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Energy Vampires: How To Deal With Negative People Who Suck Your Vital Energy

I have come to suck your creativity, energy and fun!Did you know that your success and happiness can be strongly affected by people around you? Unfortunately this is true. People who are around you, including parents and other family members like siblings and in laws, and also friends, classmates, colleagues, competitors… can be very important in your life. This is good on one hand, because many of these people can help and support you a lot. But they can also take you down and ruin your life and future. There are usually some negative people who are also known as energy vampires around anybody. They can have negative and horrible roles in your life. They can easily ruin your life. But the good news is they can do it only when you allow them to.

Why Did I Decide To Write This Article?

The first reason is that like anybody in this world I have been suffering from energy vampires’ negative behaviors in different stages of my personal and business lives. The good thing with me is that I learned in the early stages of my life that I had to welcome the supportive and positive people and ignore the negative ones. This is what most people never learn, or they learn it when it is too late and they have already missed so many opportunities because of the energy they allowed the energy vampires to suck. Therefore, I decided to write a post and awaken those who still don’t know what to do against these creatures.

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There are so many things that I like to write about and hopefully I will, but sometimes something happens that pushes me to write about a topic sooner than the others. Same thing happened to make me write about energy vampires sooner.

Greta GarboI was reading about some celebrities that one of them attracted my attention more. The article was about an actress, Greta Garbo, who retired when she was only 36 and while she could still be one of the top ones for several more years. The reason she decided to retire was just a “negative review” that she took to heart.

After reading about her, I decided to write an article on this topic as soon as possible, not to let you close the success doors on yourself just because some sick and jealous people cannot see you climbing the success ladder. They usually don’t kick you down physically, but through their negative words they can make you stop climbing or even jump off, even when you have only a few steps to achieve your dreams. You are always at the risk of being affected by these people and I am sure many of you have already got hurt by them a lot. I hope this post doesn’t reach you when it is too late. Of course, any moment is the right time to start from the scratch and recover what you have lost.

First, Know Yourself Properly

Negative people can hurt us only when we underestimate ourselves. I am sure that most of you still don’t know how unique, outstanding, valuable, energetic, strong, amazing, creative and talented you are. Most of us have learned to see our weaknesses only. Maybe you are not good in math or literature and you have not been able to finish the school or go to college and university. Maybe you don’t look as good and handsome as the Hollywood celebrities, or you have got bankrupt a couple of times. Maybe you are not a good writer and you have problems even in writing a short email, or you are not articulate and cannot express what you have in your mind properly. Maybe you are not handy and you cannot even cut the backyard grass on your own…

Many of these can be true about you, but what you cannot do or you are not good at, is not all of you. You are beyond these things. The things you cannot do are not important enough that you want to think about them even for a second. There are too many things that you can do, or you are potentially able to do. Your mind is even bigger than everything we have in universe, and just you alone is more valuable than all the stars and planets.

Do you know why? Because you are a human and your abilities and capacities are literally “unlimited”, no matter if there are a few things that you cannot do properly for now.

So you are big and glorious, even if you have no money in your pocket, or you have filed bankruptcy for a few times so far. These are not just some positive words to make you happy. It is reality, because it is proven that those who underestimated themselves and found themselves broke, have been able to do great things and make the impossible possible when they decided to, and when they forgot about their weaknesses and focused on their powers. I can give you too many examples.

If you know yourself, then no negative word can affect you. If someone says “you cannot be a good actor, because you have accent”, you simply ignore him because you know that there are so many who had accent and became great actors at the same time. On the other hand, when you are serious to become a good actor, your accent cannot stop you and cannot be known as an obstacle. This is what you have to know and believe. You have to learn to focus on your goals and jobs, and ignore the other things.

This is what Greta Garbo was not able to do, because although she had been doing great and she had so many fans, some rave reviews made her leave her job too early. She considered some negative words by a few negative people, but didn’t consider thousands or even millions of her fans, and so many great things she had achieved. This is insane.

She didn’t have any problems really. Her only problem was that she didn’t know enough about herself and she didn’t believe in her abilities and achievements.

Unlike Greta Garbo, Arnold Schwarzenegger was strong and smart enough to defeat all his opponents and achieve the things that most people cannot even imagine. He was used to hear the negative words, maybe even thousands of times more than Greta Garbo, because Arnold started getting out of the crowd when there was a lot more competition compared to the time that Greta Garbo was working in Hollywood.

