HyperNation Is a Scam and Ponzi Scheme

HyperNation is a new program, developed and launched by The HyperTech Group company. This company created The HyperCapital that changed into HyperFund after two years and then into HyperVerse in December 2021. HyperVerse stopped paying their 1.6 million members in April 2022 and turned into a scam. Now everyone is saying that HyperVerse was/is a Ponzi scheme that generated about $6.5 billions for the company, through participation and payments of 1.6 million members around the world.

While they have scammed 1.6 million members just recently, they have created another scam and Ponzi scheme and called it HyperNation. Those who know nothing about The HyperTech Group and what they have done so far, join HyperNation because it looks good. They pay 0.7% per day that can seduce everyone to invest.

If you are new to these scams and you just want to know whether HyperNation is a good and legitimate program to participate and invest in, or it is a scam and Ponzi scheme, just read this short article to the end because it will save you lots of time and money. I joined HyperFund in April 2021 and I know a lot about this company. So, trust what you read here because it is a scam review by a real member of one of the most famous programs of this company (HyperVerse).

HyperNation Is a 100% Scam and Ponzi Scheme

Now we have no doubt that HyperNation is a 100% scam and Ponzi scheme. Why?

It took me about two months to do my due diligence and decide to join HyperFund in April 2021. At that time, everything looked good. All members were happy and got paid on time. My biggest concern was how HyperFund could pay 0.5% per day until 3x the seed money because if they couldn’t show real and true sources of income, I could conclude that it was a Ponzi scheme. However, it became proven to me that they mined cryptos and they had several crypto exchange platforms like HOO, BW, HyperPay, etc. Therefore, I regarded HyperFund as a good program and I joined.

However, when they stopped paying their members in April 2022, everything changed. For example, they denied that HOO belonged to them, whereas they used to say that this crypto exchange platform was founded by them and belonged to them. Even in the slides that they sent us officially and wanted us to use only those slides in our presentations, it was clearly mentioned that HOO belonged to the same company (The HyperTech Group).  Once HOO also stopped processing their customers’ withdrawals and turned into a scam, The HyperTech Group claimed that HOO never belonged to them, which was a big lie. These are some of those slides:

This is only one of the reasons proving that this company, The HyperTech Group, and the founders, Ryan Xu Sam Lee, cheat people and lie to their members. When they want to attract members to collect money, they claim they own too many platforms. But, once they steal the members’ funds and stop paying, they deny everything they said. HOO also scammed millions of their customers. It is a while that they have closed the platform and there is just a silly message on the home page:

HOO.com Scam

They will do the same in HyperNation too. Once, Sam Lee told one of the HyperVerse leaders that Pump & Dump is one of the best and easiest ways to become a multi-billionaire. They really have been doing this in the past several years. First, they create a new program that pays a substantial amount of reward/interest on your investments. They add an extremely attractive and promising MLM or Pyramid system to it as well to reward the team-builders dramatically, so that they refer millions of others to the the program to grow it like crazy. These are all in the pumping phase. Once they realize that they have collected lots of funds, they start Dumping: They change the program name and stop paying the members after a while. Then, they create another program that pays even more (a new pumping).

The other crime they committed in HyperVerse was that, even when they stopped paying the members, they still sold and are still selling their packages. It means, those who don’t know that HyperVerse has stopped paying their members since April 2022, can still spend lots of money to buy the HyperVerse membership packages, and receive nothing in return. This is a true example of fraud, scam, robbery and burglary.

Stealing the Team-Builders’ Referrals

One of the other frauds they did in HyperVerse was that they stole the team-builders’ referrals. They actively advertised HyperNation in the back-office of HyperVerse, whereas these two programs had nothing to do with each other, and even HyperNation wasn’t fully launched yet. They took many of the referrals of the HyperVerse team-builders to HyperNation while they got no rewards or commissions through their referrals who joined HyperNation. This is an obvious fraud and scam.

These people, The HyperTech Group and the founder, Ryan Xu and Sam Lee know no boundaries and cross any redline. That’s why we launched a petition against them and decided to report them to the FTC. Click Here to refer to the related page, sign the petition and learn how to report them to the FTC.

