HyperFund Complaints: Are There Any Real Complaints?

It is so sad to see that scam websites publish fake and misleading reviews and complaints against other sites/companies, just to make some money through scaring people. There are so many scam websites that describe other sites or companies as scams, to make some money out of the controversy and argument they create.

Among all companies or membership systems, HyperFund is getting targeted more by these scam websites, probably because it is growing so fast; their members are happy; and they are doing great. Some of the scam sites publish fake HyperFund complaints to ruin the HyperFund’s and The HyperTech Group’s credit. Uneducated and superficial people believe this nonsense, and so they miss the HyperFund opportunity forever, whereas they could make a fortune with it if they would use their brains and could distinguish true from false.

So, the first lesson here is, you must educate yourself to learn that most of the things you read on the Internet are false and nonsense, simply because anyone can publish garbage on the Internet without having to represent any evidence and proof.

After explaining about the fake HyperFund complaints, I will tell you how to verify that something you read/watch on the Internet is true or false. So, do yourself a big favor and leave the group of superficial web surfers who think they know a lot just because they know how to google key phrases like “HyperFund complaints”. It is so easy to believe the garbage you find on Google. However, you will be different from idiots if you know how to verify and distinguish true from false.

What Are the HyperFund Complaints?

As a happy member of HyperFund, I tell you that there is NO such a thing as HyperFund complaints, simply because all members are happy and receive their rewards according to the HyperFund’s system and algorithm. There is NO single member who has joined HyperFund, bought a membership and hasn’t received their rewards.

Additionally, there is NO single HyperFund member who hasn’t been able to withdraw their rewards. Everyone has received their rewards so far and have been able to withdraw if they wanted to and if they followed the steps properly and correctly.

It Is Some Members’ Problem, Not the Company’s Problem

Some members don’t know how to deal with cryptocurrencies, and this can cause them to make mistakes and lose their coins sometimes.

When you join HyperFund, you should buy USDT (also known as Tether) and send it to your HyperFund account’s USDT wallet address. When USDT hits your HyperFund account, they display it with a different symbol which is called HU or Hyper Unit. Then, you can use the received USDT or HU to buy membership(s) in your HyperFund account back office (here, I have explained in detail how to fund your HyperFund account).

After that, you receive your rewards in HU (I have explained in detail about the HyperFund rewards here). You can withdraw your rewards once you have the minimum of 50HU as your paid and released rewards. To do that, you must turn your rewards that are in HU into MOF or Molecular Future which is the HyperFund’s cryptocurrency (learn about MOF here and here). Then you should send your MOF to a wallet address outside of your HyperFund account.

Although these steps are so simple to complete, some members make mistakes and send the wrong coins to the wrong wallet addresses, and so they lose their coins. It is when some of them complain and accuse HyperFund, whereas it has nothing to do with HyperFund. When you send the wrong cryptocoins to the wrong wallet addresses or probably scam crypto brokers (like KaratBit.com), and so you lose them, nobody is responsible for this loss but yourself.

Basic Computer and Internet Skills Are Necessary

As I explained above, some of the HyperFund complaints can be related the stupid mistakes made by some clumsy and awkward members. It is not a shame not to know how to manage your HyperFund account because you can ask your sponsor and they will help you do it. But it is a shame if you submit complaints and bad reviews, instead of learning how to manage your HyperFund account or asking for help.

So, another lesson here is, improve your basic computer and Internet skills, and ask for your sponsor’s support when you want to fund your HyperFund account and withdraw your rewards, before you make a mistake and accuse HyperFund or submit a bad review and complaint against them on the Internet.

Just a Simple Challenge

Those who complain that they haven’t been able to withdraw their rewards from their HyperFund accounts, can contact me. I will verify whether they are right or wrong and then I help them to withdraw their funds, and if I cannot do it, I will pay for their losses. However, I have announced this several months ago, and so far no one has contacted me which means all of those who say they haven’t been able to withdraw their HyperFund rewards are lying.

In case you know any of these people, please ask them to contact me.

HyperFund Complaints

Analyzing Some HyperFund Complaints

Now, I’d like to analyze some of the HyperFund complaints, their publishers and also the websites that publish these complaints to prove that all of them are nonsense, baseless and fake. Here, I am not trying to defend HyperFund. HyperFund is a reward-based membership system and those who want to sign up for an account with it, must be aware of the risks as I have explained in the disclaimer at the beginning of the video below:

However, I am a happy member of HyperFund and I’d like to defend the truth and fight dishonesty and baseless gossip. So here we go:

ScamWatcher.org Is Not Your Friend

ScamWatcher.org is a website that has published false, scary and baseless reviews against thousands of websites and programs including HyperFund. However, ScamWatcher is after taking money out of your pocket. You will admit this if you look at what they have published against HyperFund (below). What they have published is not an honest review based on facts and evidence. They just say HyperFund is an anonymous and unregulated investment company that can disappear with your money.

