In this article, I am sharing 16 secrets from the real billionaires, if you really want to become a billionaire, or if you want to know how to become a billionaire. I know that it is not easy to become a billionaire and even one out a million cannot do it. However, this doesn’t matter at all. Just think, talk, act and behave like a billionaire. Even if you don’t become a billionaire eventually, you will become a millionaire, or at least you will become rich. That’s why they say,

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — Norman Vincent Peale

So, it is the mindset that matters and makes your life. I have always emphasized on the different mindset that billionaires have, compared to ordinary people. Most people think that billionaires are different because they know how to make money, whereas making money is the last difference that billionaires have with ordinary people. Good news is, if you learn how to think like billionaires, you will become successful like them, even if you have no money and income now. Start from your mind which is completely under your control. Learn how billionaires think if you want to become a billionaire:

1. Bill Gates 10 Rules For Business!

Learn how the world’s richest man thinks and acts. Bill Gates rules:

  1. Have Energy
  2. Have a bad influence
  3. Hard work
  4. Create the future
  5. Enjoy what you do
  6. Play bridge
  7. Ask for advice
  8. Pick good people
  9. Don’t procrastinate
  10. Have a sense of humor

Let’s him tell you how he started and became a billionaire:

2. Robert Kiyosaki’s Ten Rules For Success

Robert Kiyosaki is not a billionaire himself. But there are so many billionaires who consult him and use his advice and brain to become a billionaire. Maybe he is the true example of someone who shot for moon but landed among the stars 😀

Below is the best video you can ever find. Robert Kiyosaki is literally great! You can join his community at He is a great mentor.

Note: We are not affiliated with his website, and so, they don’t compensate us if you make a purchase.

Here is Robert Kiyosaki’s ten rules that you must follow if you want to become a billionaire or at least a millionaire like himself:

  1. Experience make you smarter
  2. The more you give, the more you receive
  3. Change the way you think
  4. Focus
  5. Hard times bring new opportunities
  6. Design the business properly
  7. Know what you are working hard for
  8. Don’t be afraid of losses
  9. Aim to acquire assets
  10. Stop saving money, hedge it

Watch below video carefully:

I’d like to talk about Robert Kiyosaki’s ten rules in more detail, because they are extremely important.

1. Experience Makes You Smarter

“Experience Makes You Smarter” is Robert’s first rule. Robert says that he has made a lot of mistakes and some of this investments have made no money for him, or maybe even he has lost money on them. However, he has gained something which is even more valuable than money: Experience

Without experience you cannot do anything positive in your life. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, but be careful to take risks properly.

The good thing is that in order to become an experienced person, you don’t have to experience everything on your own. You can use others’ experiences. This saves you a lot of time and money. You are here to learn from those who have already made a lot of mistakes and are experienced now:

“The wise learns from the others’ mistakes. The fool learns from his own, if he learns at all.”

2. The More You Give, The More You Receive

That’s Robert Kiyosaki’s second rule. If you like to receive something, you have to give some. Are you spending enough time and energy on your goals? As a person who loves to become a billionaire, how much time and energy you spend on your goal?

That’s a general rule in this world. You have to spend something if you want to gain something. If you like to become wealthy, you have to work and do as much as you can. And, when you become wealthy, you have to keep on spending more to gain more. It is the only way toward becoming a millionaire and billionaire.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Do you believe in this?

It is true. You attract more good opportunities when you work harder. When you work hard, you will come to this conclusion that some of the ways don’t work. So you stop working on them. You focus on working on the other ways that look better. You work on them and you get good results. This is the real meaning of “luck”.

So, lucky are those who (1) work hard, and (2) don’t give up. They finally find the ways that work and return good results. Those who sit and wait for the luck to come to them, will never get anywhere.

