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How to Improve Self Esteem Every Day

If you improve self esteem, you will become a better person both for yourself and the others.

Do you know what self esteem is? It is how much you love and respect yourself.

That was the simplest way of describing self esteem. You know me… I like to simplify everything…

Is it good to love yourself? Of course it is. You can’t love anybody if you don’t love yourself. You love the others exactly because you love yourself.

You can’t work toward having a better life and becoming a better person if you don’t love yourself, or if you don’t love yourself enough.

But why don’t some people love themselves, or why they don’t love themselves enough?

Everybody loves him/herself naturally. If someone doesn’t, it is because of the negative impacts of the people who have been around.

So the place you live in and the people who are around, are very important. Parents are the first who can improve or destroy your self esteem with their words and behavior. The most common mistake they make in this case is overloading you with lots of negative words when you make a mistake.

I was about to start this article with a negative phrase (Lack of self esteem…) but I removed the sentence before I complete it because talking and thinking negative hurts every body including yourself. There is no point to be negative while you can be positive and think and talk positively.

So let’s stop talking about the things that hurt our self esteem and start talking about the things that improve it.

There are lots of good news in this case: You can improve self esteem every day, no matter at what level it is and no matter if some people have already hurt it. You can even start building your self esteem now if you feel no or a weak self esteem.

Don’t let a weak self esteem keep you back and frozen. Start improving your self esteem now. It is very easy.

Some Strong Ways to Improve Self Esteem

Here is some strong methods to increase and improve self esteem every day. Start following them now and you will be a different person very soon.

1) Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

You are the best as you are because you are unique and there is nobody like you in the universe.

You have everything to have a great life and there is no difference between you and the most successful people in the world. Maybe you don’t have a lot of things that some others have now, but that doesn’t matter because those people also didn’t have the things they have right now.

Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, focus on the things you have and start working toward having the things you like to have.

Don’t even compare your appearance with the others. Everybody is different and everybody has his/her own beauties the way he/she is. You don’t have to look like someone else to feel good. You can feel good the way you look like if you have a beautiful smile on your face and try to be nice and kind to everybody.

Instead of comparing yourself to others and giving negative energy to yourself, try to be a better person every day. This improves your self esteem and will get you realized that how great you are.

Improve Self Esteem by Not Comparing Yourself With Others...

2) Think Positive to Improve Self Esteem

Think, talk and act positive and give positive energy to others all the time. You are the first one who will take the advantage of the positive energy you give the others. You feel happier than them. Their happiness makes you happier than what you are, and if you repeat this, you will become full of positive energy and happiness.

After a very short time which can be even less than a day, you will feel a lot more confident and you feel a lot more respect to yourself and the others. You will see that your self esteem is boosted and you love yourself more.

Try to do it now and see the effect. Don’t give up at the middle of the way if something negative or bad happens while you have started your positivity campaign. If someone tries to stop you by giving a cold and negative energy, just give him a much bigger and stronger positive energy to negate him and his negative sense.

At the same time, don’t try to change those who are extremely negative. Just avoid them. They can hurt you and stop you from improving your self esteem and helping the others to improve their self esteem as well.

Give Positive Energy To Others

3) Appreciate Those Who Praise You

One of the signs of having a low self esteem is that you don’t feel good when someone praises you. The reason is that when you have a low self esteem you think you are not good enough. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to you when someone praises you because you think what he says is false or wrong, because you are not as good as what he says.

You are the only one who is wrong here.

No matter what and who you are and whether you are good or bad, respect him when someone praises you because he thinks you are good the way he looks at you and your behavior.

Appreciate him and give him the same positive energy.

This is one of the strongest remedies to improve self esteem. Don’t resist against the others’ sense of veneration toward yourself. Let them think and act the way they prefer. You just appreciate them and keep on repeating what has caused them to praise you.

Appreciate Those Who Praise You

4) Make Yourself Busy with the Good and Positive Activities

Surround yourself with the new positive things and activities every day. Start learning something new every now and then.

For example, learn to ski this winter. Keep learning and enjoying it. Spend enough time to learn to ski this winter. Then, master it next year. Then learn snowboarding the year after and when you mastered both, then enjoy both of them.

At the same time, try to learn ice-skating once every week and during the week days when you are in the city.

Start learning a new language.

Start learning a new sport like Karate.