First of all, HyperFund is NOT an investment company. It is a reward-based membership system.

Second, who says that all websites and programs have to be regulated??? What is the organization that HyperFund has to be regulated with???

Regulation makes sense when you deal with brokers, but HyperFund is not even a broker. It is just a membership system. I have my own membership systems and programs to sell my own products too. Does it mean that I must be regulated too???

GoDaddy, as the most famous domain registration and web hosting company, has their own membership system and affiliate program based in the United States. They have been online for years. Are they regulated??? No.

We register companies under the jurisdiction of the country that our business is based in. This is all the regulation we can do in most cases, unless we run some special kinds of entities like brokerages that have to be regulated by some special legal and governmental organizations. There is no other regulation for other businesses including HyperFund.

Third, how does ScamWatcher know that HyperFund will disappear with their members’ funds??? They haven’t done it yet and may never do it.

So, what ScamWatcher says about HyperFund is absolutely nonsense. ScamWatcher claims that they can get your money back if you are scammed. They ask you to share your contact information with them to have a free consultation. However, I must tell you that in 99% of the cases, nobody is able to get your money back when you are scammed, and this is what ScamWatcher knows too. But, ScamWatcher is there to take some money from you to file some complaints probably, and tell you that they will take your money back, whereas they cannot. It means, ScamWatcher is there to make some money out of your losses when you are scammed. They are not your friend. They are after your money.

Just ask ScamWatcher to show you one or a few of the cases where people have been scammed either by HyperFund or other companies, and their money has been taken back by ScamWatcher. They will never answer you.

Click on the image to see the full size screenshot:

ScamWatcher.org HyperFund Review

The other lie that ScamWatcher has mentioned against HyperFund is that HyperFund has been created and managed by anonymous and unknown people. This is 100% nonsense too. Everybody knows who is behind The HyperTech Group and where they are located. I am constantly in touch with their compliance team too.

ScamWatcher says that the HyperFund founders are anonymous. But, can I ask who is behind ScamWatcher and where they are located???

There is no name on ScamWatcher’s contact page. There is no office address and phone number as well. So, can I ask who is behind ScamWatcher; where they are located and who is behind their website???

Are the ScamWatcher directors who accuse HyperFund of being anonymous, man enough to reveal their identities and physical locations, not to be as anonymous as they currently are??? It doesn’t seem so 😉

The one who is anonymous is ScamWatcher, not HyperFund and thousands of websites and companies that are bashed by ScamWatcher. Am I right?

This is their contact page:

ScamWatcher.org Contact Us Page

I will have a separate article on this scam website, ScamWatcher, and will review them in detail. They have hidden themselves behind some false reviews against so many companies and individuals. They have published fake HyperFund complaints on their review, and thousands of false and misleading reviews and complaints against others, just to make you think that they are good guys who can protect you against scams. But they are after your contact information to rob you with some fake lawyers who claim that they can take your stolen money back. They are the real scams who are currently scamming people. HyperFund hasn’t scammed anyone yet.

Here’s another proof that ScamWatcher is after making money, not defending your rights: at the bottom of their web pages, they say:

Some links are affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission.

So, they use their traffic to earn commissions from their traffic. It is not a crime to make money through affiliate links. However, it is not expected from a website like ScamWatcher to make money out of consumers and companies fights:

ScamWatcher.org Scam

ScamWatcher.org is a scam itself. Be aware and don’t share your contact information with them. They are the ones who are behind the curtains and are anonymous, not HyperFund and many of the other companies that have been attacked by ScamWatcher.

I must repeat again that there is absolutely NO real and true complaint against HyperFund. If there is, please let me know and I will take care of it personally. Unlike ScamWatcher, I haven’t hidden my identity. I am a known person. You can even contact me through my personal WhatsApp number.

TrustPilot’s HyperFund Complaints

There are 556 reviews on TrustPilot.com as of writing this article. 81% of them are good and 5-star reviews and HyperFund’s overall rate is 4.3 on TrustPilot which is amazing.