Greta Garbo was Swedish but many of her films were silent which means nobody heard her voice, and so, her accent was not a problem. Some reviewers started nagging about her accent only when she started playing in talkie films.

Like Greta Garbo, Arnold Schwarzenegger also had the accent problem because he is Austrian, but unlike Greta Garbo, he had this problem from the first time he wanted to play a role in a film. In spite of this, he paid no attention to it at all.

These are the negative things Arnold has been used to hear from energy vampires:

  1. You are nothing but just a mass of muscles.
  2. You have a terrible accent.
  3. You have a strange and ridiculous last name.
  4. A stranger with so many problems cannot have a place anywhere in USA’s cinema, business or government.

These problems could not stop him from becoming a great actor, nor from becoming a governor which is something that even most Americans cannot achieve. The reason is that his #1 rule of success is “Trust Yourself” according to himself.

The difference of Greta Garbo and Arnold Schwarzenegger was that the first person took the reviews and negative points to her heart most probably because she didn’t trust herself and thought that the reviewers could be right, but the second person paid no attention to them, because he trusted himself, and so, problems like accent looked negligible to him.

No problem is big enough to stop us.

A problem can stop you only when you see it big and you believe it as a problem and deficiency in yourself. We are the ones who make our problems big. They are not big in reality. No problem is big enough to stop you, because you are much greater than what you can even imagine, no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, and how much money or education you have. You can be great and do great things as soon as you want to.

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So, if you believe in yourself and your values and you trust yourself as Arnold says, energy vampires cannot suck your energy and take you down. You simply laugh at what they say and you keep on advancing. You know that most of the things they say are not true, and some of the things that can be true are not important at all. So there is no point to listen to them and take their words to your heart.

When you trust yourself and know your values, you don’t spend even one second to follow what negative people and energy vampires say, because you know that they are literally sick and there are so many important things missing in their lives, and that is why they talk negative. So it doesn’t make sense for you to follow what these people say, because you do know that what they say comes from an inner problem.

Someone who has a dangerous virus can transmit it to you. You cannot get the virus from a healthy person. Therefore, as a healthy person who wants to stay away from that disease, you have to stay away from someone who has the virus, or at least be careful when you have to be in touch with him somehow. Similarly, to stay away from negative words, you have to stay away from those who say them.

You are healthy and you have to keep your health. Energy vampires are sick and you have to stay away from them and not follow what they say. If there is someone like that at the same place you live, be it your parents, siblings, or your spouse, and you have no option but living with him/her at least for now, just be nice and kind to him/her but don’t pay any attentions to his/her negative words and behaviors. I know it is not easy sometimes, but you can do it if you want. You can laugh at him/her in your mind and have fun.

Who Are Energy Vampires And Why They Are Like That?

They are humans like you and me, but unfortunately they have problems. Like someone who has an infectious disease caused by a dangerous germ, energy vampires have something harmful inside which has affected them badly. They are hurt for some reason and have not been able to handle and fix it. They need help definitely but unfortunately in most cases they don’t receive it from the others, nor they think about helping themselves.

Someone who is full of positive energy cannot hide it from others. He talks and acts positive. He supports the others and gives positive energy to anybody he meets or talks to. But someone who has lost his energy, has nothing positive to give the others. There is something missing inside him that he tries to have it back, but he doesn’t know the right way to do it. He does it through hurting the others and sucking their positive energy mainly by saying negative words:

  • You can’t do anything right.
  • You are ugly.
  • You don’t look good.
  • You are not smart and qualified enough to do it.
  • You are stupid and weak.
  • You can’t get anywhere.
  • You can’t achieve your dreams.
  • There are so many who are much better than you
  • I hate you…

Hearing the above words and sentences makes you lose your energy, enthusiasm and creativity. In most cases, people take them to heart, like what Greta Garbo did. These negative words are even more harmful and fatal when heard from close relatives like parents and siblings. Unfortunately so many close relatives does this to their loved ones. They are hurt and they hurt the others while they have no idea. You can easily leave the school or quit the job you love because of hearing negative words from people. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

How To Deal With Energy Vampires

Don’t ever try to change an energy vampire, because you cannot and chances are he hurts you while you try to help him. Just forgive and forget. Keep the distance if possible. If not, don’t take their words to heart. Smile as if you are listening to a joke. You are what you are. Negative words cannot change the reality. You are the one who can hurt yourself by listening to negative words and taking them to your heart.

