I explained how to become a personal banker and also an investment banker here and here. Now I have to explain how to become a bank teller too because these three are the most well-known banking jobs:

When you are deciding on a suitable career, there are some options that come across as hugely attractive because of the kind of stability they offer. One such alternative can be the choice of a bank teller’s career. Apart from the fact that they offer an excellent opportunity to work on a reasonable resource, it can be incredibly exciting if you are communicative in nature. This kind of work offers a lot of opportunities to connect with people. It creates deep inter-personal links with them.

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The fact that they require little formal education is a major plus. The on-the-job training also ensures that you do not have a lot of preparatory courses to deal with if you want to know more about how to become a bank teller.

Academic Requirements to Become a Bank Teller

So what are the academic requirements if you want to know how to become a bank teller? What can be a big benefit for many with limited education is that the bank teller’s position does not require huge qualification.

1) All you need is a high school diploma or a GED

2) A college degree is not necessary for being a successful bank teller

3) However, if you have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Finance of business, it can be very helpful.

4) This is particularly important when it comes to promotion. The additional degree surely helps in better prospects

5) However, though a college degree is not mandatory, knowledge in the second language is almost crucial.

6) In fact, fluency in additional languages is always a bonus for bank tellers.

It helps as they interact with multiple of clients. When customers are spoken to in their own language, it always helps to connect better and create a lasting impression.

– Possibility of Certificate Courses

So when you want to understand how to become a bank teller, I am sure one of your key concern might be how can additional education help your career. Well if you are interested,

1) Some schools offer short courses in bank teller programs

2) These short-term programs also include certification that you can always flaunt and improve your prospects going forward

These certifications can include a wide gamut of courses like bank operations, regulations, ethics and overall teller responsibilities. These certifications can also help in applying for senior job options and thereby improve the overall career prospects. Additionally, it creates opportunities for you to have a competitive edge in the overall job market. So, therefore, the certificate courses enable you not just to work as an efficient bank teller but also improve the possibility of looking for better jobs going forward. Also in life, sometimes this certification can be a stepping stone to access better career which might not be otherwise possible to the lack of insufficient college degrees. Additionally, the certification also reflects your commitment towards your superior job expertise and become a better professional. It surely improves your competence in the required field as well.

Training on the Job

Continuing with your pursuit of how to become a bank teller is the importance of on job training. While you are on the job, an average bank teller is also tested for their aptitude on various facets like budgeting, computer understanding and competence with figures. A bank teller handles a lot of cash and personal information. So, it becomes important to sensitize them in maintaining secrecy plus they have to pass through background checks. There is always a risk of people misusing the crucial information that is available to bank tellers.

As a result, this type of training improves the overall competence and rules out the possibility of people misusing confidential information. During the on job training of a bank teller, it becomes important for them to become well versed in computer applications, cash counting and processing of the checks. They are also trained in ways to deal with different types of customers and maintain the bank’s security and overall compliance methodology. Auditing of the bank’s papers also is of prime importance for the average bank teller. They also learn the intricacies of issuing bank checks and traveler’s checks as well.

Bank Teller Salary Outlook

Now that you are training on how to become a bank teller, one key consideration is what kind of the salary prospects it offers.

1) The average bank teller salary for entry level employees is about $11.06 per hour

2) Overall cash earnings for entry-level tellers is almost around $2K in bonuses, and profit-sharing proceeds can be as much as $3K

3) In case of individual bank tellers who particularly excel in performance, they can stretch up to $19-30K

The bank teller salary outlook, however, differs from one location to another. The strategic positioning and the importance of branch also go a long way in deciding the bank teller’s salary outlook.

Centrally Located Branches in the Urban Region

It goes without saying that more centrally located branches in the urban region have a much better salary payment structure. The relative rush and customers that you would handle in this kind of branches are also greater. Therefore, the bank teller’s salary prospects are well in line with the overall time and hours that is spent. Also given the fact that their job prospect is well regulated and the timing is fairly stable, the bank teller does not use a lot many hours so the salary is in sync with the basic job prospect. This is exactly why the bank teller’s job also guarantees a relative level of satisfaction with the whole game plan.

A survey indicates that this is also a fairly satisfying job which is also reasonably stable. So, it is ideal for all those who do not have huge academic qualification but are keen to have a job to make a living with, but not a good option for those who want to become successful financially and have financial, time and location freedom. Therefore when you are considering the various options of how to become a bank teller, it is quite understandable that this is one of those jobs that do not require a lot of academic qualification but demanding in terms of physical labor. It also requires excellent communication skills and being bi-lingual or multi-lingual is a major advantage for a bank teller.

Bank Teller Skills

Now that you learned how you can become a bank teller, I give you some more information about the skills that a bank teller has to have. Often you would have heard that learning how to become a bank teller is a good way to begin your banking career. I am sure one basic question that might come to your mind is that apart from the basic academic qualification, what other bank teller skills you should master to make an impact. Well, the bank teller is perhaps one of the easiest and earliest gateways to a banking career. You can make a mark even with no experience or without a degree in finance or accounts.