Now, please let me analyze some of the TrustPilot HyperFund complaints to show you that they are all baseless and submitted either by idiots or anonymous web surfers, not by open-minded and healthy people who know how to think and talk properly:

The first TrustPilot HyperFund complaint that attracts my attention is posted by Maya Ballari from the Netherlands. He/she is not even a HyperFund member obviously, but has reviewed a program that he/she has never tried and has never had a bad and negative experience with:

Maya Ballari

He/she says:

India and Germany started investigation. This is Ponzi scam. watch out!

First of all, in several articles, I have explained in detail why HyperFund is NOT a Ponzi scheme. I have explained that they are spending money on the HyperFund program because they want to achieve their goal which is having 30 million members/customers within the next 5 years to become able to execute their stock IPO:

This idiot (Maya Ballari) doesn’t even know what a Ponzi scheme is.

Second, India and Germany started investigating on HyperFund??? Really??? 😀

Harald Seiz ScamThen why KaratBars and the founder, Harald Seiz, who are based in Germany and have scammed thousands of their members and have robbed thousands, are still working and scamming people from Germany???

You can still place orders on their website, even now that anyone knows that they have scammed all their members and customers. They charge you, but never send your orders. They owe me 34gr of gold that equals €2,742:

KaratBars Scam

I have even paid them the shipping fee on April 1st 2021. But they have never sent my gold, and they will never send it obviously:

KaratBars Stealing Our Gold

Also, it is years that they owe me my €223.74 commission, but they don’t pay it:

KaratBars Stealing Our Commissions

KaratBars and Harald Seiz are based in Germany and they have been scamming people from there since 2018 that they turned into a scam company and alliance. But nobody has stopped them so far. They have stolen millions of dollars of cryptocoins from their KaratBit members. For example, they have stolen six Ethereum cryptocoins from one of my friend’s KaratBit account. Why doesn’t the government of Germany stop this international scam that is robbing people from Germany/Stuttgart, but has started an investigation on HyperFund who hasn’t done anything wrong yet and has nothing to do with Germany??? This is stupid, isn’t it?

Regarding India, it is not a country that counts because they already have so many restrictions that other countries don’t. For example, while people of most countries can trade Forex via electronic and online Forex trading platforms, Indians cannot. Many affiliate programs are prohibited in India too. But who cares?

However, if the India government is capable and competent enough, first they must stop the gangs and criminals who rape their women on their streets. They’d better be worried about their own country’s problems, not HyperFund which has been doing great so far and has hundreds of thousands of happy members.

Although I needed to give the above explanations, I must explain that the above news about the Germany and India investigation on HyperFund is a joke that some scams have published on their blogs. There is no investigation on HyperFund by any country or government, simply because there is no complaint against HyperFund and this company hasn’t done anything wrong yet.

So, once again, here’s my comment on the HyperFund complaints you see on the web: There is absolutely no real and true complaint against HyperFund as of writing this. All the complaints and negative reviews are posted by idiots like Maya Ballari who are not even members, or scams that I will describe below, or probably some members who haven’t been able to withdraw their rewards due to lack of skill with cryptocurrencies or making some mistakes that I described above.

Scams Publish Negative Reviews and Complaints

Let’s look at another negative review or complaints against HyperFund on TrustPilot, just to prove two things:

  1. 99% of the HyperFund complaints are posted on the Internet by (1) those who are not members of HyperFund at all, and/or (2) by anonymous and unknown scams who are enemies of HyperFund and other companies that are doing good. Less than a percent of complaints can be related to the members who don’t know how to withdraw and haven’t asked for the HyperFund support team’s or their sponsors’ help.
  2. Many of the TrustPilot reviews and complaints are fake and untrustworthy because TrustPilot has no supervision on what people publish on their site. I will explain this in more detail below.

So, here are two negative reviews and complaints by a ghost from the Netherlands again. “Amsterdam Green Man” from the Netherlands:

Netherland Scams Against HyperFund

No doubt that this so-called “Amsterdam Green Man” is not a member of HyperFund as well. He complains that he cannot transfer his money out of their HyperFund account, but if this is true, then why doesn’t he dare to reveal their real name and identify??? What is he afraid of??? If he cannot transfer his money out of his HyperFund account, it means he has lost it and it doesn’t hurt him if he posts his reviews and complaints with his real name because he has nothing to lose anymore. So why doesn’t he disclose his real name???

I’ll tell you why.