It is possible that thousands of people talk against you, while you are not aware. So you do your things normally and happily. But you get hurt as soon as you hear even what only one of them says against you. Still nothing is changed in you. You just heard some negative words that were used to be said against you in the past too, but the difference is you didn’t know it before, but you know it now. You are the same person indeed. There was nothing wrong with you neither in the past, nor now. The problem is you have got some negative words to your heart. The negative words that you knew nothing about them before.

But, instead of taking the negative words to your heart, you could choose another option. You could ignore them instantly as if you had never heard them, and live the way you were used to. But you choose the other option which is taking the negative words serious. So, indeed you are the one who is hurting yourself. You are injecting the poison into your body. Everything is under your control. You are the one who can choose the good or the bad option.

You cannot shut peoples’ mouths, nor you can prevent their negative actions and behaviors. You have no control on them. But you have full control on yourself. You can spend your life listening and following what your enemies say against you, and then get hurt and feel broke. But there is another option which is much easier to follow: You don’t give them a damn as if they don’t exist at all.

The better and more successful you get, the more enemies you will have. This is normal. You will be stopped at the middle of the way of success and prosperity as soon as you spend your time following what your enemies say against you. You can be more successful every day if you keep on focusing on your life and job and enjoying your moments.

So everything is under your control.

What Will Happen To Energy Vampires Finally?

They get worse every day. As they spend their time and energy on negativity, they cannot do something positive and important for themselves, and so their lives will not be good. They try to heal their wounds via wounding the others, but they get worse the more they do it. In most cases they don’t do it because they have something against you. You should not take it personal. You or someone else doesn’t make any difference for them. They just want to hurt to soothe their own pains. You should forgive and forget, and be focused on what you like and enjoy. You are too great to get hurt by a bunch of negative words. You get hurt only when you want to.

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Some energy vampires make money through spreading negativity against the others. This has become so common over the Internet. It is very easy to gather some gadflies on a website via publishing gossips and bad things about the others who are doing good (like celebrities). Whereas it takes more time and energy to create a community of healthy and positive people. The reason is that the smell of the crap that the energy vampires publish on their websites can easily attract gadflies who enjoy the negative words they read on energy vampire websites, because their soul can only be fed by negativity. They start following those websites as soon as they find them, because they need those websites to empty their inner pressure by reading and saying negative words against the others. This makes traffic and money for the energy vampires’ websites. This is what they want and is the easiest way for such incompetent people to make money over the Internet. They get more encouraged to focus on negativity when they see that their negative posts and pages receive a lot of attentions and comments from people like themselves, but nobody gives a damn to their other posts and articles. So they prefer to stay focused on negativity.

But, you have to work too hard to attract the trust of the healthy and positive people. They don’t spend their valuable time on any website they stumble upon. They have to see value and truth in your words to trust you. They have to see your expertise and professionalism to subscribe for your newsletter. They leave your site and will never be back as soon as they see no value in your words and feel that you are wasting their time for negativity and false things.

It is too hard to create a community of healthy and competent people, but such a community is priceless, and it becomes more valuable as the time goes by. Although, one can make money faster and easier if he focuses on negativity and gossip against others, he is a losers in long term, because he can never go beyond a certain level. All he will have is a herd of sick, jealous, depressed, broke, failed, torpid and useless people gathered around his website. He goes lower every day while he is accompanied by his followers who are all like himself.

The same remedy works against the Internet energy vampires too: Forgive and Forget!

Chances are you become famous somehow and you attract the attention of the Internet energy vampires and they publish negative words against you. First of all, you should never spend even one second to read what they say. Your time is too valuable to be spent on this. However, if you accidentally got faced with their sites, you just ignore and leave immediately while you hold nothing in your mind and heart. You must really forgive and forget otherwise you hurt yourself.

In case some of these people leave negative comments or posts on your website or your FaceBook page, you just (1) delete, (2) forgive and (3) forget. You have to keep your site and pages clean for healthy people. You cannot let infected people get in and transmit the germs to others.

It is up to you which option to choose. You can be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, pay no attention to negativity and climb the ladder of success, or like Greta Garbo who allowed sick people to hurt her. What others say about you doesn’t change anything. You are what you are, and you can change only when you want.

