How to Join HyperFund Global

You must have a sponsor or referrer to join HyperFund Global as a member. This has to be done through an invitation link that should be sent to you as per your request. Therefore, if you would like to join HyperFund Global, please submit your email address through the form below, and the invitation link will be emailed to you. Make sure to check the spam folder and promotions tab if you don’t see the email in the inbox:

Your sponsor is very important in your success. So, don’t join HyperFund through anybody. We help our members start getting rewarded within the shortest possible time.

It is free to sign up for an account with HyperFund Global. However, you may receive some errors that prevent you from submitting the sign up form. Therefore, please make sure to read this article entirely to learn how to sign up and also know some important things that most probably you don’t know about HyperFund Global.

I will explain in detail how to join HyperFund Global. However, although you would like to know how to join HyperFund Global, still you may not know why you should join them. Most people think they will only be rewarded for 0.5% per day. Yes, this is true, but it is not all you will get from joining HyperFund Global.

Why Should You Join HyperFund Global?

You should join HyperFund Global because you will get rewarded without having to sell, promote and refer and recruit. You join, buy a membership, and you will get rewarded for 0.5% per day until you receive x3 of your membership purchase. So, you will be rewarded for 300% of the value of the membership you buy.

Daily Rewards

There are 300HU, 500HU and 1,000HU memberships that you can buy one or unlimited number of each (HU means Hyper Unit that its value almost equals USD). Let’s say you buy ten 1,000HU memberships that become 10,000HU in total. You will receive 30,000HU. Every day, 0.5% of the total value of the membership(s) you have bought will be added to your account, for 600 days:

10,000HU x 0.5% x 600 = 30,000HU

10,000HU x 300% = 30,000HU

So, your 10,000HU will turn into 30,000HU in 600 days.

Is that all?



You can use every 50HU of your rewards to rebuy 50HU memberships that will also be added to your account, once your rewards balance reaches 50HU. You will receive 300% of the 50HU memberships that you rebuy as well. If you do so, you will make a lot more than 30,000HU from your 10,000HU purchase. For example, let’s say you join HyperFund Global and you spend 10,000HU to buy memberships and you start receiving your reward every day. Therefore, 50HU will be added to your account as your reward every day:

10,000HU x 0.5% = 50HU

Then you use each 50HU reward to rebuy a 50HU membership every day, for example for 200 days, and then you decide to start withdrawing your reward after that. Each 50HU membership will also return 300% reward. So, you will make another 30,000HU from rebuying memberships for 200 days:

50HU x 200 x 300% = 30,000HU

Therefore, you will make 60,000HU from 10,000HU in 600 days.

In this example, I just assumed that you rebuy for 200 days. However, you can keep on rebuying for a longer time, and so you will make a lot more.

Is that all?

Not yet!

Referral Plan

You will be rewarded if you help people join HyperFund Global. Although you can get rewarded without referring others, you can make a lot more if you help people join HyperFund Global.

In this article, I don’t want to go into detail of these topics because this article is focused on joining HyperFund Global. However, I just tell you that there are so many rewards that you can receive from recruiting members, in several different levels. For example, If you refer someone and they spend 10,000HU on buying memberships. You will receive 20% of their rewards which is 6,000HU because they receive at least 30,000HU for their 10,000HU reward.

How much will you make if you join HyperFund Global, spend 10,000HU on buying memberships, rebuy 50HU memberships for 200 days, and recruit 10 members that each of them spends 10,000HU on buying memberships in average?

30,000HU + 30,000HU + 60,000HU = 120,000HU

It is amazing, isn’t it?

But let me tell you that if the total amount of your rewards goes above 50,000HU, then you will get 1% daily rewards, instead of 0.5%.

Are you amazed more?

And this is just a small part of what you gain if you join HyperFund Global system. I need to write several articles to cover everything. Therefore, I finish this part here, and I will explain how to join HyperFund Global now. However, make sure to join today and through us because we help you to recruit an unlimited number of members to your HyperFund Global team. We now have a big team of professional HyperFund Global members that help you for free to start getting paid and increase your HyperFund income.

Join HyperFund Global and turn it into a family business.

So, submit your email through the form above and the invitation link will be emailed to you automatically with “HyperFund Invitation Code” as the subject line. Make sure to check the spam folder if you don’t see the email in the inbox shortly.

How to Join HyperFund Global

As I explained at the beginning of this article, you can join HyperFund Global only through an invitation link that has to be sent to you upon your request. Submit your email through the form above and the invitation link will be emailed to you with “HyperFund Invitation Code” as the subject. Make sure to check the spam folder and “Promotions” tab, if you don’t see the email in the inbox. Click on the invitation link and submit the form:

  • Do not change the referral username.
  • Enter a one-word username.
  • To get the verification code, you need to enter your email (Gmail email is more preferred) and then click on “Get Code”. The code will be emailed to you. Copy/paste the code to the sign up form.
  • The “Transaction PIN” has to be a 6-digit password (e.g. 658471) that you choose yourself.
  • Once you are done, Click Here to let us know and send us your HyperFund username, so that we can verify your membership and send you some important instructions.

You Joined HyperFund Global. What Next?

If you have created your account, Click Here to let us know and send us your HyperFund username, so that we can verify your membership and send you some important instructions.

As I explained above, you will get rewarded with HyperFund Global through buying memberships. Of course, you will also get rewarded if you recruit members. But first you must buy at least one membership after joining HyperFund Global. To do that, you must transfer USDT_TRC20 or USDT_ERC20 cryptocurrencies to your HyperFund Global account. You can convert any cryptocurrency into these cryptocurrencies and send them to your HyperFund Global account’s USDT_TRC20 or USDT_ERC20 wallets. If you do so, they will be deposited in your HyperFund Global account, and then you can use them to buy memberships.

To learn how to fund your account after joining HyperFund Global, you can watch the video below. However, if you have problems in funding your account for any reasons, we can help you do it because dealing with cryptocurrencies is not easy if you are new to the cryptocurrencies’ world. Additionally, some people have limits and problems in buying and sending cryptocurrencies. However, these problems should not prevent you from joining HyperFund Global, funding your account, buying memberships and getting rewarded. We help you do this, if you join HyperFund Global through us. It means if you join HyperFund Global through us, we help you fund your account in case you have problems doing it. Therefore, if you have joined HyperFund Global through us and you have problems in funding your account, please click here to send us an email. We will get back to you shortly after receiving your email.

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