YouTube is one of the most famous sites.

There are so many who spend lots of time on it on a daily basis.

Most people use it to enjoy watching the videos and listening to the musics.

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But there are some others who make money on YouTube.

Did you know that?

There are some entrepreneurs, called YouTubers, who use this huge platform, YouTube, to make money, or I’d better to say a lot of money.

Many of the YouTubers make hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

I know some who make thousands of dollars per month on YouTube.

There are many of them around me and in my team.

They are good and professional online marketers, entrepreneurs and some of them are professional programmers too.

I know you are wondering how much YouTubers make.

I will not only answer this question, but I will also explain about our “YouTube Money Making Engine” that we help our followers to set up for free to make thousands of dollars.

So, make sure to read this article entirely, because, if you want, we can set up the same YouTube Money Making Engine for you too.

How Much Do YouTubers Make?

There are two kinds of YouTubers.

The first group, are the average YouTubers who don’t make a reasonable amount of money.

The second group, are the professional YouTubers who make a living and even a fortune through their YouTube videos.

Many of them make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

To understand this in more details, First, let’s see what YouTube is.

Most people think that YouTube is just a video directory.

But it is not.

YouTube is a powerful and complex search engine and a huge online social media.

Most people refer to YouTube to find the answer of their questions and resolve their problems.

You can find millions of educational videos on YouTube.

It is not just a TV channel that broadcasts some movies and documentaries.

YouTube is one of the biggest online references.

This is what you have to know if you want to make money on YouTube.

Therefore, YouTube is a great environment to make a lot of money.

The good thing is that once you set up your YouTube Money Making Engine, it works and makes money for you, automatically.

Now I tell you how much YouTubers make.

As I mentioned above, there are average and professional YouTubers.

There is a big difference here.

Ordinary or average YouTubers are the ones who upload some videos on YouTube, mainly to have fun.

Some of these videos get lucky to attract more  attentions and clicks by the YouTube users and viewers.

These videos can make some money for the YouTubers. Average YouTubers are the ones who make money on YouTube just by chance.

Only some of their uploads get lucky to receive some reasonable clicks to make some money.

Professional YouTubers are the ones who make a living or even a fortune through the videos they upload to YouTube.

They create videos to make money, not to have fun.

From Having Fun to Making Thousands of Dollars

Most people start uploading videos to YouTube just to have fun.

Many of them don’t go beyond this.

Some others get more interested in YouTube and share more videos that aren’t personal.

They like to have their videos watched, liked and commented.

It has a lot of fun.

But once a video becomes a little popular and receives a reasonable number of clicks, Google emails and informs the YouTuber that he can make money with that video if he monetizes it with Google Adsense.

It is your choice.

If you accept the Google’s offer, they will display some ads on your videos when people watch them, and you earn money if they click on the ads.

It is not only that.

They display some video ads before and while your video is being played.

You earn money per view through those video ads too.

You can find some numbers about the money that YouTubers make through the videos they upload on YouTube.

But none of these numbers are true and reliable.

The reason is that, to prevent anybody from cheating Google to earn more money, Google as the YouTube and Adsense owner, doesn’t disclose the real percentage and formula of paying money to the YouTubers.

It makes a lot of sense to hide the way YouTubers get paid.

It is somehow the Google’s secret.

Also, professional YouTubers never disclose the real amount of the money they make, because they don’t want the others to copy them and create the same videos and channels with the same topics and subjects.

This makes a lot of sense too.

Therefore, nobody knows how much the YouTubers make in total and per view.

It is has a very complex formula and algorithm that they change it all the time.

Even when Google says they pay n% to the publishers, you can never match what you earn with it, because there are so many other factors involved.

For example, you don’t earn the same amount of money when your video is watched from different countries or even different parts of the same country, if an ad is set to be displayed worldwide.

The way that Google pays the YouTubers is almost as complicated as its search engine algorithm.

You can never figure out how Google ranks the sites on its search result pages.

Therefore, as I don’t trust any of the numbers that the other sites report, I don’t bring any of them here.

But what I am 100% sure about is that, the average YouTubers don’t make any reasonable money on YouTube, not enough even to be known as an income.

I know this because I am also a YouTuber, both in average and professional levels (I have different YouTube channels for different personal and business purposes).