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    I learn a lot from u Mentor Chris..

    • Joshua,

      Let’s say you cannot make any money from Forex trading after for example a couple of years of learning and practicing. Still that is not a failure, because although you have not become able to make money through forex trading, still you have learned so many things you can use in other businesses. For example you learn to analyze the price charts and candlesticks. So you can be a great stock trader. You learn about economy and important economic news. You learn about different currencies and…

      You cannot say you are successful only when you make money. Learning new things is good even if they don’t make any money for you. They will help you somewhere sometime.

      Learning is not wasting of time. It is their own problem if your friends cannot understand this. When you start thinking about making money and becoming wealthy and you take actions, and for example you start from forex, you will make money and become wealthy finally no matter if you can make money through forex or not, because when you are the man of taking actions, you will succeed finally. Just don’t give up. God helps those who help themselves.

      The good news is LuckScout has also thought about those who will not become able to make money through Forex trading for some reason. That is not a problem from our point of view. They can still make money and even become millionaires. We are here to create the community of millionaires, no matter how they make money. Forex trading is not the only way of becoming a millionaire (although it is one of the best ways).

  53. Casey Ram says:

    Great words Chris:

    “You cannot say you are successful only when you make money.”

    Unfortunately, this world understands only “money” NOT happiness nor Peace of mind…

    Your article and comments are real eye openers and need lot of introspection.

  54. Victor Paul Obike says:

    Hi chris, you have spoken well as always, this is more inspiring than anything i have ever read from you in the past.

  55. AJ Brissy says:

    Thanks Chris,

    Excellent article.

  56. Alejandro Bastida says:

    Thank you so much Chris for another great encouragement, Its so nice to be one of the real millionaires someday. We are or I forever indebted you.

  57. Luis Camba says:

    Great article Chris. We need to always keep a positive mind in our lives. When things are not looking good, to have the confidence everything will be better. That is a shield against energy vampires.

  58. Charles Booth says:

    Everything is energy including our thought’s. Just like there are physical laws like gravity there are spiritual laws like the law of attraction. Which simply states one’s habitual predominate thought process manifest one’s reality and that like attracts like. So it is crucial to keep your thoughts and actions on a positive positive wave length or vibration as to only manifest that which is lovely and beneficial to self and others.

    LuckScout and Chris are a beautiful expression and manifestation of this law in action. So congratulations to everyone here and ones to come we are all drawing each other to this blessed place that’s so much more than just about making money. I’m honored to be amongst such great and kindred spirits. May we all grow and help one another reach our goals and dreams and make our selfless mentor proud. May we each be inspired and find the confidence to bring this spirit to the world arounds us blessing others along the way.

  59. Jean M says:

    Awesome article once more. There is no better way to surround yourself with like minded positive people than right here on LuckScout. I personally do not visit any other site as there is no need for it. I have got it all right here.

  60. dragan m says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this article.

    I am dealing with such a person for 6 years now, finally it is ended, but still have some issues. So I know very well what you’re talking about.

    You mentioned Arnold, which is great example, person with a goal and refusing to give up or listen to negative things.

    But how do we deal with persons like Lance Armstrong, which I really respected, because I believed him over the people who were saying that he was cheater. Not only that he is a cheater and a liar, but he also made himself a victim on that talk show. My question is, how can I trust anyone after what he has done?

    Dragan 🙂

    • Dragan,

      While we are on our own way, nice people are welcome, but we don’t rely on them. A good friend is a good friend as long as he is good. An opponent is a friend as soon as he shakes hand with us. It happens a lot that a kind friend becomes an enemy. It also happens a lot that an enemy becomes a good friend. None of these things should be able to hurt or help us. We are a loser if we tie our lives to people.

      “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” ― Albert Einstein.

      There are some dark spots in anybody’s life. We are not Jesus Christ. We are ordinary people. Everybody makes mistakes. Even Arnold has made some mistakes, but he is still a hero. I learn from him, and I don’t blame him for his mistakes. His achievements help me in my life, but I don’t care about his mistakes. Lance Armstrong can be the same to you. If you see any outstanding feature in his life, learn it from him. If not, forget him.

  61. Hosea Tumewu says:

    dayumm Chris, reading this article I think you must’ve had a pretty darn big herd of vampires yourself, seeing you able to write this topic in a very detailed and precise manner.

