Humility! The Third Law of Karma

We must “accept” that we need to become better. If we think we are the best as we are, or what we are is good enough, then we will forever remain where we are. To “accept”, we need “humility”. We must be humble enough to accept.

A big problem not to have the humility we need to accept we must get better is, we compare ourselves with others and want to compete with them. When we compare ourselves with others, and we see them way above, and we realize that it is difficult to reach where they are, we decide not to try, and so we convince ourselves that what we are is good enough, and we don’t need to get better or change.

We pretend that what we are is good enough, but, deep inside, we do know that it is not. We pretend that we are happy with it because we don’t see ourselves capable and competent enough to get better.

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This is the result of comparing ourselves with others. If you compare yourself with Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, you will immediately forget about trying to get better to reach where these people are. It seems impossible to you. Your mind and subconscious reject the idea of becoming like these people. As a result, you will remain where you currently are, while you pretend what you are is good enough and you really don’t want to get better, and for example, have more money and financial freedom.

This bad habit (comparing ourselves with others) has been developed in us since the early years of our lives, because parents and teachers compared us with others and made us think we can never become like them. So, we learned a good answer and reaction since that time: “I don’t want to become like them. I am good enough and am happy with what I am.”

That is just an answer to those who compared us with others. But, it doesn’t satisfy us because we do know that we could be better than we currently are.

But, did you know that we can kick and forget this bad habit in one second?

The formula is very simple. Just compare yourself with your yesterday, and forget about others, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, etc.

If you compare yourself with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, or even a friend, brother, sister or a cousin, your subconscious immediately whispers that “you cannot become like them”, because it has learned to do this since you have been a kid.

But, if you compare yourself with your yesterday, your subconscious tells you that, “it is very easy to become better than your own yesterday, today!”

You don’t have the humility to accept that you can become better to reach Warren Buffett. But, you do have the humility to accept that you can become better than your own yesterday.

So, do this every day 😀

Do it for one year, and then compare yourself with your last year. You won’t know your last year anymore.

And, if you keep doing this, over and over, every day, for the rest of your life, chances are, one day you see yourself way above those that looked impossible to be reached by you.

Every day, just become a little better than your yesterday:

Work a little harder…
Work better with a higher quality…
Become kinder…
Smile more…
Don’t get upset…
Help more people and members of LuckScout community 😀

Become just a little better than yesterday, in everything…

And, you will become someone whose position looks inaccessible to others.

Therefore, the third law of Karma is also about YOU, not others.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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