Before we go to the tips on how to make money on Pinterest, let us explore it first.

If you are into social media networks and aware of the online world, Pinterest is one such name that needs no introduction.

Following its creation in 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Pinterest is on the roar in online world with massive fan following.

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To introduce it, I must say Pinterest is an online platform that educate on different subjects through images, GIFs etc.

It mainly use images for educating on different topics on a shorter scale.

On the contrary to its counterparts such as Facebook, Twitter etc, Pinterest focus on only images and hence is different.

PinterestBecause it is so different, a completely new set of rules and practices applies to this platform.

Therefore, prior to starting to make money on Pinterest, you should first iterate yourself with it through heavy research.

Explore, how other business, both small and large are using this platform.

Rather than thinking it just as an image sharing platform, consider it as a global bulletin platform for your business.

There are tons of ways to make money on Pinterest, if you do the proper research.

With its ever growing followers, opportunities are simultaneously growing too.

As of 2017, Pinterest has 150 million users; more than 80% being women, acquiring more than 5 billion page views monthly.

Hence, just look at the opportunity it has for you and how you can make money on Pinterest in thousands.

Due diligence and a strong marketing plan is very essential if you have decided to use this platform.

After making your plan or revamping your existing one, start using this platform to generate loads of cash.

Realize Your Passion to Make Money on Pinterest

The very first thing you need to do is understand or realize what your true passion is.

Following your passion plays a very important role in helping you make money on Pinterest.

Rather than just going blind and coming up with any so-called unique ideas, it’s better you do what you love.

Following your passion helps you select that one niche you always have loved.

It will help you in ensuring best business practices since you love the niche and know what exactly you’re doing.

Once you know what your passion is, create an account and start posting images.

If people are actually spending money on your loved niche, you can make money on Pinterest through your passion.

Create boards that hit the specific market.

Let’s consider you are an amazing artist.

You love making handicrafts and other distinct crafts.

Create an account and board that targets mainly women, art lovers in their 20s and 30s.

Sometimes, you can also target aged people, since art is something that all adore.

If they like what you make, there are chances you can start making money right away.

Grow an Audience and Try Selling to Them to Make Money on Pinterest

Once you’ve created an account and posted images for your niche, now is the time to grow audience.

The first part is getting followers to your board.

You can do it by the use of hashtags, keywords and other SEO practices.

Always post unique and original photos on your boards to look genuine.

You can also try repping, commenting on other boards, following other boards etc. to grow your audience.

Once you’ve created your audience and they come to your boards, start making a mailing list.

Create a mail list of all the followers to keep as a database.

You will see several avid Pinterest users have thousands and millions of followers.

Although, you don’t necessarily need that much followers to make money on Pinterest, but you can reach out to more.

If you are unsure of what you would sell, no worries.

Once you have a good amount of followers, you will see that distinct marketers will approach you with several offers.

Promote Other Companies To Make Money on Pinterest

When you have created an audience and have Pinterest followers in thousands, approach companies.

However, make sure you don’t just approach any random company with lucrative offers.

Ensure that you approach those companies that can be of value to your audience.

They should sell products that appeals to your audience if you want to make money on Pinterest.

Just because a company is offering good payouts doesn’t necessarily mean can generate your business.

So, if you an artist, reach companies that sell artistic gifts, items etc. not just a random make-up company.

It will do more harm than good.

If you are not target specific, then it might cost you in the form of decreasing followers.

If you have good amount of traffic, then share the statistics with the company and approach them for sponsorship.

Try sealing a deal with them like branding their company on your page for a year.

It will result in good commissions and you can easily make money on Pinterest.

To mark a pin as product, mention prices in the description so users can visit the gifts section for purchase.

Promote Your Own Products to Make Money on Pinterest

On the contrary, you can also promote your own products to make money on Pinterest.

If you have your own products, share original pictures of those products on your boards.

You can consider sharing images of the different variations of the products such as colors, sizes etc.

You can also share the images of customers using your products.

This will add to the credibility of your business and act as first hand proof of the quality.

However, make sure the product images you are sharing are original and authentic.

Failure to do so will cost you good business and reducing sales.

To designate any specific pin as product, add the prices to the description in dollars such as $5.

It is to ensure customers can visit the Pinterest gifts section to make a purchase.

Share Blog Posts to Make Money on Pinterest

Blogging is one of the most talked income streams these days.

However, did you know you can use your blogging business to make money on Pinterest?

If you are a blogger and own a blog, share the images of your blog on Pinterest.

Bloggers across the globe are now eager to sharing their blog posts on Pinterest to make money.

Sharing your blog posts on Pinterest helps creating visual directory of the content you publish.

This will in turn highlight you as a good blogger and eventually can lead to offers from several clients.

In order to make money on Pinterest through your blog, make sure your blogs has pictures.

It will help Pinterest to pull up the appropriate image, when you pin a post.

Blogging can greatly benefit from Pinterest and help you make money on Pinterest at the same time.

Video Sharing Can Help You Make Money on Pinterest

Similar to that of blogging, vlogging or sharing videos can help you make money on Pinterest.

You can share you videos on Pinterest to drive more traffic to your Vlog.

On the contrary to blog promotion, video promotion is pretty easy and you can directly embed your videos on Pinterest.