    Yeah and by the way, I’ve just read a similar article on tinybuddha which tells a story of an ex-vampire (which they use the same terminology). I agree that all they got and all they do revolves around hatred and misery, which actually makes their own lives more miserable. Guess what we can really do dealing with such people is to either forgive and forget or ignore them altogether.

    Keep going Chris, your sincere and loyal fans will always be around 🙂

  62. kadri adewale says:

    Hi Chris,thanks for this great and motivational article. God will continuously increase your wisdom.

  63. Chris Long says:

    Thanks Chris, once again a timely article.
    I myself suffer from what people call pyscho babble, the brain doing self sabotage, similar to energy vampires.
    I play an audio hypnosis track of an evening, when l get into bed, saying l am a successful trader and will have financial freedom to do what l want when l want.

  64. dragan m says:

    Thank you very much Chris, you are a great mentor.


  65. mehdi fallah says:

    very real and timely article
    no doubt whom are doing movement will pass from the whom are standing

  66. ~ Youness ~ says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just came across this quote, and I think it sums up this article.

    “If we desire to blossom like a rose in the garden, then we must learn the art of adjusting with the thorns.”


  67. Agus Santoso says:

    Great article chris, thank you..!!

  68. Nadi brh says:

    Thank you Chris for this amazing article.

    I feel wholeheartedly that I was stopped in many circumstances by these vampires who wanted to stop those who are on their ways to progress.

    Thank you for reminding us 🙂

  69. fawaz bamakrait says:

    Thanks Chris for always keep us UP.

    My answer is that i am 54 years old, I WILL KEEP CLIMBING the ladder of success in spite of all negative vampire around me, just because (I HAVE A GOAL TO REACH).

    thanks a gain.

  70. Hristo Grigorov says:

    Chris! I love you man!

    You are totally inspiring and great person!

    You deserve the best of life!

    I am so grateful that I found your website and for your help and inspiration!

    Thanks again!

  71. Reza Syaferial says:

    Thank you Chris for the article.

  72. Lee D says:

    Thanks Chris, this article came at the right time!

  73. Nics Anikitos says:

    Among the things I wanted most for today and next is this article, I have come across it at the right moment, Thank you Chris, this a very good pillar on which I should build my extra and additional principles in life. Otherwise the question of energy suckers has been a cause of either my bad day or good one.
    Now I discover such people are sick.
    Yes we must go foreword with no strings attached! and ignore none related issues in regards to our goals set a head of us
    Only God Almight, what he planned for me can not be changed otherwise I’m the one to change it by free will granted by Heavens.

    Thank you Chris

  74. Kelvin Dube says:

    love this part/When you are internally ready to become rich, money comes and finds you anyway. The point is you should be serious to follow your goal and keep your enthusiasm for good. When you are not serious and you don’t have the courage to follow your goal, Chris or even God, cannot help you.

    its all about passion in life..

  75. Chandima G says:

    Worth to read it again and again to take it into flesh and blood so that no vampires can hurt me any more!
    Thanks again!

  76. Muhammad Hassan` says:

    informative article, that helps me to understand energy vampires around me to suck my energy

  77. fawaz bamakrait says:

    thanks chris ,
    i like this article ,it is a morning coffee article.

  78. Ravi Shankar says:

    A lot of thanks for this life-building and heart-feeling article.In fact I was in need of this.Since the moment I started forex learning I was an easy target of energy vampires.
    I feel full of positive vibration.
    I am greatful to you.thanks again.

  79. Noel J says:

    Dear Chris,

    I was able to identify the negative people around me and for years. But I never knew how to deal them. Your words are so valuable and true and made me think and focus on my goals away from their effect. I really can’t thank you enough. My God and life reward you with the best for your good faith.

  80. N A says:

    You article is wonderful and usefull.
    If sometime, Dear Chriss, you write a book, any kind of book, I would like to know it, please…

    Each of your word, touches my heart!

    Thank you a lot

  81. Uditha Millewa says:

    The one who fulfilled his “qualities” for real,
    The one who deserve everything as a free man & a true discoverer
    Thank you very much dear Chris!

  82. Amog Mayor says:

    Great and inspiring article as usual. God bless you my mentor and a role model indeed. By HIS bracr, I tap this spirit of wisdom from you and I received the impaction. Long life Chris Pottorff.

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