How to Feed Your Mind with Positive Energy to Have a Great Life

Did you know that what you say and write has a direct impact on your life?

Most of us don’t know this, and even if we know, we don’t believe in it, because it looks impossible. It looks like a superstition to believe that what we say and write, impacts our lives. But I want to tell you something which is even harder to believe: even what you “think” impacts your life also.

Our lives are the results of our thoughts:

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

– Frank Outlaw

I’d like to disclose some important facts that are hard to believe. It is up to you if you want to believe them or not. However, if you like to live more prosperous, you have to believe these facts. If your life is getting better every day, you can make it even better, because it is your right to have a life which is perfect, amazing and outstanding. If your life is what it was used to be in the past 5 years, without any improvement, then you are losing a lot. And if your life isn’t what it has to be and is getting worse every day, then you have to do something immediately.

Just start from your thoughts, and everything else will get better. Everything will change automatically, if you learn how to feed your thoughts with positive energy. Unfortunately, most people have learned to do the opposite: they feed their thoughts with negativity all the time.

Maybe you can’t change the world’s economic and political situation. Maybe you can’t change the nature and the weather of the area you live in. Maybe you can’t change…

There are a lot of things you can’t change, even if you spend billions of dollars, and even if you have the strongest army in the world.

But, there is something you can change and make it better and better every day, and changing it, changes your life: Your Mind

You are the owner of your mind and thoughts. You can control them. You can program your mind to have good and positive thoughts always. You can do the opposite too. If your mind is full of negative thoughts, they bother you all the time. But you can change them very easily. The negative thoughts have been there for so many years. You are used to them. They come, get amplified and duplicated on their own, because you have allowed them to do that.

Why not having positive thoughts instead of the negative? What advantages do the negative thoughts have for you? The minimum damage they have is that they don’t let you enjoy your life. They take away your happiness and tranquility.

But they are more harmful than this. They program your life toward sadness and failure. If you feel you aren’t as lucky as what you like to be, it is only because of your thoughts.

So, change your thoughts and then your life will change and it will become what you deserve. You deserve to have a great life, no matter who you are, how old you are, where you are from, and what you have been doing so far.

How Can You Do That?

It is much easier than you can even imagine. You just need to stop thinking and saying the things that have any signs of negativity. Instead, make your mind and talks full of positivity and beauty.

1. Never talk about the bad and unpleasant events of your life. If you do that, you are feeding the negativity they have left in your mind, as when you water the weeds. You don’t like the weeds to ruin your garden. Similarly, you shouldn’t allow the negative thoughts to ruin your mind. When you talk about misery, misfortune, disaster and mischances, you are growing and feeding these harmful weeds in your mind. After a while, they occupy everywhere and they don’t allow even one single positive and pleasant thought to come to your mind.

So here is what you have to do from now on:

Instead of talking about the bad events and mischances, talk about the funny and pleasant events. Be careful not to allow the negative thoughts to take the control again and make you sad while you are talking about the good things. Laugh as much as you can, when you talk about the good events and stories, and make the listeners laugh also.

Even if there is nobody there to listen to you, talk to yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. I am used to tell jokes to myself and laugh when I am alone. The same jokes that I know for several years, are still too funny for me and make me laugh loud when I remember them in my mind 😀

Make jokes and have fun even if you are you sick and you feel pain. Keep in mind that if you pay attention to anything, you make it stronger. If you pay attention to pains and problems, you make them stronger and you enable them to control you and your life. Instead, pay a lot of attention to good and pleasant things.

Never talk about your pains. Never say you don’t feel good, or you feel bad. Always say you are very well and will get better and better every second. Believe me that if you do so, you can defeat even the strongest problems and illnesses. Just try it. It is free. Nobody is going to charge you for the positive thoughts you will have in your mind. But you always pay the price of your bad thoughts. So, replace them with good thoughts.

2. Make the most of any short pleasant moment in your life. If you do so, they expand and duplicate and make your whole life full of happiness, as if you are living in heaven.

Heaven is what you build for yourself. It isn’t a special place. Sometimes when you feel so good and you feel you are in paradise, someone who is sitting next to you, feels like hell. So, feeling good is all about what you have in your mind. Duplicate good and pleasant thoughts and let them surround you. Enjoy each and every second of the good and joyful events.

3. Give positive energy to others. This doesn’t waste your positive energy; it amplifies it. You feel much better when you say good and energetic words to others. Conversely, you feel bad when you discourage the others and give them negative energy. Make the others feels good and happy, and you feel better and happier.

Become happy when you see people are happy and successful, and help them become happier and more successful. If so, you attract their happiness and success and the same good things will happen in your life too.

4. Always see good things in everything, even if they don’t look that good at the beginning. For example, when you see a bad collision which has killed some people, say “thank God! It could be a lot worse than this.”

Do your best to find at least one good point in any event, even the bad ones.

