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HyperFund Invitation Code or referral username cannot be published on the Internet and be shared with the public. All of those who publish their HyperFund invitation codes (usernames) on social media, YouTube and their sites will have their accounts suspended by the company if they find out. However, if you want to sign up for an account with HyperFund and you are looking for the Invitation Code, you are in the right place at the right time. Do you know why?

Although you can get rewarded through your HyperFund account without promoting, selling, referring and recruiting, you will get rewarded a lot more if you refer others to sign up for an account through your HyperFund invitation code which is what we will help you achieve in the best possible way:

We develop websites, funnels, mailing list managers, autoresponders, landing pages, and a lot more, for those who join HyperFund through us. That’s why I said you are in the right place at the right time. You will receive all of these for free.

It is not only that. You will receive customized video presentations and business cards that are designed specifically for you, with your name, contact information and website address on them.

You will also become eligible to have access to our digital marketing courses that enable you to build your HyperFund team through your own HyperFund invitation code and referral link.

You will receive all of these privileges for free when you join with our HyperFund invitation code. No other sponsor supports you like this. You have to be supported by your sponsor to make the most of your HyperFund account. You can make millions if you build your team which is what most other sponsors are unable to help you to achieve.

So don’t waste your time with the HyperFund sponsors who have joined HyperFund, but they don’t even know that they are not allowed to share their HyperFund invitation code with the public. When they don’t know the basics of working with HyperFund, how are they going to be a good and supportive sponsor for you???

The HyperFund invitation code has to be sent to you based on your request:

Get the HyperFund Invitation Code Right Away

To receive our HyperFund invitation code, please submit your email through the form below and then check your inbox right away. If you cannot see our email (sent by LuckScout.com), in your inbox within a few seconds, then please check the spam folder and also the “Promotions” tab:

Your HyperFund Invitation Code or Referral Username

The username that you choose when signing up for an account with HyperFund is your HyperFund invitation code that is also called Referral Username. You can send it to others to refer them to sign up for an account with HyperFund.  It has to be used as the Referral Username in the sign up form. However, when you send them your sign up link, your Referral Username will automatically be in the right place on the registration form. Your sign up link which is also called Invitation Link has such a format:


HyperFund invitation code or referral username or will be placed at the end of the link. You can grab your Invitation Link from your HyperFund back office, once you create your account.

However, as I explained above, you are not allowed to share your HyperFund invitation code or link with the public. You must send the Invitation Link to those who request it from you.

Make the Most of Your HyperFund Invitation Code

As I explained above, you can get rewarded by HyperFund without having to refer and recruit. That’s why I always say that HyperFund is for anybody to get rewarded, even 80 years old grandmas and grandpas, whereas other systems are for some special group of people and not everybody is able to make money with them.

In spite of this, you will get a lot more more through your HyperFund account if you refer others to sign up for an account under your name and through your HyperFund invitation code. You will receive 20% of the rewards of your direct referrals. For example, you refer John to HyperFund and he buys a 1,000HU membership (HU means Hyper Unit and its value almost equals USD), so that his membership value will turn into 3,000HU in 600 days (he receives 0.5% or 5HU per day until 3x). Your reward will be 20% of John’s 3,000HU reward which is 600HU.

It is amazing, isn’t it? But that is not all. You will receive a lot more than this through those who sign up directly through your HyperFund invitation code, and also their referrals, and the referrals of their referrals, and so on.

Therefore, while some people are happy with the rewards they receive through the memberships they buy, you will get rewarded by referring others to HyperFund  through your HyperFund invitation code. However, referring and recruiting is not that easy. You should either have a big network of friends and contacts and a big mailing list, or the digital marketing knowledge, experience and tools to build your targeted traffic and mailing list. To do this, you need a website, squeeze/landing pages, funnel, mailing list managers and autoresponders, strong follow-up emails, etc.

While some crooks charge up to $10,000 just to set up a mailing list manager, we do it for free for our HyperFund members, plus a lot more, including websites and everything that a complete digital market system needs. We do this for them for free. They just need to register their domain names which is about $10-15 per year.

So, submit your email through the form above to receive our HyperFund invitation code. This is a once-in-life-time opportunity. The privileges we offer to our members for free cannot last forever.

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