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How to become a Computer Engineer: Hardware and Software Engineer

The world of technology and computer science has been hugely elusive. Almost every second person you meet wants to become a computer engineer, and the Silicon Valley is almost the dream destination for 50% of the world. So the question then is how to become a computer engineer and what’s the academic qualification required to become a computer engineer?

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Well, there are many subparts of this, and the most important element being your core interest area. This is because there can be two types of computer engineers, there are ones who are dealing with the software and the types who handle the hardware.

In your pursuits towards knowing more about how to become a computer engineer, it is important to differentiate between a hardware and software computer engineer. For that, one must understand the difference between hardware and software. In very simple terms, anything that can be touched is hardware, so this includes the likes of

  • CPU
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

Become a Computer Hardware Engineer

Software, in contrast, deals with the basic application and associated software of the machine. So this includes parts of the computer like

  • Operating software
  • Applications
  • Various codes

Become a Computer Software Engineer

Therefore hardware and software computer engineers refer and work on completely different aspects of the computer.

1) Essentially if you take note, the hardware engineer is not concerned with the internal working of the computer

2) The hardware engineer essentially works with processors, memory and RAM of the computer.

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3) Software engineers, on the other hand, work on the many different applications required to make the computer use almost cakewalk

4) The software engineers are also responsible for developing the overall operating system of a computer without which the computer can’t even be accessed.

So if you want to understand more on how to become a computer engineer, it becomes crucial to understand the differences and make an appropriate choice. Perhaps in this context, it becomes extremely important to pay attention to your individual choice and figure out what’s your aptitude on actually.

While some might have a natural flair towards programming or developing applications, some might be generally keener to work with the computer hardware. Another factor that guides this choice is no doubt the academic background that you might have or what you choose to pursue after your basic high school education.

How To Become A Computer Engineer: Step By Step Approach

Now that the difference between a hardware and software engineer, we now train our guns on the various steps involved in the final making of a computer engineer

First and foremost, it is important to understand that these are very technical specialization and need careful study and technical knowhow. Perhaps that’s exactly why the academic understanding to create these specific specializations becomes so important.

Therefore right at the beginning let us understand the intricate educational roadmap that leads you to the eventual goal of becoming a computer engineer.

Basic Education

You need to be a technology graduate. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the bachelor’s degree, therefore, is the key requirement for computer engineering.

It provides the entry point for many job openings in this field. For those who want to secure even better jobs, many opt for the post graduate or the masters degree and improve their overall eligibility prospects.

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Normally the basic difference between the bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and masters in is the fact that while the former gives you entry-level expertise, the latter helps you gain mastery over specific points.


Apart from the basic education, as a computer engineer professional, you might want to boost your overall professional abilities and get an edge over peers with some select certifications. So whether you are a hardware engineer or a software one, these certifications make you stand out in a crowd and improve the job prospects for you.

From certifications in specific software programs to generic certification from the likes of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, these are all targeted towards enhancing your capabilities and overall competence level. These certifications also create better opportunities in the overseas market as well.

Work Experience

If you are trying to improve your competence in your pursuit towards how to become a hardware engineer, you must remember that work experience is as much important as academic training is.

A lot of times, the theoretical knowledge only makes you half prepared to deal with the various challenges. Some real life situations are not even listed in your college books. Only when you go and deal with it for real, you can work on the solution as well.

Stay Updated

Another important factor in the context of how to become a computer engineer is the fact that this is a continuous learning curve. You cannot just complete one degree and consider yourself equipped to tackle the challenges.

Remember that the computer engineer has to continuously upgrade their knowledge base to gain the better understanding and stay in sync with the latest trends in their chosen genre of computer engineering, be it hardware or software.

Salary Outlook

As you sit to understand the details of the various aspects of how to become a computer engineer, it is but obvious that you must devote sometime to the expected salary outlook for both hardware and software engineers.

Well according to the US labor department data, a whopping 22% improvement in job prospects is likely between 2012 and 2022. While the 2014 media salary of a computer engineer is north of $95,510, this is set to move well above the $100,000 mark by the end of 2022.

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So if you are interested to know about how to become a software engineer, we can easily conclude that this is a job that brings a unique mix of keen academic study coupled with individual passion and strong academic aspiration.

As a computer engineer, you need to be diligent, persevering and flexible enough to adapt to innovations.

Now at the end of this article, I am going to give you a tip which is very important.

This is great that you are interested in the professions like computer engineering, be it hardware or software. You can become a computer engineer but what I strongly recommend you is that never think about working for the others as a computer engineer unless the job they offer you give you money, time and location freedom.

This is so unlikely. I mean if you work for the others, they usually want to make the most of you. If you work hard and they like you, they do their best to keep you happy and make you stay, but not with the things you deserve. With the minimum possible benefits…

Most of you, are smart enough to learn how to become a computer engineer, and are even smarter than that and become a computer engineer finally. Learn what qualifications a computer engineer has to have: 6 Qualifications for a Computer Engineer

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