The Future of HyperNation

HyperNation members will experience all these scam and fraud actions too. They might get paid for a while (although many of them are saying that they are not getting paid even now that it is just the beginning of HyperNation), but just for a while, not for too long. Under the most optimistic conditions, they will pay you for 2-3 years maximum, although I doubt it that they will do this for HyperNation because conditions are different now: They are now known as scams by the world and you can see too many articles, reviews and videos against them everywhere on the Internet, whereas it wasn’t like this two years ago. So, it means they will have to stop paying the HyperNation members much sooner than they stopped paying in HyperVerse.

If you have already joined and invested in HyperNation, you must stop spending any more money, while you must stop referring anyone to them as well. Do not let them scam more innocent people around the world by referring them to HyperNation. Now that you know this program is scam and fraud, it is unethical to refer others to it.

Unfortunately, I see that many of the HyperVerse leaders like Keith Williams who do know that the program was a total scam, are now promoting HyperNation. They do this because they want to make the most of HyperNation too, as long as it is still paying. This is extremely unethical and is a true example of fraud and scam because they do know that HyperNation will also stop paying the members sooner than later, but they don’t let the newcomers who know nothing about the background of this program know anything about this. They make them sign up for HyperNation and invest in it. As team-builders, they can make millions before the program stops paying. However, it is the referrals that are not team-builders and can only make some passive income based on their investments who will lose all or most of what they invest. I know some people who have lost their homes in HyperVerse. The company is now paying even more in HyperNation to attract more members. They pay 0.7% per day, whereas they paid 0.5% in HyperFund and then 0.3% in HyperVerse.

HyperNation Scams

Their New Trick: HyperCosmos

After changing the name, from The HyperCapital to HyperFund, and then to HyperVerse, now they want the HyperVerse members to convert their HU rewards (HU means Hyper Unit that equals USDT) they have received in HyperVerse to HC or HyperCosmos which is their new token, and then switch to the HyperCosmos platform from HyperVerse completely.

What’s the point of changing the names, so many times, and within a short time???
Isn’t this because they want to hide the trash under the carpet and fool more people???

The Internet is now full of negative reviews against HyperVerse, and even HyperNation. By changing the names, they just want to deviate people’s minds to their new scam programs like HyperCosmos and HyperNation.

Will you get your money back if you switch to HyperCosmos from HyperVerse???

I don’t think so. Since April 2022 that they stopped paying in HyperVerse, they have promised several times to return the members’ 1X that is the money they had spent to buy memberships. They were supposed to do it several months ago, but they didn’t. Now, all of a sudden, and instead of returning the members’ 1x, they have taken HyperCosmos out of these sleeves 😀

There’s no doubt that we are dealing with some shameless scams. I assure you that they will do the same in HyperNation too. Soon, they will stop paying (if they are paying at all), and they will change the names. One new name every year 😀

HyperNation vs HyperVerse

Both of them are by the same scams: The HyperTech Group and the founders, Ryan Xu and Sam Lee

They are not too different. Both of them are designed and developed to scam people. HyperNation now shows a shinier object which is paying a 0.7% reward/interest per day, whereas HyperVerse paid 0.3% per day. And, just the appearance of two websites are different. That’s all. You will be scammed if you join any of them. And, if you refer anyone to HyperNation, they will be scammed too. So, avoid this scam program and report them to the FTC and other officials in your country.

The other difference is that, at least in HyperVerse we knew who the CEO and founders were. But, in the new scam program which is HyperNation, you have to deal with undercover scams who don’t dare to share their identities. Even at the beginning of HyperNation, they announced that is a completely different entity that has nothing to do with HyperVerse (while they stole our HyperVerse referrals to take them to HyperNation and they actively advertised HyperNation on the HyperVerse back-office), and Ryan Xu and Sam Lee are not behind HyperNation. However, after a while, they came to this conclusion that if they didn’t announce that HyperNation is also another program by the same people (Ryan Xu and Sam Lee), nobody would join it, because no one joins a program that is managed by some masked monsters and bandits who don’t even want to share their names. So, they announced that HyperNation was also by Ryan Xu and Sam Lee who are the two scams who want to get multi-billionaires through Pump and Dump 😀

HyperNation Bandits:

Petition Against HyperNation

Please support shutting down The HyperTech Group, their Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, HyperNation and HyperVerse, and this recent HyperCosmos: Please sign the petition below and then click here to refer to another page that shows you how to report them to the FTC. Thank you! 🙂

The HyperTech Group Company, Their HyperVerse and HyperNation Programs, and All Their Websites Must Get Shut Down, While Their Assets Get Frozen and Returned to Investors

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