However, it is not that easy either. You must be prepared to face the challenges that this profession brings forth. The first and foremost step in your journey towards how to become a bank teller is to master the basic skill sets that make you stand apart in a crowd.

While your typical responsibilities would include:

  1. Cash Handling
  2. Customer Care
  3. Handling special transaction

But you must understand that you are the first point of contact with the customers. You are often the face of the bank to the average customers. So it is extremely important that you are polite, courteous and of an extremely pleasant disposition. Under no circumstance would you become unnecessarily irritable and often take care to be extra polite to those who are specially abled. Whenever you are greeting clients, you should do that with a smile on your face and gladly pass on any kind of information that they might be looking for.

After all, the average customer who comes to the bank is not very well versed with banking formalities at times. It is only your conduct as a bank teller that can enable them to have a rather pleasant experience and convince them to regularly undertake banking operations. The ability to keep a secret is another primary bank teller skill that you must master. Remember that as a bank teller; you interact with a lot of customers and they might sometimes confide in you some key facts about their banking operations. Remember to maintain secrecy and respect the trust they have in you.

Additionally, as a bank teller, you also serve as a record keeper and deal with a lot of key details in all these matters and often become the key reason why someone gets selected over others.

1. Academic Qualification

In the journey of how to become a bank teller, what role does academic qualification play?

Well, we all know that this one does not require a lot of qualification and as long as you are good with numbers, a mere high school diploma is sufficient to guarantee a job interview for you.

But at the same time, you have to be sharp with your mathematical skills and accounting abilities.

After all, if you are not sharp with mathematics and accounting ability, it might become a roadblock in your overall road to excellence.

In case you are apprehensive, you can even look at taking on additional lessons in finance, mathematics and other relevant subjects for a greater and better grasp of the overall subject matter.

Moreover, if you are applying for the job with no experience, this additional educational qualification will help you make a mark in the overall job market as well as create a strong case for promotion in your career eventually.

The academic excellence can also pave the road for a faster scaling up in your profession where you are able to cope with the associated challenges in a more experienced manner too.

2. Eye For Detail

One bank teller skill that you must master in your journey to how to become a bank teller and chart a better career graph is the eye for detail. You are dealing with a lot of money and lot of people’s money. Even if you placed a decimal by mistake somewhere, you could be creating havoc with a lot of people’s hard earned money. While the introduction of computers and automation of services have ensured that a bank teller’s responsibilities have reduced significantly, the fact remains that even then there is a margin for significant error.

As an astute bank teller, it, therefore, becomes very important that you are careful with every entry that you deal with and remain cautious about every zero that you might be putting in. This alone can ensure that the bank details remain sacrosanct. Not just in maintaining the sanctity of a person’s account, this eye for detail can be useful even in noticing discrepancies of any. Suddenly if there is any huge transaction in an otherwise dormant account or a major money transfer in an account which normally sees the low transaction, an alert bank teller can easily notify higher officials.

3. Bank Teller Resume Skills

Now that you have pretty much understood how to become a bank teller, the concern could be how to fashion the resume skills in a way that they attract the appropriate attention. Well a bank teller resume skills need to incorporate some key elements and these include;

1) Ability to handle a large amount of cash with ease

2) Efficiency with numbers and all software used in efficiently conducting banking transaction

3) Servicing customer needs with aplomb and shining through the various challenges posed at those junctures

4) Maintaining a healthy relationship with all customers as their first and most important relationship managers

5) Ability to be efficient handlers of records and maintain records with acute efficiency

6) Highlight the ability to undertake special transactions and keep a strong disposition towards maintaining discretion wherever required

7) Having a clean background and absence of any objectionable criminal offence.

8) Ability to keep confidential data under wraps without leaking any detail that might be of consequence to the bank and its customers

9) Ability to attract business through your pleasant disposition and ability to attract more and more customers over a point of time.

Apart from these, the bank teller resume skills should also be looked as a vehicle to highlight your personal achievement in a reader-friendly manner without it appearing as unnecessary bragging.

For example, you should highlight facts like

1) An early or out of turn promotion

2) Consistency and diligence in customer service

3) Ability to consistently serve up balanced accounts reconciled to even the last zero

4) Associated degrees that you might have earned during your service

5) Praise that you might have earned for your diligence, positive attitude and pleasant dealings with customers

6) Business that you might have brought forth through your initiative.


The journey to how to become a bank teller is a lot of self discipline and ability to cope with challenges with aplomb. It is one of the most brilliant ways to highlight that if you have a strong will, the lack of appropriate degree will never be a roadblock for a brilliant career ahead. Even with a high school diploma you can often become the change-maker and chart out the prospect of a successful banking career. Often the bank teller skills become your primary tool for success is the ability to connect with people and alert approach.

In reality, these are the two most important assets of a bank teller. If you are able to connect with people better, they will approach you again and again and do more business with you and the bank. Alternatively, they will also spread the word and often convince others too who might be facing issues with banking transactions. When you are alert as a bank teller, you can quickly spot business opportunities as well as bring any potential discrepancy to the forefront quite fast. This will ensure that not just you but the bank too gains with an association with you. That makes you indispensable.