Some people start learning and trading while they already have a job and income. They want to generate an extra income to have a better living. Some others have no job and income, and want to make money through trading as a full time job.

The first group, will finally become a full time trader, if they succeed to make money through trading and become a profitable trader, because they will see that they can easily make more money through trading compared to the job they have. The second group will also become a full time professional trader if they finally achieve to become a profitable trader.

You have heard that 95% of the traders lose, and many of them finally give up and will never become a profitable trader. This is true, but it is not a shocking fact, because it is the same with all the other businesses. 95% of the small businesses are doomed too.

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The fact that 95% of the traders lose, is not something that can prevent you from learning how to trade, because there is always a high probability that you fail and you can not make any money through any other business that you try. This is not a reason for staying away from trading. If you do it, then you have to stay away from any other business too.

trading is a great opportunity for everybody to make money, no matter if you already have an income or not; No matter if you are educated or not; No matter if you are already wealthy or you have no money at all. You can learn to trade and make money.

Once you can achieve to make money through trading, and you feel the joy of sitting at your laptop and making money working few minutes per day, you will come to this conclusion that you have been too lucky that you have chosen to become a trader. If you choose the right way and you succeed to become a “consistently profitable” trader, you will see that trading is the best business one can ever have:

1. There is almost no limit in the amount of the money you can make. You can grow your account and make more money month after month.

Compare this to the other businesses. You can run a restaurant and make a lot of money, but the amount of the money you make through a restaurant or businesses like it, cannot go beyond a special limit. A restaurant with 12 tables can not make money more than a special limit even if it becomes a too busy restaurant. If you want to double your income, you have to double your restaurant size, which is not cheap and easy to do.

What about trading? You can open a small account, grow it steadily and patiently, and increase your income every month. I am not saying there is no limit in trading at all. There is a limit here too, but this limit will not be reached so easily.

2. You don’t have to have a lot of money to start a trading business. Once you get ready to start live trading, you can open an account as small as $1-2000 and grow it, until it turns into a reasonable account balance. Some people think that in order to trade professionally, they have to have a $500,000 account at least.

Compare this to the other businesses. To run a small business, you have to buy or rent a place. It needs a lot of money. To rent a place, usually you have to sign a 5 years contract. No matter if you make profit or not, you have to pay the rent. If you want to shut down the business, still you have to pay the rent, unless you find another tenant. You can not dissolve the rent contract otherwise. You have to spend a lot of money on the other things. You have to pay for utilities, services, transport, cleaning, insurance, furniture, decoration, marketing, advertising, gas (you have to drive to work every day), and… .

Depend on your business size, you will have to hire employees. You have to deal with the customers and clients. You have to spend several days, weeks, or even months to launch, and then at least 8 hours per day to maintain the business. You have to do all of these while still you don’t know whether you will make any profit or not.

What if the business you are spending too much time and money to run, doesn’t work and make any profit? You will have to shut it down, and so, most of the time and money you have spent on it will go down the drain. As I said, 95% of the small businesses fail. Refer to a local mall and talk to the businesses there and see how many of them are making money. Many of them struggle, lose a lot of money, and file bankruptcy finally.

You can start your trading business with a $1-2000 account and make a lot of money after a while. This is impossible to achieve with any other businesses as far as I know.

3. You don’t have to work too much as a full time traders. At least, my friends and me are like that. We spend only few minutes on trading every day. I don’t care that day traders spend several hours at the computer every day. They are wrong. Maybe some people like to suffer. But in order to make a reasonable amount of money through trading, you don’t have to spend several hours at the computer every day. In fact, I have never seen a day trader who makes money consistently: I Trade the Daily Chart, But I Am a Day Trader

I have so many trader and investors friends. All of them spend few minutes per day checking the charts. Therefore, trading is a “few minutes per day” business. Of course you will have to spend more time on it while you are learning it. For example, at the beginning you can spend several hours per day to read and learn. But once you reach to the live trading level and you become a professional full time trader, you will have to spend few minutes only. This is what we do.

What Does It Take to Become a Professional Full Time Trader?

You just need to read and learn. Do you think it is too hard to do that? You are wrong if you think so. It doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks, or a month, or a few months maximum (depend on the time you spend on learning). I see that some people spend several years on learning and practising, but they don’t make any money yet. They are not on the right track definitely.

No matter if today is the first day you have heard about trading, or you have been working on it for several years and you have had no success yet.

Once you reach the live trading level the way it is explained in the above article (and the articles listed in it), you can open a small live account, grow it slowly and patiently and turn it into a big trading capital.

Let me teach you another thing that takes your trading risk to ZERO:

When you are ready to open your live account, just open a small $1-2000 account, work on it and double it. Then withdraw half of it and keep on trading with the other half. Doing so, you will trade with your profit, and so you are not risking your hard earned money anymore.

So your trading business will be started for free and with a zero risk.

Now it is time to answer the question that How Does It Feel to Be a Professional Full Time trader?

You choose to become a trader. You learn, practice and you finally become a professional and full time trader the way I explained above. Maybe there are some other ways too, but I think my way is the best and easiest way, because it is free, it is too easy, it takes the less possible time, and it is risk free. So you follow my way and you become a professional and full time trader finally. How does it feel?

It feels great because…

  1. You have launched a great business with an unlimited income, for free. You have only spent some time to learn and launch the business.
  2. You have no loan, rent, expenses…
  3. You don’t have to do advertising and marketing.
  4. You don’t have to deal with the employees, customers and clients.
  5. You don’t have to spend time and money going to work and coming back every day.
  6. You don’t have to spend several hours per day working and maintaining the business.
  7. Your business is in your laptop that you can take wherever you go.
  8. You spend only few minutes per day checking some price charts and taking some positions (if there is any trade setup).
  9. You are free during the weekends.
  10. You make a lot of money.
  11. Your monthly income can increase month after month if grow your account and you don’t withdraw all your profit. Click Here to learn more.

How does it feel to have such a business?

It feels great. It is everybody’s dream to have such a business. You are at least one step ahead of those who also dream to have such a business and be financially free, but have not taken any step toward it yet. Keep on working. You are almost there 🙂


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