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How to Live in the Now to Gain Back the Control of Your Life

If you learn how to live in the now or the present moment, you will be the real owner of your life and your future.

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“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Gautama Buddha

The only physical thing that exists in this moment is only what is happening currently at this specific moment. Neither the past nor the future exists.

It is impossible to exist in the past or in the future, these are just products of our mind and its thoughts.

Learn How to Live in the Now and Enjoy Your Life...Unfortunately too many people are trying to grasp and hold tightly their past by constantly thinking of it. They try to re-live the same moment and keep repeating the same memories over and over. But all that is not real, it is not happening right now, it is not here. Instead it is a product of the mind that refuses to learn how to live in the NOW, so it keeps generating thoughts about what happened and how it was, and how it felt, and what was the reaction afterwards…

In the same manner it is possible to miss the NOW by day dreaming.

Instead of being absorbed in the present moment and everything that it offers some prefer to be detached from the reality and instead let their minds create images, sounds and feelings of the future.

The future will arrive eventually and then it will become the present moment, yet it will not happen just because someone is dreaming about it but because someone acted in the present moment.

Merely dreaming without acting is wasting of the moment. I do not say that dreaming is bad, everything in this world was first dreamed by someone, yet also a work was done to achieve it.

I am talking about dreaming as a mechanism of the mind for avoiding the job that has to be done NOW. When you find yourself dreaming instead of working on what you should be doing, this means that your mind is robbing you from your NOW. Luckily the moment you realize that you were day dreaming you have taken back your control of your NOW.

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Have you thought what your life is?

Isn’t it just a series of present moments?

Please realize that the moment you decide to spend the NOW on remembering past memories or on dreaming about the future you give up the control of your life. Every time that you allow your mind to take control of your thoughts and start creating movies of what happened or of what can happen – you are wasting your energy and you miss an opportunity to act.

You might say that you do not like your NOW, that you do not enjoy the present moment so you prefer to recall the past or to dream about the future.

If you say so it is just because you are NOT really focused on what is happening but instead you are comparing it with your memories or your imagination. Therefore, you are not living the NOW but again you are letting your mind control you.

Don’t forget the NOW. Focus on how you can improve the circumstances of your life. Not on why you are so miserable. Not on why something happened. Not on why something is not happening. Stop comparing – focus on the NOW.

The moment you start focusing on the NOW and let your past stay in the past, and let your future wait for its time, you find that you have enormous power. You can ACT! You are sending a powerful message to your mind telling it that you are here to create a change in your life. You are here to act and to improve your life NOW.

When you enter that state, you notice a sudden change – your mind starts helping you! It starts providing you opportunities. You start noticing options that were not there before. You start thinking of people, places, and actions that are helpful for you to achieve your goals. You become productive, creative and solutions start to appear.

For sure you can realize and accept that the NOW can provide you lot of power. Still there is also a challenge:

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How to start applying that realization in your life?

It requires you to change the way you use your brain.

What does that mean?

Please realize that the only reason why people are not happy is because they are not present in the NOW. Instead, they prefer to think about how it could have looked like. They start comparing and since the NOW is not like what their mind is imagining they become sad and miserable.

So what should you do instead?

Focus on what is happening NOW. Concentrate your attention totally on what you are doing NOW and what is happening around you NOW.

If you are eating – focus your attention on the taste of the food, on its texture, on its smell, on its appearance, on how it feels to you.

If you are with friends – focus on what they are doing, what they are wearing, what they are saying, notice how you feel about it.

If you are working – focus on every aspect of what you are doing, notice what is happening and notice how you feel.

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When you do so, your mind becomes your friend, it starts noticing things, it looks for solutions and it helps you deal with the situation.

If instead of focusing on the NOW you start to think about the past or to imagine about the future – the mind becomes your worst enemy and you lose the control of the situation.

Please understand that the moment you force your brain to focus on the NOW you start to be aware of your acts and how they create your future.

At the beginning when you start practicing focusing on the NOW you will notice that it is very hard for your brain. All your life until now it was not used to do so and suddenly you are forcing it to do something new. But keep in mind that it is something that you’ve learned, so you can also learn how to focus on the NOW and thus control your mind instead the other way around.

Make it a habit to focus on the NOW by asking yourself constantly the question: “Is something wrong in the present moment?”

If you answer no, then just enjoy the moment. But if you answer yes, then ask the next question – “What can I do in order to make it better?”

The moment you start practicing that you find that you start to gain back the control over your mind. Your mind becomes your friend. You begin enjoying much more what you are doing, you start thinking about solutions and you start actually acting and moving forward to your better future.

You cannot totally shut down your brain but you can use it in different ways. Instead of being a slave to it make it your best friend. Learn how to use its power by focusing on the NOW and all the solutions that it can give you.

Just be aware of one more thing. When you want something ask yourself “Am I waiting to have something first (money, time, etc.)?”

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If you answered yes, then you are not living in the NOW. This is a trick that the mind plays on us when it refuses to live in the NOW, instead it start that game of waiting for the perfect circumstances that never appear.

If you want something – act NOW, no matter your current circumstances.
If you want more money – act NOW.
If you want to meet that special person – act NOW.
If you want to lose weight – act NOW.
If you want … (fill the blank) – act NOW.

Be aware of your mind attempt to rob your NOW by using your memories and your imagination. Instead, decide to make the mind your friend by acting NOW and start enjoying your life.

Learn how to live in the now and free yourself from all the pains and worries.

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8 thoughts on “How to Live in the Now to Gain Back the Control of Your Life
  1. LuckScout LuckScout says:

    Hi Hristo,

    Great article. Thank you.

    Just wanted to be the first who welcomes your first article here.

    Good luck 🙂


  2. Mauer C Mauer C says:

    Hi Hristo

    Very good article. This reminded me of something important. Thank you.

  3. Nikolas Mour Nikolas Mour says:

    Very nice article Hristo and nice beggining.
    Thank you

  4. i like it too, really nice one thanks man.

  5. think and look at what you have every day (home-health-love ones-strength- ….) and build on that for the better; regardless of what happened and what may happen.

    thats how I managed to keep a head positively, throw the Syrian 6 years of crashing war and on.

    with the right mind set we can strive and rise to our dreams no matter what; so shine like a star, and print high your place on the nightly sky.

    thank you dear Chris, you have been a big help.

    words form the heart
    maoied suhail

  6. thanks Hristo, very good written

  7. Great job Hritso! I really needed to read this article and apply it Now 🙂 Im a big believer in this way of thinking but get distracted very easily. However, I am now focused again in the moment thanks again.

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