HyperFund Review: Should You Join HyperFund or Not?

This is an honest HyperFund review by someone who has been working online since 2002. I’ve joined so many affiliate programs and systems while I’ve also launched my own affiliate programs, products and services. However, there are some features in HyperFund that I’ve never seen in other systems, and so I call HyperFund a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Those who join HyperFund will be the happiest people in the world, and those who don’t, will be the biggest losers.

Would you like to know why? Please make sure to read this short article entirely.

Also, please make sure to watch this 33-minute video presentation to learn what HyperFund is and how it works:

HyperFund Review: Why Should You Join HyperFund?

There are some outstanding, unique and amazing features in HyperFund that you can never find in other programs. Therefore, after reading this article and learning about all the HyperFund features that I will outline below, if you think I am wrong and there are some other programs/companies that have all of these features too, please let me know and I will send you a prize 😀

So, what are the outstanding features that make open-minded people join HyperFund?

1. Anyone Is a Winner in HyperFund

In other programs, you must pay monthly, quarterly or yearly membership fees, generate sales, recruit members, etc. to make money. However, when you join HyperFund, you will make money with your own money, without having to do anything. In this review, I have explained how this is possible in HyperFund.

HyperFund is the only program that anyone who joins it and sets up their accounts, will get rewarded without having to generate sales, refer/recruit, promote, or even pay monthly membership fees. You can never see this in other programs.

It is the first time in my life that I see all my referrals are happy and are making money. In other programs, majority of my referrals were only paying membership fees without making any money. It was so hard for me to witness that those who trusted a program because of me, were suffering. They had to pay fees, generate sales, refer and recruit to start making money, which is what 99.99% of people are unable to do.

HyperFund lifted this pressure from my shoulders. Maybe this is the most important reason that I am publishing this HyperFund review. I have members in my HyperFund community who are paying their mortgage payments just by joining HyperFund and spending 10,000HU (that equals 10,000 USDT) to buy membership. They currently receive 50HU per day or 1500HU per month because HyperFund currently offers a promotion that pays 0.5% per day until you triple the value of the membership you have bought. That easily covers the mortgage payments of a relatively big house. It is great, isn’t it?

Join HyperFund Now

This is the best time to join HyperFund because if you join and buy a membership now (even the cheapest one which is 300HU), you will lock the promotion and special offer to your account forever, so that you will always be able to triple your membership, whenever you buy or rebuy a membership.

To join HyperFund, submit your email address through the form below, and then check your email immediately to follow the instructions to sign up now:

Don’t let this opportunity be missed. Opportunities don’t last forever. When they are gone, they are gone. If you don’t join HyperFund and set up your account now, and they terminate the promotion, you will never be able to have it again. However, if you join now, you will be the next member who will probably share a positive HyperFund review on this page.

2. No Member Leaves HyperFund

HyperFund members never leave because they make money. One should be crazy to leave when they make money without paying any fees. So, they don’t leave.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that I don’t have to be worried about sustaining the number of my active referrals. In other programs, or even in my own affiliate systems and products, I always had to spend money to sustain the number of active members and customers.

However, since I’ve joined HyperFund, I have never spent a single cent to refer anyone or to sustain the number of my active members because anyone who joins HyperFund, stays forever. Not only they stay, but they buy more memberships, rebuy and recruit members which means more rewards for me as a community builder.

3. No Upsell, Hidden and Recurring Membership Fees

Other programs fool people to make them sign up, and then try to sell so many products or upgrade packages when members are already involved and are paying membership fees. However, HyperFund doesn’t have any upsell, hidden or recurring membership fees. These tricks are done by fly-by-night scams that most of them disappear with their members’ funds, or they simply refuse to pay their income or the products they have bought.

HyperFund doesn’t increase your rewards through buying upgrading packages that other systems like KaratBars, Arbonne, Primerica, Younique sell to their members. In other words, in HyperFund, you cannot bribe the company to pay you more than other members who cannot afford to buy upgrading packages.

In HyperFund, all members currently receive 0.5% per day for any membership packages they buy. There is no difference between a member who has bought just a 300HU membership, and a member who has spent thousands or millions on buying membership packages. They all receive 0.5% per day until they triple the value of their membership packages.

It is exactly the same with the rewards that HyperFund members receive through their referrals. All rewards are the same for all members. You cannot increase your rewards’ percentages by paying more money to the company.

4. You Don’t Have to Refer and Recruit, But What If You Do?

You make money with HyperFund with your own money. You can achieve financial freedom by joining HyperFund and using your own money to buy membership. Through following a proper rebuying strategy and without having to pay any more money from your pocket to buy more memberships, you can turn a small amount of money into a big wealth.

All of these can be done through joining HyperFund and buying a membership package with a one-time fee, and without having to refer and recruit, generate any sales or buy upgrading packages. However, you will receive a lot more rewards if you recruit members. To make money with HyperFund, you don’t have to recruit members, however, you will receive great rewards if you do.

I don’t like to make this article too long. You can join one of my webinars to learn about the different kinds of rewards HyperFund members receive when they refer others to HyperFund. No other company rewards their members the way that HyperFund does. If you don’t agree, please submit your HyperFund review through the comment form at the bottom of this page.

