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How to Locate Your Previous Positions on the Price Chart on MT4

Most traders are used to forget about the positions they take and never go back to check them, specially when those positions hit the stop loss. Novice traders are used to run away from their own mistakes and failures, and so they don’t like to analyze their losing positions, whereas they will learn a lot if they do it.

You can learn a lot form your losing positions. Also if you analyze your winning positions, you will learn to have a more optimum entry. You also learn to choose your stop loss and target levels better.

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One problem of the novice traders problems in checking the previously taken positions is that they don’t know how to locate the exact entry and exit points on the the price charts. There is only a record in the account statement for the positions that are closed, and there is nothing left on the price chart that shows the exact entry and exit price, date and time. This makes it hard to analyze the previous positions.

In this post, I am going to show you how easy it is to locate your previous positions exact entry and exit price, date and time on the price chart. This is what you have to do:

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1. Harder and Older Method:

This is what we were used to do on older builds of MT4.

1. Save your account history/report/statement:

First you have to save your trading account statement on your computer:

  1. Press Ctrl+T or refer to View>Terminal at MT4 top menu, to open the MT4 terminal.
  2. Click on “Account History” tab.
  3. Right click on on “Account History” space that became opened when you clicked on “Account History” tab.
  4. Click on “All History”.
  5. Right click again and click on “Save as Report”.
  6. Choose a name for the report and click on the “Save” button.

The report will be saved and then opened on your Internet browser automatically. You will see the exact record of all of the positions you have taken: Entry and exit prices, date and time. Each row is related to one single trade.

2. Find the trades on the price chart:

Let’s say you want to locate the below trade:

You have to open a GBP/USD price chart and choose the time frame you used to take the above position. Let’s say the above position was taken based on a trade setup on the daily chart:

  1. Open the GBP/USD daily chart.
  2. Click on the Tendline tool on the “Line Studies” toolbar at the top. Place a trendline somewhere on the chart. It can be anywhere.
  3. Open the trendline properties and click on the “Parameters” tab:

    – To open the trendline properties window, you can double click on it to have the three small rectangles appeared on the line. Then, right click on the line and click on “Trendline properties…”.
    – There is an easier way too. You can press Ctrl+O to open the options. Then choose the “Objects” tab and put a check-mark for “Select object by single mouse click”. Then click on the “OK” button. Now if you double click on the lines and other objects you place on the price chart, their properties windows will be opened.
  4. Refer to your trades report you just saved, highlight the “Open Time” and press Ctrl+C or right click on it and click on “Copy” to copy it to your computer clipboard:
  5. Refer to the trendline properties and highlight the first time field at top left and then press Ctrl+V to paste the copied date/time to the field:
  6. Do the same with the entry price which is the first price column on your account statement:
  7. Paste the entry price to the first “Value” field at the top right of the trendline properties:
  8. Repeat this with the “Close Time” and “Price” on your account statement:

  9. Click on the “OK” button on the trendline properties window. As soon as you do it, the line jumps to the entry and exit date, time and price you just set:

The beginning of the line shows your entry and the end of line shows your exit:

You can plot horizontal lines for your stop loss and target orders through the same method I explained above. Just copy and paste the stop loss and target values to two horizontal lines values and they will sit where you had set your stop loss and target orders.

2. Easier and Faster Method:

New builds of MT4 support a much easier method that I didn’t know and one of LuckScout users, sajith, taught me:

You just drag and drop the trade record from the terminal to the chart:

Now you can analyze your position. You see the signal that made you take that position. With most of your losing positions, you see that you had entered the market either when there was no trade setup, or you entered based on a weak trade setup, whereas you thought you had located a good trade setup when you wanted to take that position.

Sometimes you ask yourself why you took that position, and in most cases you cannot find any answer for it. It means your emotions made you think that there was a trade setup there, but there wasn’t in reality.

Do this with some of your positions and ask yourself whether you had made the right decision to take them or not. You will be amazed about the things you will learn about yourself.

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75 thoughts on “How to Locate Your Previous Positions on the Price Chart on MT4
  1. dogan says:

    Thank you very helpful

  2. sajith says:

    Dear Chris,

    A new thing i learnt today. thank you. i used to plot this to my orders by another way. so i would like to know your opinion.

    i open account history tab and just drag the trade which i want to appropriate price chart. and then i can see with some arrow heads on the chart.

    is it okay?

    thank you again

  3. marek says:

    Thanks Chris. That was a great help to study my trades!

  4. Sha says:

    Hi Chris,

    Right now i highlight the set of candles which made me take the trade. Soon i am goin to use 2 colors. 1 for profitable trade and 1 for loss. I thk this will help me locate my previous trade quicker.


