Learning how to get more followers on Twitter is everyone’s desire, whether you are a business or not.

Almost everyone, from influencers to ordinary cowboys, is craving for a ton of Twitter followers, for whatever reasons.

That’s right; me too!

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Twitter followers are not without their benefits, it goes without saying.

They could make you stand out from the competition, among other things.

More followers on Twitter could mean a ready market if you are a brand who’s doing things “right.”

Twitter Followers

All the same, it can be a nut to crack to acquire followers, especially if you’re a newbie on Twitter or are looking to run several accounts for your businesses on the platform.

That’s right; how many times have you been unfollowed on Twitter when you were least expecting it?

Or, how many times have you followed several different accounts in the hopes that they could return the favor – and they didn’t?

Like everything else, knowing how to get more followers on Twitter – and retaining these – has a catch.

You need to be a master of the game.

Which is why you may be here!

So worry not, for I have your best interests at heart.

In no time, I should turn you from a novice to an expert.

You only need to stay aboard with me if you want to learn how to get more followers on Twitter.

But first things first…

Why You Should Get More Followers on Twitter

Needless to say, numbers are always tied to some benefits – especially if you are a business looking to gain exposure.

And the “Twitter numbers” are no exception.

These can help do the following:

  • Generate leads
  • Get your message across all and sundry
  • Position you as an influential figure
  • Get you more ideas

Followers on Twitter can help do wonders with regards to generating leads.

Which is why promoting your product shouldn’t be a problem if you have the numbers with you – and you are playing the game right.

When you have more followers clenched in your fist, getting your message to all and sundry is almost hassle-free.

Why is that?

An increased Twitter following immediately positions you as an influential figure.

It’s no wonder that people are always looking to follow accounts with considerable followers.

They are looking to be within the influential radius of these accounts.

In other words, they don’t want to be left out of the persuasive scope of these terrific accounts.

They will follow in an instant.

Which explains why Twitter accounts with many followers are always growing.

Another reason you should have more followers is that these are an asset when you are looking to expand your knowledge; when you are looking for new or additional ideas.

Meaning, should you have a nagging question, all you need to do is tweet it and watch the answers come in – in form of replies, mentions, or even direct messages.

Your question might be retweeted so it reaches a bigger audience, too, attracting even more answers.

Isn’t that good news?

Should You Get Followers for Free or Should You Buy Them?

My take has always been and still is: you should get Twitter followers for free.

It is risk-free that way!

Buying followers on Twitter comes with a price-tag attached.

Your account could be suspended.

Your brand might be in danger of losing credibility; even your most loyal customers may lose their trust in you.

Who wants to associate themselves with a “cheating” brand, after all?

No one, right?

And this is where it stings most:

Your purchased followers are less likely to get engaged in your conversations on Twitter.

They didn’t choose to follow you in the first place, but you purchased them.

So why would they even care to get engaged in your conversations?


Which is the reason you’d be left tweeting to a dormant (bot-like) audience.

Needless to say, if you are here and are still looking to buy Twitter followers, you need to think again.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

 It’s possible you are reading this and you already have more followers on Twitter.

It’s also likely you are here and have an average number of followers.

Or, maybe, you are this new kid on the block who’s yet to get the ball rolling.

Anyhow, we all have mission; we’re all looking to get more followers on Twitter, irrespective of whatever stage we may be at with regards to growing our audience.

Therefore, let’s all dive in!

Here’s a list of practical ways to get more followers on Twitter for free:

  1. Follow and follow back
  2. Post relevant stuff
  3. Use Hashtags
  4. Retweet others
  5. Have a good bio
  6. Use sharable content
  7. Promote your Twitter handle
  8. Mention Users
  9. Involve influencers
  10. Post the same tweet more than once

1. Follow and Follow Back

Get more followers on Twitter by following relevant accounts.

By “relevant”, I mean those accounts that might be interested in what you do.

Those that are likely to follow back.

Flipping the same coin, you should follow back users who follow you on Twitter.

You need to return the favor.

Otherwise, you risk being unfollowed by new followers on Twitter.

Not following back is a sure way to not retain new Twitter followers.

No one wants to stick around if you are stingy; it doesn’t matter how invaluable you might seem to be.

Ensure you are returning the favor if you’re, in fact, looking to build a considerable following on Twitter.

You don’t want your followers to slip through your fingers while you’re watching, do you?

Of course, not; you don’t want to fall prey to this!

2. Post Relevant Stuff

Another way to acquire more followers on Twitter is by posting relevant stuff.

While it might be fine to tweet about the “me stuff”, not feeding your audience with the “ideal” stuff is a guarantee to lose them bit by bit.

If you are a brand or business especially and are always posting about your latest holiday experiences, your audience is likely to “protest” by unfollowing you.

Unless they are friends or family, followers on Twitter care less about your personal life.

They don’t even care if you are a democrat or republican.

Please save the “me stuff” to yourself.

Most Twitter users only care about what they may have followed you for.

So ensure you are not only delivering it, but also doing so without fail.

Post relevant content!

Give your followers what they want; they will get engaged almost immediately, attracting potential followers in the process.

3. Use Hashtags

If you are looking to get more followers on Twitter, don’t hesitate to use hashtags in your tweets.

This is especially vital if you’re looking to get more niche-oriented followers.

If possible, use trending hashtags, provided they are agreeable.

It is a guaranteed way to gain exposure in your area of interest.

Twitter users are often on the lookout for trending hashtags.

And, chances are high they should follow you when they bump into your account.

In addition, you get niche-rich followers when you use niche-savvy hashtags.

