Save Templates, Profiles and Price Charts Image Files on MT4

Saving templates and profiles on MT4 can save you a lot of time and energy, specially when you check several charts and currency pairs at the same time.

What Is MT4 Template?

Template is a small file that everything you have on a chart, including objects, indicators and even colors, can be saved and recorded on it. Then, instead of adding the same things to a newly opened chart from the scratch, you can easily apply the template on it, and everything will be added to the chart automatically. This saves you a lot of time.

Besides, if you want to have the same color, objects, indicators, and… on too many charts at the same time, you can easily save the template as with “default” as the name. If so, whenever you open a new chart, the default template will be applied on it automatically, and you will not have to apply it manually for each new chart you open. This also saves a lot of time.

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To create a template file on MT4:

1. Press Ctrl+M to open MT4 market watch.

2. Right click on the name of a currency pair, for example EUR/USD, and click on “Chart Window” to open EUR/USD price chart.

3. If you want to create a “default” template, then you can choose the time frame for the opened chart, so that the default template changes the time frame of the newly opened charts also. Otherwise, you will have to change the time frame of the newly opened charts manually.

4. Change the chart colors if you want.

5. Add the indicators you want to have on the chart.

6. When you are done with customizing the price chart, right click on the chart, click on “Template” and click on “Save Template…”. Enter a name for the template and click on the “Save” button. As I mentioned earlier, if you enter “default” as the template name, then the template will be applied automatically on all the next price charts that you will open, otherwise you will have to apply the template on the price chart on your own.

This is how a “default” template works:

To apply a non-default template (a template which has a different name than default), you can right click on the price chart, click on “Template” and click on the name of the template on the opened menu:

What Is MT4 Profile?

You can save multiple price charts that you open in one instance as a group named profile. You can have several profiles on each instance of MT4. For example, you can have one profile named “Daily” for the daily price charts of the currency pairs you follow, and a separate profile for the weekly and monthly charts. Therefore, whenever you want to check the weekly time frame, you can just open the weekly profile and see the weekly charts, so that, you will not have to change the charts time frames one by one. This also saves you a lot of time.

To save profiles on MT4:

1. Open the charts you want and apply the template on them (watch the above video).

2. When you are done, tile the price charts, refer to the “File” menu at the top, click on “profile” and click on “Save As…”.

3. Enter a name, for example “Daily”, and click on the OK button.

4. Save another profile and name it, for example Weekly.

5. Change the charts time frame to weekly (click here to see how you can do it all at once using a script).

5. Repeat the above process to have the other profiles you need.

To load profiles on MT4:

Refer to the “File” menu at the top, click on “Profile”, and click on the name of the profile you saved.

Any changes you make on a profile, for example you open or close some charts, it will be saved automatically when you shut down the platform or switch to another profile.

How to Save MT4 Price Charts As Image Files

As far as I can see, some traders still don’t know how to save the MT4 price charts as image files. They use some other tools like the computer keyboard’s PrntScr button which is a not a good and easy way because it takes a screenshot from the whole computer screen that you will have to crop and save it using an image editor software.

It is very easy to save the MT4 price charts as image files. You need to do it when you want to keep the track of your trades, testing your trading system and recording the good and bad trade setups, or sharing your analysis with the other traders.

How can you do that?

1. Refer to the File menu at the top left of MT4 platform and click on “Save As Picture…”.

save chart on mt4

Or, you can right click on the price chart and click on “Save As Picture…”.

right click on the chart click on "Save As Picture..."

2. The “Save As Picture” window will be opened:

Save As Picture Options

It gives you some good options to choose how to save the chart:

  1. The first option which is “Active workspace” saves the whole platform window which is what you usually don’t need, because you usually want to have the price chart only, and the MT4 toolbars and… have no importance to you. This is the image that will be saved if you choose the “Active workspace” option:
    Active workspace
  2. The second option which is “Save chart (as is)” is usually what we need. It merely saves the price chart with the same dimensions you have it on your computer screen. This is the image that will be saved if you choose the “Save chart (as is)” option and click on the OK button. Of course, after clicking on the OK button you can choose a file name for the chart you are saving.
    Save chart (as is)
  3. The third option which is “Active chart” enables you to save the chart with any dimensions you want:
    Active chart option
  4. There is one more great feature on the “Save As Picture” window that can be a big help to you. You can choose one of the above options and then if you check the “Post image online in MQL5 Charts service and get the link”, the saved image file will be uploaded to the MQL5 site and the page that the image is loaded on, will be opened on your internet browser automatically. You can copy the image link and send it to anybody you want or post it on a forum or comment form. You can delete the image from MQL5 site whenever you want. You don’t have to enter anything in the big text box below the “Post image online in MQL5…” checkbox. Just leave it empty. No data from your trading account, computer and personal information will be shared. Just the image file will be uploaded:
    Post image online in MQL5 Charts service and get the link

3. Click on the OK button when you are done.

This is the MQL5 page that will be opened if you check the “Post image online in MQL5 Charts service and get the link” checkbox and click on the OK button:


The “Post image online in MQL5 Charts…” feature saves you a lot of time, because you will not have to save the image file on your computer first and then upload it to an image hosting site like to get the URL. MT4 does everything for you and gives you the image file link to share with the others.

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