You Get Rewarded for Anything Your Referrals Do

Most companies pay you a small one-time commission when you refer a member or customer to them. However, they don’t pay you anything if your referrals make more purchases in future. It means, these companies steal your referrals. They make money with your referrals forever, but pay you just a one-time commission.

HyperFund is not like that. You will forever be rewarded for anything your referrals do.

5. Amazing Rewards

HyperFund currently pays 0.5% per day until you triple the value of the membership(s) you have bought. This is a special offer or promotion that you will lock to your account forever if you sign up and set up your account now.

This 0.5% daily reward is literally amazing by itself because there is no other multi-billion dollar company that pays such a reward. However, it is a lot more than this. For example, you can use your rewards to rebuy more memberships to increase your rewards over time.

At the same time, there are so many other rewards that you can receive if you help others join HyperFund. For example, you will receive a 20% reward, any time that your direct referrals buy or rebuy a membership. For example, if one of your referrals buys a 10,000HU membership, they will receive 0.5% or 50HU per day. You will receive 20% of this 50HU per day which is 10HU per day.

It is really amazing, isn’t it?

Learn about the HyperFund Rewards in detail: HyperFund Rewards: You Could Never Be Rewarded Like This

6. All HyperFund Members Are the Same

In other companies, you can receive higher commission percentages if you buy their upgrading packages. In other words, you bribe the company by buying more upgrading packages, which many other members cannot afford to. For example, your rank is silver and you earn 10% commissions, but you will earn 15% if you buy the gold package. This is a trick that most scam companies like KaratBars make, just to force their members to pay them more money.

It is not like this in HyperFund at all. Whether you only buy the smallest membership or you spend thousands on memberships, you will be rewarded 0.5% per day, and you will receive the same rewards through your HyperFund referrals too. Besides, all members have the same access to all parts of the members area, no matter how much they have spent on membership packages.

It means HyperFund doesn’t cheat and fool their members to take more money from them, which is what all other companies do. The reason is that HyperFund doesn’t need the members’ money because they have already made and are making billions. They don’t survive with the memberships that their members pay. They need the members’ participation because they want to have at least 30 million members within the next five years. That’s why they’ve created the HyperFund membership system that we can join, get paid and spread the words for them. They have chosen this strategy instead of spending money on advertising, as the other alternative to promote their company.

7. HyperFund Is 100% Legitimate

HyperFund is 100% legitimate because it is a reward-based membership system. Unlike what some superficial and mediocre people say, HyperFund is not a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. These people don’t even know what Ponzi or Pyramid schemes are. Don’t be like them. Educate yourself before you talk. Read these reviews carefully:

  1. Is HyperFund a Ponzi Scheme?
  2. Is HyperFund a Pyramid Scheme?

8. HyperFund Is a Multi Billion Dollar Company

As I’ve explained above, HyperFund doesn’t need the members’ money. They have already made and are making billions:

  1. They have over 40 cryptocurrency exchange platforms/apps with over $40 billion dollars of daily transactions.
  2. They have one of the four biggest cryptocurrency mining systems in the world (bw.com) which is also a crypto exchange platform with millions of users around the world and billions of daily transactions.
  3. They are the angel investor and partner of Binance.com which is the biggest crypto exchange platform in the world with over $60 billion of daily transactions.
  4. They have their own cryptocurrencies like MOF.
  5. They are creating a new generation of computers, called Quantum computers, that are thousands of times faster than the current computers. They are doing this project with IBM, which is the leading computer company in the world.
  6. Ryan Xu, the founder of the HyperTech Group, owns 300,000 bitcoins, 2 million Ethereum, and thousands of other cryptocurrencies with a total value of over $20 billions.
  7. They have billionaire investors and technology partners like TRON with $3.5 billion and nem with $4.8 billion in the projects.
  8. They have millions of users across multiple exchanges and platforms.
  9. They have made up to 19,000% of gains just under their Collinstar’s management.
  10. They have billions of dollars under their management.

There are a lot more.

Can’t you believe what I listed above?

You don’t have to trust me. Trust your own due diligence. You can download the HyperTech due diligence checklist (here) and verify everything you read above.

You Are in the Right Place at the Right Time

I have been working online since 2002. Google, Facebook and many of the famous sites didn’t exist when I started working on the Internet. I have joined so many programs while I’ve launched my own products/services and affiliate programs too. However, it is the first time that I see a program as great and perfect as HyperFund.

HyperFund is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that nobody can afford to miss. You must join HyperFund now to lock their promotion to your account forever to become able to receive 0.5% per day until you receive 3x of your membership purchase. If you miss this promotion, you won’t be able to receive 3x of your membership purchase anymore. So, submit your email through the form below to receive the sign up instructions right away:

If you have already joined, please share your HyperFund review through the comment form below. Please note that your reviews have to be focused on facts, not rumors and beliefs, exactly like what you read above. Nobody can deny any of the things I’ve explained and reviewed above. Your reviews have to be the same too. It must talk about facts.

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