For instance, if you are a blogger looking to get blogging gigs or are looking for followers interested in blogging, you can use such hashtags like:

  • #blogging
  • #blogger
  • #bloggingopportunities
  • #bloggerswanted
  • #bloggersneeded

The list actually is endless.

The thing is, whatever niche it is, use niche-friendly hashtags to get your message across your audience.

 4. Retweet

Getting more followers on Twitter is tied around retweeting other people’s stuff, too.

 Make it a habit to retweet other posts, provided they’re relevant for your audience.

Twitter users are more likely to share your content when you retweet theirs.

You know what that means?

Increased visibility and good chances of being followed as a result.

I always return the favor when someone retweets my content.

In the same vein, you might consider adding a “Please Retweet” note in your posts.

Tweets that include this note attract more retweets than those without.

Usually, some people will do things only when they are prompted to.

So, come on!

Tell them you need them to retweet your posts.

 5. Have a Good Bio

Do you boast a reasonable bio on your Twitter account?

A good bio is key if you’re looking to get more followers on Twitter.

If you don’t have one, you could be missing out on potential followers.

Note that before people follow you, a good number of them visit your profile to determine if you’re worth to follow or not.

Your bio can either make them stick around or scare the hell out of them.

Therefore, ensure you have a clear bio that shows who really are – or/and what you do.

In the same vein, is your profile image reasonable enough?

If it’s a headshot, is it your real image or someone else’s?

If it’s a brand name, is it a real brand or is some counterfeit thing you are going to keep changing randomly?

Followers on Twitter want to be associated with a real person or real brand.

They want to track a prestigious brand and not just some kind of imagination.

They want to see you.

Which also goes without saying that please include your website, if you have one, in your bio.

A website is a professional score on your bio.

It makes you stand out from every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there.

It confirms to your followers that you are someone worth your salt, and that you can be trusted.

Last but not least, you might want to include your city or region name to attract local followers, especially if you’re marketing a local product.

6. Post Sharable Content

This is my favorite!

I post shareable content in order to get more followers on Twitter.

If you are looking to get your tweets shared (everyone does), ensure they’re shareable.

Include relevant pictures in your tweets.

Tweets with an image are more likely to be shared than those without.

Include relevant inspirational/motivational quotes in your tweets.

Everyone wants to be inspired/motivated.

Me too.

The thing is, people easily share inspirational posts, tweets, which are, then, re-shared by other users, and so on.

Another way to ensure your content is shareable is by use of links.

Tweets with links stand a good chance to be retweeted than those without links.

Twitter users are always curious; they always want to get more info behind every tweet.

Links hardly disappoint when it comes to that.

Which is why you want to incorporate links in your tweets – if you haven’t already started yet.

7. Promote Your Twitter Handle

Promotion is not just for businesses alone; it also applies when you’re looking to get more followers on Twitter.

Therefore, let the world know that you need them to follow you on Twitter, and they are likely to do it.

Promote your Twitter handle!

Include it in your business cards and have your business contacts follow you.

Incorporate it on your website and blog and have the online community follow you.

Let your email signature do the hard work: include your handle in it and have more people follow you.

When it comes to email lists, let your prospects see your Twitter handle and they are likely to follow you as a result.

Ask people to follow you on Twitter: you can include a “follow me” button on your website or blog.

Your other social media accounts come in handy, too.

Let your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. feature your Twitter handle.

I call it marketing!

8. Mention Users

It couldn’t be easier to get more followers on Twitter by mentioning other users.

Learn to mention others by their Twitter handle when replying to their tweets.

The people you’ve mentioned are likely to mention you back as a result.

Which is a sure way to increase your visibility and improve your chances of being followed.

The same thing also applies when replying to “public” messages; messages that you feel might be of help to other Twitter users.

What am I trying to say here?

When you’re replying to such messages and feel that your response could be of help to your audience, reply the message publicly.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3,…

In your reply, @mention the person who asked the question.

Other Twitter users will see it.

If the reply is quite helpful, these are likely to follow you because they immediately see you as an asset.

9. Engage Influencers

Influencers play a key role when you want to get more followers on Twitter.

Mention influencers in your posts.

Influencers like to be recognized by all and sundry and are likely to follow you when you identify them.

The icing on the cake is when they mention you back!

You get to be seen by their huge following, escalating your chances to be followed.

On the same note, it’s a good thing to retweet influencers, especially those that sit in your niche.

Like I said before, influencers can catapult your follower count notches higher.

By retweeting them, it’s possible they could return the favor – multiplying your exposure to the masses.

This is yet another powerful tactic geared toward increasing your follower count.

Make use of it.

10. Post More Than Once

Last but not least, post more than once if you are determined to attract more followers on Twitter.

A tweet has a lifespan of a few minutes, during which it may be visible to only a portion of your followers – a small fraction of those.

In order to increase visibility and attract more followers on Twitter, therefore, post your tweets a couple of times, at different times.

Get me right here; I am not talking about spamming – avoid an outburst of tweets.

But I’m talking about posting the same tweet in considerable time intervals.

That way, most of your followers and Twitter users are likely to see your post.

In other words, someone who may have missed seeing your post 40 minutes earlier could actually see it when you repost it.

Scheduling your tweets comes in handy here.

Tools like Hootsuite and Socialoomph can be an asset in this respect.


Now that you know how to get more followers on Twitter, I hope you don’t waste a second to make use of it.

Be sure to take one step at a time, nevertheless, but you want to do things right.

You need to know what you are doing in order to build an audience on Twitter.

Yes, nothing comes on a silver platter – save for a lottery windfall.

But the good news is, that once you get the hang of it, it should be easy breezy to attract Twitter followers.

Last but not least, it’s possible there’s something I may have missed in this article.

So, please share in the comments if there is any practical tactic you’re using to get more followers on Twitter.