HyperFund Rewards: You Could Never Be Rewarded Like This

I am writing this article to let you know that you are in the right place at the right time, probably for the first and last time in your life. It is the first time in the history of the Internet and multi billionaire companies that a multi billion dollar blockchain company has created a reward-based membership system that rewards their members in an unbelievable way.

HyperFund is the membership system I am talking about. It is created by a multi billion dollar blockchain alliance called The HyperTech Group. There are several different types of HyperFund rewards that you will receive, after joining the HyperFund community and buying a membership package or packages.

Please read this short article to learn about the HyperFund rewards in detail. Additionally, in this article, I will also explain why The HyperTech Group has created such a reward-based membership system and how they can afford to reward their members like this.

HyperFund Rewards

Different Types of HyperFund Rewards

The good thing with HyperFund is that you get rewarded without having to refer/recruit, generate sales, or even pay monthly membership fees. Therefore, HyperFund works for everyone, not just for a small group of people who have special skills and abilities like networking and marketing.

In spite of this, you will also get rewarded if you refer people to HyperFund.

Therefore, there are two groups of HyperFund rewards:

Passive rewards are the ones that you receive based on the membership package(s) you buy.

HyperDrive Rewards are the ones that you receive based on your HyperFund referrals’ or your HyperFund community activities:

  1. Passive Rewards
  2. HyperDrive Rewards:
    – Community Rewards
    – VIP Rewards
    – Global Rewards

1. Passive Rewards

Passive reward is the minimum 0.5% per day on your membership value that HyperFund pays until you triple your money. Please note that this is just a promotion that can be ended at any time, and so you may not be able to triple your membership value anymore. However, if you join now, you will lock this promotion to your account forever, so that you will be able to triple the values of all the memberships that you will buy in future.

HyperFund passive reward makes anyone a winner in this system because you receive it without having to refer/recruit, generate sales, pay monthly memberships fees, etc. This is where you see the difference of HyperFund with all other programs that I call scams because they charge their members with different kinds of monthly and upgrading fees that make the company fat and rich, but make their members waste lots of time and money and quit while they have made no money at all.

So, anyone is a winner in HyperFund because all members get rewarded and make money, not just a small group of them. You make money with HyperFund and you can even achieve financial freedom with them, without having to refer, recruit, sell and promote any products and services.

You are in the right place at the time to join HyperFund and start receiving your rewards. You must do it now to lock the promotion to your account forever, so that you triple your memberships. Submit your email through the form below, and then follow the instructions that will be emailed to you immediately:

Should you have any questions or problems with your HyperFund account, please don’t hesitate to email me.

HyperFund Passive Rewards in More Detail

Passive reward is the first and most important HyperFund reward you will receive when you join and buy a membership package or packages. As I mentioned above, HyperFund passive reward is minimum 0.5% per day, until you 3x the value of your membership, which is currently a promotion that you can lock to your account if you join now.

HyperFund offers 300HU, 500HU and 1000HU membership packages. HU means Hyper Unit and it equals USDT which is a safe and stable cryptocurrency that its value always equals US dollar. When you create your HyperFund account, you should buy USDT and send it to your HyperFund account wallet address. Then, you can buy membership packages with the USDT you have in your HyperFund account.

If you buy a 300HU membership, you will start receiving 0.5% of 300HU per day, which is 1.5HU per day. Similarly, you will receive 2.5HU or 5HU per day, if you buy a 500HU or 1000HU membership, respectively.

You can buy unlimited numbers of membership packages. For example, you can buy ten 1000HU membership, and if you do so, you will receive 50HU per day because:

0.5% x 1000HU = 5HU
5HU x 10 = 50HU per day

As I mentioned above, currently there is a promotion that allows you to receive 0.5% per day as your passive reward, until you triple the value of the membership(s) you have bought.

The other important point is, you can withdraw your reward once it reaches 50HU. However, you can use your rewards to buy, or as they call it in HyperFund, to rebuy more membership(s) to receive 0.5% per day for them too.

