Sales is the most important part or function in the survival, growth and development of any business venture. Whether it’s an online business, or the usual brick and mortar business, sales form an important part in it’s survival and growth. It’s a fact therefore that, individual businesses derive their blood and life from sales of their products and services.

It’s therefore essential and necessary that, sales of a business have to keep increasing everyday, week, month and year. This is very important for the healthy being of that particular business. In this case, as real estate agent, one has to vigorously look for ways to keep sales on the upward trend in order to remain in business. If the sales and revenue of the business is not increasing, it is facing eminent danger of closing. In a situation like this, if a new and serious competitor enters the market, there is a high possibility that they can exploit this weakness and throw you out of the market.
It’s therefore not only important, but also necessarily that, every business keep seeking for ways as to how it can increase it’s sales and revenue time and again. But to many businesses, this has remained a dream which justifies the high rate of business failure. They have not been able to keep increasing their sales and revenue, they have therefore remained struggling, vulnerable and facing the possibility of failure and closing down.

However, there are certain unique ways that a real estate agent can employ in order to scale up or to increase their sales, keep in business and even prosper to greater heights.

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It’s important that, a real estate agent does research to establish how to increase their sales. This however, doesn’t happen in many businesses. Many do not make any effort to do research to know why their sales are low and how it can be increased. This may be due to lack of enough resources or they inadvently don’t make any effort to do so. But it’s important that, research should be done in order to look for ways to increase the sales and revenue of any business. In situation like this, if a serious competitor joins the same market, they can take over and you end up closing business. This has happened to many businesses, because they have not made any effort to do research and find ways how they came increase their sales and revenue.

Another important way to increase sales and revenue as real estate agent, one needs to have a carefully selected sales team, train and equip it with necessarily skills and tools. If this is done in the right way, it can increase the sales in the foreseeable future. In some cases where sales teams are not carefully selected on merit and ability, it impacts a lot on sales of a business. Some people recruit relatives and friends in positions that they do not qualify for and this has a serious implications in field of sales. Sales is a unique field that needs people with strong mental character, if it so happen that someone is hired on grounds like above doesn’t exhibit mental strength of character and abilities, the sales of business will suffer.

It’s equally important that, the carefully selected sales team is oriented and trained in the field of sales. This will equip the team with the necessary skills for performing sales function. If this is done effectively, it will have a big impact on increasing the sales and revenue of a real estate agent.

Another important factor to consider is, to incorporate individual interests of the sales team into the interests of the company. This is important because, as people work hard to achieve their goals and objectives, they are also busy achieving the goals, objectives and interests of the company. For instance, if you reward hard work and target achievement, the sales team will want to achieve set targets and get the reward, but in doing so, they are achieving the goals of the company by selling more and achieving high sales and revenue.

It’s also important to note that, there is need to motivate the sales team to have self belief and to believe in the products that they are selling. This will develop the market confidence or customer confidence in the product or service, and many people will like the products and services. This will in turn drive demand and sales up, hence revenue.

Having a resolute sales team is another important factor that can help a real estate agent in increasing sales. When you have a sales team that has that mentality of never giving up, it can achieve high sales for the business and increased revenue.

Like Benjamin Disraeli said, “Nothing can resist the will of the people that will stake even it’s existence on it’s purpose”

When you have such a team of people who are hungry for success, and knows it’s purpose and objectives. The team that is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it’s stated objectives and goals, it will drive up the sales of a real estate agent.

It’s also necessary that, the carefully selected sales team have relentless mindset and physical strength. This is the ability to keep trying different sales techniques and every other idea that comes into play as long as it is related to selling the products and services in question. People who are relentless will not give up until they achieve their goals and objectives. It is therefore important, that you have such people on your sales team as a real estate agent. This will increase the sales and revenue of your business in the short and long run.

Persistence and Determination. This play a very big role in increasing the sales of any real estate agent.

Like Alexander Graham Bill said,

what this power is, I can’t tell, but all I know is that it exists and it becomes available, only when a man or a woman is in that state of mind, in which he or she knows exactly what he or she wants and is fully determined not to quit until they find it.”

It is so important to have people who have this kind of mindset on your sales team. Yes, you need to have people who are persistent and determined, who can not say that I have done what is possible and this just can not happen for me, people who are ready to do what is necessary to achieve their goals. These people will work hard to increase sales your business. And, people with the right skills, well trained and with abilities will achieve this.

If you have the sales team that has the highest level of persistence and determination, you can achieve whatever is possible in increasing the sales of a real estate agent. There is nothing that can resist persistence, commitment, and determination.

Another important way to increase sales of a real estate agent, is to do relentless marketing and advertising. Products and services awareness campaigns have to be done on various media platforms like television and radio channels. This will play an important role in pushing up sales of a real estate agent. Many businesses do not do this, but it is important in pushing up the sales of any business. It has to be done in an attractive and persuasive manner because people like watching and listening to television and radio.

More important to note is that, when people watch and hear products and services advertised on televisions and radios respectively, they will want to use them. Others become aware of these products or services when they see or hear them on an advertisement on television or radio respectively. Consumers will apparently want to use a service or product that they have seen or heard being advertised. This will increase the demand and usage of this product and service hence increase sales.

Another important way to increase sales of a real estate agent, is to have your presence on the internet. This will help the company sell it’s products and services globally.

Like Bill Gates said,

“ If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business.”

Online sales and marketing will play a very important part in scaling up the sales of a real estate agent. This is because of it’s global reach. Your products and services will reach the whole global market.

It is also important to note that, all big companies that we have in the world at the today, have a strong presence in online marketing and sales. They derive a big percentage of their revenue through online marketing and sales. Take an example companies like Alibaba and Amazon online marketing and sales brings for them the highest percentage of their sales revenue.

It’s very important therefore that, as a real estate agent, you sign up for online sales and marketing. Many companies are offering this service cheaply. You can also access these online services by following this link:
This will not only increase sales and revenue of a real estate agent, but will also ensure growth, development and survival of his business in the foreseeable future.

It should be noted that, in the recent past many businesses have under rated the importance of online sales and marketing. But in this information technology age, it is very necessary to start online sales and marketing, if you want to increase your sales and revenue as a real estate agent.

All in all, the above ways and techniques when used as a combination will increase the sales and revenue of not only a real estate agent, but most other businesses.

By Jackson Mugarura 🙂