Nobody can deny the fact that how powerful can videos be for small and large businesses.

Pinterest can be the perfect option for them to increase their traffic and drive more sales.

Video sharing on Pinterest is an effective way if you want to make money on Pinterest.

Start Promoting Affiliate Products to Make Money on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is definitely ‘the thing’ of the business world.

Nowadays, it is a strong source of income and the same applies here if you want to make money on Pinterest.

Affiliate marketing is very easy and with a little effort, you can start putting in cash into your pocket.

Try to find a company in your niche that offers affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing is simply earning commissions from a company once you sell any of their products through your site.

These days many company and almost all of them offer affiliate marketing programs to generate more sales.

Try finding a company that offer affiliate program and pays commission on the sales you make.

However, as said, reach a company in your niche and sign up for their affiliate program.

Now start promoting their products on your Pinterest boards using your affiliate link.

If you have good amount of followers, earning from affiliate program will not take much time.

You can use URL shortening services such as Bitly, Google URL shortener etc.

This will help you in tracking the pins and determining the number of clicks your boards received.

Nevertheless, you should know that Pinterest periodically brings down affiliate spammers.

Therefore, if you somehow get caught up in this situation, always link the pins to your own site.

You can then use affiliate links from there and not endanger your affiliate marketing program.

However, your site should have affiliate link so that you can use them later if Pinterest catches you.

Improvise SEO practices to be Popular and Make Money on Pinterest

In order to make money on Pinterest, you must ensure to adopt best SEO practices.

People should be easily able to find your boards and pins to generate you business.

Adopting the best SEO practices will ensure you are easily found on Pinterest as well as Google.

Without adopting SEO strategies, it will be impossible to rank and get ongoing business.

The next step is creating your ‘About’ profile.

In the ‘About’ section, you have only 200 characters to fill up.

Hence, make the most of it and be as specific as possible.

Try to precisely describe what you are and use exact keywords people will search to find you.

You need to make use of these SEO practices on your pins too if you want to make money on Pinterest.

When you pin a post, you have only 100 words to describe it, so be precise.

Describe what exactly is that pin with the use of keywords and links.

However, the keyword needs to be used in a natural way and never keyword spam it.

These SEO practices will help your pin reach wider audience and generate fruitful business.

Make note of how many are pinning your posts and find the best target audience.

Due diligence is absolutely important and with a strong market research, you will get the most of it.

Use Contests to Make Money on Pinterest

Creating contests on Pinterest is a very popular way if you want to make money on Pinterest.

If you have got your own products, you can use the contests to sell your products and be popular.

Contests are very powerful and trigger a lot of business if you do it the right way.

It will make people think about your brand and motivate them in eventually buying it.

Contests can also make people pin your posts even if they aren’t interested, if they are done the right way.

If you don’t do this the right way, contest pins can look irrelevant as well as spam to others.

Make sure to read Pinterest’s guidelines on contests to do it in a good manner and effectively.

Re-Pinning helps Grow Audience

Pinterest is similar to that of a social media, only with images.

Hence, the more social you are, the better it is for your business.

Re-pin other people’s posts to show them you are an active member and make people like you.

Re-pin posts that is shared by your targeted audience.

This will in turn make them notice you well and they might start to follow your pinned boards.

Make Money on Pinterest by Teaching People

You can make money on Pinterest by teaching different strategies to potential users.

Pinterest is growing everyday and it has become a small industry on its own.

Many developers are coming up with innovative tools to assist people in using Pinterest better.

If you are successful in earning on Pinterest, you can teach the strategies to people to make money on Pinterest.

Make your own e-book courses and help people in learning how to make money on Pinterest.

Collaborate With Others To Make Money on Pinterest

Pinterest is a perfect place for group activities and help you in the journey to make money on Pinterest.

Create collaborating boards and start adding different contributors.

Encourage them to pin and start group discussions.

This will help in brainstorming different ideas, share your perspectives and learn more in your niche.

If you own a small business, create your own group on Pinterest and see the benefits.

Use this platform as a collaborating space and make money on Pinterest.

Expand Your Business

Your Pinterest activity doesn’t have to be confined within the Pinterest site.

You can rather expand your business here and make money on Pinterest.

Try using Pinterest for showcasing other online activities of your business.

You can create visuals of the static content on your site and make money on Pinterest.

You can also use start creating About Us boards, testimonials of your customers through images.

The journey of your company or the history can also be showcased on Pinterest to expand your business.

Highlight Your Clientele and Others to Make Money on Pinterest

Although, you’re primary goal is to make money on Pinterest and grow your own business.

However, you can also create boards that feature your clientele and other people such as your colleagues.

Share other’s posts that is appealing to your target followers and start sharing good images.

You can also share pins that deliver important message to all sectors such as boards with marketing advices.


If you want to make money on Pinterest and grow your business, first do your due diligence.

The aforementioned ideas will help you in growing your small business on Pinterest and earn you good money.

Pinterest is becoming a very popular medium to earn money and you need to grab it now.

Ensure the images are original and you follow the best SEO practices to grow your business.

However, do not rush in and look for quick methods to earn on Pinterest.

It will do no good and more harm to your business, which you surely don’t want.

With that said, these are the few tips you can follow to make money on Pinterest.

Once you start using the platform, you will know more for yourself and be able to make own strategies.