5. Have something good and energetic in anything you say. For example, if you want to ask your friend to bring a cup of tea, say, “please get me a cup of tea my lovely friend.”

If your child asks you to buy an expensive toy, don’t say, “I can’t afford it”, because if you do, you will never afford it in future too. Something you say becomes reality, because your mind programs your life according to it. Even something you think is like that. Even if you think that you can’t afford something, you really can’t afford it in future too, because your mind believes in this thought as a rule that has to be obeyed in your life. Your subconscious believes everything you say and think.

Instead of saying or thinking you can’t afford something, challenge your mind to make your life in a way that you become able to afford it soon. You can do this by saying or thinking, “how can I afford this?”

If you say or think like that, then you are pushing your mind to look at what you say, as an address that has to be found. It rules and programs your life toward locating the address, even if you forget about it. Your mind and subconscious always work on the subjects, behind the scene, even when you forget the subjects.

Instead of saying “I can’t do it”, say, “how can I do it?”

If you do so, your mind starts working on the project and finds a way to enable you to do it somehow.

6. Avoid negative people, places, musics, websites, news, and anything that make you feel bad and negative. Focusing on negativity doesn’t take you to a good place. It only takes you down.

Spending your time with negative people and listening to what they say, not only wastes your time, but also ruins your life and future. Avoid people who make you feel bad. Avoid those who don’t give you a good sense.


It is all about your mind and thoughts. You don’t have to fight the negative thoughts that have captured your mind. Just think about the positive things from now on, and the negative thoughts will disappear by themselves. Fill up your mind with positive and good things, and your life will get filled by positive and good things.

Start doing this right now and never stop it.

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LuckScout Team

"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford


    1. It sound so simple and thats the reason why many don’t take the thought and words they speak serious. I believe it 100% though I still struggle sometimes, saying negative words. Everything that exist today must have been thought sometime in the past so this is undeniably. Our thoughts give direction to our life.

  1. Hello,

    Do not judge about my gratitude through my words, because they are insignificant enough to express my gratitude.

    So I will just said thank you.

    You really are one complete man, complete in every sense, aware of all the laws of the universe and the world in which you live. In which we all live.

    This is a great post, in great site, written by a great man.

    You are really aware of the law of attraction, and I am sure you are applying them in your life. The law which operates in the whole universe, which is so powerful and so strong that it acts in every circumstance and to everyone, we were aware of it or not.

    I deeply believe in law of attraction. I believe I am find this site because of my strong desire for knowledge, success and freedom. Nothing in life is not accidentally, and also my visit to this great site is not by accidental. I pulled it into my life.

    We attract everything in our life with our thoughts.

    Because of this information, due to progress in physics and metaphysics religion and science have never been closer, because it is proven that a person can achieve anything he wants if he wants that badly enough and if he deeply believe in that. That is the key for effect of law of attraction.

    On the other hand, religion is preaches exactly that. Faith and the things will come true.

    As Maria Teresa said, “Do not call me in the demonstrations against the war, when you organizing a demonstration for peace, then call me”.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Thank you. You are always good, better & best for the betterment of others. That’s why you are trying to make others like you. This post is the prove of that.
    My thought will be for positive and for good things and for the betterment of others. Already my mind is going to filled with positives.

  3. this is a golden article really.

    I will try to spread the bright thoughts as much as I can with my people; they will love it I am sure; they need it.

    thank you my dear friend and God bless.

  4. wow my dear .
    they used to say books are the best friends,what about an adviser ,author,and a mentor like you who writes such great lesson like this one ,thanks man thanks a lot ,indeed very energizer .

  5. Thanks,! The article is so inspiring!
    Double doses of inspiration daily from both Luckscout site and LS Multimillions Club . Feeling so powerful. Start seeing small little results after joining the club & actions taken. No regret and will continue to realise my dreams through the awesome team & platform here!
    Thank you!

  6. This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read on this great site! Very motivating, not only for trading but also for life in general. I sincerely think everyone should read this great article because it gives instructions for life. Life at the highest level.

    it’s obvious you are well aware of the law of atraction and you are apply it in your life.
    So I’m absolutely sure I didn’t come on this site accidentally because I study law of atraction for years and also aplly it in my life, and my greatest wish is to become successful trader.
    And I’m confident more than ever I’m on the right track.

    Thank you and all LS team!

    P.S. About law of atraction I highly recommend to everyone, series of 7 books about this Universal law and how to apply it in our lives for own advantage. These are the best books about this law and the best books I ever read in my life – Reality Transurfing (1-7).

  7. Wao, this is the greatest lesson I have ever gotten in my entire life, and I must abide it, thanks my greatest mentor, I love you.

  8. This is indeed great.
    positive energy all the way.
    The part that got me “whatever you pay attention to becomes stronger”.

  9. Been beating myself up for many years over bad things I have done.
    What I have read today is helping me stop. No re-do is available just a re-start. Thank you

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