Rewards of Rebuying

Rewards of rebuying are the same as the regular packages’ rewards in HyperFund. For example, when you have a 50HU reward in your account and you use it to rebuy a 50HU membership, you will receive 0.5% of this 50HU per day, which is 0.25HU per day, until you triple your 50HU.

Rebuying is a unique feature of the HyperFund membership. It enables the members to receive more rewards from their HyperFund rewards and without having to spend any more money from outside of their HyperFund accounts to buy more membership(s). That’s why I always say HyperFund is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. If you join now, you will lock the promotion to your account forever.

When you buy a membership or some memberships, you will receive no payment after receiving all the rewards that HyperFund is supposed to pay you. Therefore, your income stops when you 3x your membership. However, the good thing with rebuying is that it enables you to keep getting rewarded because it adds more memberships to your HyperFund account.

2. HyperDrive Rewards

As I mentioned above, you will make money with HyperFund, without having to refer, recruit and generate sales. However, HyperFund gives you lots of great rewards if you refer people and build your community.

HyperDrive rewards are for the members who want to refer others to HyperFund to build their HyperFund community. This is a great chance for you if you are more ambitious and enthusiastic than others to achieve financial freedom because HyperDrive rewards are amazing and boost your income dramatically.

There are three types of HyperDrive rewards:

  1. Community Rewards
  2. VIP Rewards
  3. Global Rewards

Community Rewards

Your personal or direct referrals are the ones who sign up, directly through your  own referral or invitation link. They will be placed in the first level (level one) in your HyperFund organization.

In the case of the “Community Rewards”, there are 20 levels. You unlock the first level when you directly recruit one member. For each of the other 19 levels, you must directly recruit one member. As a result, when you directly recruit 20 members, all the 20 levels will be unlocked.

Therefore, community rewards are limited to 20 levels vertically. However, there is no limit horizontally, which means you can have an unlimited number of members in each of the 20 levels.

What does “unlocking” mean?

When a level becomes unlocked, you will get rewarded based on the activities of members of that level. For example, you will receive a 20% matching reward on every personal referral. It means, if a member receives 5HU per day as their reward, you will also receive a 1HU reward which is 20% of your referral’s 5HU daily reward:

5HU x 20% = 1HU

And, if you receive, for example, 10HU as your passive reward, then you will have 11HU per day in total:

10HU + 1HU = 11HU

Now, let’s say you have 20 members in the first level while they receive 1000HU per day in total. Then, you will also receive 200HU per day, as your HyperFund Community Reward:

1000HU x 20% = 200HU

What about the other 19 levels?

1. You will receive a 15% matching reward on every member of the second level of your HyperFund community. Indeed, members of this level are referrals of your personal referrals.

2. You will receive a 10% matching reward on every member of the third level of your HyperFund community.

3. You will receive a 5% matching reward on every member of the 4th, 5th and 6th levels; a 2% matching reward on every member of the 7-15 levels; and a 1% matching reward on every member of the 16-20 levels of your HyperFund community.

Community Rewards

These are just one type of the HyperFund rewards that you will receive through building your HyperFund community. Just imagine how much reward you will get per day if you recruit only 20 personal referrals (which is so easy if you share your HyperFund story with your relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.), and teach each of them to do the same. However, you will receive two more types of rewards through your HyperFund community, in addition to Community Rewards.

That’s why I always say that HyperFund is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

VIP Rewards

To receive the VIP Rewards, you must upgrade to some special levels or ranks. However, unlike other programs that are usually scams, you don’t have to buy upgrading packages to reach these levels or ranks in HyperFund. You will upgrade to these levels automatically, based on the activities of your HyperFund community members.

The only exception in case of VIP rewards is that the strongest member of your HyperFund community will have no impact on your upgrading to the levels. It means the system ignores the strongest member of your community when it calculates the total number of your HyperFund community HUs.

The other thing you must note is that, unlike the Community Rewards that are limited to 20 levels vertically, there is no level in case of the VIP rewards.