3. Change the Way You Think

Different people can look at the same thing and see different things. It is not because their vision and the picture they see is different. It is because they look at things differently. When you change the way you think, the things around you will also change. For example, when you look at problems as opportunities that help you to learn something new and become stronger and more experienced, you can easily resolve them too. But when you look at them as obstacles that want to stop and defeat you, they can easily do it. It is all in your mind. It is your mentality that makes you a loser or a winner.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” —Henry Ford

This is the difference of successful and mediocre people. They are not successful because they had a lot more at the beginning. Many of them started from scratch and got off the ground very hardly. The difference was that they are used to think differently. They see the world full of opportunities. They don’t give up. They look at problems as opportunities, not obstacles.

This is how Robert Kiyosaki thinks too. He says he looks at his bill collector as a motivation, whereas others are used to hate them. When there is something that has to be in your life and you have no choice but having it, then why you should make it a pain for yourself? Accept it and look at it as a gift, which is in your life to motivate you and teach you something.

4. FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful

One of the most important reasons of people’s failure is that they give up easily. They don’t focus on one way until they come to the conclusion whether it works or not. This is the behavior that billionaires always avoid. They are always focused. They would become a billionaires if they didn’t.

When you focus on something, even if you finally learn that it doesn’t work, you learn a lot of things while you have been following it. When you are following one course, you may fall so many times, but each time you have to get up and start from scratch. This is how focused people work and become successful.

Sometimes you really come to this conclusion that something doesn’t work for you. For example, online trading, be it currency or stock trading, is not for everybody. It needs a special mindset that not everybody is able to make. Therefore, if after a while of trial and error, you learn that you cannot choose trading as a business, you can easily stop it. However, that is not the end of the world. If you cannot make any money through trading, you are probably an active and hard working person who is able to make a lot of money through so many other businesses.

Try to be focused and don’t give up so easily. However, don’t repeat the wrong things over and over.

Albert Einstein:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

When you try a way properly and it doesn’t work, try another way. But when a way works, keep on repeating it.

Bill Gates:

“Do the right things long enough consistently, and success will figure itself out.”

5. Hard Times Bring New Opportunities

This Robert Kiyosaki’s rule is so similar to the one that says “change the way you think” . “Hard times” are not pleasant, however, successful people are used to look at them as opportunities, not problems.

For example, when you are an importer and the goods you import suddenly become too expensive and so nobody buys them from you, that looks like a disaster, but indeed it is not. It is a signal indicating that you have to improve your business and diversify the goods you import. It makes you learn that you have to import goods from different categories that if the demand goes down for one of them, you can easily focus on others.

Bad economic conditions are the best chances to learn a lot of new things to strengthen your business and make it invincible. In the video above, you saw how Robert Kiyosaki says that he made more money during the economic crisis, while others have been losing.

6. Design The Business Properly

Have you designed your business properly?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, there are eight pieces that make a business, and when a business is hurting, most probably at least one of these eight pieces are missing. Sometimes you have a great product, but your legal is very bad, or the communication systems are bad.

7. Know What You Are Working Hard For

It is not just the proper mentality and hard working that makes you a successful businessman. You have to be smart and properly manage the time and the money you spend on your business, and the money you make through it.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, there are 3 types of income:

  1. Earned income
  2. Portfolio income (capital gain)
  3. Passive income

The first one is the worst type of income because almost 50% of it has to be paid as tax.

Unlike what most novice traders think, the money you make as a trader is known as earned income, because trading is your job when you become a full time trader, and it cannot be known as an investment. The best proof is the positions you take every month. When you take and close several positions every month, it means you are a trader, not an investor who has another job but he also invests in FX or stock market. Therefore, your income is known as earned income.

The second one, capital gain, is a little better, but still 20% of it has to be paid to the government.

The last one is the best one, and if you know how to manage it, you don’t have to pay any tax on it.

Keep in mind that you cannot become wealthy by having earned income and capital gain. The tax doesn’t let you increase your wealth, and you will be a loser in long-term. Earning money and paying 50% tax, plus having some investment and paying 20% tax on it, is nothing but working for the government. You will be a full time employee of the government, not a businessman and entrepreneur, and not someone who will become billionaire or rich. You think billionaires became billionaires by paying tax?!


