How Do Digital or Internet Marketing Moguls Succeed? Can You Do the Same?

“Make Money Online” is one the most popular key phrases people use to google for online business opportunities. This key phrase covers a wide spectrum, from affiliate programs to MLM or Pyramid schemes. From selling on sites like Amazon, to YouTubing, blogging, etc. Many of them are different kinds of affiliate programs indeed, and they have a more general term that is digital or Internet marketing.

I am sure you have heard that there are so many who are making millions through this. It is true. They are really doing it. However, the question is, how have they reached this level and what do they do to make millions?

Like in any other business, most people only waste time and money on these. There are zillions of expensive training courses that some of them give invaluable information, but none of them enable you to start making money. They can be the start of a long journey that needs a lot more time, in order to generate any results.

Before I answer the question, how do the digital marketing moguls succeed, please let me give an example about one of the training courses that caused people to lose a lot. Several years ago, someone sent me an ad about a digital marketing seminar and asked me to go there with him because I knew about this sector and I could help him to understand it better. We went there. It was about selling products on Amazon. The seminar was a free introduction for a $900 course. Although I already knew how to sell things on Amazon, a lot better than the instructor, I agreed to go to the course with that person because a guest could also accompany the main applicant.

It was a three days course that talked about selling on Amazon in general; how to find and evaluate products and then sell them on Amazon, etc. I did know that such a method didn’t work at all because when you have to buy the things you sell on Amazon, you won’t make any profit, as you have to pay lots of fees while there are so many others who are selling the same things on Amazon, cheaper than you. You can make a fortune on Amazon if you sell your own product (you are the sole supplier) while your product is good, quality, strong and demanding (lots of people really need it and pay for it), and while there is zero or very low competition. You must be the supplier of such a product and be able to mass produce it with a low price, otherwise you won’t make any profit on Amazon because you must pay lots of fees.


That $900 course was just to promote another $20,000 course. Some people signed up for it. Later, I heard that they lost up to $40,000 on Amazon, in the first year. The course was good, but there was a secret that it never disclosed: You must be the main supplier otherwise you will lose.

Didn’t the instructors know this?

They did, but they didn’t talk about it because they knew that if they said, you have to be the main supplier and sell your own product on Amazon, everyone would leave the seminar and no one would sign up for the $900 and then $20,000 course. Even one in a million cannot produce a kind of product that I described above.

Now the question:

How Do Digital or Internet Marketing Moguls Succeed?

As I mentioned above, there are different sectors in digital marketing. I already explained about one of them that is selling on Amazon. I also mentioned that you can make a fortune with it, but under some very special conditions.

It is the same with other sectors of digital marketing. For example, if you want to become an affiliate marketer, there are a lot of things you must know and do. You must be able to choose the best products with the highest conversion rates and return. At the same time, you should know how to create websites and web pages, sales letters and landing pages, auto-responders, follow-up emails, PPC advertising, content marketing, and so on. You must build or already have a reasonably big mailing list and network. And, a lot more…

You can become a YouTuber too. Many of them make millions per month. However, can you create videos that become watched millions of times by YouTube users? If the answer is yes, then good for you. You will become a multi-millionaire then. For every one thousand visits, your videos will make between $1 to $20 or maybe $25. It means, every one thousand views will make you $1-25. Therefore, in order to make between $10,000 to $25,000 per month, your videos must receive 10,000,000 views per month.

Can You Do the Same?

You can do it, but I explained how you must do it to succeed. It is not easy. Having a good product/service to sell online, or selling others’ products/services as an affiliate or on Amazon, becoming a YouTuber, etc. are not that easy.

So, What Is the Solution?

I have my own solution for you. Maybe others also offer some solutions like their training courses that they claim are different. The most important thing I recommend you is stay away from all paid training courses and membership programs. You will only waste time and money.

But, what is my solution?

What if someone or a company does the hard part of the work and offers it to you for free?

I mean a company handles all the technical parts, marketing, etc. and gives you a share from what they make?

Nobody has offered such a thing so far. But we are doing it. I have already explained why we are doing it in my other articles and videos.

In our system, you just need to be an active member of our website, without having to pay anything, buying a training course, investing, taking any risks, marketing, creating videos, etc.

What will happen when you join?

The system, or I’d better say The LuckScout Community moves forward and it will take you forward too because you are a part of it. The system makes money for the members including you. It achieves more goals while you have shares from them. You just need to be an active member of the site (community).

We do the hard parts. All we want from you is your active participation.

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