How to Mine Pi with Your Phone

Before I tell you what the Pi cryptocurrency or π is and how you can mine it for free on your phone, let me tell you a short story about another cryptocurrency which is called Bitcoin. Most probably you have heard the name Bitcoin, but you don’t know the story of this famous and mysterious cryptocurrency:

Are you among those who lost the opportunity of becoming a millionaire through Bitcoin???

I guess you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article now.

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Bitcoin has created 23,000 millionaires so far. When Bitcoin became accessible to public in 2009, most people (including me) didn’t give it a damn, because (1) they didn’t know what it was exactly, and (2) its value was less than 0.001 cents. But it went from around $0.0008 to $0.08 in July 2010, until it reached $19,459.50 in December 2017.

It is now several years that thousands of people make a living through trading or mining Bitcoin, although still none of them know what Bitcoin is exactly. Those who heard about Bitcoin in 2010 and didn’t bother to spend some money to buy some Bitcoins, now understand what missing opportunities means:

You could buy 1000 Bitcoins for $80 in 2010. You could buy it and forget it. But you would remember it when you heard that the value went above $15,000 in 2017 for each Bitcoin. So your $80 would turn into $15,000,000 in seven years.

Bitcoin is above $10,000 as of writing this article, and so most people can’t buy 1000 Bitcoins for $10,000,000 now. It is too late for most people to become a millionaire with Bitcoin, whereas all of these people could easily spend $80 or $100, ten years ago to buy 1000 Bitcoins. When an opportunity is gone, it is gone…

That was the sad part of the story. Now let’s talk about the good part of the story:

New opportunities come all the time.

Technology is advancing like crazy and new cryptocurrencies come all the time. We can’t expect all of them to become like Bitcoin and their values reach thousands of dollars. However, it is possible that some of them become even more popular than Bitcoin, simply because 10 years ago, nobody could imagine that Bitcoin would reach where it currently is.

Besides, some new cryptocurrencies are different from Bitcoin. Mining Bitcoin not only costs a lot, but it hurts the environment as well. It uses lots of electricity and generates lots of heat that damage the planet. That’s why some Stanford university graduates, scientists and researchers decided to create another cryptocurrency that doesn’t damage the planet. It is the Pi or π cryptocurrency that not only doesn’t need electricity to be mined, but it can be mined on your phone for free and without using your phone’s battery and memory. I know it is strange. But I will tell you how it works.

Please note that I am not trying to say that Pi will become like Bitcoin, and each of the Pi coins will be worth thousands too. We never know. But as I explained above, those who ignored Bitcoin ten years ago didn’t know how it would perform within the next several years. It is the same with Pi. It is possible that it doesn’t get anywhere at all. But on the other hand, it is possible that it becomes even more popular and valuable than Bitcoin because it is backed by a new system and technology. When it doesn’t cost us anything to mine and collect Pi, then why don’t we do it? It is better than doing nothing and then witnessing the next generation of millionaires that Pi will probably create, while we could be among them too. Do you agree?

So let’s learn from the past and don’t repeat the same mistakes again. This is exactly what Einstein has advised us:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Those who repeat what they have been doing so far, they will forever remain where they currently are. If you want to make a change in your life, you must take action.

“In order to become the 1%, you must do what the other 99% will not.”

What Is Pi, the New Environment Friendly Cryptocurrency?

There is a complicated technology behind cryptocurrencies, and so I don’t want to explain it in detail here in this article. But those who want to know why Bitcoin is so expensive to mine and it uses lots of electricity and needs special machines (computers) that are expensive, whereas Pi can be mined for free while it doesn’t use electricity and doesn’t generate heat, I must explain that:

Bitcoin is based on resolving some math algorithms that have to be done by strong computers. It takes lots of memory and CPU to resolve these math algorithms. As the solution is already set, whoever gets the solution first gets the reward.

But Pi is completely different. Nothing is already set in this case, and so there is no competition to get it first. It doesn’t need any computer to calculate any algorithm. It works based on proof of consensus, not proof of work. When you have more reliable users in your secure circles, your mining rate goes higher. So it is based on the number of the secure connections, not based on the continuous work and calculations that eats battery, RAM and CPU of your machine.