There are some other problems with such a bad business style too. Earning money, paying tax and saving the rest is a big mistake, because the value of your money goes down every month and year.

So if you have such a business style, you are losing from different sides. However, there is another way of securing and increasing the money you make: using it to generate passive income.

What is passive income and why is it important?

The LuckScout Club’s focus is on generating passive income for members, because it is one of the most important things that helps you to move faster toward becoming a billionaire.

8. Don’t Be Afraid of Losses

Are you stopped just because you are afraid of losing or making mistakes?

Keep in mind that if you are serious about becoming a billionaire, you have to take risks and not to be afraid of losses and making mistakes. Even sometimes it is possible to become bankrupt. This has already happened a lot to so many famous entrepreneurs, before they become successful. The difference is they don’t give up so easily. When they fail, they start from scratch, and they repeat this until they reach where they expect to.

The good news is that if you follow the footsteps of those who are already successful, you don’t have to risk a lot and fail before you win. You can use the successful peoples’ experiences, and so, risk less and save a lot of time and energy.

9. Aim to Acquire Assets

When your business is growing and you earn more money, you should buy assets. This is how you pay less tax and you safeguard your wealth. This is how big companies like Rich Dad have been growing during the past several years.

When you properly choose and buy the assets that their value goes up every year, you become richer and richer while you pay no tax, because nobody asks you to pay tax when the value of your assets goes up. Therefore, you can become a billionaire or multi-millionaire in long-term, while you have paid no tax on your wealth.

10. Stop Saving Money, Hedge It

This is the last Robert Kiyosaki’s success rule… maybe his most important one.

Robert Kiyosaki is against saving money, because he says money loses its value as the time goes by. Instead, he recommends you to “hedge” your money. It means you invest your money in different markets like oil, gold, and less risky markets like real estate.

Running a business that starts making profit is great. But it is half of the work you have to do, in order to become wealthy. The other half is to grow the money you make, or at least to save its value at the level it is. This is possible only through investment. You don’t become wealthy if you keep on making money and saving it. If you earn money, pay tax and then save the rest, you are a loser in long-term.

Some people think that billionaires have come from a different planet. They haven’t. They are ordinary people. They were just brave enough to have big dreams, and have been serious enough to follow their dreams.

3. The Power of Your Words

Most of you knew Robert Kiyosaki before, but even if you didn’t, now you know him based on what you have learned here so far. Robert Kiyosaki is literally great. He has taught millions to become millionaires and billionaires. His book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, has been the best selling book for so many years.

Here, Robert Kiyosaki teaches you how to become a billionaire. Even if you don’t become a billionaire, you will become rich if you follow his advice.

As you have learned from the videos you’ve watched here so far, the first step to achieve whatever you want to, or to become whatever you desire to, is to program your mind.

This is the most important thing you must do. Robert Kiyosaki tells you how strong and effective your words are, and how they can program your mind to work for you or against you. Watch the video below very carefully and then share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

“Start programming your mind from here:
Share a comment with positive words and wishes on this page, and set your mind to make them possible for you, because what you think, say or write, becomes reality…”

4. Your Mentality about Money

Now that you have learned how powerful your words are, you must have a proper mentality about money, if you like to become a billionaire. Some people have wrong mentalities about money. Some of them always say they don’t like money… money isn’t a good thing… you aren’t a good person if you go after money and become rich… and things like that.

You are avoiding something when you have a wrong impression about it and you don’t like it. See what Robert Kiyosaki, the wealth genius, says about money and your mentality about it:

5. The Differences of Different Businesses

You are here mainly to become able to make money or have a new source of income. However, you HAVE TO think about getting rich if you want to reach your small goals sooner. So, from now on, please think that you are here to become a billionaire. You want to become RICH, and you can achieve it definitely.