Make yourself a capable and strong person through knowing all of these things. After a while, when you look at yourself, you will see that you look like a different person. You love and respect yourself more now, because the “new you” is a lot better than the old one: Now you are a good skier and snowboarder… you know a new language… you are much stronger and you are a Karate warrior… you are…

This means that you have a much stronger self esteem now. This is how you build and improve self esteem. It is up to you. It is your own choice and decision. Nobody else is going to help but yourself.

Make Yourself Busy With The Good And Positive Activities

5) Associate with Positive and Supportive People

There are always some people around anybody who are the victims of some bad conditions and events, and so they are not feeling well. They intentionally or inadvertently try to hurt the others by giving negative and hurting energy to them.

In most cases, all you can do is avoiding them because they can hurt you a lot. Sometimes they can even change your life very badly. You can’t do anything for those people. You just need to save yourself from getting hurt by them:

It is really hard to deal with these people. So just avoid them.

Instead, try to  mix up with positive and nice people who support and encourage you with their smile and nice and kind behaviors and words.

Improve self esteem by associating with those who make you feel good and have a better sense about yourself and life.

Associate with Positive and Supporting People

6) Remember and List Your Achievements

Stop thinking about the failures. Think about the things you have done properly. Write down your achievements and your success no matter if they are so small. It can be from installing a picture on the wall to getting a good grade in the school or scoring a goal or blocking a ball while playing football.

From teaching a good lesson to a bully person in the school, to helping a disabled person to cross the street…

Make yourself feel good about you by remembering the good things you have done so far. Then you can list the good things you want to achieve in future.

Remember and List Your Achievements

7) List Your Qualities

Think about your qualities and abilities and write them down on a paper.

This helps you to improve self esteem by knowing yourself more and learning how respectful you are.

Sometimes negative energies you have taken from the environment causes you to forget your qualities and the good characteristics you have, and instead you focus on the negativity and failures. If you keep on doing that, you hurt your self esteem.

Nobody is prefect but everybody has some good qualities in addition to some deficiencies that he may have. There is no point to focus on the deficiencies. You can make your qualities outweigh the deficiencies by focusing on them and improving them.

List Your Qualities

8) Support the Others

Do something good to someone every day, be it saying a good and positive sentence, or helping someone to resolve a problem.

It doesn’t have to be a big support. Something that you are able and you can afford to is enough.

Do your best to be as helpful and supportive as possible to the others specially your family and beloved ones.

How do these things help you to improve self esteem?

The positive energy you receive from those you support, and also from the good actions you do, causes you to love yourself more and know that you are such a good and helpful person. It prevents you from belittling yourself in your mind.

Support the Others

9) Find and Follow Your Passion

You will be good in doing something that you are passionate about. So, find your passions and chase them.

I don’t know who has said this but it is so true:

“Follow your passion and success will follow you.”

So don’t ask yourself how you can be successful. Look for your passion and stick to it. Then success will come by itself.

Doing the things that you are not passionate about causes you not to do them properly. It causes failure. If this repeats, several failures in a row can hurt your self esteem. It causes some people tell you that you can’t do anything right. And, this negative impression sits in your mind.

There is at least one thing that you are passionate about. Find it and focus on it. It guides you to a road that ends to happiness and success.

Follow Your Passion

10) Be Yourself

You don’t have to be like someone else to be good or to look good. You can always copy the good things that the others do, but don’t try to be exactly as someone else. You can’t do it and you will miss the chance of being yourself too.

Just do the above things to increase your self esteem and you will see that you won’t like to be like anybody else because you will fall in love with what you are.

Be Yourself


Having a good level of self esteem is so important in your life. You have to have strong self esteem to have a good life. This is so crucial and vital.

In spite of this, it doesn’t cost you anything to build and increase your self esteem.

Start following the above ways now to improve self esteem for free.


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  1. Ben Aqiba Ben Aqiba says:

    Hi Chris,

    Great article.

    I suggest that all who read this just try to apply it on themselves, to have a better life. Because if we do not appreciate ourselves, we can not expect respect the others to do so.


  2. Agus Santoso Agus Santoso says:

    Great article, thank you.

  3. this is a golden one Mr. Chris.

    great job.

  4. Hi Chris,

    Great article, Great lesson for me thank you

  5. Good advice Mentor Chris. This low self esteem can be very subtle yet very destructive in one life. I know first hand from dealing with it in the past.

  6. Roger White Roger White says:

    Great advice, let’s make next year be the best ever.

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