HyperVerse Update and Scam Report!
Do Not Join HyperNation!

The HyperTech Group is a so-called blockchain company based in Dubai probably, although it is such a long time that not only they have no special location, but also nobody knows where their founders, Ryan Xu and Sam Lee are. They have scammed hundreds of thousands around the world through HyperVerse which is one of their Ponzi schemes and the volume of their fraud is billions. They have created serious problems for hundreds of thousands of their members around the world and their fraud has even caused some members who have lost the money they could not afford to lose, to commit suicide. Now, they have launched another Ponzi scheme, called HyperNation. They are criminals and have to be prosecuted and stopped at whatever it takes.

Below are some facts that need your vote, comments and reactions. This is my last attempt to warn these crooks to make them return the HyperVerse members’ funds, otherwise I will start my campaign against them that will finally result in their international prosecution, suspension of all their domains, site, funds and assets around the world. Guaranteed!

1. They stopped processing the withdrawals in HyperVerse, since April, while they still have been selling their packages and receiving fresh money from new and senior members. This is an obvious fraud to keep charging people while they have stopped paying. They are still selling their packages on HyperVerse, and if someone doesn’t know that it is several months that HyperVerse hasn’t paid their members, they can buy packages and lose their money.

2. They dumped their coins, MOF and HVT, and caused hundreds of thousands of members to lose millions of dollars of their rewards that they were supposed to receive.

3. At the same time, on the HyperVerse back-office, they started promoting HyperNation which is their new Ponzi Scheme, to deceive members and make them sign up for this program while these members have been referred to HyperVerse by the team-builders who spent thousands of dollars and hours to refer and recruit and build their HyperVerse teams. In other words, they stole the HyperVerse team-builders’ referrals and took them to HyperNation, without paying a cent to team-builders. Even if they return the HyperVerse members’ 1x, what they have done to the HyperVerse team-builders is the true example of fraud and burglary.

4. Over 6 months ago, they promised to return the members’ 1x. But, they haven’t done it so far, and it seems they are not going to do it.

According to one of the HyperVerse nodes, Erick Brown, HyperVerse says,

  • They are going to start executing their recovery plan by the middle of this month, and so people will get to take their 1x back.
  • The 1x is HyperVerse’s priority.
  • After everyone has gotten their 1x, then the rest of other withdrawals will follow.
  • In what coin, or how, we don’t know yet.

HyperVerse doesn’t communicate with members at all. It seems they are just communicating with some of the HyperVerse nodes like Erick Brown and Keith Williams. These nodes say that if HyperVerse was going to run away like most feared, they would have already. However, the fact that they are still around and communicating, even though not to the standard we hoped for, they are still planning to execute their recovery plan as we have heard through out.

HyperNation Scams
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However, don’t be deceived by these so-called nodes. It seems they are not honest because they have joined HyperNation too, and as HyperNation is so new and is at its early stages of getting pumped by The HyperTech Group scams, these HyperVerse nodes are getting ready to make a few millions of dollars in HyperNation too (like what they did in HyperVerse), before HyperNation becomes dumped and downscaled like HyperVerse. That’s why they always give false hopes to people and prevent them from talking against HyperVerse, HyperNation, The HyperTech Group and their founders, Ryan Xu and Sam Less. Even one of the HyperVerse nodes, Keith Williams, has now been known as the HyperNation global sales director.

This is a warning that those who want to take legal action against The HyperTech Group and HyperVerse have receive from those who still think that HyperVerse and HyperNation are good and will pay people:

I advise them not to do this. If you get the corrupt government involved like our corrupt FBI and DOJ, they will be sorry. They will steal any money if they recover any and give the people a mere pittance and keep most of the money. They will freeze the company’s money and no one will get anything. I have personal experience.

So, FBI and DOJ are corrupt, but The HyperTech Group, HyperVerse and HyperNation are not???!!!

It is so ridiculous that a known person like Keith Williams has taken this risk and has agreed to get this position, while everyone in HyperNation is masked and there is no known identity behind. As long as you don’t know that a company and program is a fraud, maybe there is no blame on you if you work with them. However, now that the world knows that The HyperTech Group and their founders are scams and they scam people through pump & dump schemes, it is a crime to work with them and to promote them.


I wait until the end of the current month. If HyperVerse pays the members 1X, which is so unlikely, then I will start my campaign, only to fight The HyperTech Group because they have frauded the HyperVerse team-builders and have stolen our HyperVerse referrals. And, I will also spread the words against HyperNation not to let anyone join this new Ponzi scheme because I am 100% sure that HyperNation will also be stopped, dumped and downscaled after a few years, like what they did in HyperVerse. However, if they don’t even pay the HyperVerse members’ 1X by the end of the current month, which is so probable, my campaign will be much vaster and will result in their whole company and system shut down.

Please vote and leave comments and let everyone know whether you are receiving your HyperVerse withdrawals or not. We have until the end of the current month, and then I will start taking action. Thank you!🙏🙂💝


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By Vahid Chaychi

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