Indeed, this guy is lying. He has no money with HyperFund. One reason that we see so many negative comments and complaints against HyperFund from the Netherlands is that there are so many Forex Ponzi schemes in that country. I know one of them very well because they have scammed one of my friends for about $40,000. They are all based in the Netherlands and many of them have been scamming people for years while the authorities have never taken any action against them.

These scams are against HyperFund because HyperFund is doing great and growing so fast, and so these Forex Ponzi schemes are losing their members because many of them have joined and are joining HyperFund. That’s why they publish complaints against HyperFund to destroy HyperFund’s credit, but they are wasting their time because it is the performance of HyperFund that supports them and makes people join them, not what anonymous crooks say.

My message to this idiot “Amsterdam Green Man” is that if you are really a HyperFund member and you cannot transfer your money out of your account, let me know and I will help you withdraw your money. If I cannot do it, I will recover your loss with my own money. But, to do this, you have to (1) be man enough to reveal your identity and (2) prove that you have an account with HyperFund and you cannot withdraw your rewards. Agree?

There is another fact here. These two HyperFund complaints (above) are both posted by the same person with a hidden identity. It means, TrustPilot reviews, complaints and comments are all bullshit and there is no supervision and verification on them. Any idiot can publish anything on TrustPilot.

Do you still want to be fooled by the reviews you see on TrustPilot and similar websites like ScamWatcher?

Shame on TrustPilot


Because they let scams promote and advertise their fraud through destroying legitimate companies’ credit. Here is one of them:

Actionfraud.link Scam

This so-called “Eva Schrauf” is NOT a HyperFund member as well. It is a fake identity. They have published this complaint against HyperFund just to promote their scam business: ActionFraud.link

If you don’t believe me, just ask “Eva Schrauf” to show her ID and proof of address.

She says she hasn’t been able to withdraw her money from HyperFund for three months, until ActionFraud.link has helped her to do a chargeback.

This is nothing but bullshit because you cannot receive your money back from HyperFund through chargeback. Chargeback may work when you pay with your credit card. But you don’t fund your HyperFund account with your credit card. You must buy USDT or Tether from a crypto broker like Binance, and then send it to your HyperFund account.

The other interesting thing about what this stupid “Eva Schrauf” says is that if you enter the ActionFraud.link to your Internet browser address to visit their site, you will be redirected to a scam website named TUNGATE CAPITAL: CapitalTungate.com

If you check their about page, you will see that all of their information is fake and Fredy Hansen, Antonia Terry and Ole Roob, as the Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Financial Analyst, are all fake identities that don’t exist at all:

CapitalTungate.com Scam

Also, there is a fake and funny address on their website that points to the middle of a park called Omega Park at Alton in UK on Google map:

CapitalTungate.com Scam Fake Place

Below is their location on Google map. It is in the middle of Omega Park 😀

CapitalTungate.com Scam Fake Place

So, the HyperFund complaint posted by “Eva Schrauf” on TrustPilot is just a fake and bullshit report to promote a scam and fraud and website at ActionFraud.link that redirects to CapitalTungate.com. And so, shame on TrustPilot because instead of showing people the right way and offering honest and true reviews and complaints, which was supposed to be their real mission, they allow their website to be a comfortable place for scams to fool and rob people. I will publish a more detailed review on TrustPilot, as a portal that has gathered all scams together to help them rip people off easier.

More About TrustPilot

Obviously, TrustPilot is also after receiving traffic and making some money out of it. It is not there to help people find the truth or stay away from scams. If they were there for the sake of helping people, they wouldn’t let someone who is not even a member post a one-star review against the company that he/she has never tried and has never been their member. Am I right?

So, Like ScamWatcher, TrustPilot is not your friend either. They are there to receive traffic to make money when people do their due diligence on different companies including HyperFund.

On their home page, TrustPilot claims that they want to connect consumers and companies. However, this is a lie too because several months ago, I posted a complaint against a real scam company (Regus) on TrustPilot. But nothing happened and this scam company is still billing me, even after over two years that I have canceled their service on my account.

So, TrustPilot is there to generate traffic for themselves to make money out of it. They are not to defend your rights. They are not even against scams. They want more fights among the companies and consumers, more false reviews and complaints, more controversial posts, etc. to have more traffic to make more money. That’s all.

As a result, TrustPilot reviews and complaints are not honest and trustworthy because anyone can publish bullshit on their site, even those who have never tried a company or product still can review or complain against.

