How to Join Epic Trading and Start Making Money Faster

You need a sponsor to join Epic Trading. If joining Epic Trading is all you are looking for, you can Click Here to sign up for the Epic Scholar program which is the only program that you must sign up for, when you want to join Epic Trading. If you receive errors when trying to make the payment, please scroll down to see the instructions.

Why Do You Want to Join Epic Trading?

There are three groups of people who join Epic Trading:

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  1. Forex traders who want to learn how to trade Forex, and also want to use the Epic Trading’s Forex Signals to make profit on their Forex trading accounts.
  2. Team builders who want to make money through Epic Trading’s referral compensation plan.
  3. Forex traders who are also team builders. They do both at the same time. They make money through Epic Trading’s Forex signals and also their referral compensation plan which is what I do.

Therefore, if you are a Forex trader who merely want to make money through Epic Trading’s Forex Signals, then you can sign up for the Epic Scholar program now and start using their signals. They share/send so many signals through their specific and private Telegram groups that only Epic Scholar members have access to. They have several professional traders who share their trade setups and signals with members, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Their signals have a great success rate and risk to reward ratio that enable you to grow your Forex live account steadily.

If you like to join Epic trading to make money through their compensation plan, then you shouldn’t do it through any sponsor. The reason is that you must build your team if you want to make money through Epic Trading’s compensation plan, and so, joining a team that their sponsor doesn’t recruit more members to grow your team as well, is a mistake, unless you are able to grow your team, over and over, on your own.

You are lucky that you are here because we grow our members’ teams. The first thing we do for them is that we refer three personal referrals for each of them to make the Epic Scholar program monthly fee ($134.99/month) become waived and they become eligible to sign up for an Independent Business Owner or IBO account. This not only enables them to use the Epic Scholar program for a $14.99 monthly fee (instead of $134.99/month), but also it makes them eligible to get paid through Epic Trading’s compensation plan. Then, we keep recruiting more members to grow our members’ teams that grows our own team as well. We offer so many other privileges that make it risk-free for our followers to join our Epic Trading team. Read this short article to learn what these privileges are, and also see how many of our members have already started making money with our help: Become a Millionaire with Epic Trading: Join a Great System and Start Making Money 100% on Autopilot

Therefore, joining Epic Trading through us is a win/win deal for you, no matter to which of the above groups you belong to. The point is you must join as soon as you can to get in our list earlier.

If you start early, the fortune belongs to you… 😉

How to Join Epic Trading

To any of the above three groups you belong to, you must sign up for the Epic Scholar program for $134.99 per month first. As I explained above, if you recruit three other Epic Scholar members, and then you sign up for an IBO account for $14.99 per month, the Epic Scholar’s $134.99 monthly fee will be waived. Most people cannot recruit three members. That’s why we do it for our referrals.

When signing up for the Epic Scholar program, you can pay with your bank or debit card and different kinds of credit cards, as well as Bitcoin which is a great help for the residents of the countries who have limits in using their bank or credit cards. So, almost anybody from any country can join Epic Trading. Click Here to sign up for the Epic Scholar program now.

Special Offer:

There is a $134.99 fee for each cycle which is 28 days. However, you receive a 15-35% discount if you sign up for more cycles:

  • 2 Cycles – $229.48 (15% Off – Save $40.50)
  • 3 Cycles – $303.73 (25% Off – Save $101.24)
  • 6 Cycles – $566.96.48 (30% Off – Save $242.98)
  • 12 Cycles – $1,052.92 (35% Off – Save $566.96)

10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

There is no risk because there is an initial 10-day satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, you can receive your money back within 10 days, in case you decide to leave. However, you won’t do this because what you will gain is a lot more than what you pay 😉

How to Start Making Money with Epic Trading Faster

If you are a Forex trader who wants to make money through the Epic Trading’s Forex signals, then you can start doing it instantly after you sign up for Epic Scholar program. As I explained above, Epic Trading’s signals are really great and they help you grow your Forex trading account steadily. I recommend you to paper-trade (demo-trade) the signals for one month to learn how they work and before you apply them to your Forex live account. Also, make sure not to take more than 2-3% risk in each position. Be strict about the stop loss and use the Epic Trading signals exactly as they are shared with you.

If you also want to make money with Epic Trading’s referral compensation plan, then you must build your team, which is what we do too. As I explained above, we build our referrals’ teams, and so they start making money gradually. Some of them have already started making $600 per month which is the first rank (known as Founder 600) in the Epic Trading’s compensation plan: EPIC Trading Ranks

According to the Epic Trading’s compensation plan, you will start with making $600 per month, when you have 12 active members in your team while 5 of them are placed in the first, 5 of them in the second and 2 of them in the third leg, because there are three legs under each account. And, you will make more money when you have more members in your team. For example, you will upgrade to the second rank which is called Founder 1,000 when you have 30 active members in your team while 12 of them are placed in the first, 12 of them in the second and 6 of them in the third leg. Your income goes higher when you have more members in your team. To learn this in more detail, please read this article: EPIC Trading Compensation Plan Explained in Detail

At the same time that you are building your team, you can make money with Epic Trading Forex signals as well. You will start making money with their signals almost as soon as you sign up and you start applying their signals on your live Forex account, which can be as fast as the first week after you join (although I recommend you to paper-trade the signals for one month, especially if you are new to Forex). Then, you can use a portion of the money you make through their Forex signals to promote and grow your Epic Trading team.

So… it is not too hard to start making money with Epic Trading, and you can do it almost instantly or within the first week that you join, through using their Forex signals. Then you can make more money when you grow your team. However, something which is so important is that you sign up as soon as you can to join an active team like ours, with the support and privileges that we offer. Therefore, sign up for an account and join Epic Trading now.

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