savings.

You can always look to maximize your dollar value by choosing appropriate HSA investments.

Moreover, your spending power also increases with proper health savings account investment.