YouTube is a great place to create passive income.

It is a big and reliable source of investment.

To me, YouTube is like the real estate investment.

Your videos are your real estate properties that make passive income for you.

Some of my videos have been watched for over 3.2 million times so far.

They are monetized with Google Adsense and video ads.

The money I make through these kinds of magnetization can hardly reach a few hundreds of dollars per month.

In a nutshell, it is not worth spending time to upload good and informative videos on YouTube, and then monetize them with Adsense or video ads.

However, there is another secret behind the money that professional YouTubers make.

Therefore, if you ask how much YouTubers make on YouTube, I have to ask you which YouTubers you are talking about?

If you are asking about the ones who monetize their videos with Google Adsense or video ads, they are average YouTubers who don’t make any reasonable amount of money.

But professional YouTubers have a completely different story.

Professional YouTubers Make a Lot of Money

As I already mentioned, YouTube is a great place to generate passive income.

It means if you succeed to upload videos that attract attentions, you can make a lot of money while you won’t have to do anything extra after creating and uploading the videos.

You just create and upload the videos and they make money.

The more videos you share on YouTube, the more money you make.

As I mentioned above, professional YouTubers don’t waste their time with Google Adsense and video ads, because they do know that it doesn’t make the money they expect.

While they know how to create professional and strong videos that have a high chance to receive lots of clicks and attentions, they also know how to monetize their videos to make lots of money.

Therefore, the key-secret of the professional YouTubers who make a lot of money on YouTube only, is in 3 important factors. They know how to:

  1. Create informative and strong videos that receive lots of clicks, likes, comments, and shares by the viewers, in a large scale.
  2. Optimize the videos’ pages to receive lots of clicks from the YouTube search engine, and also the other search engines.
  3. Monetize the videos to make the maximum possible revenue.

Here in this article, I am not going to explain how professional YouTubers create their videos to make a lot of money.

The goal of this article is to tell you how much money YouTubers make and why.

After that, I will tell you why you have everything that professional YouTubers have, and so you can also make loads of money on YouTube, automatically.

We have made this extremely easy for our followers and insiders.

The first two factors that I explained above, are very important.

Without them, your videos won’t be watched by the YouTube users, and so they won’t make any money for you.

However, if you don’t monetize your videos and video pages properly, you won’t make a reasonable amount of money, even when your videos become so popular.

As I mentioned above, professional YouTubers who make a lot of money through YouTube, don’t monetize their videos with Adsense and video ads.

How Professional YouTubers Monetize Their Videos to Make a Lot of Money

That is a million-dollar-question.

It is where the secret of the income of the professional YouTubers is placed.

Professional YouTubers have their own websites, sales funnels, and big-ticket products that make a lot of money.

They drive their videos’ traffic to their websites to collect the email address of the viewers.

Then, they send follow-up emails and sell either their own products or the big-ticket products of the other companies.

It means, they don’t earn few cents from a click on Google Adsense or when a video ad is viewed.

They make thousands of dollars from the viewers purchases.

When you monetize your videos with Google Adsense or video ads, you earn a few bucks if a viewer clicks on an ad or watches the video ad to the end.

But, when you drive the YouTube traffic to your sales funnels, sometimes you can make thousands of dollars from a one single customer.

While there is no doubt that not all of the YouTube viewers will become your customers, but even when a very low percentage of them make some purchases, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The other thing is that these YouTube viewers will become your long-term customers that will make more purchases in future, and so you can make money from them in long-term.

The other good thing is that everything can be done automatically.

All the YouTubers do, is creating and uploading the videos.

The system takes care of the rest.

A popular video that its traffic is driven to a properly monetized sales funnel, auto-responding and follow-up systems, can make money for several years like an oil well, while you don’t have to do anything extra 🙂

This is how the professional YouTubers make hundreds of thousands of dollars on YouTube.

Our YouTube Money Making Engine

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I hope you enjoyed the above article.

As you saw, there are some secrets in making a lot of money through the platforms like YouTube.

But, it is not too hard to do it.

Now you almost know how much YouTubers make.

Professional YouTubers who make a lot of money on YouTube, are not genius.

You can easily copy them if you follow the right team and have access to the big-ticket products.

You can have all of these by joining our network.