How to Add Tools Like Gann and Fibonacci to MT4 Line Studies Toolbar

Some of you have asked about the tools that I have on my MT4 platform and they want to know how they are added there because you can’t see many of these tools by default and when you install MT4 on your computer. For example, Fibonacci Retracement Levels tool is not there when you install the platform on your computer. Andrew’s Pitchfork and maybe even triangle tools are not there as well. You can see them on the line studies toolbar, when you install MT4 on your computer. To add these tools, you must refer to view on the top menu, click on it and then you should open the toolbar menu and make sure that all of the menus are checked:

Customize MT4 ToolBars

When you see that all of them are checked which means you already have all toolbars on your MT4 platform, to customize the toolbars, for example the line studies toolbar, you need to right click on it somewhere, and then you click on customize. Then you will see several different tools at the left. These are the tools that you already have on the line studies toolbar and you can add or remove the tools on line studies toolbar. For example, I’m going to add Gann Fan to the line studies toolbar as well. So I click on it and then I click on insert. So Gann Fan will be added to the toolbar. Once I am done, I click on close:

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Customize MT4 ToolBars Gann Fan

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