I won’t analyze more of the HyperFund complaints, not to make this article too long. However, shame on TrustPilot and their founder and CEO, Peter Holten Mühlmann, for creating a website that is supposed to help people to stay away from scams, but in reality it is a hub for scams and crooks to promote their fraud programs or ruin other companies, alliances and individuals credit.

BehindMLM.com HyperFund Complaints

Like ScamWatcher.org, BehindMLM is another scam website that makes money through spreading negativity and resentment against companies like HyperFund. Publishing negativity, false reviews and complaints on the Internet is a way that some scams choose to make money online because it attracts traffic and attention. It creates arguments and controversial subjects that attract people.

As you can see, the BehindMLM.com website is full of ads. They bash companies and individuals to receive traffic when people google companies’ and individuals’ names to investigate or do their due diligence. The website makes money when visitors click on the ads. They make money through so many other ways too. They collect the visitors’ and commentators’ emails to make money through spamming them too:

BehindMLM.com Scam

These scams (BehindMLM.com) have also published a negative review against HyperFund and there are so many other fake and nonsense HyperFund complaints published below the review by the same unknown/anonymous and idiots.

I am not going to analyze their review and the idiots’ complaints here in this article because I will have a separate article on BehindMLM and their fraud and scam activities. However, as far as the HyperFund complaints are concerned, I must explain that BehindMLM’s review on HyperFund is focused on the founder’s (Ryan Xu) location which is known to all of us, but BehindMLM says it is unknown:

BehindMLM.com HyperFund Complaints

My question from the scams who are behind BehindMLM is that, where are you located??? Who are you??? Are you man enough to disclose your identity and location??? Absolutely not.

Their about page doesn’t say anything about them and their location at all. Their admin or webmaster is introduced as Oz 😀

Oz! When you are not man enough to share your name, location, contact information and photo on your website, then you must shut your mouth and not to publish negativity against others, whether you are right or wrong. When you are behind the curtains, you cannot be trusted, even if what you say against others is 100% right. You are a scam yourself. If you were not, you would dare to share your identity.

Their about page:

BehindMLM.com About Page

Their contact page:

BehindMLM.com Contact Page

Everything that Oz says in his HyperFund review is 100% nonsense. The HyperFund referral program is not an MLM scheme at all. I have explained this in detail here: Is HyperFund a Pyramid Scheme?

HyperFund is NOT a Ponzi scheme as well. I already explained it above and gave you the link to another article of mine that explains this in detail. Here it is once again: Is HyperFund a Ponzi Scheme?

I must emphasize here again that I am not defending HyperFund blindly. I am just a happy member who is withdrawing his money every week without any problems so far. It took me two months to do my due diligence before I joined HyperFund. I am not saying that there is no risk in joining this program because there is always a risk in everything. However, there is absolutely NO unhappy  HyperFund member so far. There is NO real complaint by real and known people who dare to disclose their locations and identities either. All of the HyperFund complaints have been posted either by unknown and anonymous scams, or by idiots who have never been a HyperFund member while they still wanted to review something that they have never tried.

It means, so far so good. HyperFund has been doing great so far. However, if you’d like to join, make sure to understand that everyone joins any program at their own risk. Watch this presentation carefully and make sure to pay lots of attention to the disclaimers in it, or here below:

HyperFund General Disclaimer

HyperFund General Disclaimer

HyperFund Income Disclaimer

HyperFund Income Disclaimer

Don’t Be Stupid

Those who believe anything they read on the Internet are idiots. As you saw above, 99% of the HyperFund complaints are posted on the Internet, either by idiots who are not even HyperFund members, or by the real scams who want to rip you off.

Unfortunately, websites like ScamWatcher.org, TrustPilot.com and BehindMLM.com are not your friends. They pretend that they want to protect people against scams. But they are either scams themselves, or are a comfortable and safe place for scams to promote their fraud.

You must learn that you should not believe anything you read on the Internet. You must learn to assess and analyze the websites, reviews and complaints, the way I did above. I didn’t want to make this article too long, otherwise I would show you that all the other HyperFund complaints are also posted by scams or superficial idiots who don’t even know how to use their own brain (if any).

I am a happy member of HyperFund. I am doing great with them. I withdraw my income to my bank account, every week, without any problem. All my HyperFund referrals, sponsors and friends are doing the same. HyperFund is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you will be regretful if you miss. Forget about the fake HyperFund complaints posted by the idiots and anonymous scams. Count on my testimony, as a real person with known identity and contact information who is also a happy member of HyperFund. Submit your email through the form below to receive the sign up link and instruction to start today:

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