  5. singh says:

    Hi Chris,

    This is very helpful because many times you have to look back and analyse your positions. however this is manual way, I think there must be some scripts or indicators that you can use to do it. Some broker have this feature in their trading system however I only use MT4 and will look around if there are some indicators which can do it automatically.

  6. Barbara says:

    MT4 does so much Chris. I will diffinitely do this to analysis my trades. Thanks

  7. Nazmi says:

    Good Work……


  8. Nazmi says:

    very nice and useful work…..

  9. Rafiq says:

    Thanks for this article. It is very much helpful for novice traders like me.

  10. Prem Kumar says:


    Thank you for guiding us to become a successful trader.

    In an earlier article you have mentioned to find the Entry and Exit of a closed trade
    In the MT4, Account History tab, we have to simply drag the closed trade to the respective chart. The entry and exit will be highlighted by arrows, both are connected by a line and also take profit and stoploss levels will be shown by blue and red coloured dashes respectively.

  11. NickG says:

    Hi Chris
    How do I get a short trendline like yours? My trendlines always stretch into eternity. (on MT4)

  12. moaied suhail says:

    hi, when you ended your post (You will be amazed about the things you will learn about yourself.) it is hard to face your self but necessary. you are right.

  13. Paul says:

    Very good trick thanks!

  14. NickG says:

    This is really very good…I can see now my weak trade setups!

  15. juan says:

    great great great…. i just found out on one of my positions i lost 1700 USD on demo trading just because i set my SL where it should not be; if had only followed the SL advice to set it where if triggered it would prove that i was completely wrong i would have made around 345 pips. what a valuable lesson. thank you very much chris I am a big follower of this website. i would like to share this example on your website how could i do it? i think its interesting.

  16. albert says:

    hey buddy,
    a great site i must say… i too am a pro scalper , ur long term method intrigues me , fortunate i found out..
    two things i wanna ask.. one that i am already a pro trader, i m considering directly goto live trading( i hate demo thats why ).. what things do i keep in check while trading ur method as a beginner..
    secondly , i figure out that divergence can help a great as a tool to take some profitable 90+ setups .. what u say?? also , taking entries and exits at confluence of fibs( i.e , prz zones) seems nice to me .. i m new to this method and havent tried out yet.. please give ur suggestions on this..
    lastly , i find ur method too simple 4 my taste.. can u tell me what other method of analysis can i add while trading this method ( apart 4m fundamental analysis)).
    p.s .. u say that short term tfs are nothing but a waste of time and money.. i digress a bit , as i continue to profit handsomely via scalping.. ( btw , i trade harmonics combined with divergence and candle patterns at well defined zones on 5 min tf)
    looking forward to your reply .. thanks a lot

    • Hi Albert,

      You are right about Divergence. It is so strong.

      Regarding Fib levels, I prefer not to use them to enter the markets. But they are good to set the stop loss and target orders.

      I don’t think you will have to add anything more to my trading system. Its beauty is in its simplicity.

      If you are successful with short time frames, then congratulations. I don’t say nobody makes money with them. I say they are much much harder to trade. But if someone makes money and is comfortable with them, then he can keep on doing it.

      Thank you for your comment and welcome to LuckScout.

      • albert says:

        thanks 4 the reply… yep, u r 100 % right.. i make handsome money , but comfortable?? far 4m it.. scalping requires very hard focus , sharpness and… and certainly isn’t 4 everyone.. in fact it is the most difficult way to make money 4m..
        thats why , i m also turning towards longer tfs as i not only want to make money but also want to enjoy my life too.. thank u very much…

        • Albert,

          If you can make the same amount of profit with working only 30 minutes per day trading the long time frames, then why don’t you do it?

          Unless you double your money every day, so that it is worth to spend the time and energy at least for a few days per week.

          • albert says:

            yes master Chris,
            i am also feeling the same (smile).. u r absolutely correct..
            if u dont mind , i have a couple quick questions.. 1st is can u share your complete money management method , that is capable to increase lot sizes as account balance grows..
            secondly , regarding ur dbb method , the filters u made prevents us to enter many profitable trend trades..please review the method , so that we can increase the accuracy , at the same time , be able to catch many long term trends..
            thanks 4 ur time and help..

          • Albert,

            1. Yes, we increase the lot size as the balances grows.

            2. I know what you mean but this is how the DBB system works. Of course, sometimes you will be able to catch strong trend with this method. It depends on the market condition. Markets trend only 30% of the time.

