How Does LuckScout Work?

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Here, I’d like to explain what happens when you sign up for an account in LuckScout and how you start making money. There are more detailed articles on this topic that I will list at the end of this post.

1. It is free to sign up for an account in LuckScout. You can sign up by submitting the registration form.

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2. After registration, you must check your inbox and click the verification link to verify your email address.

3. Then, you must upload a profile photo, and add your full name and country name in your profile, if you haven’t done it before. Your photo must be an acceptable real photo of you. You can follow the guidelines on this page to complete your profile. Once you are done, we will check your profile, and if it becomes verified, you will get the blue checkmark, next to your name and username, on your profile and anywhere on the website.

Members who don’t want to share their real name and photo and their real country of residence, won’t be eligible to become verified and get paid. The LuckScout Community is for real people with real identities, not for those who want to hide their identities and countries.

Those who try to communicate with other members of the community, with hidden or fake identities, will become banned permanently. We have hired advanced technologies to track scammers and spammers who try to join the community with fake identities to scam the members. This is one of them that was tracked and banned immediately:

a fake profile

And the fake ID he created with Photoshop and sent us: 😀

Fake ID

4. Those who try to promote affiliate links and other programs, as well as their social media or YouTube accounts, channels, pages, etc., will be banned immediately too. We have to be strict to keep The LuckScout Community a safe and healthy environment for the members. Members must read our terms and conditions before they start using the platform.

5. From the first second, even when you sign up for an account, you will start collecting points with anything you do on the site.

6. At the end of the month, the points you have collected during the month will be recorded, and your monthly points balance will be reset to zero. However, your overall points balance will always remain in your account and will grow when you earn points.

7. Your share from the money that the community has made during the month will be calculated based on the points you have earned in the same month, and it will be paid to you after the 20th of the next month.

8. Additionally, the total points you collect in your account, will be used to give you shares from the profits of our other projects, without you having to do anything, invest or take any risks. It means, what you do in LuckScout will generate life-time profit and income for you, for free, risk-free and without any investments.

Is that all?

9. No, it isn’t. We never stop adding more fun parts and more sources of income to the community. A lot more will come. The LuckScout Community members are here to achieve permanent financial freedom.

10. A community is a community because of the active and caring members, not because of the total number of the members. Only active members will be known as eligible members of The LuckScout Community. Those who cannot meet the minimum requirements won’t be part of the community. So, to have all the free, risk-free and investment-free benefits and privileges, you must be active, which is extremely easy. You must be present on the website and earn points through following the daily emails we send you. Those who don’t follow our emails will fall behind and will be removed from the community.

In The LuckScout Community, we need active members. We don’t need the crowd, nor do we need a high number of members who are inactive. Once we reach the level we are looking for, we may stop accepting new members. This fabulous opportunity cannot be offered to an unlimited number of members.

11. Active members who have been able to collect enough points during the month will be eligible to join our trading program where they learn how to grow their month through trading the stock market. This is just another free privilege for our active members. They can take it if they want, but they don’t have to.

Please see these slides:

And these pages to learn more:

And also read this: Become an Independent Self-Sufficient Wealth-Builder for Free and Risk-Free

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See you on board!😃❤️🌺🌹💝🌸🎊🎉✨🌹👑🍺👏🎈

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