1. Expert

When you have the minimum of 50,000HU in your HyperFund community (excluding your strongest direct referral sales), spent on buying the membership packages, you will upgrade to the EXPERT level. If so, you will receive a 1% reward on the total daily rewards of the members of your HyperFund community.

For example, if the members of your HyperFund community receive 10,000HU as their reward per day, your VIP reward will be 100HU per day, if you are upgraded to the Expert level:

10,000HU x 1% = 100HU

2. Professional

You will become a PROFESSIONAL member when the minimum of 125,000HU in your HyperFund community (excluding your strongest direct referral sales) is spent on buying the membership packages. Therefore, you will receive a 2% reward on the total daily rewards of the members of your HyperFund community.

It means, in the above example, if you upgrade to Professional, you will start receiving 200HU per day, instead of 100HU.

3. VIP

There are five VIP levels after the Professional level: VIP1, VIP2, VIP3, VIP4, VIP5

You will upgrade to VIP1, VIP2, VIP3, VIP4 and VIP5, when you have the minimum of 250,000HU; 500,000HU; 1,000,000HU; 3,000,000HU and 5,000,000HU in your HyperFund community (excluding your strongest direct referral sales) spent on buying the membership packages, respectively.

When the minimum of 5,000,000HU is spent on packages in your HyperFund community, about 25,000HU will be paid to the members of your HyperFund community, every day, on average. As a VIP5 member, your reward will be 12% of this, which is 3,000HU. Therefore, as a VIP5 member, just your VIP reward will be about 3,000HU per day or 90,000HU per month, while you receive the other rewards too.

VIP Rewards

Global Rewards

Global Rewards are the third type of the rewards that HyperFund pays you if you promote HyperFund and build your HyperFund community. To receive this reward, you must be VIP2 or above. If you can achieve this, The HyperTech Group will give you a share from 4% of ALL company sales, every month.

Global Rewards

Are HyperFund Rewards Too Good to Be True?

No other company rewards their members the way that HyperFund does. That’s why it may look too good to be true, or at least it may look strange and unusual. However, they have a reason to do this:

The HyperTech Group wants to have at least 30 million members within the next 5 years, to become able to execute a stock IPO (Initial Public Offering) CIRCA $300 billion Yuan (approximately $45 billion). Instead of spending billions on advertising on media, they have created the HyperFund membership system to reward their members and let them spread the word for them and recruit members to reach 30 million members and above. The HyperFund membership program is not to make money for the company. They spend money on it to achieve their goal.

Therefore, HyperFund rewards are graciously paid to the members to make them happy and satisfied enough to spread the word and recruit more member, which is what they are really doing, and so HyperFund is growing like crazy, whether some people like it or not.

It is the right time for you to be part of this great program as well, to get the HyperFund rewards I outlined above. You can get rewarded without referring and recruiting. However, you can also refer others to HyperFund to grow your organization and receive the HyperDrive rewards too. Just submit your email address through the form below, and check your email immediately. Click the sign up link in the email and submit the form. Then, let me know to help you fund and set up your HyperFund account in no time:

How Can HyperFund Pay So Much Rewards?

HyperFund is NOT a Ponzi, nor is it a Pyramid Scheme:

They make money:

  1. They have over 40 crypto exchange platforms like hoo.com.
  2. They have one of the four biggest crypto mining systems in the world (bw.com).
  3. In a shared project with IBM, they are creating a new generation of computers called Quantum computers.
  4. They are the angel investor in Binance, the biggest crypto exchange platform in the world with over $60 billion of daily transactions.
  5. They have their own cryptocurrency, Molecular Future, which is growing strongly.
  6. They have multi billion dollar investors and technology partners like TRON and nem with billions in the projects.

A group that makes thousands of percent a year, can make 0.5% a day for you.

Therefore, HyperFund rewards come from the huge wealth and sources of income that The HyperTech Group has. Make sure to join as soon as possible to lock the 3x promotion to your account forever. You can watch the presentation below to learn more:

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