Heaven Is Here: You Are in the Right Place at the Right Time

Please note that this article is NOT against any religion and belief. Whatever religions and beliefs people have, I always respect them as long as they respect other humans and me, even if I don’t agree with what their religions or beliefs say. So, please don’t take this post personally. It is merely something to help all of us to enjoy our lives more.

My other humble request from you is, please forget about what religions and beliefs say, just for a few minutes, and then think about what I will tell you below. I am sure you will agree with what you will read here. Thank you!🙂❤️🌺🌹

As far as I know, almost all religions say that there is a better place than here, that if we live the way they say, we will go there after we die. To achieve that goal, many people force themselves and also others to do many things that they don’t like and enjoy. For example, they fast for several hours a day, and several days in a row. Or while they have been working so hard and they need a nice and long sleep to recover, they get up early in the morning to do some special actions and prayers. They hate it but they do it just because they are told they must do it. And so many other things like that…

They do all of these because they “believe” that if they do it, they will go to a much better place (aka heaven) after they die. Many of them also do these for the fear of hell. They do it not to go to hell because they also believe that if they don’t do what their religions and beliefs say, not only they won’t go to heaven, but they will go to hell, which is a really bad place to live.

There’s nothing against all these beliefs and thoughts, as long as they don’t hurt anyone and don’t offend others (although they hurt those who do it). If some people think that fasting will take them to heaven after they die, then let them do it. It doesn’t hurt anyone if they do it, as long as they don’t force others to do it too. However, there are a few things that we’d better consider too:

The first thing is, these are all beliefs. You can just believe in them. But, you are not sure. They can be right or wrong. Nobody has ever proven them. We only hear or read them. But, nobody has ever proven any part of it to us. Again, I am not saying anything against these beliefs. Maybe I also believe in them too, more than many others. However, we all say that these are “beliefs”, don’t we? And, “belief” is just something that we believe in. We are not sure. It can be right or wrong. Neither us nor anyone else has ever been able to prove that they are true.

The other thing is, in order to go to that better place, first we have to die, don’t we? But, the problem is, we are still alive 😀

Whatever we believe, right or wrong, good or bad, there is something that we cannot deny: We are currently alive and are living on a planet that is very beautiful. Unlike our beliefs that we always wish someone to come and prove them to us, we don’t need anyone to prove that we are currently alive and the earth is a beautiful place to live. Am I right?

Then, instead of focusing on a better place that nobody knows whether it really exists, why shouldn’t we focus on a place that we do know that it exists and and we are living there??? Why shouldn’t we make this place a much better and more pleasant place for everyone to live???

Even if there is such a better place after death, only those who have loved others and have done their best to help them to have better lives here, will go there, because, even if religions are wrong, the law of conservation of energy that says energy doesn’t die, is right, true and proven. It means, whatever energy you currently have, either hate or love, you will have it later too. A better place is for those who want the best for others here, not for those who hate others who have a different belief or think differently. I am 100% sure that even if there is an after-death better place, it doesn’t belong to the believers who hate and insult the believers of other beliefs.

According to Jagadish Vasudev, also known as Sadhguru, who is a Yogi (someone who does and teaches Yoga) and an educational and spiritual activist, it is the greatest crime against humanity that we tell people there is a better place than this… because this is not allowing human-beings to live their lives to the full depth and dimension here on the earth… because they think their real life is elsewhere. Do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven and you are making a mess out of it?

Watch this one minute clip:

Real life is here and now. After we die, if we experience any life, we will focus on it. But for now, we’d better focus on the reality we are currently dealing with. Let’s enjoy our lives by making other people’s lives more joyful. Let’s give them love and prosperity… freedom and happiness…

Even if there is life after death, we will be happy there too, if we live happy here by making others happy. Do you agree?

Didn’t I tell you that you will agree with me, if you read this article to the end, no matter whether you believe in that better place or not? 😀

So, let’s focus on our job which is to make the world a better place for everyone to live. Probably we cannot prosper all humans around the world. But, we can have a community of prosperous people. Let’s do it.

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