How Much Money Forex Affiliates or Introducing Brokers Make?

Forex brokers are among the companies that compensate you in an unbelievable way, if you to refer clients (traders) to them. Here in this article, I will explain how you can make up to $60,000 per month just through a Forex-trading-related account on our website that works as a Forex affiliate or introducing broker (IB) that refers traders to brokers.

$60,000 per month is just an example. It is not an income guarantee. But you can make a lot more, if you follow our system properly and completely. There are so many who are making millions.

Most people think that it is too hard to make money online. It used to be too hard, but not anymore. In the past, you had to know how to develop websites and promote them online. Now, everything will be done automatically by our system, and your online business can start receiving organic traffic from search engines and also from our website’s users and members, and this traffic can easily become converted into money.

To learn how this system works, first you need to know what Forex trading is, and what a Forex affiliate or introducing broker means.

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading means trading currencies against each other to make some profit. For example, let’s say you have come to this conclusion that Euro’s value is going to go up against USD, and so you decide to buy Euro against USD. And, let’s assume that you were right, and Euro’s value really goes up against USD, so that you decide to sell the Euro you have already bought to receive your USD back.

Again, let’s assume that you buy 100,000 Euro against USD, when Euro to USD rate is 1.1000.

To buy 100,000 Euro against USD, when Euro to USD rate is 1.1000, you must pay $110,000:

€100,000 x 1.1000 = $110,000

Then, you hold the Euro you have bought until Euro to USD rate reaches 1.2000. Therefore, if you sell the Euro you had bought to receive the USD back, you will make $10,000 profit:

€100,000 x 1.2000 = $120,000

$120,000 – $110,000 = $10,000

This is what Forex traders do to make profit. Of course, it is not as easy as I have described above. You need to know when to get in and out of the markets on time, otherwise you can lose. Forex and stock trading are risky, and this is what all traders are aware of.

Now I must tell you what a Forex Broker is, so that I can reach the main point of this article, which is making money as a Forex affiliate or Forex introducing broker.

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Who Is a Forex Broker?

There are so many who love to sit at their computers and trade currencies against each other, from the comfort of their homes. They are called Forex traders (above, I described what they do). To do that, they need to have a Forex trading live account that they can deposit their trading capital (money) in it. They use their live Forex trading accounts and the money they have in it to buy/sell currencies against each other. To have such an account that enables them to trade Forex, they must apply through a Forex broker. Therefore, a Forex broker is a company that helps traders to have live trading accounts. They charge some fees when traders take positions, or buy/sell currencies against each other.

Forex brokers advertise a lot to attract more traders, because it makes money for them. Here is where a great opportunity comes to you. Some Forex brokers have great compensation plans and pay you huge commissions when you refer traders to them. I know you are now asking how you can refer traders to them. Be patient. I will tell you. First, I must tell you how brokers compensate you and why.

Become a Forex Affiliate or Introducing Broker and Make Lots of Money

Forex brokers pay you two kinds of commission. First, they pay you CPA or cost per action commission. For example, they pay you $650 per a newly qualified client, who is someone who applies for a live account, and his application becomes processed and approved. Some brokers pay up to $1,100 per each approved application.

But that is not the good part of the story yet. I would never recommend you to refer anybody to Forex brokers, if they would only pay you CPA commission. It is not worth to do it at all. We are after something, which is called RESIDUAL INCOME or PASSIVE INCOME.

You cannot work until you die, can you?

Therefore, if you are supposed to create a business, which is really lucrative, then it should be developed in a way that it makes money for you, even if you stop working.

It is the best time to mention one of the Warren Buffett’s most famous quotes here:

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

A good business is a business that makes money, even when you are asleep. It is not only that. It should keep making money, if you stop working.

If you have a business that doesn’t have the above two features (I mean, it is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week running business that makes money for you, even when you sleep; and it keeps making money, even when you stop working), then you are the slave of you business… then you don’t have a business… you just have a job.

Never work for a one-time fee, commission or wage. It is the most stupid thing one can ever do.

Now here is the best part of the story:

When you refer traders to a broker, they usually take several positions within a month or even within a day. Many of them stay with the broker and trade for years. While you have already received a CPA commission for each of them, some brokers pay you a percentage from the money they make through the positions that your referrals take. For example, some brokers pay their affiliates up to 60% of the spread they charge, when their clients take positions. Now, I have to explain what spread is:

I will explain it in simple words, so that it may not look 100% accurate, but that doesn’t matter here. I just want you to know what it is in general:

Spread is the difference of the buy and sell prices that brokers charge, when a client takes a position. For example, when you want to buy Euro against USD, the Euro to USD rate is 1.2345; but when you want to sell, the rate is 1.2344 which is one unit smaller. That one unit is called spread. Unit is also known as “pip” among traders. Indeed, they never say unit. They always say pip. But here I had to say unit, because I hadn’t defined pip before.


Let’s say a referral takes ten positions every month. Therefore, the total spread of the positions they take is 10 pips (no need to say that most traders take a lot more than ten positions per month, while the spread of some of the positions is much more than one pip).

So, the broker makes 10 pips from the positions that the trader takes every month. The broker pays you 60% of the spread, which is 6 pips. If the value of each pip of Euro against USD is $10 for a one lot position (€100,000), then you earn $60 through the trading activities of this referral.

What if you had referred 1,000 traders to the broker? Then you would have made $60,000 per month, if we assume that the spread of the positions that each trader takes every month is 10 pips in total and the pip value is $10. But as I said, most traders usually trade a lot more than this. I know some introducing brokers or affiliates who make over $120,000 per month by having about 400 referrals only.

It is mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Your referrals take positions and make money for you, even if you stop working. But, your online business will always remain active, and will keep referring new referrals to the broker, and so your income goes higher and higher every month.

Please note that what I explained above was just an example. It is NOT an income guarantee. However, one may make a lot more than what I explained above. Imagine if you refer 10,000 active traders over time, how much money you will make.

Besides, the commission you receive based on the trading activities of your referrals is different from the CPA you receive when they open their accounts. Therefore, in case the broker pays you $1,100 per each approved application, then you have already received $1,100,000 as the CPA commission for your 1,000 referrals.

You are amazed more, aren’t you? 🙂

Yes, this is an extremely lucrative business, with an amazing potential in generating passive and residual income.

Above all, it doesn’t have any risks. Forex traders risk their capital, when they trade Forex. But, you as a Forex affiliate or introducing broker (IB) will never have to risk any money.

I will amaze you more if you keep reading, because I will tell you that you can make even more money if you follow this system.

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