    • NickG says:

      Hi Albert, do you trade with an ecn broker? and are they good? share with us please…

  17. Jeng says:

    Thank you Sir, and Shalom or Happy Easter, (as it may apply)..God bless!

  18. Ted says:

    This is Awesome!!!

    Thank you Chris and thank you Sajith!!

    Chris, umm, is it possible to have a “How to.. Tips and Tricks for MT4” page. Followers can also submit their tips and tricks so that others can learn. MT4 has a lot of little things that one can use to their advantage it seems. I don’t know, just a thought.


  19. Raj says:

    Thanks for sharing this Chris. this is awesome. Thanks to Sajith too!

  20. bereket says:

    thank you chris for your teaching us and sharing your knowledge.
    God bless you and your family.

  21. moaied suhail says:

    thank you for the update. now this way LuckScout is great

  22. Amar says:

    This is very useful , Thank you very much.

  23. marek says:

    Hello again! Thank You very much for the update, it will make it even easier now 🙂
    I learn so much here. For instance: just by reading the questions and answers i finally found out how to delete trendline going to infinite! Also reading forward i learnt how to upload the url…didin’t know that tinypic page! That’s great as i couldn’t upload my analysis before when Chris asked me to 🙂 Now i can…just by reading the article! many, many thanks. Its great to learn new things, it adds up to your general knowledge and you can feel more proffesional with too.

  24. Amar says:

    Hi Cris!

    After I read this article , I was checking my previous Lost Positions, I got some attention one of my lost position.

    It is “I saw my Stop Loss triggered in spite of not reached to Stop Loss Price”

    I have attached Screen Shot below.


    Please tell me what is the reason ? because it happened of Spread ? is it normal thing ?

    Thanking You!

  25. Goran says:

    Hi Chris,
    I can’t wait for forum to share what help me 🙂

    There is one thing what I`m start to do couple days ago and leave it for the weekend because it’s very time consuming..
    I start to make screenshots for every strong trade setup on specific currency pair so I can compare it with present setups and score them.I recommend to other to do the same because we can learn alot from it..( it was your advice in one article)
    Choose currency pair, scroll back chart long as your broker history allows you and then by clicking F12, candle by candle will start showing in right corners on the chart..
    At the same time you backtest a strategy and when there is strong setup make screenshot of that set up, also make screenshot of the setup where you fail so you can compare market condition.

  26. Silaty says:

    Hi guys. I am just beginning to get into Fxtrade by reading some of the articles posted to my email. Please can someone tell me how to open a demo account to begin the initial studies.

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    It’s simply amazing the amount of things we can learn from you’re site. Another amazing section full of awesomeness this Metatrader lessons.I can’t wait for the forums, let me in please Chis !!

    Thank you all.

  28. Vindy says:

    very helpful article indeed. Thanks a lot for this great tip.

  29. Gary Paul says:

    Hey Chris,

    What I do is that I just use these arrow heads, to point at the exact date and time and the bid /ask price at which I’ve opened my position. Then I just leave em there for as long as the position stays open.

  30. majid says:

    Dear Chris
    As i said before i designed an indivator ” LastVisit ” . it shows you the price movement from your last visit from chart.
    it redraw last candles with different color and you can see which candles are created after your last check.
    if i can change it a bit to show a selected history, i will be great.
    it is a picture from how it works.(look at the right candles in chart)

  31. muhaimin says:

    Thanks a lot for this great tip and very helpful

  32. muhaimin says:

    I could learn a lot from my mistakes , thank you for instructions

  33. Otto says:

    Is there any way to display a chart based on ASK price instead of BID?

  34. vinod pande says:

    dear chris . after finding strong trade setup in a chart . according to sajith we have to draw imaginary trendline for further movement of price or we have to assume that the price will reach to that level

    • vinod,

      We just take the position and set the stop loss and target as per our money management strategy. We never know whether the market will form a trend or not.

  35. Darek says:

    What is that trade? 😛
    Looks like it was made using a different time and strategy?

  36. Carl V says:

    Thanks for the great info Chris and Sajith. Always learning everyday on this site. Keep up the good work!

  37. Evan Lin says:

    How to put history trade if is more than 1 day ? I trade to drag and drop but it doesn’t show on my chart. Thank you

  38. Charles Booth says:

    So true it happens to me more on mt4 mobile that is looking back and wondering why the heck i took a position in the first place lol

  39. Casey Ram says:

    It is good that I am reading this article late! Sajith’s newer method is so easy – I did not have to go through the harder and older method 🙂

    “It is better late than earlier” 😉

    Thanks Chris and Sajith.

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    This is cool!

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