The good thing is that Pi can be mined just by installation of a free app on your phone. Another good news is that this system keeps mining Pi for you, even if you close the app on your phone after activating the system. It takes 24 hours to complete a cycle. Once the cycle is finished, the app notifies you, and so you can run the app again to start the new 24 hours session. Then you can close the app again until the next 24 hours that you will be notified. It doesn’t take you more than a few seconds every day to do this. Then, the system keeps mining and collecting Pi coins for you.

When you open the app every 24 hours and tap the activation button, you prove that you are a credible contributor in the system, which is something that the Pi coin is based on. It works based on the number of the contributors. That’s why it works even when you close the app on your phone. This is something that most people can’t understand because they think all cryptocurrencies must work the way Bitcoin does, whereas now that we have Pi, Bitcoin is obsolete. Bitcoin damages the environment and boosts global warming, but Pi is safe for the environment.

The last thing I must tell you before helping you to start mining Pi right now is that Pi is becoming more popular like crazy. There were just a few hundreds of thousands in the world who knew Pi in 2019. But now, over seven million people are mining Pi on their phones, and this number is going up very fast. So be careful not to fall behind again.

How to Mine Pi on Your Phone for Free

You must have a referrer (invitation code) to start mining, because Pi is based on joint engagement of users. Therefore, to claim your Pi, follow this link and use vahidc as your invitation code. You should do this on your phone. After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to install the Pi app on your phone. Then you will create a username and the system will text you a verification code to verify your phone number.

Don’t turn off the notifications for this app, because it has to notify you once a 24 hours cycle is finished.

You will start mining right away after the app installation. It is so easy to start mining Pi.

This is the app on my phone. I am also mining and have already mined 189 Pi coins as of writing these words:

How to Mine Pi on Your Phone for Free

Later, you can create a password, and connect your FaceBook account to the app. You don’t have to do this, but it is good to do. This is what I have done too:

Mine Pi Invitation Code

When a 24 Hours Cycle is Finished:

You will receive a notification from the app (do not disable notifications for this app). Then you will need to open the app and tap the purple icon:

Setting up your security circle

How to Boost Your Pi Mining Speed

When you start, you will mine at the speed of 0.20π/hr. However, you can increase this speed dramatically:

1. Refer People to Pi

Refer all your friends and family members. It not only boosts your own mining speed, but it will make them appreciate you in future for giving them this opportunity.

Your username will become the invitation code for your referrals, and it will build your referral link, like what you saw above with my referral link:

vahidc is my username. You can refer people by taping the “Send 1π” button at the bottom of the app:

Refer People to Pi

Then you can send the invitation message to your contact list. A message will be created by the system automatically and you can copy it and use it on the other platforms like Facebook to refer more people:

Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 7 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (vahidc) as your invitation code.

Don’t use the above message, because it includes my username. You have to replace vahidc with your own username to use the above message. It is so easy to refer people to Pi. The app enables you to do it on your phone. However, you can advertise it on your social media accounts to boost your mining speed even more.

2. Complete Your Security Circle

You must do this by tapping the shield icon on the Pi app:

Complete Your Security Circle

Then you should tap the “ADD AN EXISTING PI USER” button at the bottom of the app:


After that, you need to tap on “ADD” button in front of each name to add them to your security circle until you reach 100% security circle. You need to add five or more users to reach the 100% security circle. You can add more users the more referrals you will have:

Add Pi Users to Your Security Circle

These people don’t have to be your referrals. They have to be a Pi user and be in your phone contact list at the same time. Then your referrals will be added to them as well.

You don’t have to do the above steps, but if you do, you will mine much much faster.

The other thing you must do to maximize your mining speed is to ping your inactive referrals:

3. Ping Your Inactive Referrals

Some users forget to open the app after 24 hours that a cycle is completed to activate the mining process again. You can ping to ask them to activate the mining again. The more active referrals you have in your account, the faster you will mine. For example, when most of my referrals are mining, my mining speed reaches 1.57π/hr. This helps you mine more Pi coins within a shorter time:

To ping the inactive users, you must tap the icon you can see here:

Ping Inactive Pi Users

Then you should tap the “PING INACTIVE” button. The system pings all the inactive members on its own:


You are all set.

Let’s Mine Pi and collect more coins as much as we can, and cross our fingers and wait for the time that each of them becomes thousands of dollars hopefully. Once again, I am not saying that Pi will reach that level. I don’t know. But it is possible that it becomes even more valuable than Bitcoin. So we’d better not to miss this opportunity, specially when it is 100% free, safe and secure. Happy mining 😀

Watch this 2 minutes and 34 second video:

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