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How to Change and Reach Your Best Life

Change can be positive or negative, small or big, sudden or gradual but first and foremost inevitable. It is fact that everything changes, that is how nature works. Nothing remains the same forever.

Change happens when we are ready for it. It can take time for us to prepare for it but the moment we are ready – the change is there and it is happening. Unfortunately some people wish for a change but when they realize that the change is coming, instead of embracing it and using its power to make a better life, they decide to fight it. That is a lost battle and causes just a waste of time and energy because change is inevitable. When resisting the change you are just rejecting an enormous opportunity either obvious or a hidden one that the change brings with it. Learn to love the change.

Change your life and have a happy life...We all have the ability to change our lives and make the change that we desire. It all starts with a determined decision. Keep in mind that change can appear suddenly or gradually but in any case you should be prepared for it and expecting it.

You might like some of the changes that appear and you might also dislike some of them. But please remember any change gives you enormous opportunity, a great chance, for making things better. Focus on how the change can be used for creating a better life and think what the opportunity in it is. Suddenly you realize that the same change is what you need in order to get the better life you deserve.

If on the other hand, you decide that the same change that is already manifesting is not something that you want and you start resisting it, you easily become irritated, angry or depressed. Instead of fighting the change – embrace it, work with it, learn to love it, use its power in order to achieve the goals that you have.

You can think of the change as a powerful wave in the middle of the ocean while you are swimming next to it. You can use it, get on top of it, ride it and enjoy it. If on the other hand you decide to ignore the coming wave or even to try and fight it – you will lose energy and even drown. You might prefer the ocean to be quiet and “safe” but it is not you who controls the ocean. You control yourself and the way you interact with the ocean. It is your decision how to manage yourself. So love the wave and use it, love the change and use it.

Think of life. It is constantly changing. Think of you, in order to be alive you need to breathe and your heart need to pump your blood. Things need to change in order to exist. When you recognize the coming change and you also synchronize with it, you start enjoying your life much more and you become happy.

Do you want to have better life and get better results? If so, then you realize that change is required and you also have to change. Please understand that it is your responsibility to accept the power of the change and to make it part of you. Changing the way you look at things, how you think, what your beliefs are and how you manage yourself is essential for achieving new results. Realize that it is you and you only that is responsible for all of the above. The beliefs and way of thinking until now have brought you to the results that you have now. From now on if you want different results you need to change your beliefs and way of thinking.

How to change? In order for the change to happen, it is not enough just to hope or pray for it. You need to be prepared, expecting it and willing to embrace it. You have to take responsibility to make it happen – to change things and make them better. Some people do not take that seriously and just say “I will change tomorrow”. This is equal to saying I don’t really want to change, because when tomorrow comes the same people now have excuses why they can’t do it. Since they still only “want” to do it (instead of doing it) they say again “I will change tomorrow”. You already can guess what will happen the day after…

Please realize that all the time there will be something happening and unless you are determined to make things happen, they won’t. Your quality of life will not change unless you commit to change and accept it as part of yourself.

True change begins with decision.

And true decision brings committed action. Committed action comes from your understanding that the undergoing change is for the best, it is helping you grow, it is helping you become more, it is helping you be a better person and it is helping the people surrounding you and the environment too. The moment you realize the above you notice how the people and the circumstances that are needed for the change start to appear in your life. Some of them might have already been there for some time, waiting for you to be ready and now you realize that it is your duty to act.

For example, if you want to earn more money – take responsibility, get up and look for the people who want to help you, who want to be part of your success, act now.

If you want to meet the that special person – take responsibility, go out and meet new people, or look for them online, and ask yourself where you can meet them, how you can attract them, do it now.

If you want a healthier life – take responsibility, check what makes you ill and change it, go and find the people that want to help you. Do something about it, NOW.

Just remember, first you have to make a determined decision! To do so – ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want to change?
  • Why do you want to change it?
  • What can you do in order to make it happen?

Do it NOW.

“Life changes when we change.” – Andrew Matthews

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Life changes when we change

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