How Long Does It Take to Succeed?!!

This is the question most people ask when they start something new or they receive an offer.

How Long Does It Take to Succeed?!!

No doubt that there is no exact answer to this question because conditions are different. However, there is one formula that leads you to success, no matter what you want to do and what your project is:

1. You must work hard, over and over, consistently every day. Success is nothing but repeating some simple tasks, over and over, every day.

2. You must get better than yesterday, every day. Work a little harder and better than yesterday, and repeat this every day.

3. Do not compete with others. Compete with yourself and what you were yesterday.

4. Never give up. Always try one more time.

5. Never get disappointed. Always believe that the future is brilliant.

6. Never mix up with negative people, losers and energy vampires. Kick them out of your life, or leave them. This is what we do here in LuckScout too. Those who sabotage, discourage or are only after talking negatively, will be banned immediately. We have zero tolerance with paranoid naysayers who are always after finding something negative in what we do.

7. Respect those who love and support you and do the same for them. This is what we do in LuckScout too. We love our loyal active members who support us and the community. We do our best for them. But, enemies and undercover haters have to be out.


To those who give up so early, I must say that if you live like this, you will never get anywhere. You will forever remain where you currently are, or you go down, day after day.

It took Apple 42 years to reach $1 trillion in value. But, it only took two more years to get to $2 trillion 😀

Do you know what this means???

The first steps are harder to take. Success comes slowly at the beginning. It is where 99.99% of people give up. That’s why you don’t see too many successful people.

However, those who don’t give up and are strong enough to finish the first phase that is the hard part, will enjoy the second phase.

Those who join us and then disappear after a short while, will never succeed in any other program. They are the best prey for scammers because they are after getting rich quick. Bad news for them is, all get-rich-quick programs are scams.

A real and good program grows slowly, but surely. If you are after building your future permanently and achieving real financial freedom, LuckScout is where you must be. Would you like to know why LuckScout is different? Please follow this:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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