As a person who is serious about becoming rich, you must know how rich people think and what differences their businesses have with ordinary people’s businesses. So watch this video carefully:

6. Who Is Rich?

Money doesn’t make you rich.

Most people think they are rich when they have or make a lot of money. But the money you make can make problems for you. It can create liabilities if you don’t know how to use it.

Becoming rich has a special formula that most people don’t know. Money is only one of the things, not the only thing, you must have to become rich.

Learn what Robert Kiyosaki says about this:

7. Retirement

People like Robert Kiyosaki look at things like money, wealth, debt, and getting rich, very differently.

He says you can retire early if you are heavily in good debt. There are two kinds of debt: Good debt and bad debt

You can retire early if you are in a good debt. Average people try to retire on equity which is the money they hardly make and save, whereas the rich retire on the banks’ money.

It can take you years to save the money you need to become retired, and chances are you can never make it. However, it can only take you few minutes to borrow that money, if you have good financial records.

Bankers lend you money on your real estate investments, because it is safer for them to do that. It is safer for you to invest in real estate too. Bankers never lend you any money on other investments like stocks or mutual funds, because it is risky for them. It is risky for you too.

These facts can all be against what you used to believe so far. But maybe it is time to change your mindset on so many things, if you are serious about becoming a billionaire and retire early to enjoy your life more. Watch this video carefully:

8. Income to Expense Ratio

Most people think that getting a billionaire or rich is the matter of how much money they make, whereas this is absolutely wrong. It is all about the money they keep.

Have you ever heard anything about “Income to Expense Ratio”?

It is a vital factor for those who are serious about getting rich and financially free:

9. Get Educated through Analyzing

Analyzing the markets, deals and offers is the best way you can educate yourself and learn many things that nobody teaches you.

Learn how Robert Kiyosaki does it:

10. FEAR

The last video of “How To Get Rich” series by Robert Kiyosaki is related to the magic word FEAR.

See how fear can prevent you from taking any steps in your life and how failure helps you to become successful.

If you are not successful yet, it is because you haven’t failed enough:

11. Jack Ma Success Story

The video below is about the Jack Ma’s success story. His story is so similar to us because it is exactly what we are going to do with the help of each other here. The LuckScout Team was created and trained to do exactly the same thing for you to make you successful. Jack Ma is talking about the Internet and its power during the next incoming years. Fortunately, you are at the right place right time. You are here to become a millionaire or even a billionaire exactly through the way that Jack Ma is explaining.

The good thing for you is that most of the hard things that Jack Ma is talking about are already done for you by us, and so, you don’t have a lot of things to do. Everything is ready for your participation and success. You just need to participate. That is all. Things have changed a lot and is getting much much better than one can expect. Thanks to the Internet and Data Technology (DT).

Please watch very carefully:

12. Jack Ma’s Success Rules

The personality of Jack has attracted me a lot. It is good to learn from people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, but it is a lot better and more impressive if you hear how people like Jack Ma started working and took their business off the ground, because people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet have been grown up where everything was ready for their success and it was easier for them to become billionaires. They were talented and made the most of opportunities, but they had a lot more than what Jack Ma had when he wanted to start.

From all his success rules, I love the last one (#10) the most because he talks about passion and hard-working. This is something that makes you successful. If you work hard and seriously for a while, you will enjoy the rest of your life:

Are You Ready to Become a Millionaire?

We are serious about having a club of millionaires. And, those who become millionaires can become billionaires too. Even if you cannot do this, getting rich is the minimum thing you will achieve if you work toward becoming a billionaire. Plan and work toward becoming a billionaire. Even if you become a millionaire, not a billionaire, it is still great 🙂

We are doing our best here on our website to enable our followers and members make their dreams come true. And, financial freedom is what most of them want to achieve. Many of them are even more ambitious and while they are already financially free, they want to take a few more steps and upgrade to some higher levels and become billionaires. What you read here on this page, also what I’ve explained as the personal development steps, and billionaires mindset on this site, are what you need to have a strong start toward becoming a billionaire.